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Bursting with pride, Somerville attracts visitors for its historic past and vibrant present. Home to a thriving arts scene, the city hosts different cultural events and famous sites like the Somerville Museum.

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The best time to visit Somerville is from June to September. This period is not only sunny but also features a variety of festivals and activities to participate in such as the HONK! Festival, ArtBeat, and the Fluff Festival.

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Where to Stay in Somerville

Being a residential area, Somerville only has a few hotels. For a mid-range budget, Morrison House Bed and Breakfast and AmeriSuites are excellent places to check out.

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Shopping Streets

You'll find shopping opportunities surrounding the busy Davis Square, including food vendors on Highland Avenue, second-hand clothing shops, and vintage-style dresses and accessories on Elm Street.

Groceries and Other

Head to the open-air market at Holland Street or shop for some locally grown produce at Sherman Market in Union Square. Shopping at Market Basket will cost you $180 for a week's supply.

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Where to Eat in Somerville

Somerville boasts a variety of cuisines from various parts of the world. Sample different veggie options supplied by local producers at Journeyman or enjoy some delicious homemade sausages at Bronwyn for $150. Relish in some tasty donuts at Union Square Donuts for $25.

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