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IXJ — Ontario
12 Feb — 19 Feb1
1 adult
0 bags
Sat 12/2
Sat 19/2

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Air IndiaOverall score based on 6887 reviews
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Poor customer service and i saw the hair on food,i reported about it,I’ll never take Air india on future

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Poor customer service and i saw the hair on food,i reported about it,I’ll never take Air india on future

The aircraft makes a lot of noise @the rear near the lavatory.

Cons: "can't help"
Cons: "The plane was not cleaned appropriately. The staff did not arrive to open the plane when we arrived in Mumbai"
Pros: "Flight in Time"
Pros: "They really take care of ur needs, try to accommodate elderly ppls needs"
Cons: "Food please please I am not saying give excellent food, but please give ok type food"
Pros: "Smooth flight, good service"
Pros: "The cabin was nice quiet and peaceful"
Cons: "Flight got delayed but was not informed. Incoming was late so (which captain informed during in alight announcment). ] Im sure AI new well in advance that this flight will be delayed for sure. Should have informed the passengers!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Fix the tv screens on the seat none If them worked in our section!!"
Pros: "The flight crew was awesome. Very friendly and welcoming. Served well even in between the scheduled service"
Cons: "Flight was delayed by 5 hours. No reason given other than operational issues. What does that mean? All airport staff sucked at both airports. SFO more so. They broke my bag. There was no agents around for an hour.. Then they said 40$ is the maximum they pay for a broken bag!"
Pros: "Avarage service."
Cons: "Worst customer service of they should not be allowed to business in kayak."
Pros: "Flight attendants"
Cons: "Poor communication all around Poor aircraft maintenance Flight delays Horrible flight transfer experience"
Pros: "The Cabin Crew"
Cons: "Improve entertainment content"
Pros: "Empty seats next to me"
Cons: "Crew was rough"
Pros: "Nice Everything is good."
Cons: "They can supply better food."
Pros: "As I boarded Air India New Delhi to San Francisco, I felt it like a "senior citizen " flight. Most of my time went into connecting with elderly people around. Most of them were first time travelers. Curious ,anxious , innocent and slow learners ; I enjoyed helping them out with tinny tiny tech bits. The collection of Indian music , movies was good to , suiting to Indian taste ! And the food was good !"
Cons: "Boarding the Air India New Delhi to San Francisco was one of the most adventurous experience for me! The Mumbai - New Delhi journey was short and sweet ! As the connecting time was around 2 hrs , I had to rush to board the next flight. The connecting bus to the airport made me wait for a long time and I reached the gate quite late after the boarding was over! And after all this drama where I rushed and ran through ,crossing the domestic airport ; there was a long queue for general security check. I ran to the immigration , rushed through the security check. And finally reached the gate. I forgot , I am pregnant ! I was told there , I will have to shift to another seat due to "emergency" exchange reason ! Oh gosh ! I felt , I deserve a round of applause for making it there and I was offered an exchange ! It's unbelievable, but the flight got delayed by 3 hours! Yes, you read it right , by three hours ! The crew members were not that prompt and welcoming ! The flight toilets weren't sufficiently equipped with the necessities. They was no hot water flowing through many taps, seat-covers were missing, even the basic toiletries were."
Pros: "That I got to Muscat in one piece."
Cons: "Got degraded from Business to Economy, after having bought a business class ticket and still no news on when I will get my refund (after writing twice to the booking website). The plane looks and smells old, the staff is clueless about most things (even what they are serving for dinner!). Over all lack luster experience, surely not putting myself thru an Air India experience again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Staff are surly. Planes are grubby. Flights were late. Won't be using AI ever again"
Pros: "Legroom and timeliness"
Cons: "Cleanliness: there was hair in the headset as well as in the seat pouches. Broken items: lot of things like headrest and entertainiment controls were broken Entertainment: limited amount of movies compared to other competitors Food: limited options and they ran out of non veg option during one of the meals"
Pros: "put more sevices from Kerala Airport"
Pros: "The food was really good."
Cons: "The entertainment systems don't function in most of the seats. Also the flight being on time is purely on your luck."
Cons: "The airport staff, their knowledge and treatment towards travelers was pathetic."
Pros: "AI continues to have strong flight crews on their long haul flights who pay attention on board and try their best with the often challenging Indian travelers visiting their families. On board meals hot and well balanced with the vegetarian meals well tuned to the Indian palate but likely to miss the mark for others. No alcohol."
Cons: "Online capabilities well behind the Arab and European airlines. Expect poor performance and a hodgepodge of unreliable online self service. Multiple efforts to update my travel for seat selection and meal preferences failed as I found out at the airport . Lack of robust entertainment and an older interface in flight with often broken USB ports make bringing your own entertainment and using it on a 15 hr flight challenging at best . No internet access available which for business travelers is a must today."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Starting from check in till landing everything was poor. No regard for senior citizens. Poor food quality. Pathetic inflight service and bad attitude from staff. No one cared. Was suppose to arrange for wheelchair but had to carry my own luggage n walk Totally useless. No wonder they are rated as bottom airline in ratings."
Pros: "Awesome in terms of safety and time taken. He was tired after the journey, nevertheless he enjoyed the food and was extremely satisfied with customer service. Just an 1-1/2 halt in Delhi without going through custom and immigration. Love this hop."
Cons: "Time taken from SFO to Delhi - 15-1/2 hrs."
Pros: "1. Good food. 2. Air hosts and hostesses were excellent. 3. The baggage handling was good. No damage or loss. 4. No delay, quite punctual all throughout. 5. Boarding was a little messy, mainly due to impatient Indian passengers who won't let other fellow passengers board without a fight for no reason."
Cons: "1. While checking, the front desk person was absolutely miserable. We had a couple of baggage with 25 kilos and others less than 23 kilos. However, she would not let out baggage go until we evenly distribute all of them and make them all less than 24 kilos. We had to open all our bags and suitcases in the airport and redistribute. Quite a nightmare. So for future passengers, if you get someone like her good luck. 2. The Boeing-777 cargo is pretty old. So though it has everything still there is a touch of shabbiness all over the plane. They are not comparable to the top of the line Dreamliners that AI runs quite a bit. 3. Though the entertainment system was good, however, some of the remotes or audio outputs were not working well. Like my audio output was not functional at all. I changed the headphone and it still did not work. They suggested to use my own audio bud, however, I did not have one. 3. Limited beverage choice."
Cons: "When waiting for the bus to take us to the airplane, there were no signs which stated when the bus would come, which flight it was for. We had to constantly ask people and felt like we would miss the flight."
Pros: "Crew was nice, food was okay, seats were decent"
Cons: "Crew was nice, food was okay. But i really wanted to watch a movie and the entertainment system did not work. They moved me to another seat, but that did not work either, and then a third seat, but it did not recline. I gave up and went to sleep"
Cons: "They were so insistent on charging me for being 1 kilo over. Was delayed 2 hours without any explanation, and took forever to check in."
Cons: "My flight is on time but I got my Bag’s after 2 hr..........."
Pros: "Enough legroom, decent food, .."
Cons: "No bread, too long of break between meals/snack; no announcement for food left for self-service between meals, if any."
Pros: "Flight ticket price was good and arrived mostly on time."
Cons: "Mostly everything was barely average although some things like entertainment and electronics were absolutely poor. Old screens and remotes which don't work. Crew doesn't really care. Food used to be great in Air India before but it has come down in quality and quantity quite a lot."
Pros: "More entertainment options like gaming and better selection of Indian movies"
Cons: "Seat covers should be changed, seats and elbow rests are not comfortable for a long flight. Air India flights in India do not follow a prior schedule, flights usually a delayed especially from Ahmedabad (worst airport)"
Cons: "Poor airplane condition, tray table broken, could not recline the chair. Bad smell from bathroom Awful food. Non veg smelled very very bad and it was like some really bad animal. Awful"
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Pros: "Food."
Cons: "Boarding."
Cons: "toilets were not cleaned.and tv was not operating"
Cons: "Seats , crew and toilets"
Cons: "My seats that I selected was changed to something at the very end of the plane for both the trips. Disappointed about this service"
Pros: "The service was excellent and the stewardesses were friendly and helpful."
Cons: "The plane was a bit dated and business class seats were not the most comfortable."
Pros: "Courteous crew"
Cons: "Being told the wrong gate by the Air India staff in the air India lounge. Flight was delayed also!"
Cons: "Not helpful at all"
Cons: "Limited collection of Hindi and English movies. In particular, not many new releases were available. Other international flights have much better collections of movies"
Pros: "Food, crew."
Cons: "Choice of movies in entertainment system"
Cons: "it was nice trip, the flight was on time with good service."
Pros: "On time.."
Cons: "Food & on board service.."
Pros: "Helpful crew and the food was alright."
Cons: "Cracked seats, faulty entertainment systems, broken USB slots, the flight was not cleaned after the previous trip. There was crumbs of biscuits inside the headphone pouch. Another passenger had broken headphones. The touch screen rarely worked and rebooted 2-3 times during the flight. Very old aircraft. I was transported back to the 90s."
Pros: "saves time"
Cons: "Hygiene and cleanliness Food & Bev service"
Pros: "Everything about the flight was smooth and staff were competent"
Cons: "All the staff, especially the in flight staff, were very cold. There was no friendliness that you see with other airlines."
Pros: "The service during the flight was very good."
Cons: "The ground staff at check- in counter was slow, rude and un accommodating. He almost made me miss my international flight. I was ready to pay for exceeding the baggage allowance, but the agent caused me so much grief and hassle. I would not fly by Air India again."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Jammu to Ontario

Airlines flying from Jammu to Ontario have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Jammu to Ontario

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Jammu to Ontario

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Jammu to Ontario

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Jammu to Ontario

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Jammu to Ontario

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