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San Miguel De Allende is a popular destination for tourists, retirees, and artists. The downtown area of this small city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and will amaze you with its mixture of Baroque, neoclassical, and colonial architecture.

This small city is 170 miles from Mexico City and 60 miles away from Guanajuato. It is an ideal destination if you want to discover Central Mexico and be far away from everything.

San Miguel De Allende has a fascinating history as the first city to be declared independent from Spanish rule during the Mexican War of Independence. You can learn more about this period as you discover the unique Hispanic and Mesoamerican influences that have shaped this small Mexican city nestled in the hills.

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The climate in San Miguel De Allende is warm all year round. The dry season lasts from November to April and the nights can be cold. There might be some showers in July and August but this is a good time to visit if you want to get cheaper rates.

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Where to Stay in San Miguel De Allende

Most of the hotels are in the Centro area. If you want an upscale experience, choose the Dos Casas Boutique Hotel just west of the Centro area. You can stay just south of the Centro at the Hotel Boutique Hacienda or at the Hotel Matilda. If you want a more original experience, the Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada is a historic building in the Centro.

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The Cost of Living in San Miguel De Allende

Shopping Streets

Go to El Jardín to find stores that sell souvenirs, art, furniture, and clothes. The Mercado Ignacio Ramírez is a good place to find jewelry, curiosities, and original home items. You will also find a traditional food market. There are countless stores in the Centro area where you can buy ceramics, paintings, folk art, crafts, textiles, clothes, and antiques. If you want to see more art galleries and antiques, head to the Fabrica La Aurora.

Groceries and Other

You will find a Bonanza in the Centro area but can also buy fresh food at the Mercado Ignacio Ramírez. There is a Soriana Super in the southeast part of San Miguel De Allende and a Tosma and Natura if you go to the southern portion of the city. Groceries tend to be very affordable and you should pay Mex$23 for a loaf of bread, Mex$37 for a pound of chicken, Mex$32 for a dozen eggs, and Mex$18 for a quart of milk.

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Where to Eat in San Miguel De Allende

You will find a lot of foods that are typical to the state of Guanajuato if you explore the food stalls at the Mercado Ignacio Ramírez. Make sure you try enchiladas mineras (fried tortillas with cheese or chicken, chili sauce, and toppings), pacholas (deep-fried beef patties), and fiambre (lettuce topped with fruits, vegetables, and meats). Andaza is an ideal choice for dining and La Posadita is probably the best romantic restaurant in town. If you want a unique rooftop experience, Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar is a great choice. If you want to discover how the locals eat, try Juan's Cafe, Don Lupe Mexican Grill, and Baja Fish Taquito. You should be able to eat for Mex$70 in these restaurants and a more upscale meal should not cost more than Mex$300.