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CSX — Ontario
26 Feb — 5 Mar1
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Sat 26/2
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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
China EasternOverall score based on 6668 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "The worst air travel experience I’ve ever had."
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Pros: "The worst air travel experience I’ve ever had."
Pros: "In flight crew were very nice and helpful"
Cons: "More snack option"
Pros: "Crew worked hard in carrying out several meal and drink offerings. Seat had ample leg-room ( I am 6 ft tall)"
Pros: "The crew, the plane, the professionalism."
Cons: "More legroom!"
Pros: "Price of biz class is attractive but it’s good and entertainment could be better for western travelers"
Cons: "Limited Western food menu in box class with many choices not available Eggs were like cement Most flight crew speak limited English and hard to understand"
Pros: "China airlines always has good deals for my flights between Honolulu and Hong Kong. Great customer service and entertainment for a long flight."
Cons: "Breakfast was a bit bland and the dumplings were a little tough to eat."
Pros: "Excellent wheelchair service.Whisked is thru lifts, corridors and immigration. Free WiFi . Did not realize there was free WiFi till 10 mins before landing. Attentive staff. Accommodates us very well. Food was served hot. Had 2 choices always. My mum has low sodium diet that was ordered 2 days after booking. Her chicken was dry. Salmon was excellent. Food was always served first for her."
Cons: "Too long of a layover 13 hours especially for a 90plus old Lady .Seats were very uncomfortable. Thin padding. Did not use the entertainment video coming back. Too tired. Slept most of the flight. Did use video outbound. Good choices of movies."
Pros: "Clean airplane friendly staff. Flight delayed for weather in China. Still made connecting flight."
Cons: "Three gate changes not a lot of notification."
Cons: "The bus ride to the airplane was unpleasant and long. Why does it take over 20mins to get from the check in gate at Singapore airport to the plane? And we we're exposed to the cold and rain when we alight the plane in Shanghai and the bus ride to the airport was crowded and unpleasant."
Pros: "They ran out of the two dinner options and we were only given one choice. Lunch and dinner eneee up being exactly the same. My bags got held in Shanghai for TWO days. Absolutely nothing was in them but for some reason they thought there was."
Cons: "See above"
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that every phone line I called had a really bad connection, I tried to call in regards to catching my return flight as I didn't get the departing flight. They told me it was their policy that if you miss one you miss the other. This makes no sense what so ever considering I paid $1700, I would think you could at least get half of what you paid for. The lady on the phone just kept saying "It's our policy" and not taking into consideration the circumstances. Disappointed with china Eastern airlines. I will be paying the extra money for Air Canada next time."
Pros: "The staff Food and drinks Smooth flight"
Cons: "Checking in"
Pros: "The staff were helpful and the flight was flawless."
Cons: "Long lineup and online checking was pointless."
Pros: "Low price"
Cons: "Skimped on napkins. Bread offered way a little much late."
Cons: "No notice until 30min at gate delay plane Sleep on chairs like homeless No organization"
Pros: "Boarding was great, flights on time. Movie selection okay. Crew okay but not the friendliest."
Cons: "CANNOT USE MOBILE PHONE EVEN IN AIRPLANE MODE TO LISTEN TO MUSIC OR WATCH OFFLINE CONTENT. Silliest, most outdated rules I ever encountered on a flight. Not keeping up with the times, overly bureaucratic."
Cons: "I don’t like being shuttled out to a plane on the tarmac- but that’s China."
Pros: "Free wifi. Courteous crew, really good hospitality"
Cons: "Nothing in particular."
Pros: "The airline did its job in getting me there alive and on time."
Cons: "Not comfortable. Cant use phones at all. Crew wasn't very hospitable. Entertainment system wasn't fully functional. They make you close the shades no matter what time it is which takes away the perks of having a window seat."
Pros: "I was pleasantly surprised w my experience China Eastern. I was expecting omg the worst. Very opposite to that. The flight was on time, boarding was orderly and flight attendants friendly. I will not hesitate to fly this service again."
Cons: "The fact that you cannot use your mobile phone even on flight mode."
Pros: "Excellent"
Cons: "Excellent"
Cons: "The crew was not very helpful or friendly."
Pros: "Meals are served on flights, seemingly regardless of flight length. Comfortable and clean airplane."
Cons: "Airline put incorrect passport number in boarding system for one of the boarding passes. I had 3 flights, total of 6 connecting flights booked at once for 2 people (therefore total of 12 connecting flights) For some reason 1 of the 12 boarding passes had the wrong passport number printed on the boarding pass. Had to speak to a China Eastern representative at the airport who was very unhelpful. After an airport employee (not affiliated with China Eastern) spoke to the China Eastern rep, the rep claimed there was no problem all along. I was in a Changsha, China at the time so few employees spoke English. Luckily my girlfriend sole Chinese otherwise this would’ve been a much worse experience."
Pros: "Staff helpful. Flight comfortable."
Cons: "Flight departed 35 minutes late and we spent all of the time sitting in plane on tarmac. Also, not really a criticism of THIS flight, but on previous flight China Eastern list my bad and have not been very helpful in assisting me in recovering it."
Cons: "Obsessed with having cell phones turned off rather than airplane mode. We were just trying to swap our SIM cards and got scolded like children"
Pros: "Easy on and off plane. Also we were alerted about the delay."
Cons: "Food."
Pros: "The choice of movies on the plane."
Cons: "The line ups were way too long. The service was horrible in the airport. The seats were very hard for a 14 hr flight. I am going to avoid flying with China Eastern in the future."
Pros: "Generally easy to transfer in Chengdu with China Eastern"
Cons: "Delays. 3 hours for first flight. 1 hour for other. Otherwise, all fine."
Pros: "The crew, the food, and the entertainment were fine."
Cons: "It would be helpful if someone is flying international, you should flag out or warning about the time you can or can't lay over in in China. And changed to another flight to accommodate customer should not be so redicular difficult."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The airline didn't honor my ticket, and subsequently I had to purchase another ticket - this time at the counter which was outrageously expensive."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Delayed flt"
Pros: "Good food and fast boarding with a very friendly crew."
Pros: "service is ok"
Cons: "no wifi"
Cons: "Did not get a coffee, only got the drink selected during the meals. Did not come around again for just the beverages?"
Pros: "Caniin crew was pleasant although I can't understand why windows are shuttered for the whole flight. I felt like I was breaking rules opening my window."
Cons: "Not sure why we were boarded when we sat for 2 hours on the Tarmac. Adding 2 more hours on an already long and cramped flight was not pleasant. This happened on my initial flight out of Shanghai as well."
Cons: "The food for the two leg of the flight is the same. The inflight screen showed the same gag show"
Pros: "Planes are nice in general, I experienced both the most comfortable seats ever and also the WORST in the same airline."
Cons: "NO VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN FOOD OPTIONS. Chicken beef or fish. The entire long plane ride the only thing I could use as a meal was juice."
Pros: "I had a window seat"
Cons: "Food wasn't great, electronics didn't work for TV and movies, flight attendants weren't friendly and acted like it was a chore to have to serve you, one of them literally scowled at me and other passengers, boarding was a mess, PVG was a terrible airport"
Pros: "Flight was terbulance free Landing was smooth"
Cons: "Lost luggage still didn't get Meh food, I should have bought some from the airport even though they were expensive Walk to the boarding gate was 12 mins"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Sat on tarmac in Chicago for four hours without moving"
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "No place to put legs up for swelling"
Pros: "Why is the bread roll/bun/croissant not served with the meal. They always brought it around only after the meal was done."
Pros: "Flew with them for third time , never a problem, flights on time , connection smooth, great bargain in the sky and definitely looking for boarding their planes again."
Cons: "Flew with them for third time , never a problem, flights on time , connection smooth, great bargain in the sky and definitely looking for boarding their planes again."
Pros: "New planes."
Pros: "check in staff in singapore for Eastern china was *awesome* : professional, helpful and patient"
Cons: "food: no vegetarian and quite unhealthy (maybe I should have checked up before)"
Pros: "The crew was great and there was a good variety of movies to watch."
Cons: "3 of the 4 flights were delayed and the flight from Shanghai home to Toronto was delayed 2.5 hours after we had already boarded so we were stuck on the tarmac which wasn't great."
Pros: "Nothing. The entire experience was disappointing. Low cost airlines treat you better"
Cons: "The airline misplaced my luggage going to my destination and returning back to my home. They refused to deliver it to me when they found it and said I had to pay if I want it delivered. The flights always arrived late. The service on board was poor. They refused to fill your glass to the top to save on produce. You couldn't you cell phones even in flight mode. Poor overheard entertainment. Mostly just advertisements. No napkins given with "meal". Meal consisted of bread with inknow meat inside and the dries piece of cake ever. Sadly china eastern knows you no choice when you need to go to smaller cities in China so they know they don't need to provide good customer service."
Pros: "I Liked that the plane was not full. They let you to checking 2 bags of 23kg but it would be easier if they let you check in 46 kg in total even if you have 3 bags."
Cons: "Service was ok but not snack were offered during the flight even paying. And the flight was nearly 14hours. Food not good for western pax. Crew didnt speak english. No toys for kids."
Pros: "My staff and crew in Chicago were very friendly and helpful. Once entering Pudong airport I had a very different experience."
Cons: "Upon arrival I had to exit the terminal, get my bags and proceed to recheck everything in. I have never had to do that before on a connecting flight and feel it would have made much more sense to give me both boarding tickets in Chicago. The line to re check in was extremely long and confusing. I was told at the counter due to the wait I missed my flight and would have to speak with a manager. When I waited again in line to speak with a manager they told me I didn't miss my flight and to go back to the end of the original line. After waiting again, and speaking with a very rude desk attendent, I waited at the gate an hour past our boarding time and at the last minute our gate was switched with very little warning. There was no information for the flights on the board and most of the time I wasn't even sure where my flight was located. When I spoke with the attendant she would just tell me "in a few minutes." This was before I waited the hour and then switched gates and waited another 45 minutes."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "No help was given when the flight was cancelled. The ones who should have helped those showed no care to the passengers. Disappointed in how poor of help was given. China Eastern was my number one choice but now I will no longer go to them first."
Pros: "The crew was good. The food was OK."
Cons: "The battery for my electric wheelchair was seized in China for being over regulation (despite the fact that it was not). No accommodation was provided. AirChina put me on the plane after inspecting the battery. I would discourage any disabled passengers from traveling through China)"
Pros: "Seat was super comfortable and crew is great"
Pros: "Excellent service!"
Pros: "The plane smelled so bad, none of the crew speak English"
Cons: "Cleaning and Customer Service"
Cons: "package service"
Cons: "We paid $37 to check in 1 Baggage and the flight from SFO to Beijing had delivered the baggage in baggage claim area. We had to take Chinese Visa to get to the baggage, even-though it is a transit. We missed the next connecting flight to Shenzhen as it ate up all our time. Now have to travel in the mercy of the airlines for next flight. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LIST THAT "VISA NEEDED IF CHECKING IN BAGGAGE""
Cons: "No aisle seats cos I couldn't check in online."
Pros: "I was surprised that there were tons of in flight entertainment to select from. Crew was also very nice"
Cons: "The seats weren’t the most comfy and one of the meals was bad"
Pros: "Crew was very cooperative."
Cons: "Not enough English movies or series or songs. Tv screen not working. My baggage got delayed by 2 days"
Pros: "I had the seat 48A which was next to the emergency exit and no chairs front of me which made me very comfortable. Also I can drink anything i want as much as I want."
Cons: "Out of the whole 13 hours flight we only had 2 meals which was not enough for me. I was hungry between the two meals during the flight so i asked the flight attendant for anything to eat and she gave me 2 hot peice of bread. I accepted without complain."
Pros: "Clean inside,"
Cons: "Too short switching time, cause missing next flight when I went to China; when I am back to America, the flight canceled because of weather, nobody help change the ticket, not good service"
Pros: "Patient and helpful crew"
Cons: "A lot of the passengers from Beijing to New York had obviously never flown before. No gifts or toys for kids to quiet them down."
Pros: "This connection has been changed and it was too early for my flight, it got changed and i was told I don't hv a connecting flight.. ca7265"
Cons: "This connection has been changed and it was too early for my flight, it got changed and i was told I don't hv a connecting flight.. ca7265"
Pros: "They tried their best to accomodate but didn't do much to make everyone feel treated well."
Cons: "Flight changed three times with different times. In the end we were delayed for 5 hours and missed connecting flights. They offered a $15 food voucher and forced people to sleep together in a hotel room since they refused to let people who came alone have their own room. They rebooked and made it a complete waste of a vacation day while we wait to board a new flight in the middle of the afternoon."
Cons: "No entertainment despite being a 5 hour flight. Terrible food. Airline split me and my wife's seats"
Pros: "My trip started off with airplane problems from the beginning. From my flight being delayed multiple times by air china to the overly packed united to the confusion of the non updated confirmation numbers or the e-ticket number. Even on the day I left upon arriving to the airport my confirmation number they had just given me after all the prior problems still didn't work. Air china had mediocre food with okay entertainment except my headset jack on the TV was broke and I couldn't watch anything. On the last air china flight from Bejing to Bangkok. I couldn't even charge my phone, watch any entertainment and basically was just stuck with no WiFi. Justfly wouldn't compensate for the changes on their end and said I myself would have to ask the airlines for compensation which the.the airlines directed me no where for compensation or even to upgrade my seat. Now I'm finally in Thailand but I'm scared of my return."
Pros: "Good leg room and airline food quality was good and great movie choices."
Cons: "Language barrier at times, like when I went to the galley to ask for orange juice, which was sitting on the counter, and flight attendant said - pour it yourself and then walked off kind of funny."
Cons: "Flying from iad,pek,mnl Air China lost our luggage and we get the next day at the air port. From mnl,pek,iad our luggage made it all the way.Our experience of customer service was not Good from pek to iAd."
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Outdated entertainment system for a 14 hour flight. Old movies and only a few options. Also, connecting through Beijing sucks because you have to go through security again just to get to your transfer gate. I almost missed my flight"
Cons: "I had to stay at Beijing for overnight and took a flight the next day."
Pros: "Level of Service"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Every thing First of flight got cancelled for no reason only Maybe because the plane was not full Oh my god no body can speak English there All the immigrants officers all staff none of them And boarding was outside by ladder it was freezing cold Cold and wind was up maybe 100 mile very bad for Kids all the children was crying Very bad service will never travel with any Chinese air Line again And the bo"
Pros: "Very short flight at end of trip, so ok enough flight."
Cons: "I have to give lowest score on food and entertainment because there was none. But the flight was so short that neither was expected."
Pros: "I loved all of the entertainment options. The music was relevant, the movies were movies I actually wanted to see, same goes for the TV shows. Also, I really liked that you could play games on there with other passangers."
Cons: "The food was not very good at all. They didn't have any options besides chicken with rice or beef with noodles. Maybe I just don' t like airplane food and that wouldn't be any fault of Air China."
Pros: "generally good"
Cons: "failure to comply with special food needs after many calls and e-mails stating organised so a 10 year old boy had to do without food on board due to allergy to NUT &Fish and being a 18 hour journey not appreciated"
Pros: "There is nothing I liked about Air China. It is a joke of an airline."
Cons: "Things I didn't like: 1. Cannot use smartphones during the entirety of the flight: customers should be warned that smartphones are not allowed to be used during the entire flight. I would not of chosen this horrible airlines if I'd known. I would of gladly spent hundreds more on another airline to avoid this inconvenience. I saved games and movies I wanted to play onto my phone for my 20hr flight and learned from the flight attendant that phones usage was not permitted. What a waste. Plus their movie selections were very limited and a complete joke compared to American, Delta, Virgin, or JetBlue. 2. Food: HORRIBLE TASTING FOOD. Air China should be ashamed of themselves to represent "Chinese food" in this way. I found 3 out of 4 of my meals completely inedible and absolutely disgusting. 3. Most cramped seats I've ever flew in: These seats are just tests to see how much you can put up with flying."
Cons: "Jain vegetarian food"
Pros: "Service was absolutely great, seats were spacey and comfy, entertainment system for every seat had a wide selection. Overall a great flight!"
Cons: "The food was aweful, but it's airplain food, usually it's aweful..."
Cons: "I did not take this flight because Air China and did not register my information even after taking my money."
Pros: "The flight waited which I'm sure is a complaint by others. This is due to the very inefficient transfer process in Beijing."
Cons: "Zero entertainment. I know it's only a 4-5 hour flight but still."
Pros: "I have a walking disability Air China disrupted so many passengers to meet my needs and I was amazed at how friendly all the crew where and actually cared about me."
Cons: "When we landed and I had to change planes I did not have time to get to my next flight and almost missed it, Air China crew member did come find me in a golf cart and raced me to my flight. Then young man wanted a tip I had nothing but American dollars on me and had to dig to find that as the crew stood waiting for me to board was kinda awkward"
Pros: "It was very cost effective. A great price for the trip."
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "Excellent service.... clean aeroplane... good food and great staff..."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "The Food, Staff, and overall attitude of everyone we felt with. Layover in china was a nightmare worst bathrooms I have seen since India!!"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled and the airline was not empathetic or helpful."
Cons: "The flight from Hong Kong to Beijing delayed . Supposed departed at 8pm , then to 10pm then to 12 finally at 2am the flight was cancelled. Then rebook next day flight, depart at 11am but delay to 1pm. Service customers are not the priority to this company.Aviod to this air China if possible."
Pros: "The price was right, the service was decent."
Cons: "Maybe Im picky but the food was only just OK and the entertainment system seemed a bit dated compared to other airlines. No charging ports available."
Pros: "Crew and plane boarding"
Cons: "Flight delayed around 2 hours"
Pros: "Absolutely nothing."
Cons: "The staff was always rude, no matter which flight I was on."
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "My first two flights were delayed (1st flight from Changsha to Beijing was delayed for 4 hours and 2nd flight from Beijing to Houston was delayed for 45 mins), so I missed my last flight from Houston to Orlando to go home! And! They lost both of my luggages! Now I'm forced to stay in Houston airport overnight to catch next flight to go home tomorrow morning. Air China did NOT help anything! They wouldn't even help me rebook my flight when they know I will miss my last connect flight."
Pros: "The in-flight crew was amazing for a 13 hour flight they stayed very upbeat. I would fly this airline again because of them. It was also fun to practice my Chinese with them."
Cons: "I'm soooo upset about the service after my flight canceled. 1.the staff ignored me when I asked if I could have a VIP to rebook my tickets earlier because my mom got cancel and was going to do the surge . But he went away and never came back, no any response of YES or NO. 2.I don't know why the airline company still need 11 hours to rebook the tickets with all our flight information and our passport liscen numbers already , making us waiting till 3 am at the airport. 3. I asked my boyfriend to talk to the staff on phone, and the staff told my BF that he didn't know my English was not good. I said to him loudly that I had told him , but the manager besides said "don't shout at my staff"to me, even without asking me what happened . I don't think that was a good attitude for the service department, especially to a foreigner. My email address is"
Pros: "Cheap ticket"
Cons: "On the way from Auckland to Beijing, our flight was diverted to Hangzhou. Air China gave no communication why and when we would be able to leave the tarmac so we waited on the tarmac for 6+ hours. The pilots and flight attendants barely spoke English so they were not able to communicate the reason for our cancellation nor what they would do to provide other options for our connection flights. I missed my flight to the US due to this cancellation without reimbursement from Air China."
Pros: "I like schedule and direct flight"
Cons: "Food entertainment no movie"
Pros: "Nothing. Everything was ordinary."
Cons: "Food was terrible and yuk!! .The attendents need to take a course on spoken English and how to be polite . Entertainment set Sucks! Only Chinese stuff. Need to add more English on a international flight. Could do a better job cleaning the toilets !!"
Pros: "I enjoyed the entertainment offered, and the hot jasmine tea was yummy."
Cons: "They did not give us enough water for a 12 hour flight. They only came around four times – once before the two meals and once after – and they only filled up the small cup about half way each time. I left the plane dehydrated after the first flight. On the return trip, I bought a bottle of water in the terminal to take on the plane, but they confiscated it at the gate. I've never had that happen before, especially since I bought it past security in the Beijing airport. Since they took it, I probably annoyed the flight attendants with how much I asked for water, but I didn't really care."
Cons: "No food for purchase. Rude service, lots of rules on board. Small movie selection."
Pros: "no coke zero, diet pepsi anything, although I am gold they didn't give me a better seat"
Cons: "food very iffy"
Pros: "Personal television, blanket available, food better than most plane food"
Cons: "Crew prefer to deal with Chinese speaking people."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Changsha to Ontario

Airlines flying from Changsha to Ontario have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Changsha to Ontario

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Changsha to Ontario

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Changsha to Ontario

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Changsha to Ontario

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Changsha to Ontario

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