Luxury for less: European Cities with 5-Star Hotels at 3-Star Prices

We've compared average prices per night in 5-star hotels across Europe and discovered some cities offer five star accommodations for the price of three. We're taking a dive within our billion-plus annual travel searches to show you how to get fancy without taking a chunk out of your wallet...

Wed 17 Dec 2014

10 Most Popular and Least Expensive Destinations to Ring in 2015

We’re back at it again, hacking into the over-1-billion searches conducted on KAYAK each year to bring you the most popular and least expensive destinations to celebrate New Year’s in 2015...

Wed 10 Dec 2014

Christmas and New Year’s Eve Travel Tips

'Tis the season for giving, so we're back with tips and trends to get you through Christmas and New Year's Eve travel. ...

Thu 20 Nov 2014

Travel Tips from KAYAK Employees

When KAYAK employees aren't busy creating the best place to plan and book your travel, they're out in the trenches traveling. For the second year in a row, we're sharing our invaluable tips, just in time for the holiday travel season...

Thu 13 Nov 2014

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