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Stamford is the epitome of all things beautiful. From the bustling urban shopping centers to the breathtaking parks and historical sites, this city has something for everyone.

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When to Visit Stamford

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The best time to visit Stamford is from late May to mid-October. During this time, the weather is friendly and the city is not as crowded.

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Where to Stay in Stamford

Super 8 on the city's West Side gets you a lot of bang for just under $100. The Sheraton Stamford Hotel and the Stamford Marriott are other options with great views of downtown Stamford and the Long Island skyline.

Popular Neighborhoods in Stamford

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The Cost of Living in Stamford

Shopping Streets

Stamford Town Center features plenty of stores to meet any of your shopping needs. Visit Nagi Jewelers for a wide selection of watches and jewelry at affordable prices. Find gifts packs, electronics, and clothes at Ridgeway Shopping Center.

Groceries and Other

Stamford boasts numerous supermarkets, an open-air market, as well as a local farmers market. Shop Rite and Food Basics have the most affordable products with lean beef costing $3.29 per pound.

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Where to Eat in Stamford

If you would like to eat and revel in the great view of the city and Long Island, stop over at Vuli restaurant for lunch and dinner weekdays for $40.

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