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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Korean AirOverall score based on 4971 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Comfortable seat, pleasant crew."
Cons: "The food was terrible."
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Pros: "Comfortable seat, pleasant crew."
Cons: "The food was terrible."
Pros: "There were movies."
Cons: "too late giving out ear phones, and too many interruptions on the loud speaker....way too long explaining things everyone knows, like how to buckle your seat belt....give me a break."
Pros: "The crew was amazing. The seats were good. I was pleasantly surprised to have a full meal on a two hour flight."
Cons: "Would have loved more current US tv shows to choose from."
Pros: "Clean facilities, polite staff. Hits the right notes on a trip to Korea or connecting to other Asian countries."
Pros: "Service is the best"
Cons: "Mileage is the worst"
Pros: "Service, entertainment, and seats are all great."
Cons: "Korean airlines could use air nodules for their seats as both flights became very hot towards the end."
Pros: "Crew was very attentive. Even though the flight was delayed, we got to our destination earlier."
Cons: "More frequent stops for water or drinks or at least larger cups. ."
Pros: "The food is great! The plane is clean. The crew is super nice."
Cons: "The seats are uncomfortable, as with any seats in coach with other airlines."
Pros: "The crew was very friendly and accommodating. The food was delicious. The plane was clean. This was much better than United Airlines."
Cons: "As with other airlines, flying coach is uncomfortable."
Pros: "Good service. Feed you twice. Which is great. But on a red eye. You want to sleep."
Cons: "Plane feels dated. A title tired."
Pros: "Great crew, good food, easy to watch entertainment , and food better than most airlines"
Pros: "Good food. Good communication."
Cons: "More water."
Pros: "The crew was amazing and accommodating as we had an infant."
Cons: "Entertainment was subpar."
Pros: "excellent service - good food"
Cons: "aircraft a bit outdated"
Pros: "Service and food was good."
Pros: "My flight was postponed or delayed as the airline like to call it until the next day due to Narita International Airport closing after 11pm! First of all I didn’t realize major international airports closes especially with a airplane still on the runway! After our flight was “delayed” Korean Airlines scrambled to get us into hotels. This process was very poorly organization and many of us non Japanese speakers were left very confused because they kept forgetting to interpret what they said into English. I had to keep reminding them. We had to stay in long lines throughout the process which took up at least 3hrs. On top of that we waited at least 45 minutes the day after to get our new boarding passes! I was so over my trip to Japan by then and very disappointed with how Korean airlines handled the situation. I will most likely not take Korean airlines again and it will be a long time until I take another trip to Japan."
Cons: "Their food"
Pros: "The crew was the most courteous and efficient we ever flew with. We were served 2 meals enroute to Japan with no charge as well as free entertainment. Children were given Pororo stuffed animals and blankets. We are frequent fliers with United Air and was never treated like this on any of their flights! United should take lessons from Korean Air on efficiency, graciousness and being #1!"
Cons: "Wish Korean Air flew domestic US flights. We would only fly Korean!"
Pros: "I like the Korean bibimbap food in the movie selection was good for the Korean and Asian movies although there were just a few"
Cons: "People did not follow the boarding orders everybody just lined up all at one time and the crew let them on board even though they weren't supposed to go on so even though I was supposed to board first I could board last. I didn't really like the selection for the Japanese and Korean m music with no CJ pop and Kpop like more traditional Japanese music like Koto and more traditional Korean music"
Pros: "Lots of leg room, great meal, and excellent flight attendant service."
Cons: "Nothing to dislike."
Pros: "They have bibimbap which is always a great meal option on a plane. The plane felt clean and new. Flight attendants were very nice and made several rounds of water service. Duty free catalog was immense, esp for Korean skincare. Great chance to shop."
Cons: "If you're on an extra long flight, you might feel like there aren't enough movie options in the entertainment system, but my flight was only 8 hours so I was satisfied."
Pros: "Great flight crew, speedy and efficient departure procedure"
Pros: "Big screen. Full soda cans. Not too cold. Space for legs"
Pros: "Great seat and fairly decent food."
Pros: "The staff was excellent."
Cons: "Food was blah and the seats were on the smaller side."
Pros: "Korea Air is a great airline. Jin Air (for the return part) was OK. The flight attendants of BOTH airlines are GREAT, but the seats in Jin Air are cramped."
Cons: "Korea Air is a great airline. Jin Air (for the return part) was OK. The flight attendants of BOTH airlines are GREAT, but the seats in Jin Air are cramped."
Cons: "Crew members scrambled to prepare for live demo of inflight saftey as video stoped. Crew member did not give clear demonstration of saftey. Such as seat belt buckle faced her, and life jacket was inside out."
Pros: "Entertainment had a wide variety of choices. The food that I could eat was delicious and served with REAL silverware on REAL plates and cups. Amazing. The commitment to the environment and style is truly outstanding."
Cons: "I have a severe food allergy, and all of the dinner options had the food I was allergic to. BUT! They were willing to give me a bunch of little foods to make a whole meal, and were truly sympathetic to my plight. I'd fly with them again"
Cons: "Seat was so narrow, my elbows were stuck to my torso the whole way"
Pros: "Boarding was quick and efficient. Plane was clean, the seats and leg room were good. Cabin attendants were very friendly and attentive during the entire flight. Entertainment system was easy to use and had a lot of movies and other stuff to keep you busy. Headphones and slippers were provided. Enjoyed my flight. Will fly Korean Airlines again if I have the chance."
Pros: "The crew performance"
Cons: "15 minute delay"
Pros: "food selection & crew courtesy"
Pros: "food selection & crew courtesy"
Pros: "Flight Attendants were, professional, charismatic, observant and friendly. They toldly made this trip enjoyable. Pilot, funny, kept us out of turbulence gave me a smooth ride... Korean Air ranks as one of the best flights I have taken in Asia.. thank you!!!"
Cons: "Can't think of one think.. this trip was flawless"
Pros: "Flight attendants are awesome."
Cons: "The guy next to me was very drunk. He scared me a little bit."
Cons: "Lights in cabin too bright while serving meals. Could turn it down a notch"
Pros: "we were attended 2 by the friendliest/courteous attendants....were fed 2X along the way and movies/music/games/drinks were free of charge also."
Cons: "n/a"
Pros: "The crew are friendly, the flight was comfortable"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Great service overall . Crew was very nice."
Cons: "at 9pm flight they turn the lights on after the take off. Very difficult time sleeping. Again they'll turn the lights on 1.5hrs before landing, too."
Pros: "The seats is clean . Crew ware nice to me."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Our flight was delayed and we were accommodated by being put up in a great hotel in Seoul."
Cons: "Did not like that we reached our destination in Vietnam half a day late, since we had a wedding to attend. The vegetarian/vegan meal option was very bland. The hostesses I felt were a bit sexist, perhaps due to being Korean. I asked for a glass of wine for myself and a whiskey on the rocks for my boyfriend. He was served a hefty glass 1st, and I was given my drink 2nd, which was a very small pour. I asked for more wine and was given only a tiny bit more."
Pros: "tye food was amazing!"
Cons: "The plane did not have individual air vents, so at times I was too warm but could do nothing about it."
Pros: "Everything was very good. I really enjoyed the korean music on the entertainment device."
Cons: "The flight attendant didn't speak much English also they didn't tell the passengers to ascend the seat when serving the food"
Pros: "Everything like always"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "in a relatively short flight I was surprised of the quality of the service, the entertainment and how small details were taken care of."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "From baggage check to arrival everything went smoothly."
Pros: "한국 국적기라 그런지 모든게 완벽함. 카약 고마워용. everything is so perpect thx"
Pros: "I liked the price of my ticket."
Cons: "The service of the flight attendance was poor. I felt like I was ignored because I was white, even though I tried to speak Korean. Food was quite bad. It tasted old, compared to my flight to Seoul."
Pros: "One of several preferred airlines when flying to Asia. Really enjoy their service, and it's wonderful to wake up to many beauties in view!"
Pros: "The service was excellent"
Pros: "Overall, the staff was amazing, so as the food and cleanliness"
Cons: "The space between the seats in economic seat"
Pros: "Staff was great as usual"
Cons: "Many entertainment monitors including my row of seats were stuck for a while. The “please fasten your seatbelt” was on the screen and made the monitor unusable for the first 1hr of the flight"
Pros: "Yes and yes"
Cons: "Not sure because I have never had a better experience."
Cons: "Entertainment including games such as backgammon, black Jack, and poker are not available although they are on every other airline I used with high quality game programs that are clos to live games"
Pros: "Service was excellent!"
Pros: "(Previous PE comparisons: Turkish AL, Air NZ, SAS) Ease of check-in, on-time dep/arr, crew attention and responsiveness, seating within the range to be expected of this class."
Cons: "Plane condition: Cosmetic plastic panel below monitor and seat back pocket on Seat 31E fell off when foot rest was lowered; had previously been secured by adhesive tape. Panel removed by crew. In-flight entertainment system: Persistent intermittent loss of sound while listening to movie or TV program. Food: Tried to use "Book the Cook" feature touted by Singapore's website. Was unable to get on site for that purpose. The last try a message appeared (late September) that site was being "rebuilt." On the flight, there was no menu of choices; we were offered 3 vaguely worded choices which boiled down to beef, chicken or vegetables. Those appeared in not particularly appetizing forms and combinations--P.S., we like east and southeast Asian cooking and had just spent 3 weeks in Japan. Failure to provide information about possible delays due to WRG deplaning location at LAX: Although we are frequent fliers to and from LAX, we'd never heard of the WRG. It would have been helpful if the crew had informed us upon arrival that there could possibly be a wait on the plane as buses were used to transport us approximately 1/2 mile to TBIT. Generally: We chose Singapore because of its reputation for excellence. Belying the name of the class, both Turkish AL and Air NZ treated Premium Economy passengers as "junior" business class. Singapore treated us as coach with a roomier cabin and seating pitch."
Pros: "Five Star Singapore Service on board the aircraft."
Pros: "Singapore airline is amazing, great service and quality entertainment."
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Same as my trip to Japan. Crew was great, boarding was easy, seats were pretty comfortable, food was great, and entertainment awesome. Gave socks and toothbrush amenities, along with the normal pillow and blanket."
Cons: "It felt a tad bit hot in the plane. No personal vents to adjust to one's own desire."
Pros: "Good air line. Threat you well, enough food very good service."
Pros: "The lunch and dinner menu was excellent"
Cons: "more bathrooms."
Cons: "First experience with Singapore where the crew made a negative impression. As soon as the plane pulled away from the terminal, crew members seemed rushed and frantic, literally running back and forth from Economy Premium to the galley gathering items. Approximately every 7-10 minutes, crew members would be running back and forth next to my seat with heavy foot steps, which would wake me up. I also noticed that certain crew members were shouting at passengers to get their attention instead of lowering themselves to be heard. One flight attendant almost spilled orange juice on me because she turned around too fast trying to serve drinks. I'm not sure if they were short-staffed, or if it was the influence of a certain crew boss, but something was definitely wrong."
Pros: "Boarding was good and the flight time was shorter than expected."
Cons: "My son did not like any of the meal selections between beef and fish. We asked for a ramen noodle cup instead that the flight crew denied they had, only after seeing them offer it to another family just seconds before. I was very disappointed!! I believe the flight attendant knew of my concerns because she started asking me if the service was ok. If your doing a good job, then you won’t have to ask."
Cons: "We were not provided vegetarian food on two legs of journey although we had earlier informed the airlines."
Pros: "Most everything"
Cons: "Crying babies made it tough to sleep the whole flight"
Pros: "Christmas decorations, service, attitude of staff"
Pros: "The service and the flight to and from Narita Airport."
Pros: "ending meal was very late like an hour or less before landing"
Cons: "racial discrimination by the flight attendants thinking that I didn't know Japanese language even though I was white. I could see it happening."
Pros: "Comfy chairs and good food on Singapore Airlines."
Cons: "Some of the male crew didn't do anything, the females did all the interactive work in serving and helping the disabled as far as I could see."
Pros: "Everything was pretty great. Crew is very nice. Food was very good actually. 2 meals with snacks when asked. Hot towels were given a couple of times. Drinks were served and offered throughout the flight. Socks and toothbrush also given. Entertainment was great with a good mix of movies. Chairs were comfy and leg space was ok."
Cons: "I don't think I would complain about the space otherwise except that the person in front of me decided to recline their chair all the way back. It was a tight and fairly uncomfortable ride the rest of the time."
Pros: "The crew was really great, so friendly and accommodating. I wasn't able to order a vegetarian meal ahead of time, but they still gave me one on board when I asked. There was an amazing selection of movies and they refilled my drinks without even asking. I would recommend this airline to anyone traveling to Asia."
Pros: "I traveled Premium Economy. It was well worth the extra cost over regular Economy. The food was great, the crew was great, the flight was very comfortable."
Cons: "Need to be able to upgrade with Krisflyer Miles"
Pros: "The crew was very kind and helpful."
Cons: "My daughter had the vegetarian oriental - and it was basically a ball of slim. My son had the lactose free meal and it was broccoli and potatoes. We switched our return flight meals to the regular in-flight meal. It was better, but not great."
Cons: "good"
Pros: "The air stewardesses took their time to get back to me about a question I posed to them. It took 2 stewardesses and 3 efforts."
Pros: "Best coach experience I have had. Good airplane food. Gracious service. Tail wind made us early which was a good thing because LAX is such a mess and it would have been difficult to make our connection with the long bus ride and 2.5 mile walk to the Alaska terminal."
Pros: "Excellent service by flight crew. Good selection for entertainment. Flight was enjoyable."
Pros: "Great service, great experience."
Cons: "I liked it all."
Cons: "On my trip to Japan, the staff was incredibly rude. Horrible commendations. The controls didn't work. And the desert had mold in it."
Pros: "Overall very good."
Cons: "Weren't informed of status of connecting flight while in flight. Learnt that the connecting flight was held back on arrival in terminal."
Pros: "Attention to customer service and needs"
Cons: "Couldn't use my own headphones to watch movies"
Pros: "It was safe, great staff and service! Entertainment was great and lots of options in food and beverage!"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Great food, friendly staff, on time... what else do you need?"
Pros: "Great entertainment, good service, clean plane."
Cons: "The lasagna was pretty dry and meh."
Pros: "Check in and boarding were flawless. The flight left about one hour late. The seats in coach are getting smaller and smaller. I got an aisle seat to have a little extra room (I'm 6'1") only to get hit big time by the food cart (they did apologize). The food was plentiful, but mediocre at best. The flight attendants were working hard, but we're abrupt and tired. Overall, I have three stars, when in the past, flying SA was always a five star experience. It got me back home though. :)"
Pros: "What did I like??? Um, EVERYTHING! First off I got a great price under $850 round trip to NRT from LAX was a steal! They let you check two large suit cases plus a carry on and a personal item. That all FREE!!! I travel pretty light but it was great to know they don't Nickle and dime you for bags or anything else for that matter. Staff looks amazing and treats you first class even when your in economy. They are so polite and really genuinely want to give you a above and beyond experience. And they over achieve at it! They meals are great and very satisfying. The planes are big and roomy even in economy seats. On our return flight we had a brand new plane which had a sleek touch screen monitor and controller. There mad tons of media available (articles, language games, games, movies, tv shows and more) with USB ports to charge devices on each seat. Plus 10inch personal monitors. Earbuds were included free of charge, aswell as socks toothbrush and tooth paste. They have is two big meals on our direct flight (awesome that they have direct flights). Plus, they offered free snacks too and gave us a full can of soda vs. a small cup. They come through several times offering coffee, tea, water and snacks. All free of charge. This was my first time flying Singapore Airlines and I loved it!!! I wish Everyone was this amazing! Norwegian Airlines was the opposite as far as charging for everything! Had to pay each stop for any luggage ($100 per checked bag). No meals free or charge. They wanted money for everything! And yea a skimpy sandwich was $9.00 :(."
Pros: "Great customer service, food was fine, seats were comfy in economy too. Definitely would fly again and recommend to everyone!"
Pros: "Amazing crew, great service. Really good food"
Pros: "I have never encountered nicer more professional staff. They always had smiles and seemed to really enjoy their jobs. I always tell friends if they have a chance to fly Singapore Airlines to do it. They won't regret it. Especially on long flights."
Cons: "I was in economy class but I would have liked more leg room. My knees where hurting from having little leg room."
Pros: "I like that I could check in 2 suitcase and able to choose my sitting when it's available."
Pros: "Crew and staff were great and accommodating."
Pros: "The flight was an hour shorter than i expected. The staff was around and attentive. I felt like i won the lottery with flights"
Cons: "Not one complaint"
Pros: "The crew was amazing!!"
Cons: "This trip was not quite as excellent as my flights on Singapore Airlines usually are; however, I cannot say for sure there was much that airline staff could have done to change this. A great deal of turbulence earlier in the flight made it difficult to enjoy the food. Also, there was a sewage-like smell that wafted through the air periodically - this could have been a child in the surrounding seats, though. Both of these issues seem difficult for the airline staff to address, however, unless the smell actually came from a problem with the ventilation system. The staff was exceptionally helpful and good-natured, though, which made the biggest difference. Thank you so much."
Pros: "I would definitely fly with Singapore again. Their staff is super attentive, they have lots of options for in-flight entertainment and things generally went smoothly. I didn't sign up for a special allergy meal ahead of time but they were able to accommodate me anyways."
Cons: "The food was overcooked, mushy and tasted old. The seats were small and didn't recline very much. I think these things are kind of normal now on most airlines."
Pros: "every thing was ex best flight I have ever went on. I would rec your services to anyone."
Pros: "The crew was attentive, hard working and pleasant."
Cons: "Like most airlinesuccessful the space was cramped."

Business class crew was extremely helpful and pleasant. Breakfast likewise - tasty, healthy and substantial. All in all, the flight itself was great, so kudos to Finnair. What a contrast, then, to the pitiable Terminal 8 at JFK, where it was almost impossible to even find a seat (no exaggeration!) before security.

Cons: "I didn't like putting two family on different seats far from each other"
Pros: "Lovely crew, very good entertainment system."
Pros: "Flight as such was good and smooth"
Cons: "Better food, but nowadays unless you fly on business or first you are doomed and cramped beyond belief, any improvement comes at a price"
Cons: "Original departure time: 08:50- Estimated departure time 10:20. Actual departure time: 11:00."
Pros: "reasonable leg room comfortable seat"
Cons: "No choice of food and service was quite slow but meal was fine the breakfast was ghastly a continental option would be much better"
Cons: "The food wasn’t good and it would be great if they had pasta or some vegetarian option."
Cons: "Plane was 1 hour late and missed my flight."
Pros: "Customer service and efficiency"
Cons: "The delay because of a software glitch"
Pros: "modern aircraft, excellent service , nice crew"
Pros: "Clean and comfortable seating"
Cons: "50 minutes delay. Food tasted funny like old leftovers."
Cons: "long waiting time in the bus before the flight"
Pros: "In cabin crew was good. Good service"
Cons: "Crew at gate wasn't really friendly. Made some of us check in our carry ons stating that the flight was full, but I found on the plane that there was tons of overhead space after everyone had boarded. I had a connecting flight to tallin for a conference and was nervous that my checked in carry-on wouldn't make it."
Pros: "I have Parkinson's disease, and my ability to walk is dependent on how long it has been since I last took carbidopa/levodopa, and how much I have exercised while standing since taking my medicine. I have difficulty walking narrow aisles, and in crowds. The staff was very understanding, and let me pre-board, ensured someone was there to help me deplane, carried my carry-on for me, and did everything possible to assist me. The crew/staff was wonderful!"
Pros: "See above."
Cons: "See above"
Cons: "I missed the flight"
Cons: "Toilets were gross."
Pros: "The flight was late. Some people had problems to find place for their luggage, which took even more time until we were ready to take off."
Pros: "Well this was a first for me. The flight was overbooked and some one wanted to go to New York. Finn Air asked me if I would give up my seat they would get me on the next Finn Air flight to Chicago. I did and they even up graded me to business class on the next flight. It was the best flight experience of my life. Great food, hosts, and service. It was very comfortable the entire way."
Cons: "A very very small plane. Cold staff"
Pros: "Good food, two hot meals."
Cons: "Unfortunately the flight was done by HiFly , not Finnair. Boarding took almost two hours, the whole flight crew behaved is if they were doing everybody a favor by being there. Entertainment options included like 6 movies and 2 tv shows, only 2 movies were more or less new, not much for a 10.30 hour flight. We really enjoyed our experience on the outbound flight with Finnair and were looking forward to this flight also, but Finnair didn't service this flight."
Pros: "One cool things is that some of the moveis were translated with several different languages in addition to English and Europearn languages."
Cons: "Distance between the seats are short and seats are somehow uncomfortable."
Pros: "Sorry I like the price ...."
Cons: "There was no food the stewadress we're not so kind the did not give a over only after begging them and I do not like the flight time. I like the save try very much and this is important"
Pros: "The crew made the entertainment free because of the delay. They were very hard working to make things right."
Cons: "Plane was late at Fenver and Heathrow and into Geneva. Plane seating was uncomfortable for such a long flight. This is an airline issue not specifically BA/Finnair."
Pros: "Flight attendants were courteous and efficient, boarding flowed smoothly."
Cons: "Customers should be able to indicate their food preference before the flight, i.e. chicken, beef, vegetarian, etc., instead of taking pot luck or paying more than $12 for the option of selecting beforehand. In addition, there is a great deal of waste in giving everyone sugar, salt, creamer, etc. I know it's more efficient for the flight attendants, but I hate to see so much waste."
Pros: "The flight was spacious, on time and everything went smoothly."
Cons: "-"
Cons: "I wish I had known this was an American Airlines flight. They're the worst. Delays all the time (including this flight), crew who couldn't care less, uncomfortable seats, general mediocrity. Next time tell your consumers what you're getting into!"
Pros: "Felt captain on the original flight did everything he could"
Cons: "Boarded late, taxi' around for 3 and a half hours, deplaned as flight was canceled, waited 3 hours for next flight which was then cancelled. All understandable until the announced that the flight was reinstated only to be followed by an hour of the clerks unable to put people back on the flight which caused it to be cancelled. Sent to another airport except the free shuttle wasn't running, 50 dollar taxi ride later I got to sleep on the floor until the gates finally opened 5 hours later"
Pros: "Comfortable smooth flight, quiet in the large modern BA A380 aircraft"
Cons: "Usual boarding with people in rear having to get past people in lower row numbers having been boarded first."
Pros: "Food and crew"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "One of the crew members was rude."
Pros: "It was an Iberia flight, sold by Finnair. Pretty full but I had two seats by window to myself. I really liked the personal entertainment system at each seat, with lots of choices for viewing and listening, plus usb port for charming my phone. Food was not bad for economy class airplane food. Crew was efficient."
Cons: "A bit cramped - could have used more leg room. But not the worst I've had."
Pros: "I did get to move away from complaining passengers but "lost my coat" in the process. People are awful and obnoxious"
Cons: "Who doesn't turn off the plane lights at night inside the cabin? Especially when you're feeling late at night? Didn't post gate until very last minute…LHR..Then it said boarding immediately. Nowhere to get water. Hurriedly Boarded plane to find out we have the sit there an hour. Girl next to me was so childish Loud mouth complaining because she couldn't sit next to her bf."
Pros: "Crew staff pleasant although did not particularly take the initiative to help customers."
Cons: "Boarding process at Heathrow was chaotic. Could not hear announcements and the response was a large crowd pushing towards an unclear entrance point. The seats are quite small and recline a minimal amount My biggest complaint is that four of us traveling together could not be seated in close proximity to each other, despite making that request over four months before the flight. Extremely frustrating to deal with check-in process as well--because we booked on Finnair, we could not use online system. This was an aggravation considering we were traveling. And--one of our bags was left behind in London. \"
Cons: "Crew was very noisy. It was an overnight flight. Waking us up at 1am for dinner not really needed."
Pros: "Punctual and very good service from friendly crew"
Cons: "They don't give you options about what kind of food you prefer like carne / pasta , there is just one menu option. Any kind of snack between the two meals in a 11 hours flight. If you get hungry you will have to buy snacks on board . No legroom"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight cancelled after 5h at the airport. Impossible to be booked before 5days..."
Pros: "On time, good movies, good service."
Pros: "Boarding was quick and efficient. Flight crew was polite, helpful and friendly. Had adequate leg room in coach, added plus was the flight was not crowded so did not have anyone sitting next to me. Did not feel squashed and claustrophobic as a result. Food was satisfactory."
Cons: "Was inadequately fed on the Houston to London leg. Got nothing but a nightcap. The following morning I received a cold, stale croissant as part of a lunch box for a preschooler, nothing warm, no protein after 8 hrs in flight. I could not check in online."
Cons: "When I arrived to board my flight I was highly unsatisfied with the excessive charges I received for my luggage that was overweight (only by 7 pounds). I was not only charged an additional $100 for my second checked bag, but I was also charged $200 for the extra weight. As a college student traveling abroad for 6 months, I did not expect to be bombarded with these fees at the beginning of my journey. Due to this experience, I would like to have been notified ahead of time of the expected charges as it made me uneasy before a long flight."
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Small uncomfortable airplane."
Pros: "The only thing I liked was the ice cream that was served on the flight. And the Kerry Gold butter."
Cons: "What didn't I like? I didn't like that I bought a ticket from Finnair, got emails from Finnair, for some reason couldn't check in early on the Finnair website, arrived at the airport, waited in the absurdly long check-in line for Finnair only to find out that they had no record of me and I wasn't flying Finnair. Actually, I was on an American Airlines flight."
Cons: "My Finnair flight from London to New York was cancelled due to weather conditions in New York. I understand that. What made me very frustrated and angry is that when I contacted Finnair to reschedule the flight I was told the flight was managed by British Airways and I would have to contact them When I contacted British Airways they said it was a Finnair flight and I had to contact them. I finally had no recourse but to buy another ticket through another airline. I feel that I should be reimbursed for my Finnair ticket from London to New York! I paid for a flight I never took. (The Finnair flight from New York to London was fine.)"
Pros: "old planes tight seat no entertainment late boarding"
Pros: "I have a BA - Gold card- BA lounge was good."
Cons: "Comfort- Plans are Old, Entertainments is Worst. BAD BAD BAD."
Pros: "The flight was fantastic. It wasn't a full flight so I was moved to an exit row for more leg space. All the crew was very nice except for one lady. They distributed water often which was nice. You get options for dinner and breakfast."
Cons: "My problems began after landing. I booked a flight from LAX to Amsterdam, with a layover at Heathrow. When I originally checked in, they didn't send my things all the way through to my final destination. I had to exit the airport at Heathrow to retrieve my bag and go back through security, while trying to make my connecting flight."
Pros: "The entertainment and service was the only plus on this flight."
Cons: "When I booked my ticket a month in advance, British Airways was going to charge me extra for trying to book my seating in advance. They told me it would be free if I called 24hrs before the flight. I called 24hrs before and they told me they could not book my seats because the airport owned the seating. My first flight was with American Airlines, they gave me a boarding pass, however for my leg with British Airways, I had to go get ANOTHER boarding pass to board the flight. This airline was very inconvenient and I felt scammed booking with them. I would not recommend this airline to anyone!"
Pros: "They were accommodating and helpful, despite being overbooked and busy."
Cons: "We cannot think of one thing they could have done better. They were a very professional crew."
Pros: "I thought it was a great experience although I slept through most of it. However the electronic boarding passes did not work so I had to go to the desk for a paper one. Everything else good, I will fly again with finnair."
Pros: "Extra legroom in the emergency exit row"
Cons: "Couldn’t recline my seat"
Cons: "There wasn’t a lot of room at the gate, but that’s not really a complaint. Everything was very smooth and efficient."
Pros: "Seats were comfy. Cabin crew were very friendly."
Cons: "Checkin was a nightmare. Almost 2 hours in line just to drop baggage and complete checkin ."
Pros: "Flight was cheap and left on time"
Cons: "Provide at least water"
Cons: "Delayed flight"
Pros: "Crew did their jobs well."
Cons: "Jetstar shouldn’t have a printout saying BOARDING PASS when it’s not the boarding pass. Also the whole idea of showing your ticket once you m have entered the plane right after you have shown your ticket to get on the plane makes no sense."
Cons: "I wasted my money"
Pros: "Everything in japan is ontime"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "No legroom"
Pros: "Efficient boarding process."
Cons: "Weighing scales when boarding."
Pros: "The belongins I brought back from Tokyo were much less thsn when I flew to Japan via Cebu Air. In JetStar, I have to pay excess baggage. Why? If you are carrying laptop and carry-on bag it should not exceedt 7 kilos total. In other words, your total carry-on either one or two pieces should not exceed 7 kilos (i.e. handbag and carry-on luggage). Since I was travelling with my wife, I said I would check in one bag on behalf of my wife to save some few bucks instead of assessing me excess baggage. JetStar said NO because when I checked in on line I indicated ZERO bag check in for my wife. This is complete contrast to Cebu Air. In Cebu Air they only weight your carry on luggage not you backpack or handbag. Now here is another JetStar scam. If you buy from duty free inside the airport, JetStar will re-weight your all carry on belongings."
Cons: "Scammer - so many hidden fees. Boarding was dis-array - I heard one passenger asked, "Was there any small children/infant priority here?" Actually I did not hear JetStar called for priority seating. Everybody rushed to the gate and started boarding process. No priority seating being called. English announcement inside the plane hardly to understand."
Pros: "The flight was very smooth, quiet and the flight attendants were very responsive."
Cons: "I couldn't pinpoint anything I did not like in particular as it was a 1 hour flight."
Pros: "Basic flight, fine for the price"
Cons: "Flight itself was fine for the price. However, jetstar is one of the only airlines that lands in terminal 3, which makes it very difficult to make connecting flights in the main terminal 1. Between gathering luggage at terminal 3, waiting 35 minutes for the shuttle to terminal 1 to show up, the 8 min shuttle ride which is not walkable as it is in completely separate building, and needing to go through another security andcustomsfor connecting flights, 2 hrs between flights both from NRT was NPT enough time to make the connecting flight, not once but twice."
Cons: "Low stock on food items"
Pros: "For these PRICES this is outstanding VALUE~!!"
Pros: "Staff generally pleasant."
Cons: "High fees for checked bags and even carry-on. Long lines, crowded terminal. Change ticket fees high when late international flight made me miss my connection"
Cons: "Charging for weight of your carry on"
Pros: "Honestly nothing! The only reason I keep flying JetStar is because they are a partner flight from Narita when I fly other airlines or they have better domestic connecting flights at Narita than other airlines. But I would avoid flying with them at all costs!"
Cons: "The staff are the worst, especially at check-in. I have a consistent horrible experience at check in with JetStar (not just this time). I cannot comprehend how in today's day and age such service (and attitude) can be considered, forget about good, even acceptable. I fly a lot for work with various airlines. I make about 30-40 flights a year and Jet Star is the worst company I have encountered! Everything about it is bad, comfort, food, convenience, service, promptness of take off and landing. I just hate it with a passion!"
Pros: "The cost of the flight. The ease of access. Speed the luggage was off loaded"
Cons: "the counter operations looked in disaray trying to get people on thier appropriate flight. I know they were dealing with a lot of cancellations due to the typhoon. Charging for one checked bag, because the boarding pass didn't state there would being checked. On flight, why is there no complimentary water, soda, tea, chips, cookies? Come on...really. Please look at changing this. Please don't say it so we can keep the cost of the flights down. Our flight was delayed approximately 40 mins, after we boarded already. So, this couldn't have been relayed before having everyone get on the plane? During the flight, the male flight attendants who was making anouncements, i couldn't understand a word of his English. i only bring this up because, one there were a lot of Americans on the flight going to Okinawa. Two, in case of an emergency, you wouldn't be able to understand what he is tryin to direct us to do if an in flight emergency happened. So my concern is for the safety portion for those Americans who were on the flight and couldn't understand completely what he was saying. Not saying that the safety of all on board isn't important."
Cons: "I tried to book directly with jetstar but, could not get past thye question on what country I was from as the USA was not on there list. Therefore I went and booked with Kayak which only allowed me to book a flight but, not pay for luggage. After booking I went to jet star. AS I had not paid for luggage at time of book, Luggage prices were doubled. I talked to them and they said tough."
Pros: "Initial cheap flights"
Cons: "Baggage fee was $37 going from Tokyo to Sapporo, but $52 going back with the exact same baggage and weight. We were overcharged for baggage on the way back because it was stated that we had half the baggage weight allowance than stated on the website and on our previous flight because my wife and I were on one booking. Tough to argue In a foreign language over $15 so we just paid it. Regardless, better to fly another airline."
Pros: "I did not purchase a meal and I am unaware of any entertainment. Overall I was happy with the price, and the staff. Everyone seemed to be able to speak both Japanese and English so made it much easier for me. Flight was on time and bags came quickly. Great service for a very economical price."
Pros: "Didn't even feel the landing"
Pros: "Very efficient airline, will take it again"
Cons: "It wasn't cold enough in the cabin like they ran out of freon or something"
Pros: "Everything went smoothly"
Cons: "Carry-on very restrictive. Had to pay for any refreshment including water."
Pros: "I didnt like anything about that flight worst ever"
Cons: "Bag fees are terrible even the terminal overall experience is worst. I will not plan to go for jetstar ever anymore"
Pros: "Crew members were very helpful and friendly throughout"
Cons: "As our suitcase got detected as containing prohibited items inside (turned out to be camera battery), we were stopped at the boarding gate only to be given the explanation that because the security people were somehow unable to open up our suitcase (with the passcode lock already unlocked), at least one of us had to stay behind. Also since the only other plane that day had only one seat left, and that we had to pay for a new ticket for a flight the day after, I had to be separated with my partner and painfully wait for him for the entire afternoon and evening on the other side (what's more, the membership lounges at the destination airport only let in people with departing flight tickets). In short, we couldn't accept the fact that the airport people merely couldn't get the suitcase open, which caused all the inconvenience afterwards."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Everything! Terrible web site to work with. Wrong information on web site caused wrong booking. The wrong booking was discovered immediately but could not contact rep on chat or phone. Argued in vain at the airport. Forced to change the flight time by basically buying all three tickets for my family of three anew. Then discover our three small pieces of hand luggage that we hand-carried from the US were all over weight (each allowed a measly 12 pounds limit ended up paying luggage charge of $70 each. This is highway robbery other words to describe it."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. They were soooo untrained"
Pros: "The stewardess attempted to explain things in English due to the large amount of foreigners siting near the emergency exits."
Cons: "The baggage fees were inconsistent and at a ridiculous price. I don't think I will be suggesting Jetstar to any of my friends unless they don't mind spending a ridiculous amount of money for a small baggage."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Staff were inattentive and stressed out because the airline lacks organization."
Pros: "Crew on board is always sweet, kind, professional, and accommodating."
Cons: "At our take off point, at Naha (NAA) in Okinawa, both my parents and my family checked our luggage at the check-in desks. We paid for our gear to fly but were also informed to keep our receipts for our trip back to Oki from Tokyo so we wouldn't have to pay for our luggage to fly again. The cost for our luggage was for both trips (almost $70 USD, there and back it seemed. Seems that was a lie or misinformation because we still had to pay for our luggage on the trip back from Tokyo to Okinawa. AND the cost of our luggage to fly to Tokyo was more than on the way back which makes no sense when factoring in that we brought gifts home! I will be taking further action with Jet Star."
Pros: "The flight"
Cons: "Terminal three was poor."
Pros: "Their counter only opened 2 hours before the flight and they had no one at their customer service desk. First airline to weigh my carryon luggage and my hand bag! WTH! My carryon was the correct size but it was too heavy because it included my handbag so I had to check my carryon and pay the additional baggage fee! I also saw other passengers who had tote bags but were forced to check it in and the Jetstar employees wrapping the bags with packing tape so contents would not spill out! What a joke. It seems like they will make sure to stick you with additional fees because they offer cheap fares or perhaps their overhead lockers did not pass quality control tests so they have to make sure they do not put anything heavy. Even if it os stated in the fine print, it is still questionable because they make sure your carryon+handbag is 7kg total. This airline is either scamming their customers or their plane has safety issues. And to think they are part of Qantas. Tsk. Tsk.!"
Pros: "Plenty of leg room"
Cons: "In Japan, I arrived at 5:30am for designated check in and there was only one person conducting check ins. She took approximately 15 minutes per person because she scrutinized everyone's passport beyond just the regular review. She asked when my student visa was up although the date was printed and if I had a resident ID and my student card to prove it. What really got me is that my carryon was 7 kilos, the designated limit, BUT then she made me weigh my PURSE. Since my purse was an extra kilo, I had pay 40 USD to check a 7 kilo bag."
Cons: "Flight was delayed twice. Then at airport, boarding was delayed as well. Not pleased with constant delays."
Pros: "I would say it was cheap but $40 fee to check a bad took away that positive"
Cons: "Ridiculously high fee to check a bag, staff that couldn't explain themselves well and didn't know their own company's policies, uncomfortable seats that were very small with almost no leg room and the normal budget airlines lack of food and entertainment (which I didn't have a problem with because I know it's a budget airline). There are great budget airlines but this is not one of them."
Pros: "our flight was delayed (from NRT to HKG) because of the typhoon and i appreciate the text that I received saying it was (i proceeded to double check and it was surely delayed) i think it would have been better if they sent the email at the same time as the text. other than that, it was a good flight; i fell asleep so i didnt experience much of the service"
Cons: "had to purchase beverages/food on flight. (didnt expect much because the flight was cheap)"
Pros: "Crew was OK. Plane was clean, but then again everything is clean in Japan. Nothing special"
Cons: "There was no announcement of gate change. Even though we arrived just 2 hrs ahead at checkin and had our boarding passes printed then. The plane itself was OK but obviously budget airline like. Takeoff was delayed and landed 20min later. How hard can it be to arrive on a 1.5hr domestic flight on time?"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "they fish you with the low price. Then at the gate they began to weigh carryon bags only allowing each passenger to have total weight of 7.7 lbs. What a joke. So you have to pay on the spot $30 dollars more if you want to go on the plane if not you are denied boarding. This is piracy."
Cons: "i was forced to check and pay for my luggage on the flight to osaka, that i could carry on for my flight to tokyo. this is because they claimed that there was not going to be space in the overhead compartments. by the time we pulled away from the gate, the overhead compartments were still very empty. NOT HAPPY!"
Pros: "The crew was nice, cheerful and friendly"
Cons: "They weigh your carry on and chaste you for the weight over 7 kilo (I think) luckily mine was under. They charge you for snacks and drinks on the flight. My flight was delayed."
Pros: "Crew helped us pay less by having us paying fee for two legs."
Cons: "We didn't have a lot but had to pay extra. That was unexpected."
Pros: "The ticket price is cheap"
Cons: "They charge for everything even the water on the flight."
Cons: "45 minutes delay charged USD30 for my small suitcase"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Missed my flight by about 10 minutes because I didn't expect it to take over and hour to get through customs and change terminals. Wait in line for like 20 minutes, very apathetic guy says it'll be a 175 dollar charge to change to the next flight leaving 6 hours later. Briefly speak with wife, she says we will look into other options. 15 minutes later we change our mind. Wait in the same long line again, this time they tell us too much time has passed and we need to purchase new tickets. Worst travel experience I have had in the last 15 years, I would never even consider purchasing tickets from this airline again."
Cons: "After traveling through Asia for over three weeks, we decided to stop make one last stop in Kyoto. Four days before departure they made a 7kg carry on baggage rule, this includes both bags! And did not inform us. We had backpacks for convince and had not had a problem with any of the 12 flights we had previously been on. They made us pay for checked baggage, it came out late and we missed our connection home. They did nothing for us! Not to mention the flight attendant smelled horrifically of body odor and ran over my partners foot with the drink cart. Do not fly this airline if we wish for a smooth experience."
Pros: "Offer for 1 nights accomodation up to ¥10000 + dinner."
Cons: "Next flight not til 2 days later but accomodation covered by Jetstar for only one night!"
Cons: "Most importantly, the JetStar check in process at Narita was appalling; grossly understaffed -I waited 40 minutes on line to pay for my checked baggage and only just got to the gate on time."
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