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Panjim - also called Panaji - is a charming blend of modern India and the country's classic roots. It is surrounded by green, terraced hills and overlooks the Mandovi River. With cobblestone streets and colorful villas that date from the Portuguese colonial period, a Latin quarter, and floating casinos on the river, the capital of the state of Goa offers a variety of experiences for a small city of just under 115,000.

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With very hot summer temperatures that routinely reach over 90 degrees Fahrenheit from February to May, and monsoon season from June through August, many foreign visitors choose to come during the cooler fall months, from September to January. Peak season is December to January. Many visitors also come for the colorful Diwali celebrations, which fall in October or November each year depending on the lunar calendar, or the carnival in February, featuring a large parade along the streets.

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Where to Stay in Panjim

Panjim offers a variety of accommodation options. At the Surya Kiran Heritage Hotel, visitors can stay in historic grandeur, with a balcony in every room. The Hotel Mandovi is a 50-year institution in the city, with opulent and colorful decor. The Crown Goa offers modern luxury in a spa-hotel-casino resort. The best areas to base yourself in include the center, the historic heart of the city where you will find many of its architectural treasures such as the Mahalaxmi Temple, and Margao, the cultural and commercial center of the city and home to a nightlife scene of clubs such as the Bollywood Club and Cafe Mambos.

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18th June Road is the major shopping street in the city, with an air-conditioned, three-floor department store, and many shops selling local textiles, jewelry, and other wares. The Panjim Market, with a vast array of goods on sale from clothing to housewares, is located in the city center.

Supermarkets and Food Stores

There are a number of independent grocery stores in Panjim, including Magsons Hymart in the Caculo Mall on St Inez Rd., with well-stocked shelves. Braganza Stores is located in the Panaji Market, with a full range of goods on sale. A quart of milk costs about Rs. 43, with a dozen eggs at about Rs. 65.

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There are restaurants at every price point available in Panjim, typically ranging from about Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000. Viva Panjim is popular with tourists, dishing up local cuisine in an old colonial house. For contemporary European-style cuisine, the Black Sheep Bistro offers a tapas menu in a fashionable dining room and lounge. Hotel Venite lets you dine on traditional Goan favorites with a location on a charming cobbled street.

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