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Chongqing is located on the Yungui plateau and surrounded by small mountains. This is the biggest inland city in China and was the capital of the country from the late 1930s to the early 1940s.

Enjoy boat trips down the Yangtze river, learn about Chongqing's past as a porcelain port, and wander through well-preserved old streets, residences, and temples.

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When to Visit Chongqing

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Visiting Chongqing in the summer is not ideal because of the humidity and pollution. Winter months and the early spring can be cold and foggy, making fall the best time for a visit.

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Where to Stay in Chongqing

The Crowne Plaza Chongqing Riverside is a great option if you want to be near the Yangtze river. The Hilton Chongqing is another great option if you are looking for comfortable accommodation.

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Shopping Streets

You will find plenty of malls in Chongqing, including the Paradise Walk Mall, Metropolitan Plaza Mall, or Xiangquang Times Square.

Groceries and Other

Carrefour and Walmart are located throughout Chongqing as well as many smaller grocery stores. Expect to pay ¥17 for a dozen eggs.

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Where to Eat in Chongqing

Eat at Wu MiZhou Hotpot to try the hot pot Chongqing is famous for and to enjoy a breathtaking view of the skyline and the river. If you crave some western food, head to Casablanca. An quick meal should cost you ¥20, mid-range restaurants should cost between ¥30 and ¥60, while an upscale meal might cost ¥100 or more.