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You're Going to Love Tijuana

Tijuana has been a popular destination for day trips since the 1920s, during which the city rapidly expanded. You are going to love this border town, its vibrant nightlife, busy streets, and unique history.

Tijuana is the largest urban area in northwestern Mexico with its 1.2 million inhabitants. You will find plenty to do between the popular nightlife spots, the restaurants, and the thriving Avenida Revolución, where you will see bars and hotels built during the Prohibition area.

Let Tijuana surprise you! This is an ideal destination if you want to discover Mexico. Make sure you try the local craft beer, see a bullfight, and visit some of the popular clubs during your stay.

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Tijuana has a mild climate that is similar to California. There might be some precipitation and a few storms between November and March. Do not plan your trip during Spring Break or the summer if you would like to avoid crowds.

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Where to Stay in Tijuana

Look for a hotel in the downtown area for a more comfortable experience. The Hyatt Place Tijuana, Hotel Lucerna Tijuana, and the Grand Hotel Tijuana are comfortable, lovely choices. If you want to stay in Agua Caliente, a good option is the Tijuana Marriott Hotel.

Popular Neighborhoods in Tijuana

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Zona Centro

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How to Get Around Tijuana

The Cost of Living in Tijuana

Shopping Streets

Head to the Mercado de Artesanías if you want to shop for souvenirs and crafts. The best place to buy clothes and accessories is at the Plaza Radio, where you will find a movie theater and many brand stores.

Groceries and Other

You can get groceries from Walmart, Costco, Sam's Club, or Calimax. A gallon of milk will cost you Mex$60, a pound of cheese will cost you Mex$40, and expect to pay Mex$7 for a pound of rice.

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Cheap meal
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Where to Eat in Tijuana

You cannot visit Tijuana without trying traditional Mexican fare such as tacos and tamales. Restaurante Caesar's, Tacos El Franc, and Maíz are the best places for Mexican fare and have mid-range prices, which means you should pay Mex$100 for a meal. If you want a fine-dining experience, head to Misión 19 or to Villa Saverios. A meal in an upscale restaurant should cost Mex$300 to Mex$400. Make sure you try the Casa Cacao if you want to have a cup of coffee with some traditional Mexican desserts. Street food vendors can be found a few blocks away from main tourist areas and at the border crossings, and you can get a meal for Mex$30 or Mex$40. Alongside tamales and tacos try cocos con camaron (a coconut bowl with shrimps) and Tostilocos (a bag of Tostitos filled with toppings).