Miami travel guide

Miami: a colorful trip into the heart of Latin America, without a passport

Just over a century ago, Miami was little more than a tiny fishing outpost at the end of an uninhabitable swamp. To say it’s grown up quickly would be an understatement, as it’s transformed from a far-flung vacation destination to a major global metropolis.

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Table of contents

Must-see in Miami

Miami must-sees to keep on your bucket list

Seasonal events in Miami

Miami’s annual events you need to know about

Once you're in Miami

Getting around Miami

Miami can seem like a giant, sprawling landscape for those who aren’t familiar. But getting around isn’t as hard as you think, whether you’re in a car or trying public transportation.

Where to Eat Around Miami

From Cuban cafeterias to fine dining restaurants, Miami's culinary offerings run the gamut of great cuisine. The city's diverse population has brought with it an abundance of foods from the Caribbean, Latin America, and beyond.

Renting a car and driving in Miami

Driving in Miami can be an adventure. But if you know where to go, how to navigate the roads, and, most importantly, what kind of car to drive, it can be altogether fun – if you can handle the traffic.

Things to do

From Sloths to Airboat Rides, Miami Has Plenty for Families with Children

America’s adult playground is great for kids, too - especially if they love the beach, the water, and exotic animals.

Miami's nightlife: Miami's Bars and Nightclubs Take You on an All-Night Whirlwind of Strong Drinks and Beautiful People

The Top Places to Shop in Miami, From Local Boutiques to High Fashion

Miami is a global shopping destination with everything from high fashion to fashion outlets. Here are the best places to shop.

The Top Day Trips from Miami

In addition to being one of the world’s great destinations for beaches, art, and nightlife, Miami is also a great jumping-off point to explore the nature and cities of South Florida. Whether you want to hike in the Everglades or dive in the Keys, it can all be done in an easy day trip.

What to pack for Miami

The Top Tips for Enjoying All that Miami Offers