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Air IndiaOverall score based on 6894 reviews
Airline reviews

The standard of service should be improved. The food menu standards should be match with international standards

Read more about Air India

The standard of service should be improved. The food menu standards should be match with international standards

Cons: "My suggestion that at the time of boarding your staff behavior not good. As well you should supply hot napkin for freshness"
Cons: "There was no flight information working. Food was way too less in terms of both quantity and frequency (number of meals)."
Pros: "Notjing"
Cons: "Many of the seat monitors did not work. Mine did not work going to or from Delhi. For a 14 hour flight that is ridiculous. The beverage cart came around once. All you got was water and tea or coffee with the meals. Some of the flight attendants had attitudes and were throwing temper tantrums."
Pros: "Flight delayed 2 hours"
Cons: "Proper meal for lunch but for dinner we were given snack foods (croissant, fruit salad and chocolate cake). Also my bag got left in Delhi as I had a fast transfer - Got it back but it was quite stressful!"
Pros: "Me and my wife paid for extra legroom seats but was denied seating to our assigned seats because the staff printed the boarding pass with the wrong seat assignment in them. The head of ground crew told us that either we fly or we need to onboard the plane.."
Cons: "Plug didn’t work even though we complained no repair. Entertaining unite didn’t work at all for the entire time very frustrating no pillows provided"
Pros: "on time, great food!"
Cons: "most of the entertainment systems were very slow and headphones not working"
Pros: "Food was unexpectedly good!"
Cons: "Flying is always hard when your sick but has no reflection on the companies."
Cons: "Late. No announcements or changes at gate when late."
Pros: "Pricing seating and foid"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Services"
Cons: "Excellent booking service,"
Cons: "Rest rooms are not cleaned"
Pros: "The food was good and crew was excellent."
Cons: "The seats are not comfortable. Very little leg space. Foot rest was broken, seats don't have enough cushion, and also could not plug in the headphones due to headphones jacks being broken on the armrest and there was no other spot to sit due to the flight being full."
Pros: "We were delayed for so long we missed our connection. They did put us up in a hotel for the night, though."
Cons: "Every time we asked when the flight would actually board, they just added 15 minutes rather than give an actual time."
Cons: "Our luggage did not arrive with us. It came 24 hours later."
Pros: "Good crew"
Cons: "The flight is the oldest and dysfunctional everything that I ever flew and I have been flying almost every other month for over 10 years. Crappy entertainment option for a 17 hour flight and nothing works, food was mediocre too. They serve dinner/breakfast and alcohol based on India time and not based on your destination time which is odd because they serve you alcohol just before landing at sfo at 6:00 am. It’s outta control."
Pros: "- The direct flight between EWR and BOM"
Cons: "- The seats are not flat. Tray table broken - Food is barely better than economy - One bathroom failed - The entertainment system is dated, and poorly interface. - The headphones are from the '90's"
Pros: "Service was good, food was good. Arrived on time, rather a few minutes before the schedule. I appreciate that. Suggestion: People traveling on international flights with no luggage to check in but just one carry on, should be given priority to obtain boarding pass in a special line. I had no check in luggage but I have to stand in line in DC for one hour to get just the boarding pass, but on my return flight from New Delhi staff gave me boarding pass quickly in a special line. This must be looked into why not the same in DC?. Prof. Dr. Jiwan S.Sidhu"
Cons: "Most of the TV screens were not working. Out of three in the row only one worked. Moreover the number of movies etc were very few, not much choice. Please provide more variety in this entertainment section."
Pros: "That it was a direct flight"
Cons: "Food was terrible"
Pros: "Crew was very efficient and prompt with food service. Very attentive"
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "In-flight service and friendly check-in."
Cons: "Flight delay"
Pros: "We arrived safely to our destination. The flight crew were all nice and did their jobs well."
Cons: "The ground crew were horrible. We were forced to miss our flight and be rebooked 4 hours later because they didn't check us in properly. They forced us wait for 45 minutes in a basement transfer area for no reason and continually were rude (In both English and Hindu). Given there are so many options to fly now in India, go with an airline that actually wants your business instead of AI that thinks you deserve them to fly you around."
Cons: "They were so insistent on charging me for being 1 kilo over. Was delayed 2 hours without any explanation, and took forever to check in."
Pros: "Very comfortable..boarding, crew, landing...everything was smooth"
Cons: "Food could have been better..were given cookies and juice."
Pros: "Service was good. Plane was on time with no issues."
Cons: "Plane is too old with seats cracks and some entertainment systems not working. Seats don’t recline easily."
Pros: "Fast direct flight, crew was polite"
Cons: "In flight entertainment didn't have nuch choice"
Pros: "nothing outstanding"
Cons: "In a 14 hour flight if your monitor is not working, you just sit and stare at the screen, remote had some buttons broken, touch screen was not working..... imagine how you would feel. these are basic things that is necessary in a direct long flight....which were missing."
Pros: "No disturbance and smooth travel"
Cons: "No entertainment"
Pros: "Fast effeiciatn flight from IXC to DEL."
Cons: "At the time of checkin, the attendendent offered me Business Class for a nominal fee. I said yes to the offer. Typically, the attendant will simply swipe your card, and receive your boarding pass. Well, the attendant could not swipe my card, but said I had to go to the ticketing office. To keep a long story short, I was escorted all through Chandigarh Aiport, went to 2 different offices on the opposite side of the aiport. Had to go through a rough security process once again. The whole ordeal for the upgrade took 45 minutes, with most people speaking Hindi. This was not a Business Class experience!! Although the plane was a newer A320, the seats were dirty. The inflight entertainement did not work. And the Business Class food was not very tasty and were small serving size. I wasted my money on the Business Class experience."
Cons: "The airline staff service at the airport.delayed for 7hrs no information given properly. The seats and bathrooms were unclean ."
Cons: "Poor service. Staff not just indifferent but mistreat passengers"
Pros: "Excellent indian food and indian entertainment. Timely and smooth."
Pros: "Food, service and comfortable seats."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "NEVER EVER CHOSE THIS AIRLINE. How such an airline is still the national carrier of India amuses me. My entertainment system was not working. There were no headphones and when asked they just kept ignoring me. The remote was broken in 2 pieces and when asked the attendant replied "Am i supposed to fix this?". I was forced to travel for 15 long hours from Chicago to New Delhi without any entertainment system. I barely saw any flight attendants in the economy class. Such airlines without any professionalism should be grounded ASAP. I would request Kayak also to remove Air India from their services or give a warning when any user opts for it. The Govt. of India should strip of the national carrier symbol of this huge debt ridden business. Its a shame that a route like US - India wherein the middle east airlines are reaping profits due to their brilliant services, the citizens of India have to look for other options rather than their own national carrier. SHAME ON YOU AIR INDIA."
Cons: "I had the worst possible experience flying Air India back from Delhi to NY. I was at the Delhi airport, cleared all the different levels of security and was provided with my boarding pass. After which I went to the gate looking for a seat during which time it was announced that the flight has been delayed by a few hours. I arrived at the gate and there was no more seats left, so I decided to go sit right outside the gate as I did not want to stand for 3 hours especially since I was unwell and was taking antibiotics for my severe cold and sore throat. I sat down on a reclining chair right outside the gate during which time Air India apparently preponed the flight and apparently announced my name on the loud speaker. I say apparently because I do not know if I possibly dosed off fora few minutes or this actually happened. The reason I say this is because after I missed my flight and went to the counter, the representative and even the manager repeatedly told me that the flight was never delayed. When, with a strong voice, I told them that how can they lie about that they apologized and said yes the flight has been delayed. The fact that hey can lie to my face makes me believe that they did not even announce my name. Furthermore, after they announced my name they even had time to unload my baggage from the flight. If they had time to do all of that, they they should have continuously announced my name. I was right outside the gate, I would have heard it! After all this, they refused to put me on the next flight. They said the next one available was in 4 days and would cost me $1,100! I had to run around at 3am in the airport trying to figure out how to get back home while I was sick! They refused to help me in any way. DO NOT FLY AIR INDIA, THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!! How can you leave a passenger who has a stamped boarding pass and is sitting right outside the allotted gate! Did they expect me to stand outside the gate for 3 hours at 1am if their were no seats available there!"
Cons: "Overall vibe of the staff and aircraft Poor announcements Very uncomfortable seats"
Pros: "less then expected"
Cons: "help and services"
Cons: "It would have been nice to dim the lights so people could sleep, offer water more than once during a 15 hour flight (that's right - beverage service ONE TIME in 15 hours), not take 30 min to clear out garbage after meals, and notice when you step on the passengers foot... 3 times. Also, the bathroom ran out of toilet paper twice, the personal entertainment tv shuts off randomly throughout the flight, the food was salty (further dehydrating), and plane is dirty."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "TV is not working, food is not good, seats are not comfortable"
Pros: "On time.."
Cons: "Food & on board service.."
Cons: "totly bakwas"
Pros: "Best services and promptly reply when we called."
Cons: "N/A."
Pros: "I travelled business class but did not get the service I expected . To be more precise : 1. I would expect the crew to help me keep my luccases on the over head cabins . Crew should come forward to extend help rather passenger asking crew 2. I would expect some more items added to beverages . Passengers who take tea should be given the option to select green tea too 3. The business seats have bottle compartments for water bottle which should be continuously be filled up with new bottles once it empty All the above are minor improvements which when added can make the travel more happier"
Pros: "Flight was on time. Boarding was not managed well by Ahmedabad Airport. Two toilets had faults. Faulty tap and toilet seat. Lacking choice in in-flight entertainment despite high quality system. Air India should offer free water at the seat every 2 hours instead it's a help yourself service which is less good. No wi-fi services."
Pros: "I liked that I arrived safely. The crew were all pretty nice as well."
Cons: "Plane was extremely run down and dirty. There was dust and dirt on the windows and cabin panels, and the seat back entertainment was falling off of the chair in front of us. The bathrooms look like they haven't been cleaned ever. It generally felt like Air India does not maintain their aircraft, which makes me wonder if they do their safety maintenance on time as well. In addition, after we had taxied to the runway and were about to take off, the pilot suddenly returned to the gate because "something looked wrong." All of that adds to the feeling that this airline does not do proper maintenance."
Pros: "Cheap and non stop flight between Delhi and SFO"
Cons: "Massive communication failures, constant changing messages incorrectly stating departure times. Flight aborted just before takeoff for no reason and 4 hour delay switching planes. Bathrooms stopped working and filthy halfway through flight"
Pros: "Middle seat for the first time but next to some chill people"
Cons: "Little communication regarding 3 hr delay. Hindi spoken before English."
Cons: "Crew interaction and restroom cleanliness"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Ontario to Bagdogra

Airlines flying from Ontario to Bagdogra have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Ontario to Bagdogra

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Ontario to Bagdogra

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Ontario to Bagdogra

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Ontario to Bagdogra

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Ontario to Bagdogra

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