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Please note that you assume all responsibility and liability for implementing your digital award badge on your website.

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KAYAK Best Airline badges and certificates promote the airlines rated the best by travelers and encourage more travelers to trust and fly with these airlines.
Airlines which have earned a KAYAK Best Airline badge and certificate are permitted to use the badge to promote their services.

Some ways to promote your KAYAK Best Airline badge and certificate:

Send out a press release

Create a press release to inform the media about being rated as one of the best airlines in 2020 by travelers and how the KAYAK badge and certificate is a sign of reliability for air travelers worldwide.

Add the badge and certificate to your website

Each visitor to your website is a potential customer, so be sure to let them know that travelers have rated you as a top airline to fly with. Follow the instructions above to obtain the embed code to display the badge on your website and to get the link to your digital certificate to share with visitors to your website.

Share your badge and certificate on social media

Energize existing followers and gain new fans by sharing news of your badge in social media channels.
In order to qualify for a 2020 airline badge and certificate in any category, an airline must have had a minimum of 150 new reviews published within 2019 with a minimum overall rating of 6.1 for the category. Qualifying Criteria
To add a KAYAK Best Airline badge to your site, after selecting a target "Size" and "Theme" option for the badge, simply copy and insert the badge Embed code into the source code of the page on your site where you want the badge to display.

For a chance to earn a rich snippet in Google search results for the page where you display your badge, check the box under the Embed code option labeled “Include Rating for Google Rich Snippet”. This option adds structured data to the embed code in order to try to trigger a ratings rich snippet in Google which can help bring more attention and traffic to your page.

Example of how a ratings rich snippet appears in Google:

Note: Rich snippet results are not guaranteed. Google reserves the right to not display rich snippets in search results.

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