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Konstanz is one of the few towns in Germany left untouched by the Second World War. As such, its beauty and culture are still thriving today. Don't miss this hidden jewel of a German city, with its cobbled-stone streets, old stone buildings, calm waters of the river Rhine and colorful, year-round festivals.

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Visit Konstanz during the months of June through September for warm temperatures between 50°F to 79°F. Autumn is also very pleasant, though in winter, it gets chilly with heavy rain.

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Where to Stay in Konstanz

Check into Hotel Hirschen for luxury stays. Hotel Graf Zeppelin is better for modest travelers and the Otto-Moericke-Turm Youth Hostel is good for travel nomads on a budget.

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Shopping Streets

Konstanz is a small town, so farmers' markets and open-air flea markets are the local favorites, along with mom-and-pop stores for clothing and furniture. Check out the shops in the Old Town or visit the Lago Center shopping mall.

Groceries and Other

A quart of milk costs around EUR0.66 and a dozen eggs will run you EUR1.93.

Cheap meal
Cheap meal
C$ 14.74
A pair of jeans
A pair of jeans
C$ 115.43
Single public transport ticket
Single public transport ticket
C$ 3.55
C$ 3.93

Where to Eat in Konstanz

Take your fill of the popular "Döner Kebap" at Ali Baba in the Old Town, starting at EUR5. Otherwise, check out Suppengrün for fresh vegetarian and vegan salad selections (that charge by the weight!) or soups for around EUR4.20.