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Qatar AirwaysOverall score based on 11354 reviews
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It was bad experience i has booking on business class Bombay to doha but they changed airline equipment and had to fly on couch. They promised to get me voucher at get but no voucher or any email Please call me to resolve this problem. Shilu patel 281 948 1724

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It was bad experience i has booking on business class Bombay to doha but they changed airline equipment and had to fly on couch. They promised to get me voucher at get but no voucher or any email Please call me to resolve this problem. Shilu patel 281 948 1724

I liked the Crew . The food was terrible .I was starving. I couldn't eat the food.

Pros: "Finally the staggered deboarding. It feels like COVID has actually disciplined us passengers this time and kept us from behaving like unruly cattle once the plane halts."
Cons: "Initial confusion at boarding with paperwork and onward passage through Athens,GREECE. Once again the airport teams reached out to my colleagues and I ahead of time and managed to resolve to satisfaction. Perhaps reservation team can trigger a call to the passengers while they are still at home asking for the documentation validation electronically over a secured database.... just a thought. Again, being a part of the Experience and Innovation team, travel and tourism needs less human interaction, now more than ever. While we digitalized the obvious, the exceptions can remain humanized."
Pros: "The crew was amazing and the food was delicious. The sit was comfortable with a lot of legroom."
Cons: "I like it the way it is. Keep doing the good job."
Pros: "The crew were welcoming and accommodating, whether you wanted to sleep or to watch entertainment or eat/drink."
Cons: "Too hot in the plane - was far too hot. too late the drink...after I eaten."
Pros: "Nothing to like on that flight."
Cons: "Very poor customer service, Qatar Airways should be ashamed of providing worst than third world kind service in the Doha - Dhaka route."
Pros: "Staff are very polite and helpful (ground staff and in the air)."
Cons: "The food was hit and miss. Some of it was good and some of it used ketchup as a sauce. The economy seats have been stripped down to budget airline level padding and the rows seem have been been jammed in a little closer."
Pros: "crew is good and helpful."
Cons: "The food was terrible. Needs to improve the quality of the food."
Pros: "Crew etc excellent"
Cons: "In flight WiFi expensive and not reliable"
Cons: "Qatar airline is one of the best ways to fly!"
Cons: "Delay at landing"
Pros: "The service was great and was on time"
Cons: "The service and was"
Pros: "Nice airplane, great crew."
Cons: "Beef stroganoff was terrible"
Cons: "Transfer was messy, no screens or indications on sight when landed in Doha to transfer with a very short time. Boarding in Doha was extremely slow, some passengers had issues with their travel documents and instead of handling those issues on the side, they kept everyone waiting for over 15 minutes"
Pros: "Our flight attendants were all amazing, but especially Joanna!! She was outstanding and went above and beyond to assist us in every way possible!!"
Pros: "The groynd services in US and Doha are excellent and quick. The check in process in India is very slow"
Cons: "Our first time traveling on Qatar. Will definitely love to travel again if the fares are reasonable."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "From the exceptional lounges to the cleanliness of the plane, the food options in business class and the flight attendants , Qatar Airways was excellent"
Cons: "The only issue was the movie options for the Hollywood options. There should have been more newer releases for such a long flight."
Pros: "I appreciated the friendly and always service minded staff. The plane was clean and I enjoyed good leg room. I was happy with the menus and the film selection was entertaining and current. All over a great experience and I would not hesitate to choose Qatar again."
Cons: "Even though we landed in Doha before our connection left ( barely-20 min)on Qatar airways, they would not hold the connecting flight for the 7 of us who were connecting. This was extremely disappointing as we then lost a full 8 hours of our first day arrival. If they schedule you for a 45 minute connecting flight, I suggest you book a later one. Our flight from NYC left on time but was 20 min late landing. Their only compensation to us all was use of the airport lounge in Doha ( quite nice with free food wine and showers, but would rather have had the extra day in Bali."
Pros: "In my departure flight, there were many empty seats and the crew let us move to another seat to lay down and sleep. Also the food was very good and there was a great selection of movies."
Pros: "The crew were excellent."
Cons: "There is nothing I didnt like"
Pros: "Terry was wonderful"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "i had to wait for a wheelchair a long as i requested long time ago. i hate this flight"
Cons: "i had to wait for a wheelchair a long as i requested long time ago. i hate this flight"
Cons: "I didn't like that I had to get off the plane and then put back on the plane. That was not noted when buying the ticket. That is important information."
Pros: "Good, drinks, service and entertainment system."
Pros: "Cabin crew including the ground staff were awesome in providing best of its class customer service. Food and entertainment onboard was really good."
Pros: "Everything was perfect! From boarding the flight, decor, hospitality, clean, comfortable and my special meal selection was always right. The flight attendants greeted me before meals and insured me that they received my meal order."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Meals & Snacks Meals served on board and in the lounges need improvement."
Pros: "Liked the in flight movie great distraction for the time."
Pros: "Not much really."
Cons: "The air craft was old, I was sitting on the exit row and the screen was loose and the window on the exit row was leaking. The food was bad and the service was poor. The flight attendant kept on forcing things on me rather than asking me what I wanted."
Pros: "The staff are outstanding! Friendly, helpful and accommodating."
Cons: "Poor choice of movies. Their 'world' movies should have subtitles"
Pros: "Service was excellent. Check in was efficient & welcoming. Staff was very friendly & helpful."
Pros: "Our meals were luke warm at best while the bread was still semi frozen. Food quality has always been low on Qatar flights but this time was the absolute worst. I fly with Qatar for work everything 4 months and that's solely due to convenience."
Pros: "The food was very good, I liked vegetarian options and my stomach doesn't hurt after the plane food as usual. I like the bathrooms clean and nice smelling soap. The crew was very attentive and eager to please their guest but consistent and insisting on the safety rules (belts buckled up and seats in upright position)"
Cons: "There wasn't many good options for entertainment. Only a couple new movies although I liked the TED talks. Also I liked the plane but I wish there were some foot steps and more comfortable head support on the seats. I didn't like also strange option for Golden members in economy seats to be able to "order" food before regular people. There were only 3 options and everyone had the same choice. So basically all that crew does is just asking which course gold members want an hour before serving. It seemed silly with no actual benefit."
Pros: "I liked the food, the crew, and the team at the airport was nice and professional."
Pros: "Wheelchair was assigned to me from terminal to inside plane. Crew was able to speak my local language. That was something awesome feel like home."
Cons: "Am satisfied with the services but free wifi was not there ;-)"
Cons: "Crew members were not concerned. Service was not proper and on time."
Pros: "Good service from cabin crew"
Cons: "Seat is quite small compared to other flight"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "In their Business Class they only had two shower room and they wait was 7 hours! I now totally dont trust Kayak and it's ratings. Qatar Airways sucks!"
Cons: "On O-Hare Airport, Qatar Air Line's staff is very rod, I never recommend to anyone. Now if anyone ask from me then i refuse to buy Qatar Aiway ticket then they buy Emirate or other air line tickets"
Cons: "Flight delayed Stewards were rude"
Pros: "Departed n arrived on time"
Cons: "Small old plane crow were tired I think"
Cons: "I was Told the flight form Doha back to Houston was over booked so I had to get re-routed through another city. For a $6,600 business class ticket this is very bad form."
Pros: "Everything was taken care of and I never had to worry. I felt well treated, important, my things were taken care of and respected, the plane was clean and had great in flight options for food and entertainment. The staff was respectful and nice."
Pros: "Everything is fine and have a wonderful time"
Pros: "Very friendly crew and efficient check-in service. Food was lovely."
Cons: "Multiple problems with onboard entertainment re-setting itself."
Cons: "No internet"
Pros: "Worst service from hyd to doha"
Cons: "I have travelled fro hyderabad to miami,i had a bad experience at hyderabad air port at qatar counter for baggage Please baggage standards should be unique across all airports travelling from miami they accepted the laptop bag plus 7kg small trolley cabin luggage In retun journey qatar pople said laptop and small trolly bag should be of 7kg .my laptop itself 6kgs is there and they charged me 65usd as excess luggage. I said iwas not charged extra at miami why you are charging extra here ,they said rules are different at miami but in hyderabad this is the case I am very much frustrated on this service ,atleast once in a year i will travell on qatar from next time i never prefer to travel on this carrier. Thanks a lot for great qatar servic"

Great food, great service, great plane

We bought seat 155$ but in reality it wasn't .no seat ,no refund

Cons: "No entertainment. New airport in Instanbul not efficient. 30 minutes everytime of taxi after landing and before take off. Flight as usual 40 minutes in delay."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "For such a LONG flight, grateful to ask Turkish Airlines to make available bigger aircrafts."
Cons: "Hotel for passengers"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Sit in the plane too tight"
Pros: "Flight was badly delayed and they changed the gates 3 times with no proper announcements. As a result connecting in Istanbul after 23 hours flight from LAX I missed my flight to Baku. I was made to pay EUR 651 one way at THY transfer desk for another flight which was also delayed."
Cons: "For THY being more professional, taking responsibility for their mistakes and not punishing their customers for THY carelessness. As I understand this situations happen all the time."
Pros: "Yes.The crew was amazing"
Cons: "To have a variety of foodstuffs especially the soft drinks. Hot Tea wasn't really hot.Just warm."
Pros: "Entertainment, and crew was nice"
Cons: "Seats and food. I had a dietary restriction (no dairy). But instead of giving me poached chicken and boiled potatoes be more creative and put more flavour. It’s lactose free not flavour free"
Pros: "Reliable, high quality service"
Pros: "Everything was on time . Ground staff +crew members their know there work better then any other airlines"
Cons: "I will never forget Turkish airlines again. They stole our money. We were at our flight on time but they wouldn't let us board. They then said we were no shows and cancelled all our remaining flights with no refund. This ended up costing us around $3000. We don't have this kind of money and I don't know how we will pay rent next month."
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "They pack biz seats in 7 across. Most airlines go with 6 across. Lack of space and they charge the same as other airlines. Low value for the money charged. Much better value using if you use any other airline."
Cons: "Boarding. The gates were cheep changing. Poor room between seats."
Pros: "On time, friendly, good food"
Cons: "Didn't happen. My first leg to Athens was canceled which created a humongous headache since it ended up canceling my return flights. Air Canada had to put me on completely new flights there and back. I think this has taught me to go directly through an airline. Justfly was not helpful. Neither was Turkish airlines."
Cons: "Boarding was disorganized."
Cons: "Had a layover in Toronto. From Toronto we flew to Istanbul and then Venice. While waiting in line to board in Toronto, I was told my carry-on luggage was too big and needed to be put under. I asked MULTIPLE times where my luggage would be- either Istanbul or Venice (final destination) and EVERY time I asked, I was told my luggage would be waiting for me in Venice. Once we arrived in Istanbul I asked AGAIN if my carry-on luggage was here or if it would be in Venice and I was told it would be in Venice. Once we arrived in Venice, my luggage was nowhere to be found. The lost luggage crew (and 90% of the people in Venice) were completely rude and acted like we were a huge inconvenience for them. (I've heard that many Europeans cannot stand Americans, but we were not being rude or obnoxious at all to anyone- we just wanted a quiet, romantic vacation.) So safe to say that it was an extremely rough start. We were in Venice for the Glass Art Society Conference in Murano and due to my luggage being lost, had missed the first day and a half, therefore wasting hundreds of dollars. Luckily my boyfriend's phone worked in order to spend our first two days of vacation (not to mention the amount of money spent on international calling costs) tracking down my luggage, but again dealt with completely rude people who barely helped us with any answers and even hung up on us multiple times (and I'd like to add that despite my frustration, I made sure that I was not speaking rudely one bit). The best answers we received were from the people at the Istanbul airport who told us that Venice received my luggage hours before I even called Istanbul- which I do not understand why the Venice airport did not tell me this because I spent all day speaking with them. Once I called back the Venice airport to confirm what the Istanbul airport told us, they said (once again rudely) that they called me on my phone but did not answer (which I already told them that my phone did not have any service and to call my boyfriend's phone number). So to sum up: I will never be flying to Venice ever again."
Cons: "The food"
Cons: "Shake all the time,vomited"
Pros: "Excellent crew service & food/beverage offerings"
Pros: "Great to watch live sports. Loading was fine. Food terrible. Staff ok."
Cons: "Istanbul airport is so overpriced, crowded and small."
Pros: "Punctual in terms of reaching destination, all else average."
Cons: "Less leg space, pantry service below expectations."
Pros: "The crew is very nice and try to make the flight experience easier."
Cons: "They lost my luggage, and this is not the first time either"
Pros: "Overall flight is good"
Cons: "The crew is really not aware of how to deal with passengers of various levels. They don't seem to have the sense of responsibility..."
Pros: "Luggage policy, helpful ground and air crew. Price."
Cons: "IST stoppover, damaged luggages."
Pros: "Everything was well taken care of."
Cons: "When boarding the flight from Turkey, to Mumbai , we had to climb up the ladder with our hand luggage.Being senior citizen and traveling in Busniss class was very hard for us."
Cons: "I was selected to seat near the window before departure dare unfortunately i found my self in the middle of the people, so dissapointed"
Cons: "seats a bit tight"
Pros: "Everything. Clean plane, cool cologne and lotion in spacious bathroom. Crew was super friendly, helpful and accommodating to us travelers w kids."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Baku airport stunning. Better dessert. Helpful crew. Perfectly on time."
Cons: "Salad lame. Istanbul airport needs upgrade. Gate change twice in 2 hrs, no good announcement system. Baku airport baggage carousel not up to the standard of the Terminal glory."
Cons: "departure time changed 3 times"
Pros: "Flight was smooth. Staff were helpful and professional."
Pros: "Crew was very helpful and everything was good"
Cons: "Lost my baby stroller and didn't found when arrived"
Pros: "They put a fabric pad on the seat to make it softer . I'm 6' and was comfortable. They have nice children's toiletry kits. Great entertainment system, tons of movies and shows."
Cons: "If you sit the the second cabin on the 777 they run out of buns and champagne by the time they get to you which is unacceptable for business class and they only finished the meal service 2 and a half hours into a 10:30 pm departure flight which is way too slow. They tried to lie to me that they didn't have champagne but I saw them opening 2 bottle when I went to the front lavatory. Between meal services crew is non existent."
Cons: "Didn't get to Instanbul or my destination of Budapest. There were mechanical Issues that I was told were weather issues. I was delayed over 12 hours, missed two connections and given the runaround about getting a place to stay for the night. The shuttle service provided took another hour at 2am! $47 to cover four meals and no mention of flight credit on my first leg for the HUGE inconvenience. A direct flight to Budapest a 27 hours after the fact is the best they could do and wanted to charge me a change fee too!! My vacation is cut short by this mess and my travel companions already in country are waiting on me to get their trip started. I will not be using Air Canada or Turkish air until they can communicate between one another and provide at least average customer service. So, it's safe to say that it will be the 12th of NEVER when I fly Air Canada"
Cons: "It never happened."
Cons: "Had a nine hours layover and I couldn't even entre the Turkish airlines lounge. The airport in Istanbul also had terrible wifi connection. I would not fly this route again"
Pros: "Stewards, air hostesses, food, entertainment & the toiletries kit"
Cons: "Seat size! Boarding queues"
Cons: "So far, it has been a horrendous experience with Turkish Airlines. Airlines don't know how to handle uncertain situation, whole system collapses. Total disaster!!!!"
Pros: "For a short flight, it was good. The seats were a bit bigger, and the crew was nicer. The food was ok."
Cons: "Again some attitude from flight attendants. The food is average but again subpar compared to previous flights with Turkish Airlines."
Pros: "Very helpful and respectfull crew"
Cons: "Boarding started 20 mins after the designated time"
Pros: "Turkish airlines crew & service are excellent especially if you compare it to those of many other airlines."
Cons: "Courtesy of the crew & good old fashion meal service. Also the entertainment on board."
Pros: "Friendly staffed"
Cons: "Not the seats I reserved"
Pros: "Friendly smiling faces, smooth boarding, clean and fresh seats, excellent in-flight entertainment, delicious food and timeliness of flight. THY is always on the top!"
Pros: "Worst flight ever. Please enforce conduct code."
Cons: "I had to ask a neighboring passenger if her would allow me 20mins of my flight without his rear end in my face. He was a fairly large man and constantly bending over in the isle to chat with his family. His infant was being attended to by his wife who constantly paced around to shake the baby (I'm sure the baby was annoyed as well). The baby finally spat up on the floor and seat. Everyone in the family could not sit still more than 5mins at a time, jumping up, moving around, switching seats, passing items. The men turned the area into a social scene/bar. I was too distracted by all this activity hovering over me to enjoy reading or relaxing. I constantly had rear ends in my face, and I constantly had to dodge and lean in my seat. The aforementioned tall man even had the nerve to fold away my television monitor when I dozed off so that it would not be an obstruction for his activity. By then I'd had enough. The This flight was terrible. Non of the staff requested better conduct or mindfulness of the other passengers. I believe the airline should strongly consider having a separate space for large families, families with babies, or at least have a code of conduct to which passengers should respect for the sake of every paying customer's ability to enjoy such a long flight."
Pros: "Nice crew, clean seats, good food..."
Cons: "TERRIBLE customer service, barely spoke English over the pho ne. Bought the tickets on April 1 and immediately called to make a reservation for my dog. They made the reservation. Couldn't answer regulations for transporting pets, had to dig up rules and regulations online myself. Made a reservation the same day for the dog and they never sent a confirmation. Went to their office at Pearson and they had no clue as well. Two days before the flight they called to tell me my dog can't fly due to unknown reasons and created a MAJOR nightmare. I paid $400 for papers and cage for the dog only. Very very unprofessional and will NEVER fly with Turkish Airlines again!!!"
Pros: "I got such an amazing deal on this flight that I could barely believe how incredible my experience was. Will DEFINITELY fly Turkish Airlines again!!"
Cons: "No problems at all"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled then stood for hours in a line just for a hotel room. Then waited in hotel room till afternoon the next day with no news. Horrible way to handle customers"
Pros: "The traditional hospitality I got in flight was quite unique. Many things change but some things always remain the same. Some may call it old fashioned or not modern but then I am an old fashioned guy. It was like stepping back in time when things were always so much nicer."
Cons: "Istanbul airport was very very busy and some places were not working very efficiently (security scan when you go from the plane to the transit lounge). The departure gate was overflowing in the waiting areas and the bus ride to the plane was very crowded. Aside from this Istanbul airport and the transit lounge were very pleasant."
Pros: "Crew was amazing, seats were clean and comfortable"
Cons: "Flight was delayed and hour and a half"
Pros: "The most terrible airline ever, paying $25 at airport to get boarding pass. Junk airplane, bad service with no meal . Tiny seat,"
Pros: "Great company. Good service. A+"
Cons: "Overall ok. Boarding went smoothly. Seat was cramped and there was a metal bar in front of my legs. The food was poor. I got some odd savory rice dish with raisins and two cubes of cheese. Make sure to bring snacks as it is a long flight. Most of the crew was hospitable but one stewardess was awfully crabby..."
Pros: "Had a row to myself..."
Cons: "Connection was awful. Boarding was a mess. My luggage never arrived to Kiev. 12 hours after it hasn't even been located. Tomorrow I continue my trip and have no clue if how and when I will get my luggage. Seems like I might be 4 days without it. AND NOBODY CARES..."
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "All good"
Cons: "mess in Kiev airport,just one assistant check-in,and huge line-up"
Pros: "Boarding was fine and crew was trying to facilitate and speed up the procedure."
Cons: "Food was gross , extremely uncomfortable seats, asked for blanket and airhostess said that’s it’s only for kids, unprofessional cabin crew, speaking too loud and candid with each other, they need to teach their cabin crew how to speak gentle with the passengers."
Pros: "The crew was amazing. New comfortable seats."
Cons: "It was traveling at its perfection."
Pros: "1. My luggage did not arrive and in the best case scenario will make 2 days later. They told me on this connection it was a normal occurance. 2. The plane was extremely old."
Cons: "Get a newer plane, make sure luggage arrives on time."
Pros: "On time! Even arrived early"
Cons: "Pre-selection of Sears, and I could not add my frequent flyer member"
Pros: "The crew is professional, water was suggested through the night several times with no need to go and ask for it."
Cons: "Extremly crowded plane, no entertainment except one movie on a big screen for all, food is mediocre. It is a cheap option though and I think people know what are they paying for."
Cons: "It was an incredibly long way to transfer from Air Canada in Terminal 1 to Ukrainian International Airlines in Terminal 3 (and even then we had to take a bus from Terminal 3 to a special terminal). All this while lugging all our suitcases including checked baggage. The plane was an old Boeing obviously rented so that the Ukrainian Airline could save money and maximize profit. It was very uncomfortable and the food was mediocre."
Pros: "The seat was comfortable. The service was old school. Liked all the attention and meals."
Cons: "It was a pleasent experiance."
Pros: "Very little"
Cons: "5 hour delay. The airlines did not attempt to offer customers drinks or food. On flight everything costs except water. Rude customer service counter, rude flight attendence. Will not fly with Ukrainian International Airways again."
Pros: "UIA offer a very comfortable seats, their menu looks great and the crew is one of the nicest I’ve ever met. I’m very proud that Ukraine has such an airline."
Cons: "I’m flying at leafs once a week and I always have a negative comment... but not this time! Great job!"
Cons: "Website does not work for checkin on phones"
Pros: "That was one of the smoothest flights and landings I’ve ever had! I was pleasantly surprised :). Props to the pilot! Seats were fine and plenty of leg room."
Cons: "I didn’t get an email or notification saying I could check in online. When I arrived at the airport the lady told me I had to do it at a kiosk, and luckily I got there early because at 2 hours before departure she said I would have to pay more to check in. Boarding is scary because they send guys out to try to “catch” people with overweight luggage, but I guess it’s how they make their money. Also there were tons of screaming kids and one kicking my seat, but that has nothing to do with the airline lol luckily I brought earplugs. Didn’t get the food but didn’t look too great anyways. Bring a book or something because there is zero entertainment."
Cons: "No ice for drinks"
Cons: "I need someone to contact me I had an awful trip with Ukrainian airlines413:6361815"
Cons: "The baggage was damaged."
Pros: "Nothing. You had to purchase soda for$4usd. The bathroom's were old and broken down. There are no TV's per seat just the old ones every 6 seats or so on the ceiling. Where were 3 movies shown in 10.5 hr flight. Horrible food and experience."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "they charge me 10 eur for the boarding pass because i came less then 2 hrs before the departure. Very rude personal. No free food- just a water"
Pros: "The plane was clean and the crew was v competent. We landed safely."
Cons: "The plane is an older model, nowhere to charge a phone. They showed movies on screens over the middle seats. When we took off it was so choppy I thought we were going to crash or have to turn around. Landing was also rough and left me nauseated for the first time in years. We took off late and landed late."
Cons: "Flight had not any usb charger to use Food was worth i had ever Crew is as u helpful for any reason I’m not gonna take any more Ukraine Airlines"
Pros: "I like the crew"
Cons: "It's kind costly flight than air India but , not better than air India , the seats were not comfortable , the food , if a Asian person is traveling then, I think you should provide him the Asian food"
Pros: "I would prefer to do a regular check-in at the counter."
Cons: "I don't like that UIA checks me in automatically,then makes me to standon general line for baggage drop off and that I don't have any choice of seats at the registration."
Pros: "I couldn't say that i like anything, this airline is horrible!!!"
Cons: "Airplane is old, The chairs are broken. People rude !!"
Pros: "I like their food that they served because they were fresh and warm."
Cons: "They dont even have a plug that we can charge our phones .Also they dont have a tv .It was a long trip so i must sleep because there was no other option."
Cons: "no tv"
Cons: "The Checking in and Boarding Process at Munich, Franz Josef Strauss Airport = Bardak/бардак"
Pros: "..."
Cons: "Flight Kiev Baku late 3 hours nobody came to inform us. Asymmetric luggage - payed one way only. Angry faces."
Pros: "Very polite and helpful flight attendants"
Cons: "Old aircraft, no flat seats in business, no personal entertainment system"
Pros: "If all you want is a tiny seat on a plane and to stand in many lines to get there, here you go. It was clean and warm."
Cons: "Was like flying in the 2000's"
Pros: "When we were flying at night"
Pros: "They offer a glass of water"
Cons: "It s bad enough the crew doesn't speak English, but having the mike on very loud, stumbling and stammering over undetectable half swallowed words while sighing and clearly racing through a piece of paper, is just a bother. It s clear they couldn't care less"
Pros: "Old plane's for the price of a European airline with new plane's"
Cons: "Their scales to weight the luggage are fixed to show more than actually is to overcharge the extra weight even my hand luggage was overcharge even that I came all the way from Mexico Madrid London.... and without any troubles on the connections but here it is a scam very unfriendly staff I felted humiliated will try to avoid this airline in the future as more as possible"
Pros: "My seat mate"
Cons: "Rude staff. Old aircraft. Non-operational toilets on 10 hr flight. Need I say more?"
Pros: "Crew is always great! Beautiful well dresses"
Cons: "For thus high price of teackets could serve tea/coffe and some drinks and snacks!"
Cons: "Movies content was totally inappropriate for public, especially with the children. It was dirty, evil, stupid, ungodly... I so could watch something clean, beautiful and educational..."
Cons: "Worst airline experience"
Cons: "Nothing, very bad flight Airline to much bad"
Cons: "We waited in line and on the aircraft after boarding for an hour because we were waiting for flight documentation or something??? This should not happen, everyone knew when the flight was leaving and the airline should have all of this taken care of ahead of time."
Pros: "Duty free"
Cons: "No change; ver very slow on board service; did not have things showing on the menu"
Cons: "I would like to have a reimbursement because I was forced to check in my carry on beg without apparent reason and was charged for it $110 which is ridiculous nowhere in the world anyone charges for extra beg that kind of money. Please reimburse."
Cons: "Only water was given free. No entertainment at all."
Pros: "Sraff"
Cons: "Terrible burned luggage"
Cons: "This airline is a SHAM!!!"
Pros: "was okay. staff was kind"
Cons: "poor selection of drings"
Pros: "Boarded a Boeing 737, take off and landing was good."
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Airlines flying from Ontario to Azerbaijan have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Ontario to Azerbaijan

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Ontario to Azerbaijan

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Ontario to Azerbaijan

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Ontario to Azerbaijan

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C$ 1,346
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 55mYYZ-GYD
1 stopMultiple Airlines
21h 10mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,349
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
22h 50mYTZ-GYD
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 24mGYD-YTZ
C$ 1,364
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
37h 45mYYZ-GYD
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
21h 30mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,404
1 stopMultiple Airlines
22h 30mYYZ-GYD
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
44h 32mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,421
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 55mYYZ-GYD
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
24h 07mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,430
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
47h 10mYYZ-GYD
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
42h 32mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,447
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 55mYYZ-GYD
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
24h 07mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,458
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
37h 45mYYZ-GYD
1 stopMultiple Airlines
16h 20mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,464
1 stopMultiple Airlines
27h 40mYYZ-GYD
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
42h 27mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,486
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 45mYYZ-GYD
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
47h 55mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,491
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
24h 05mYYZ-GYD
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
47h 55mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,534
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
40h 55mYYZ-GYD
1 stopMultiple Airlines
15h 10mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,536
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
21h 32mYYZ-GYD
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 57mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,545
1 stopMultiple Airlines
21h 25mYYZ-GYD
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
34h 52mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,596
1 stopTurkish Airlines
23h 10mYYZ-GYD
1 stopTurkish Airlines
24h 05mGYD-YYZ
C$ 1,723

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Recent one-way flight deals

3 stopsMultiple Airlines
43h 15mYYZ-GYD
C$ 510
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
31h 50mYYZ-GYD
C$ 614
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
38h 10mYYZ-GYD
C$ 725
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
22h 35mYYZ-GYD
C$ 805
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
28h 15mYYZ-GYD
C$ 830
1 stopQatar Airways
19h 25mYYZ-GYD
C$ 836
1 stopTurkish Airlines
22h 30mYYZ-GYD
C$ 854
1 stopTurkish Airlines
13h 25mYYZ-GYD
C$ 859
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
22h 05mYTZ-GYD
C$ 894
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
26h 25mYYZ-GYD
C$ 896
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
25h 38mYYZ-GYD
C$ 3,843

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