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CondorOverall score based on 931 reviews
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Seats are small and too close together. Outdated, inoperative entertainment system. Tray table not functional. Hidden recline controls. But 3 hour flight was on time and luggage arrived promptly.

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Seats are small and too close together. Outdated, inoperative entertainment system. Tray table not functional. Hidden recline controls. But 3 hour flight was on time and luggage arrived promptly.

No clear baggage rules. Had to pay at gate for my carry on luggage.

Pros: "El servicio de atención por parte de la tripulación es muy bueno."
Cons: "Si para el primer tramo escoge uno tres películas para ver aunque no las termine, para el segundo tramo del vuelo no se pueden cambiar."
Cons: "They moved the flight forward 30 mins so that I only had 30 mins to switch planes at one of the biggest airports in Europe."
Cons: "After six hours of lay over in Frankfurt Lufthansa still managed to lose my luggage. Spending three hours at the Lost and Found office wasn't my idea of relaxing after thirty hours of traveling"
Cons: "The service"
Cons: "Would be nice to have access to WIFI for free to use communication apps like Whatsapp and Messenger, also a larger selection of free entertainment would be nice. I find it very disappointing that there is a fee to select a special meal such as vegan or kosher, the breakfast meal was also mediocre"
Pros: "Aircraft was spacious and modern, food was the best I have had on any trans Atlantic flight in ten years."
Cons: "Check in was a shambles one hour forty minutes this could be reduced right down too many repetitive questions , security was also awful the staff need a poke with a cattle prod to speed them up, boarding was poorly handled."
Pros: "Not much. The crew was nice but that’s about it"
Cons: "It was extremely hot. Very uncomfortable"
Pros: "Seats were cramped, we had a crazy woman in front of us who kept jolting her seat every 20 min. Or so. My wife was very upset and told the stewerdesses"
Cons: "Seating"
Cons: "Boarding was terrible, took a couple hours with a huge line and shuttles. They lost my bag and I won't have it for a couple days (supposedly), seats were very uncomfortable, no vegetarian food option and crew shrugged when I asked. Plane was unbearably hot when we boarded."
Pros: "The plane is very comfortable with wide seats."
Cons: "My baggage didn't make it to Austin. I don't know when I will have it back. Not really professional baggage re clame handling... The food made my tummy hurt and no choices. Sucks to buy entertainment after a 1000 dollar ticket price and I could only pay with cash on the plane."
Cons: "small uncomfortable seat,poor air circulation. Could not book my checked bag through final destination, impossible to collect and recheck in time, lost the bag finally got it two days later. Condor needs to coordinate with other airlines for bag flow. Very unimpressed with Condor will avoid in the future."
Pros: "The plane didn't fall out of the sky. But that's about all I can say on a positive note."
Cons: "Plane departs and arrives late. Crew extremely disorganized. Did not give clear direction to passengers. My "upgraded legroom" seats turned out to be a walkway to and from the restrooms which were right in front of me. I was constantly bothered with other flyers waking me and disturbing me as they used this walkway."
Pros: "Flight delayed both to and from, Lost baggage both ways. Still have not received my bag. Would never fly them again."
Pros: "I like the crew and nothing more"
Cons: "The food is very bad Any thing normal cost money It was very cold or too hot that everybody was complaining about"
Cons: "There were only two movies for free. You have to pay for all others."
Pros: "The flight crew was great, and the aircraft was very nice and clean."
Cons: "I showed up to the airport 2+ hours early, I tried to check in online, was given a error the said my reservation didn’t exist. When I arrived at the airport I went to the check in counter, when I told them I was checking for a flight to Seattle, i was told that I couldn’t check in because there was a issue with my flight. I was directed to a corner of the terminal. This corner had no chairs or seats for us, we sat there for 2+ hours all the way up to the time our flight was intended to depart. All the while we tried to get information or what was the issue, but we were just stonewalled. Finally past our boarding time were were told the flight was being canceled, and to standby for more information. Another half an hour went by before they told us they were getting us a hotel, and buses to the hotel. So then we waited another 15 minutes or so when they asked us if we had checked in because we needed a ticked to get a room at the hotel. Again we waited in line for 20+ minutes to check in. I had 2 bags to check, one I need at the hotel, the other I did not. They let me check the one bag I could, told me to check the other at the business class check in in the morning to avoid the line, sounds good, or so I thought. So condor gathers us all up, an entire 767 worth of people, and begins hearding us to the buses, they don’t tell us where we’re going, just to follow the one employee, to the 5 or so buses. A large group of us got split off at a set stairs, helping older folks and family with strollers get down the stairs. Now I spent 30 minutes wandering around Frankfurt am main looking for buses. Well they don’t park them out front, they park them out in the middle of nowhere. Finally get to get hotel, it’s a nice hotel. The next morning the lady at the business class desk was extremely rude."
Pros: "Decent food and had USB plugs to keep phone charged"
Cons: "Unpleasant staff"
Pros: "food dinner good staff was wonderful"
Cons: "the seats in economy are like a straight jacket ..i cant even bend over to pick something up if i drop it... i will not book with Condor again if i dont have to."
Cons: "Condor needs to become faster with technology."
Pros: "Cleanliness of the plane, fairly quiet ride."
Cons: "The first meal was a bit bland but that could have been due to my exhaustion (overnight flight). The entertainment system only offers a very limited choice if you're not willing to pay for premium access."
Pros: "Flight was on time. Plane was clean. Staff friendly and attentive. Seats recline."
Cons: "Economy seats lack adjustable headrests found in economy class seats of other airlines. The kind that support your head side-to-side. Without headrest, it was difficult to sleep on the 10 hour flight. The seat has less legroom than other airlines, I have a 32" inseam and my knees touched the seat in front of me."
Pros: "Breaking news on travel; The staff on the condor flight was awesome that is the first thing that I noticed could not come up with the complaint if I tried. The plane was clean and ready and the overall experience was very good. For some reason my expectations were super low ."
Cons: "You guys did a really good job not sure I could identify anything maybe we could've been offered more water but otherwise nothing."
Pros: "The seats are wide enough so you don't feel cramped in economy, overall a decent budget flight experience. Sufficient overhead bin space."
Cons: "The food is absolutely awful and the space between your seat and the one in front is small so it's a tight transition to get into the chair. Seats weren't all that comfortable after a while. Only 2 movies unless you paid or were in premium. Left about an hour late."
Pros: "Inexpensive...but at a cost Food was ok. Nothing horrendous."
Cons: "No leg room No entertainment Overall felt cramped"
Cons: "U have to pay your entertainment and my knees where against the front chair to small"
Cons: "I arrived in Seattle on time expecting a 2.5 hour lay over for our 5:15 p.m Condor flight to Munich. All the reader board said was Condor Flight to Munich-Canceled with no other information provided. The condor website said the flight was on time as scheduled. We roamed around the Seattle airport for over an hour trying to find a Condor booth, apparently they don't have a permanent one. When we finally found a Condor booth I was told, "The good news is the flight isn't cancelled, it's just delayed." It was delayed 18 HOURS to 11:15 the following morning. We were told we would have to exit the airport and go to the Condor ticket booth for more information. I nervously exited the airport, because I knew I couldn't get back in without a ticket. I waited in line for over TWO HOURS to find out the plane was still in Germany! No other information was given. I was told I was going to be provided a hotel along with meal vouchers for dinner and breakfast. I was told to come back by 8:00 a.m. in the morning to get my ticket to Munich. Why? BECAUSE THEY WOULD ONLY BE AT THEIR BOOTH UNTIL 10:00 a.m. I was given a room at Days Inn Tukwilla which is right outside the South Center Mall and was in a very sketchy part of town. I did not feel safe there. The room was dirty, the lights didn't work, the deadbolt didn't work and when I tried to charge my phone the plug fell out of the outlet. Also, the front desk staff had no idea I was coming and did not know anything about meal vouchers. I got up early and arrived at 7:30 a.m. No one from Condor even showed up until 8:15 a.m. I finally got my ticket to Munich which was delayed another THREE HOURS to 2:15 p.m. Again, with no notice. I asked for my connecting flight info because I from Munich I was going to Rome. I was told that someone would be helping me with that once I landed in Germany. I was also told I would be able to file a claim for my meals once in Germany. When I debarked the plane in Germany there was an angry worker hurriedly yelling at us to get on the bus if our connecting flight was with Lufthansa, which mine was. I was not helped with filing a claim at all. I finally arrived in Rome and the airline had lost my luggage. So if you fly with condor expect the first two days of your vacation/travel plans to be ruined and expect three days for your luggage to get sent to you. I will never ever book a flight with Condor again. They ruined the first four days of my 10 day vacation."
Cons: "Condor knew this flight would be delayed by at least 19 hours. They did not notify any passesngers ahead of them. On the contrary, 1.5 hours before takeoff we all received an email that everything was on time. after standing in line for 3 hours, we got a coupon for a hotel in Renton, that was extremely shabby and if poor standard. After calling condor directly in order to completely cancel my flight, as a 20 hour delay nullified the reason for my trip, I was told snarkily that there is nothing they can do, and I should contact the checking personnel. The checkin personnel had no access to computers and could also no help. Just terrible."
Cons: "Only 2 movies to watch, kids were bored after that"
Pros: "Friendly staff, good food and clear information."
Pros: "Airplane in great shape, new, very clean. I am only 5'5" so, it's hard for me to judge on leg space but for my size, I felt very comfortable in economy class. The German crew was very friendly and efficiant. I was able to change my seat in the pre boarding area which was much appreciated and uncomplicated. They also offered to check in additional carry on items for no cost. On board crew members were amazing, friendly, efficient, vet pleasant experience overall."
Cons: "Service (regarding food, snacks and entertainment) was average. I really missed on board Wifi and internet which is on e of my Top priorities for long international flights. I did not even have a chance to look at the entertainment offers, just listened to music from their library which appeared to be well sized. Food (dinner and breakfast) were average, definitely can't keep up oth other major airlines. There was no "chicken/meat or pasta" option, they only served pasta with marinera sauce for everyone in economy class which was so so....., however, I personally don't judge Airlines on their food, I could not care less and I am not looking for fancy food. Service quality, friendiyness of the crew, safety, airplane statue and reliability are my main points and I definitely think Condor scored great in those categories. I saw there was an option to preorder food choices / wishes prior to departure. I wish they used recyclable dishes (e.g. Like Lufthansa) to minimize trash."
Pros: "Inexpensive seat to Europe. This flight was warm though and I could not get comfortable. Good job of the staff on food and drinks though."
Pros: "The crew were very courteous in the aircraft and the flight went smoothly over all."
Cons: "They required me to check my hand luggage (something that has never happened in the five years I've been using that case) and the in-flight entertainment was hilariously sparse unless you wanted to pay an additional 8 euros for "premium" movies and tv. Additionally, I am a fairly small human but I was ridiculously cramped in their seats."
Pros: "the crew was great,, did all they could do to make a long flight enjoyable"
Cons: "the gate for condor was in an isolated area of the airport, no restaurants, no shopping, inadequate restrooms and them stuck in a room with 2 vending machines for hours when flight was delayed"
Cons: "terrible food, confusing what's included the service price, most of all Customer service agents at the gate very ruth and not helpfull, delayed-not given time frame why or when the boarding will start, feels like you don't care about your customers satisfactions at all. Never will fly again on Condor Ailines!"
Pros: "Bottle of water in seat pocket for return flight"
Cons: "Paying to watch movies Flights delayed with no explanation given"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Terrible service"
Pros: "Good value for semi-business class to FRA and they let you book each way separately Now an alliance partner with Alaska Good food"
Cons: "Flight does not depart until late evening so everyone's tired and sleepy. Departure was delayed because of lack of cleaning people Condor Website is cumbersome"
Pros: "On time arrival Free checked bag Luggage arrived fine Free meals were a surprise"
Cons: "Seats too narrow and too close to row in front for a 10 hour flight. Should make it clearer on website that meals are included. Everything I saw suggested they cost €15 and had to be preordered or pay even more."
Pros: "The seats were surprisingly comfortable. The staff was pleasant."
Cons: "The food was 80's style pasta and everyone got the same. The entertainment system, even if you pay, is lacking in decent content."
Pros: "Service was great"
Cons: "Seating"
Pros: "The size of the plane and food."
Pros: "The price was right, and everything ran smoothly and on schedule. There was a good amount of space on the plane, particularly for leg room."
Cons: "The seats were pretty uncomfortable and hard to sleep in. Most of the entertainment options cost extra."
Pros: "Seats were comfortable"
Cons: "No free alcoholic drinks, only two movies in the free selection, needed to check in directly at the gate"
Cons: "Most uncomfortable and small chair I've ever had to sit in."
Pros: "I like the entertainment system, they have two free movies on economy class . For 8 euros you can access the entire repertoire. The food was ok, nothing spectacular."
Cons: "The seats in economy don't have a lot of space, this can make long haul flights very uncomfortable. The boarding from Frankfurt to San Juan had no order whatsoever."
Pros: "Flight was delayed 12 hours and 30 minutes.. That delay was announced right from the beginning. Ridiculous. Where did they bring the replacement plane from? LA?"
Pros: "The flights took off and landed on time."
Cons: "#1: You will receive an email 24 hours before your departure, urging you to check in online. Austrian Airlines also tells you, if you check in online you can pay for your luggage online, and pay less than at the airport. This is a lie. You cannot check in online. I tried on several Austrian Airline flights, to check in online 24 hours before departure. I tried to do this on several different devices, and I clicked every link that would allow me to do this. Each time, I was brought to a blank screen. #2: I and a friend were flying together on Austrian Airlines out of Prague, headed to Vienna and then Sofia, Bulgaria. We got to the ticket counter and Austrian Airlines had changed my friend's flight to a flight leaving Prague 6 hours after mine. They never informed her of this, they sent no email, they did not call her, despite having all her contact information. Her flight had been reserved, confirmed, and paid for in total. But Austrian changed it without letting her know. We waited at the ticket counter for 20 minutes for the ticket agent to hear from his colleague. The agent at the counter was unable to fix this. After 20 minutes the agent informed us that my friend would indeed be able to get back in her original flight plan, so we could travel together. #3: He began assembling the boarding passes and when he asked us if we had any baggage to check, I said yes, and I handed him my credit card. I could not pay online and Austrian Airlines at Prague, does not allow ticket agents to process payments. He told me, in order to get our boarding passes we had to go to another counter and present payment there. So we went to the other counter, I gave that man my credit card, and proceeded to stand there for 20 minutes while he told a colleague on the phone my credit card number not once, not twice, but three times. About seven minutes into this process, watching the clock hands ticking away, fearing we would miss our flight from Vienna to Sofia, I asked him if I could just take the card back and give him cash. He told me "No it's too late". When we got to the gate, we were the last people to get on the shuttle bus taking us to our plane. We barely made our flight, and this is after arriving at the airport more than an hour and a half before our departure. I learned from this experience, that friends do not let friends fly Austrian Airlines. I will pay more money in the future if it means I can avoid flying Austrian Airlines. It is my hope that this review will prevent another traveler from going through what we went through."
Pros: "Thanks kayak for running updates!! Flights on time and crew friendly. Good meals!!!"

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