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Toronto to Hailey Sun Valley-Friedman Flight Information

Flights Arrive in Hailey Sun Valley-Friedman
Flights Depart from Toronto
Flight Price C$ 665
Distance 2,793 km
Airlines Delta

FAQs for Booking Toronto to Hailey Sun Valley-Friedman Flights

How long does a flight from Toronto to Hailey Sun Valley-Friedman take?
There are no direct flights for this route listed on KAYAK, the shortest multi-flight duration is 8h 24m.
Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from Toronto to Hailey Sun Valley-Friedman?
In the past 3 days, the cheapest round-trip tickets were found on Delta (C$ 665)

Book cheap flights from Toronto to Hailey Sun Valley-Friedman (round-trip)

C$ 665
C$ 665
C$ 665
C$ 665
Fri, 14 Dec
Toronto Pearson Intl
Hailey/Sun Valley Sun Valley-Friedman
8h 24m
Mon, 28 Jan
Hailey/Sun Valley Sun Valley-Friedman
Toronto Pearson Intl
6h 50m
C$ 665
Trip: 46 days
7.9GoodShow reviews
Overall 7.9 Good
Based on 20,380 reviews
Excellent 8.3

The food was good The crew was fantastic, friendly and accommodating Flight was on time

I was near the bathroom.. stank a bit

Okay 4.6

Cabin was too hot!!!!

Good 6.6

It is a short trip from Atlanta to Augusta.

No complaints...too short of a trip to complain about anything!

Excellent 9.6

The people were all really nice and helpful and fun. Food was great. Watched a fun movie.

Boarding was a bit unpleasant when we had to stand in a crowd before the shuttle came.

Okay 4.0

Nice plane and comfy seats

The stewards were not at all helpful or as friendly as most of the delta staff! I was so disappointed with their service. We had TWO delays making us arrive in SAT AT almost 2 am. Hence there were a lot of empty seats. We asked if we or even one of us could move into the …at least three empty rows…and they would not let us as they were they comfort plus section and it cost more…NO ONE WAS USING THESE SEATS!! So they let the passengers be crammed together in the rest of the plane and left numerous empty seats that could have been used! It’s was just rude. They also served drinks and never checked back to pick up the garbage. Didn’t tell us to raise our seats or put up our table trays before landing. So, as I exited the plane I handed them my garbage! I wasn’t going to be rude and leave it in the seat pocket or my seat …where I found crumbs of food on when I boarded the plane. Was just very dissatisfied with this crew!! I have been flying a lot lately using delta. I’ve had some delays but they’ve always been accommodating, this crew was not! What a shame!

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