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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
AeromexicoOverall score based on 9859 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Fast and courteous service. Hassle free. I would most definitely fly again with Aeromexico."
Read more about Aeromexico
Pros: "Fast and courteous service. Hassle free. I would most definitely fly again with Aeromexico."
Pros: "Nothing, old plane, it had ashtrays on the site, that's old!!! We flew close to 2 hrs and 30 min late"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "The crew was fine. I did not like the seats, we could not be comfortable."
Cons: "I already had my seats numbers but when we checked in they changed them. They were not comfortable at all, because I have 2 little girls, they could not lied down to be more comfortable."
Cons: "Online checking doesn’t work? And you won’t know that until you’ve wasted 20 minutes going round and round...."
Cons: "Better personal, they’re rude"
Pros: "Great entertainment, nice crew members, easy boarding."
Cons: "Good flight even though we had to go back to the gate for an issue."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Something to drink"
Pros: "the seats do not recline and are uncomfortable"
Cons: "the seats do not recline and are uncomfortable"
Cons: "old people assistances not enough chairs even so guide people to the plain"
Pros: "Crew very attentive"
Cons: "Horrible food for a business class"
Pros: "Wifi on bord, staff"
Pros: "good service"
Cons: "the food"
Pros: "That we arrived pretty soon, but what was my surprise, we landed at a different place."
Cons: "More than two hours almost 3 of delay and I had an emergency"
Pros: "In time"
Cons: "Seats are horrible, not ergonomic at all"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed from 1am to 9am, then again from 9am to 11.30am. Finally got to Mexico City 12 hrs after we were supposed to. No compensation or apology was provided. Only way we found out about new flight times was through email. Airport did not make announcements."
Cons: "Terrible flight, food was horrible! entertainment has not changes for the past 3 month-"
Cons: "My seat was broken"
Pros: "Getting off the plane in Guadalajara!"
Cons: "Check in process at Tijuana airport was okay, what really made the trip unpleasant was the boarding process. Three Aeromexico departures within minutes, from a small enclosed area. No seating available, no PA for announcements, basically controlled chaos. granted the airport is going through renovations, but that is still no excuse for the poor execution of the boarding process."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Made us miss our non refundable flight due to customs line for “tourist fee” and scanner not working for passports. Even thought we still had an hour before flight was scheduled to fly they claimed that we would not have enough time to check in bags before the departure. They then proceeded to acknowledge that it was customs fault but they can’t do anything about it. The rest of my party made it to the plane with plenty of time but my husband, 2 year old, 9 month old and I were left stranded in Tijuana, Mexico. The airline didn’t even offer a credit towards another flight, they we offering a new flight two hours later for $2,800 US. Then suggested to maybe arrive earlier next time, even though we arrived 3.5 hours before our domestic Mexico flight! Then when my party arrived at the destination they ask and complained about the incident and found out, the internal note said “ missed flight due to client refusing to pay luggage fees”! Horrible!!!!! What’s worse was that we had to spend the night the airport because they shut down shuttle/car rentals services. Aeromexico worst “company policy”and liars! Tijuana international airport is a joke! Don’t waste your time and money!"
Cons: "I had to pay $286 extra for two extra luggage. I was the impression that Aeromexico would charge $100 pesos for every extra luggage."
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "It was on time"
Pros: "Nada"
Cons: "Cancelo mi vuelo cuando abortamos"
Pros: "All members of the staff were very helpful and kind"
Cons: "The ability to reserve emergency exit seats because I am large."
Pros: "Servicien was great"
Pros: "I liked the food and everyone on the crew."
Cons: "The leg length was so short after my first flight. No individual screens, and what there was was a pretty bad movie."
Pros: "The food is delicious"
Cons: "4 hours after departure, a passenger from tourist cabin, came to the first class cabin, the crew realize about it, they laugh, and do nothing."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The crew was rude. No attention at all. I flew with my 18 months girl that had a cast on her leg and they weren't able to help me out at all."
Pros: "Everything was great thanks"
Pros: "Comfort of Boeing Dreamliner and variety of entertainment"
Cons: "My first flight leg was changed to a later time without a change to my second leg. Upon calling AeroMéxico twice I was told my second leg would have to be rebooked at the airport. A couple hours later I was notified that my second flight was rebooked for THREE DAYS LATER! I immediately called AeroMéxico and ensured they booked me on my second leg that same day. Even after a flight change on the first leg, boarding out of Tijuana was delayed by at least 45 minutes due to lack of flight crew."
Pros: "Everything good."
Cons: "Not complain. Aeromexico better to fly."
Cons: "I had to keep all of my luggage with me for a 23 hour lay over"
Cons: "We arrived on time but we did not landed. The pilot kept circling around Montreal and no information was provided to passengers."
Pros: "Nothing at all."
Cons: "I missed my from Tijuana to Guadalajara and I called kayak to let them know I still needed the flight from Guadalajara to Tijuana. I asked them not to cancel it and hey said no problem. Well that wasn’t the case my flight got canceled and I had to pay 250 dollar store to get back to Tijuana. If I’m not reimbersed by kayak I wil never use your services again and neither will my family which consists of 11 sibling of mine and more. I expect you guys to make it right. Contact me right away please."
Pros: "Tv in headrest"
Cons: "Boeing delay... ac not working properly"
Cons: "Had a 13 hour delay flight and Aeromexico didn't want to pay for people to stay at hotels"
Cons: "Great service , on time and luggage delivered before I arrived to the carousel"
Pros: "Excellent service"
Pros: "Thank you"
Cons: "Eveything ok"
Pros: "Fast and efficient"
Cons: "Nothing much. The flight was too short to critici anything of substance. You"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled due to fog. I was advised that there were 2 options. First, try to rebook for next available flight which would not happen until 3 days later. Refused and made arrangements for an alternate airline. Second option offered was a total refund. Days later when I requested the refund, I was told by Customer Service I was not entitled to anything. Can you help me get a refund?"
Pros: "I was so happy that Aeromexico and Copa worked together to check my bags all the way to my destination even though I was flying 2 different airlines. It made it so wonderful since I was flying alone with my four kids. Everything went smoothly with the tickets and check in. Everyone was very helpful."
Pros: "Great on time no delays"
Pros: "Aeromexico on board service is much better than other Montreal-Mexico flights. You eat, you drink, and you get the feeling that the crew actually cares about your well-being ! Oh and the flight is most often on time..."
Cons: "Checking-in online, getting a seat on the plane before getting to the airport, has been quite quite complicated for me, many times."
Pros: "Very good experience"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight cancelled with little explanation and little help from Aero Mexico to help us get to our destination. Had to request refund instead and have not seen that yet, either- more than a week later."
Cons: "The seats are awful"
Cons: "The airplane was really old"
Pros: "Everything was perfect. Flight on time, enough food and drink. Free blanket, headset, beer, etc­."

Left on time and arrived early! Deplaned quickly and all around efficiency

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I am just disappointed"
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Our flight from Houston to Vegas was delayed for four hours. Once we got to the airport, Spirit informed us that they were tacking on an additional hours worth of delay for a grand total of five hours. I asked if we could be moved to another airline and the guest services person looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language and had no concept of what it was I was requesting. The terminal area around Spirit was filthy. It stood out just how unkempt the area was at our gate. Can’t blame this solely on Spirit but it definitely left an impression. Finally boarded after five plus hours and once on, that’s when I realized leg room was not really a thing on Spirit. I was literally sitting spread eagle because if I tried to sit straight, my knees would then be digging into the person in front of me. That wasnt an issue for the screaming children behind me, however. They had absolutely no problem karate choopin’ my chair for pretty much the entire three hour flight. The one bright spot was the crew, they were great but not enough to offset the overall experience which was thoroughly miserable."
Pros: "heap price"
Cons: "lack of leg room 40 dollars for a checked in bag"
Cons: "Especially for a red eye flight, I have never had a more uncomfortable flight experience. I couldnt fall asleep on my flight due to inadequate leg space, nonreclining seating, and seats that did not support my back."
Pros: "Early boarding, early arrival, quick and easy!"
Pros: "Spirit arrived on time - I'd long ago given up on Spirit and only took this flight because nothing else was available. It was short, friendly, on time.long taxiing and waits on Tarmac..."
Cons: "Always inconvenience in travel in the 21sy century!!"
Pros: "On time relaxing flight"
Pros: "Seats aweful no entertainment but crew and flight awesome love it"
Pros: "The friendliness of the crew"
Cons: "Very hot and uncomfortable"
Cons: "The customer service is rude, unhelpful and provided no solutions. I spoke with three agents including a supervisory and no one wanted to help. Worst airline. I would rather pay more than attempt to fly with Spirit Airline."
Cons: "I was charged for 2 flights that was cancelled. Booked on a flight I never made a reservation for. I have never encountered anything like this on an airline before."
Pros: "Efficient boarding and controls and fees on carry on luggage made it possible to accommodate everyone on a full aircraft. Enjoy the low fares and accept the fees for bags as needed."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats for a long flight, not enough leg room."
Pros: "The Pilot was polite!"
Cons: "There were way too many hidden charges, after the fare was paid! The planes were old! Never Again!"
Cons: "My flight was delayed by two hours due to weather, which is not under Spirit's control, but there was little to no communication regarding the delay. The online flight status wasn't updated either throughout the duration of the trip and so my sister, who came to pick me up, was stuck wondering what was going on at the airport for two hours."
Pros: "Some of the Spirit crew did try to assist me and the other passengers."
Cons: "I was unable to check in online and when I tried to use a Kisok I was told to talk to an agent. i waited in a very long line, was told I might not make it and that they wouldn't hold the plane for me (or the five other people who had the same problem as me) but if I made it through security in time we could. When we all made it to the gate they closed the doors and wouldn't let us board even though we were there before takeoff. (One girl was even there before they closed the doors and they wouldn't let her through. Spirit changed our flights to the next available plane (11hours away) for no charge but I bought a new plane ticket with another airline."
Pros: "ticket price"
Cons: "we got a call 5 hours before departure that the flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues - next available flight was following day"
Cons: "Spirit airlines"
Cons: "The flight was late by 45 minutes."
Cons: "this is the worse airline I ever been, I will never fly with them again."
Cons: "They cancelled ruined my plans"
Pros: "The staff was very polite knowledgeable and always smiled and some joked with made the flight a pleasure."
Cons: "I didn't know that the bag check was 40 pounds most are 50. I booked though a 2nd party and was not informed about having to pick a seat and the you had to pay for a carry on. They do not tell you about this be for you check out and also if you booking for 2 you may not be together on the flight unless you. pay before hand and then pick your seat. Also when looking for a phone umber on the web site and you hit contact us it sends you to the help and doesn't not show a phone number to talk to a person. The flight was good. I don't think that you should have to pay extra to make sure you are next to your family when traveling"
Pros: "The flight attendants on our return flight home were great! They made up for the terrible service we experienced just before boarding the plane and the flight to Kansas City."
Cons: "On our flight to KC from Ft Laud a women got sick and threw up. Our lay over was in Orlando and we happened to have the same plane to KC but different seats. the new seats we were given were the ones the last threw up all over. A cleaning crew had come in and cleaned it but did the worst job ever and my boyfriend and I strapped our seat belts to find vomit all over them. Luckily we were able to move to the seats in front of us. On our return flight it got worse. We almost missed our flight because we didn't check in the night before and the lady at the desk said we weren't allowed to check in at the counter because we weren't there 45 minutes before we were only 42 minutes early. After politely requesting the super visor she fumbled around pretending she couldn't do it for us and then the super visor over the radio was telling her to let us on the plane. Then because she took so long to get our boarding passes she said now our luggage wouldn't make it on the plane. She told us it was our fault and to hurry up as if it was our fault. She also didn't know how to use the computer. The Fort Lauderdale spirit team seemed to be on task and got us through quickly. This lady needs some more training and perhaps so quick tips on customer service. I am never one to send a complaint but this was terrible :(."
Cons: "t.s.a.as very slow.Got there 2 hrs early (5am)damm near missed my flight"
Pros: "Worst customer service ever. They force you to check in online and prepay for baggage and then get in the only line at customer service. It took 45 mins just to drop a pre played bag. I will try to avoid flying spirit ever again."
Pros: "The boarding process was smooth."
Cons: "The leg room was very close, they didn't offer any complimentary snacks and I asked a flight attendant if she could throw away a cup before we took off, she said someone would be around later to collect garbage. Also, my flight was delayed with no explanation."
Pros: "Great Value"
Cons: "Late night arrival"
Pros: "Pilot was funny and informative."
Cons: "Could hardly hear the boarding area announcements."
Pros: "On time, friendly crew"
Cons: "Flight was delayed four hours"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I went all the way though security to find out that (unlike Any other airlines) that i needed to physically print my tickets out so I needed to get out of line and go all the way to the kiosk (the farthest kiosk from security) to get my physical ticket then back through security. But while I was at the kiosk to get my physical ticket printed out the the worker was texting on her phone instead of helping the people out that are in line. I get through security and to my gate and I am getting on the plane for them to tell me I need to pay an extra $50 per person for carry on bags and they were very rude and not willing to help out at all. I told the girls at the gate that they were very rude and that I would be writing a review to their bosses and they told me that it doesn't matter and that they aren't going to do anything different for me."
Pros: "I have nothing good to say about my experience from start to finish."
Cons: "My flight got cancelled. I traveled back into Chicago on the train. Spent hours trying to find a place to stay the night. They booked me on the same flight out the next day and it was delayed six hours. All of my accommodations were at my expense. No vouchers. I got to my destination at 3:30am. Wtf."
Cons: "Half the machines was down and the tellers were unprofessional which made me miss my flight and had miss a day of work. Then they charged me more money for another flight. They pick and choose which size carry-on bag is acceptable and charge you $55 for a small bag. Chairs are fixed and not comfortable. This will be the last time I fly with SPIRIT."
Pros: "When it was over."
Cons: "Every possible thing that allows for convenient travel Spirit has conveniently reversed. Paying for a carryon bag is one thing but having to pay an extra 20 dollars if you do it in person is ludicrous. Not being able to pay cash is crazy. Having issues with the online system connecting with the overall Spirit airlines system was crazy and kept e on the phone for almost 2 hours. After two hours I still had no solid solution and had to take my chances and trust that communication was had between the call center and the spirit airlines network. Terrible experience. Bad enough that I will NEVER fly spirit again. Good luck to the thrill seekers who try it."
Cons: "Delays."
Pros: "You said no frills and there weren't any"
Pros: "Some people were nice to me"
Cons: "I bought two flights and both were canceled with no explanation. On my second flight they canceled my 2nd segment and stranded me in Detroit, telling me they had no flights for 3 days. I ended up buying tickets on another airline, costing me $400 more than my existing reservation."
Cons: "Web site for early check in wasn't working for the 24 hours prior to my flight. Plus multiple delays due to cockpit ( mechanical) problems. No free in flight drinks, had to pay for everything seperately"
Pros: "I will say it was on time, maybe even early."
Cons: "I had heard bad things about Spirit, and I just attributed it to their piecemeal charging. Having flown substantially, I've accepted that as where things are headed. Though I will say I was surprised they charge you a different price online for a carry-on, and continually increase at different steps. So $45 online to add a carry-on to $110 while boarding. Like I said, that doesn't bother me so much. The seats are the most uncomfortable. I can't believe this is modern cushioning. And when I asked for a pillow, offering to pay, the flight attendant literally laughed aloud and said, "This is Spirit." So even the employees know how bad this airline is."
Pros: "Boarding/seating fine."
Cons: "1 hour wait to deplane for lack of gate. Food & entertainment does not exist without charge."
Cons: "My flight from Phl to lax was cancelled on 6/28 due to weather. I'm not holding the air line accountable for the weather however I was given two options for the next day flight. I chose of course the same as previously scheduled direct flight from Phl to LAX I was told I would receive a round trip voucher for the inconvenience and I would addition receive an email confirming the modification within 15 mins. Long story short never received the email and I called the air line Spirit and was informed I was booked the wrong flight and the flight I wanted was booked. I was really to work with the air line to fly into almost any line into Cali but after 4 1/2 hours on the phone with the air line I was unable to change my flight. So now I have to take a connecting flight the total time traveling will be over 10 1/2 hours not including arriving 2 hours early to avoid missing my plane for the busy tsa lines. Nevertheless I would be satisfied if their representative would at least take accountable for their mistake and kept telling me that I booked connecting flight vs the direct flight. I was given a lossy $50 voucher which doesn't even cover luggage round trip. I have a flight schedule on 6/14 with the same air line which I'm strongly considering canceling due to the air lines negligence and mistake; however mostly because of the poor customer service the lack of acknowledgement of taken accountability for their mistake."
Pros: "The airplanes got me from point A to point B. That was literally all I got so I guess for the most part Spirit did what it's supposed to do as an airline."
Cons: "I didn't like all the hubbub about them skimping on everything that makes normal flights slightly enjoyable then "passing the savings on to the consumer". The tickets were maybe $20 cheaper than other airlines and we couldn't even get a cup of water on the flight, the planes were dirty on the inside and worst of all that stupid carry on rule. I just don't see the benefits. Next time I'll pay the extra 20 bucks for a regular airline to save myself all the inconveniences."
Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "This was the worst customer service I have ever experinced. I will never fly with this airline again. So horrible that I will strongly advise all friends and family to never book with spirit."
Pros: "The staff was pleasant"
Cons: "The seats didn't recline. This made it the most uncomfortable two hrs I have ever had on a flight. Constant delays. At first I couldn't believe how cheap I got the flight. Then I realized why. They nickel and dime you to death. $55 for a check in? Absolutely crazy!!!"
Cons: "50$ for one bag is hilarious"
Cons: "They charge for everything. Carry on. Bags. WATER!!! All the money I spent, I could have flown a better airline."
Pros: "The airline attendant was willing to laugh at the situation and understood us- made fun of how cheap the airline was"
Cons: "The flight kept changing times, sending me notices, finally hours late and hours after the entire airport was closed we boarded and pushed off, then the plane broke. Two more hours we boarded another plane, landing at 1:30am- then when trying to exit the jet bridge broke leaving us in the plane longer."
Pros: "Smooth landing"
Cons: "Flight delayed then cancelled"
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "The prices, bag charge!!!"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Tijuana to Montreal

Airlines flying from Tijuana to Montreal have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Tijuana to Montreal

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Tijuana to Montreal

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Tijuana to Montreal

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Tijuana to Montreal

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Tijuana to Montreal

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