How to find a pet-friendly hotel

Tips for staying at a hotel or vacation rental with your pet

Finding a pet-friendly place to stay with your dog for the first time can feel daunting. Just like humans, dogs can experience anxiety when in a new place, which can make them a bit restless. If you’d like to have a stress-free trip with your dog during your stay (which we assume you do), here are some things to keep in mind that could make the experience positive and memorable for you and your pup.


How to stay at a hotel with your pet


Reserve a dog-friendly room

The first step to having a successful stay with your pet is finding the right pet-friendly hotel. When choosing a pet-friendly room, keep in mind that the room should be on the upper floors of your hotel. Upper floor rooms are more isolated from street noise, and bonus points if your room has tiled or wooden floors – they’ll make it easy to clean. It should also have plenty of space so that your room is quiet, spacious and easy to clean. That way, you and your dog’s comfort are guaranteed.


Keep your dog’s vaccination records close

Hotels usually ask to see documentation of health certificates, an ID tag, vaccination records and an owner identification tag during check-in. Before travelling to your hotel, be sure that you have these documents with you. Although your veterinarian’s contact information may not be required at your hotel, it couldn’t hurt to have it handy.


Pack a few comforts from home

One of the best ways to make your dog feel comfortable while staying at a hotel is to make your room feel like home. Help your pup get comfortable in this new place by bringing some of their favorite items on your trip, such as a beloved blanket or toy. Just don’t forget to bring it home!


Maintain your dog’s daily routine

Dealing with several changes at once might overwhelm your furry friend, causing them to be more jumpy, noisy or irritated. Though you won’t be able to mimic your exact day-to-day schedule while away, try to maintain parts of your dog’s daily routine as much as you can to help reduce their stress levels.


Set the right temperature

Studies have shown that a dog’s temperature vastly influences their mood. When it gets too hot, dogs usually find it hard to breathe. As a result, they become highly irritable. On the other hand, if they get too cold, they become inactive. So keep your eyes on the thermostat while staying in your dog-friendly room to maintain an efficient room temperature.


How to stay at a vacation rental with your pet

Upon your arrival, try to designate an area or room for your pooch in your vacation rental. Once you decide on a dog-friendly room, there are certain things that you can do to reduce the chances of it becoming a total mess. Here are some steps for minimizing your room’s messiness that can also make your pet feel more comfortable.


Relocate expensive items

Dogs, by nature, are jumpy beings. Thus, they can inadvertently knock over and potentially break items during your stay. Some places are insured for such accidents, while others pass down the financial liability to their guests. Regardless, you should relocate expensive and fragile items to avoid any issues.


Store harmful products away

As much as we love our fur babies, we all know that when left unchecked, they can get themselves into trouble. To keep your dog safe when you’re unable to watch them closely, remove all harmful products from within their reach. Store products such as detergents, medications and sharp objects securely and away from your dog. Other typical hazards to consider putting away could include power cords and TV/computer/telephone cables.


Place the trash out of reach

Any trash containers should also be stored away so your that pup doesn’t ravage through the garbage. Store any trash container(s) inside a cabinet unless it has a secure lid. You may also want to block access to open spaces in your room and put all your dog’s supplies in an area that is out of reach.


How to find pet-friendly hotels on KAYAK

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect pet-friendly stay for you.


Check the location of your hotel options

In loud areas, dogs can get agitated – and the last thing you’d want is for your dog to disturb other guests with their barking. When searching for a pet-friendly place to stay on KAYAK, be sure to check the locations of your potential stays. Try to filter out hotels near busy streets and generally loud areas – that way, you’ll avoid the stress of having to try and keep your dog calm throughout your stay.


Start your search


Check if your potential stays have pet-friendly facilities

Although a hotel may accept guests with pets, it might not have the best amenities to ensure a comfortable trip for your dog. These hotels are considered more “pet tolerant” than pet-friendly. The best dog-friendly hotels will have pet-friendly amenities. Your ideal stay should have a treat station, a pet relief area with a pet waste location. They might also be equipped with trash containers, clean water bowls, a well-maintained play area, a dog-washing station, as well as doggie daycare professionals.


Read through hotel policies

Every dog-friendly hotel has certain rules and regulations.. Some establishments limit the number of dogs a guest can bring, while others might exclude certain dog breeds and sizes. Take time to learn about the restrictions enforced by any potential hotels before you book. Most hotels usually require dog owners to sign agreements that clearly state they will be financially responsible for any damage caused – so having a good understanding of these rules would be wise.


Find out about fees ahead of time

Different dog-friendly hotels have varying pet fees. To know just how much a stay with your dog at a hotel will set you back, research your hotel’s fees for dogs ahead of time. This will allow you to budget how much you’ll need for your stay.


Finding a pet-friendly hotel

Not all hotels accept guests with pets. To avoid the hassle of last-day booking, look for and book a hotel that is pet-friendly weeks before leaving your home with your dog. To find dog-friendly properties on KAYAK apply the “pet-friendly” filter under “Amenities” so you can easily see all pet-friendly properties within your destination. Happy travels!


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