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Discover the top 10 Travel Hackers of 2019
With 195 countries to explore across the globe, it can be difficult knowing where to start. We've put together a list of the well-traveled bloggers, Instagrammers and more who embody KAYAK Confidence.

Top 10 Travel Hackers

Whether they're out there, serving up the latest travel trends or scoring stunning Instagrams of city scenes, these Travel Hackers are bold, number-loving adventurers, who have the tips you need to confidently plan your trips.
Nadine Sykora offers up tips and hacks from her adventurous travels in her irreverent and authentic tone of voice. She gives great utility but does it with style - a true embodiment of what it means to travel boldly.
Tamara Elliott makes saving money look cool. She offers tons of tips and savvy advice that travellers can actually use. Her content is varied and extensive, and her on-air presence exudes KAYAK confidence.
Ashlyn is all about outdoor travel and has visited all 7 continents. Her cool, bubbly confidence jumps from her feed and her blog, which is a great mix of destination inspo and practical utility.
Cam and Nicole Wears show how anyone can travel the world, even while working and raising a family. They've visited 65 countries together and their archives offer go-to tips for every type of traveller.
Brie and Reuben didn't let the addition of baby Oliver stop them from continuing their adventures. They haven't missed a beat, and aim to inspire other city-dwellers to explore the world. With their approachable style, it's working.
Samuel and Audrey offer an informative, fun and interactive experience in a great mix of formats. They give plenty of opportunity for audience feedback along with advice you can actually use on your next trip.
Along with travel tips and practical destination information, Micki and Charles love their gadgets. They offer insights into travel tech and show how travel and tech go hand in hand, inspiring people to travel better.
Pete and Dalene Heck have been travelling the world since 2009. Their bold personalities and authentic point of view make them a trustworthy source for travel tips.
Lauren Parks is an active adventure traveller whose feed is full of confident images and the experiences to back it up. In fact, she recently made it to Everest's base camp.
Angela's mission is to inspire her audience to get moving, explore and live a healthy lifestyle. She's passionate about staying active, even when she travels, and her feed is full of inspiration.