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You're Going to Love Cambodia

Cambodia's combination of warm, welcoming people, layers of history and natural beauty captures the attention of those who visit.

The contrast between ancient and modern as well as the air of mystery that surrounds this tiny kingdom makes it a place to which you will want to return.

What to do in Cambodia

1. Visit Angkor

This religious site, in the former capital of the Khmer Empire, is spread for miles throughout the jungle and consists of various shrines and temples built between 1113-1150 AD.

2. Catch a River Cruise

The Mekong River, which runs down the center of Cambodia, provides a relaxing way to travel. Taking a boat from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap is a good way to get to Angkor to see the temples.

3. Discover Tragic History

Book a tour to Choeung Ek and take some time to see the Choeung Ek monument, filled with the remains of people who perished at the concentration camp there between 1975-1978.

4. Go to the Beach

Relax at the original beach resort in Cambodia. Kep is the place to go for fresh seafood and boutique resorts while Sihanoukville provides white sand and turquoise water.

5. Explore Phnom Penh

Visit the National Museum to see Khmer art on display, take a tour of the Royal Palace that was constructed in the 1860s or pay your respects to the victims of genocide at the Tuol Sleng Museum.

When to visit Cambodia

Cambodia in July
Estimated hotel price
C$ 54
1 night at 3-star hotel
Cambodia in July
Estimated hotel price
C$ 54
1 night at 3-star hotel

The best time to go to Cambodia is from November, after the monsoon season, until April. There is little temperature variation throughout the year in Cambodia, with the average annual temperature being around 82°F.

How to Get to Cambodia

Entry Requirements

Most foreign visitors will need to have a passport that is valid for at least six months and will need to purchase a visa to enter Cambodia. Visas can be obtained online before travel or at the border.


Phnom Penh International Airport is the main airport in Cambodia and home to the national carrier Cambodia Angkor Air, which operates flights from neighboring Thailand and China. Air Asia, Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways operate connecting flights into Cambodia from other international destinations.


There are bus services that operate from Vietnam into Cambodia and that will cross the border, waiting for passengers at each immigration point. From Thailand, there is not a bus service that crosses the border, so passengers need to hop on an onward bus into Cambodia.

Popular airlines serving Cambodia

Good (395 reviews)
British Airways
Good (1,739 reviews)
Good (533 reviews)
Excellent (3,366 reviews)
Turkish Airlines
Good (1,500 reviews)
Air France
Good (494 reviews)
Austrian Airlines
Good (305 reviews)
United Airlines
Good (3,193 reviews)
Qatar Airways
Good (1,439 reviews)
Excellent (1,272 reviews)
Good (780 reviews)
Singapore Airlines
Excellent (477 reviews)
Etihad Airways
Good (400 reviews)
Cathay Pacific
Good (129 reviews)
Korean Air
Excellent (360 reviews)
Excellent (228 reviews)
Malaysia Airlines
Good (76 reviews)
Japan Airlines
Excellent (578 reviews)
Thai Airways
Good (94 reviews)
Asiana Airlines
Excellent (109 reviews)
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Where to stay in Cambodia

Hotels in Cambodia range from international hotel chains to mid-range local hotels and hostels in the more regional areas. It is also possible to stay in jungle bungalows or in family-run guesthouses in smaller places.

Where to stay in popular areas of Cambodia

Most booked hotels in Cambodia

Plantation Urban Resort and Spa
Excellent (8.9, Excellent reviews)
C$ 99+
Borei Angkor Resort & Spa
Excellent (8.7, Excellent reviews)
C$ 85+
Sun & Moon, Urban Hotel
Excellent (8.5, Excellent reviews)
C$ 67+
Angkor Paradise Hotel
Excellent (8.5, Excellent reviews)
C$ 43+
NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex
Excellent (8.4, Excellent reviews)
C$ 89+
Sunway Hotel Phnom Penh
Excellent (8.1, Excellent reviews)
C$ 52+
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How to Get Around Cambodia

Public Transportation

Public city bus networks are growing in popularity in Phnom Penh, but there is no such network in Siem Reap. Here, you can use tuk-tuks or motorcycle taxis. It is also possible to rent a bicycle to travel around some of the cities and rickshaws can be flagged down in Phnom Penh.


There are various options for buses connecting Cambodian cities. Express minibuses and larger air-conditioned coaches run by operators, such as Giant Ibis and Golden Bayon Express, run services on the paved roads between cities while local minibuses operate on secondary, more provincial routes. However, these are primarily used by locals.


As the quality of the roads varies extensively across the country, the best way to rent a car is to do so with a driver and this can be done for touring around cities or traveling between cities within Cambodia.


There are flights between Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville on Cambodia Angkor Air and Bassaka Air.

The Cost of Living in Cambodia

Credit cards are generally accepted in hotels, restaurants and stores catering to tourists. ATMs can be found in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. A 0.2 gallon of milk and a dozen eggs will cost around 15,291 KHR (3.70 USD) in a grocery store. Eating out may be cheaper than buying groceries and will cost around 14,233 KHR (3.50 USD) for a meal per person in a local inexpensive restaurant. US dollars are widely accepted as a form of currency, although only in cash.

Popular cities in Cambodia