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History lives and breathes in Amritsar, the historic north Indian city dominated by the spectacular Golden Temple. You can enjoy a free meal at the Guru-Ka-Langar dining hall attached to the Golden Temple, and negotiate your way to bargains on locally made artisan goods in the Old City.

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Most visitors arrive during the relatively cooler, drier winter months between October and April, when temperatures range between 70 and 90 degrees.

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Where to Stay in Amritsar

Stay in modern comfort with local flair at the Hotel CJ International, near the Golden Temple. The Hotel PR Residency is stylish and modern, with a great central location near the railway station.

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Shopping Streets

Large modern shopping malls like the Nehru Shopping Complex and Mall of Amritsar are located outside the city center in suburban areas to the north and east of downtown.

Groceries and Other

Vishal Mega Mart offers a good selection of local and imported goods. A quart of milk costs about ₹44, and a dozen eggs should come in at about ₹58.

Cheap meal
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A pair of jeans
A pair of jeans
C$ 48.84
Single public transport ticket
Single public transport ticket
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Where to Eat in Amritsar

Enjoy classic Punjabi favorites at the century-old Kesar Da Dhaba, with main dishes that start at ₹70. The imaginative menu a the Crystal Restaurant includes both Mughlai and European dishes, with mains that start at ₹300.