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You're Going to Love Angola

A rarely explored African wonder, Angola is packed with breathtaking landscapes and rich history. Colonial remnants from Portuguese crusaders are particularly noticeable in coastal towns as houses display European-inspired architecture. National parks are home to carnivorous wildlife, such as leopards, lions, and hyenas, while rivers tremendously cascade into waterfalls.

What to do in Angola

1. Visit Kissama National Park

Safari tours through the 3 million acre reserve provide the opportunity to see elephants, zebras, giraffes, and elands grazing through the wild pastures.

2. Relax in Mussulo

The picture-perfect peninsula has winding sandy beaches and a laid-back atmosphere. Bars and restaurants flank the water and serve tasty local cuisine.

3. Take a Trip to Kalandula Falls

Recognized as one of the biggest waterfalls in Africa, the plummeting flow of water is an unforgettable site.

4. Learn at the National Museum of Slavery

Walking through the building and seeing preserved items from the slave trade period is a humbling experience. The museum is located on the same point of the port where slaves were loaded onto boats before being shipped across the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Gaze at Miradouro da Luna

The spectacular formation of rocks has been shaped by wind and rain erosion for thousands of years, resulting in a remarkable surface that has drawn comparisons to the moon.

When to visit Angola

Angola in
Estimated hotel price
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1 night at 3-star hotel
Angola in
Estimated hotel price
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1 night at 3-star hotel

It's recommended to travel during the milder months between June and October. Rain is rarely seen during this period and daily temperatures hover between 75-79°F.

How to Get to Angola

Entry requirements

Citizens of countries from the European Union, Canada, the United States, and most of Africa can obtain a 30-day visa upon arrival. The visas are priced at approximately 59,600 AOA (120 USD), while nationals of some countries, such as Brazil, China, France, Italy, and South Africa have visa exemption.


All international flights land at Angola International Airport just outside of Luanda, with direct services available from Dubai, Paris, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. Economy fares for the 7h 30m flight from Lisbon to Luanda are available for between about 134,000-223,500 AOA (270-450 USD).


The recommended crossing points are at Santa Clara Border Post from Namibia, Luau Border Post from the DRC, and Massabi Border Post from the Republic of Congo. Applying for a visa prior to reaching the border will save plenty of time as it will only be necessary to collect the physical copy.


Direct services can be caught from Namibia's capital Windhoek to Luanda. The 25h bus departs three times per week and costs roughly 39,200 AOA (79 USD).

Popular airports in Angola

Popular airlines serving Angola

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Where to stay in Angola

Accommodation options are rather bleak outside of major cities such as Luanda, so it's suggested to take day trips to remote destinations and return before night. The quality standard between hotels is generally significant and reliable options include Hotel Trópico and Palmeiras Suite Hotel.

Where to stay in popular areas of Angola

Most booked hotels in Angola

EPIC SANA Luanda Hotel
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C$ 452+
Hotel Presidente Luanda
Good (7.7, Good reviews)
C$ 459+
Hotel Florença
Poor (0, Poor reviews)
C$ 151+
Inn Luanda
Good (6.9, Good reviews)
C$ 103+
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How to Get Around Angola

Public Transportation

Transport within cities is mainly limited to minibuses known as "candongueiros." The blue and white vans do not have fixed prices and bartering is necessary.


Three separate railways run from west to east and connect Luanda to Malenje, Lobito to Huambo, and Namibe to Menongue. A First Class fare with padded seating can be purchased for approximately 13,000 AOA (26 USD).


Services between cities are limited and vehicles are often overcrowded. It is advised to arrange private transfer instead of taking a public bus.


It is recommended that visitors obtain a police clearance from their country of origin as well as rent a 4x4 to help navigate tricky situations.


The national carrier TAAG Angola Airlines operates domestic flights to cities, such as Cabinda, Dundo, Huambo, Kuito, Namibe, and Saurimo. The trip from Luanda to Huambo takes just 1h and tickets cost roughly 67,000 AOA (135 USD).

The Cost of Living in Angola

Eating out at a mid-range restaurant generally costs around 15,000-20,000 AOA (30-40 USD). Angola remains a predominantly cash-based society and credit cards, especially foreign ones, are only accepted at hotels and upscale restaurants.

Popular cities in Angola