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Rabat city lies along the Atlantic coat, at the Bouregreg River, with beautiful architecture influenced by its Islamic, French colonial, and Berber past. You'll enjoy the city's warm hospitality, the very modern new town, and the historic city center.

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Summers are warm and dry, and winters mild and wet in Rabat, making it a year-round destination with a spike between April and November, when temperatures range between 70 and 80 degrees.

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Where to Stay in Rabat

The Riad Meftaha is a quiet oasis in the city, with well-appointed rooms and modern furnishings. At the Golden Tulip Farah, you'll enjoy contemporary furnishings and amenities, with beautiful views of the Bouregreg River.

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Shopping Streets

Rabat's main shopping street is the Rue des Consuls, where you'll find local artisan work, including leather goods, clothing, and jewelry.

Groceries and Other

Carrefour and Acima are national supermarket chains with good selection of fresh and imported goods. A quart of milk costs about DH7.50 and a dozen eggs about DH14.

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Where to Eat in Rabat

Enjoy classic Moroccan favorites like couscous at cheap prices at Restaurant de la Libération, where main dishes start at only DH60. Ty Potes is one of many French restaurants in Rabat, this one specializing in crepes, galettes, and other lighter fare. Main dishes start at DH65.