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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for C$ 574 or less one-way and C$ 1,180 or less round-trip.
  • The cheapest flight from Vancouver to Buenos Aires was found, on average, 89 days before departure.
  • Book at least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be November, December and January. The cheapest month to fly is October.
  • Morning departure is around 43% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
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DeltaOverall score based on 31186 reviews
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It did not allow me to check in and left seats in advance or get a boarding pass. When specifically asked agent at gate for the row that had extra leg room, as my so. Is 6’4” she gives us a row where the seats do not even incline nor is there any extra room. Also the temp in Avon was high, making many passengers sweat Improve customer service !

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It did not allow me to check in and left seats in advance or get a boarding pass. When specifically asked agent at gate for the row that had extra leg room, as my so. Is 6’4” she gives us a row where the seats do not even incline nor is there any extra room. Also the temp in Avon was high, making many passengers sweat Improve customer service !

Very rude staff!

Pros: "Delayed"
Pros: "Helpful and attentive crew"
Pros: "The crews were super accommodating and my seat was so comfortable I actually feel asleep which is something I have never done on a plane before."
Cons: "Load the plane from back to front. It makes sense as people leave the plane from front to back"
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Food service horrible. Don’t you think food is a necessity? Giving grown adults pigeon food is quite absurd. What happened to a real meal with your flight! Imma open an airline and Delta will be bought out by me. Just cause I will treat people like humans not caddle"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Get us off plane. Been stuck at gate in plane for over an hour."
Cons: "Got delayed"
Pros: "The flight attendant (age gentleman) with the quite sense of humor, and converse with a measure of ease. A role model for others, a nice aptitude than one can learn from."
Cons: "Just keep up the good work and always work towards self development. Treat others the way you would like to be treated, with respect."
Cons: "My wife and I couldn't sit together regarless of how much money we wished to spend on reserving seats."
Pros: "No comments"
Cons: "Cleaners had not done a great job. There were paper napkins left over in the seat pocket from earlier flight."
Pros: "The ability to charge my cell phone via USB ports. Also the movies on long flights is really nice"
Cons: "Quicker way to get off plane"
Cons: "Late taking off. Let's leave on time"
Pros: "Charging at every seat is great."
Cons: "All of the plane extras (e.g. WiFi, food service, etc.) were out of commission for some reason. Without WiFi, I couldn’t watch anything on my own device, and I would’ve had to pay for a headset that is compatible with your screens."
Pros: "Crew was great seats comfortable but quite near back my connecting flight I had to get my seat when I got to the airport I was second from the back but close to washrooms"
Cons: "There was no entertainment on second flight but I didn’t use it anyway On second flight washroom was not very good my scarfe dropped on the floor and was wet and yuckie"
Pros: "Loved the plane, people and timeliness"
Cons: "My flight from Chicago was two hours late and that's why I missed the flight from Atlanta to Buenos Aires. No one helped and did not know that the flight was delayed and I had to find a place to sleep. I'm not satisfied with the experience and I have not yet arrived in Argentina because of the whole"
Pros: "Even in the absolute freezing (-40F) the plane landed an hour early into Minneapolis. Was only delayed 20 minutes leaving. Crew did amazing to get the plane going."
Cons: "... on top of that I kindly requested to speak with a supervisor and i was denied it. As a customer I deserved that. I would a ticket with Aerolineas and nowhere it said it was delta. I followed the baggage allowance explained on kayak website and on Aerolineas Argentinas. I took a bicycle which is free and i pay $100 to packed it as Aerolineas wanted. When I arrived it was a Delta flight and they told they don't allow bicycles and that i had to play $150. Aerolineas website and kayak clearly says that bicycles were free on my flight. I show the agent my ticket and that no where it said delta to consider what he was saying since it is an alliance but i was not informed about it. He said no and after wait there for a while before boarding i kindly ask to speak with a supervisor and the denied it and disappeared. I request a refund of my fee to you for providing incorrect information."
Pros: "Had a great experience with Delta all around. Seating and crew were lovely, in flight entertainment was great. Overall, very pleasant experience and flight was on time."
Pros: "We were deplained twice from two different plains going to LGA. We are now booked on a third plain going to JFK. Hope we can get home. I have a surgical appointment tomorrow."
Cons: "We bought First Class tickets. But we were downgraded How do you think we should feel ? We have been in Charlotte since 9:30 AM It is now 6:45 PM Should we use the train to go home?"
Pros: "Movies, baggage price, snacks, friendly! And check carry on when full fir free"
Cons: "Left 30 minutes late from SLC."
Pros: "That was a treat since I don't expect the option to watch movies on short flights Also, thank you for the healthier snack items- keep moving in that direction please!"
Pros: "Excellent"
Pros: "good flight and pleasant staff"
Cons: "no vegetarian option in business class therefore nothing to eat for me for whole flight. also sky lounge very poor"
Pros: "Original flight delayed by more than 2 hours. Rescheduled and got to Bos with a layover"
Cons: "Delta rescheduled me automatically and I woudl not have found out if I did not call their re-booking center."
Cons: "I began asking for my wheelchair escort the minute I got off the plane. I was assured in Houston they would be there when I got to Detroit. They were not. The request was clearly spelled out on my boarding pass along with my personal oxygen equipment information. I kept asking different staff and they would call for me then say somebody would be there. I waited for an entire hour and only when I started to cry did somebody do something. It was terribly stressful."
Cons: "The lines were so long in Palm Springs that myself and about 8 other people missed the flight. I arrived 1.5 hours before my boarding time."
Pros: "Upon arriving in Minneapolis-St. Paul, it was a struggle to determine whether or not my bags had made it, whether or not I needed to collect them from baggage claim due to the cancellations/delays, and if I was even going to be able to transfer my ticket. Flight arrived late in the evening when most flights were basically complete for the day. Luckily, I happened upon a red-eye arrival, and spoke to an agent at that gate (Taj). Taj was without a doubt, THE BEST GATE AGENT I HAVE ENCOUNTERED IN MY 40+ YEARS OF TRAVELLING!! I explained my situation to him, and he immediately asked to see my travel info. He proceeded to get me on a flight much earlier than originally anticipated, upgraded me to Premium fare status, and did his best to re-route my luggage (which he informed me was still sitting in ATLANTA 18 hours after having left there...) - how does someone get on a flight, and their check-in get noted, but their luggage does not get put on said flight?? Things that make you go hmmmmm.... All that aside...I will be planning a trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul specifically to take a gift of appreciation to Taj! Well done on this end Delta - Taj is an excellent example of intelligent customer service."
Cons: "Last minute notifications of delays/cancellations. Luggage was not placed on my original departing flight from Atlanta 18 HOURS EARLIER...not cool Delta. As a result, I did not receive my luggage for another 2 1/2 days ."
Pros: "Flight Attendant and great Boeing 737-800 was amazing"
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "The crew was extremely rude. I was skipped got beverages twice and when I rang the bell the flight attendant gave me a lot of attitude. No one likes to fly for 10 hours, I get it, but it was extremely unprofessional."
Cons: "I booked through kayak and received an e-mail saying "you're booked!" with a flight itinerary and everything and then I got to the airport and they told me I had no ticket to get on the flight and no payment had ever been made and that to get on the flight I would have to pay over $1000 for a seat !!!! The original ticket I bought was under $400. I was NOT happy with this at all - Kayak screwed me over and I expect compensation."
Pros: "Staff, Ease of boarding"
Cons: "Bring back in flight meals, please"
Cons: "No help with baggage when boarding the plane, they hurry you up for nothing, because we had to wait 20 mi utes to take off."
Pros: "none of it"
Cons: "It was Terrible I will never do it again"
Pros: "Boarding went smoothly. We were on time. Attendants were excellently friendly and efficient. That is so nice to not have a grumpy flight attendant. Drinks are ridiculously priced, but I wasn't suprised. Great flight."
Pros: "Typical flight, all went well. Special services picked me up at the plane."
Pros: "Crew was nice and friendly, boarding was fast, on time and overall service was excellent"
Cons: "The plane was small so not a lot of space and didn't offer food other than one beverage"
Cons: "My flight got cancelled without letting me know in advance I was in the airport and spent me hours to switch a flight I ended up arriving at a different airport and need to spend more money for über"
Pros: "the flight was on time and the staff very helpful"
Pros: "The entertainment was good and we didn't get charged for the blankets, as in other airlines, though it would have been nice not have needed them, the plane felt colder than 70 degrees!"
Cons: "Longer delay occurred when another passenger got into an argument with staff. It took soooo long for security to come to fix the situation so we could continue boarding. We were also packed in like sardines. I would pay more for more room, though business and first class are available, they're way too much."
Pros: "Take off and landing was incredibly done. Almost unnoticeable that didn't make me nervous at all."
Cons: "Flight was delayed substantially. Sat on the plan 40 minutes before taking off after already being 30 minutes delayed."
Pros: "Easy loading and unloading the plane. Friendly staff"
Pros: "Same"
Cons: "Same"
Pros: "People are good"
Cons: "Flight delays!"
Pros: "Very informative staff"
Cons: "Was late"
Cons: "Flight was booked via Princess for a cruise. Flight from Vacoouver to LAX was through Delta partner Westjet. One schedule number and flight number for Delta, a different set of numbers for Westjet. Westjet requires you call them for seat assignment for a fee. Just not smooth!"
Cons: "The comfort seating on this aircraft was not as good as other Deltaflights. No extras or service."

LATAM Good, kayak bad


An old plane, with entertainment wifi failures, cold sandwich.

Cons: "Would not let us board with 25 minutes prior to departure Because they lock their doors 35 minutes prior"
Pros: "Amazing crew. Speedy boarding even having to board a bus to the airplane."
Cons: "Mini sandwiches could be served."
Pros: "The variety on the LATAM Play."
Cons: "There was no vegetarian food. I do not eat meat and the only available sandwich had ham. Having an only cheese option is not that expensive or complicated..."
Cons: "Flight was late by 1 hr 20 mins, Latam should have informed us better on delays and resulting changes."
Cons: "Almost everything. This airline charges normal fees and offers low cost service. Very bad"
Pros: "Everything on time. 30 minutes ahead of schudle"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "I'm not sure since I slept through most of the 90 minute flight, which is a good sign, I guess. It was an older plane with no entertainment system, but I hate those things, so fine by me. I missed the food this time around, but it was a crappy cold sandwich when I took the same flight a few weeks earlier, but it's a 90 minute flight, so what do you expect?"
Cons: "The boarding process was pointless While this is a quirk of the airport, the airline should change their procedure for this scenario. LATAM splits passengers into different groups: first class, special needs, priority because you paid, everybody else. That's fine at most airports. At Santiago's airport, however, passengers ride a bus from the gate to the plane, mixing up all the groups on the bus, so what's the point? Worse, special needs passengers were the first to get on the bus, but end up last to get off screwing over the elderly and those with small children. What a system!"
Pros: "My fellow passengers."
Cons: "Entertainment — too limited, not enough choices, interface/system is outdated. Terrible service — no food service for entire first part of flight. Cancelled meal because of turbulence."
Cons: "The check-in and boarding process was chaotic. Only one check-in station accepted credit cards to pay for check bags, creating a long delay when the printer broke."
Pros: "Good crew. Pretty new and clean airplane."
Cons: "I would like to know and would have booked A little more than 2 hours time in transiting at the airport; since we had to wait and retreive our luggage, re-check in, get boarding pass, and go through security checkpoint again."
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Better pillows"
Pros: "The snack was ok."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for over one hour and a half and nobody could tell us why"
Pros: "Good service and food. Though food tray was small. not very many choices. Pleasant crew."
Cons: "The boarding process in Lima was chaotic. I was to continue on the same plane from Miami and Lima to Buenos Aires, however, nobody mentioned I could stay on the same aircraft, so they made me go off the plane out the arriving area hall, again through security, which was a hassle, almost forgot my wrist watch..... all that to end up in the same gate to board the same plane. a total waste of time and energy...."
Cons: "Person behind my seat was kiking! Luggage took for ever to be deliver."
Pros: "Friendly employees"
Cons: "Seat pitch"
Pros: "the flight attendant were very kind"
Cons: "They should get more modern airplanes with personal TV."
Pros: "Vegan food please!!!"
Cons: "Las time change my AirPort"
Pros: "It was my first time flying with LATAM and I loved it! The planes are amazing, such a great taste for everything. Delicious food! Everyone was so nice and helpful! Very attentive and polite. Definitely will be looking forward to travel with then again!"
Pros: "Excellent boarding, something that all the airlines should do: starting boarding from the back of the plain. Boarding is much faster."
Pros: "I was a little worried because I hadn't flown them before but they were excellent. Plenty of leg room, the flight attendants were lovely, everything was clean, food was good (not gourmet but good) and no real turbulence. It was great."
Cons: "The flight Santiago Buenos Aires was delayed and no one informed us. The seats where unconfortable. The food basic."
Pros: "the flight was quiet"
Cons: "only a sandwich and 1 glass of coke for a four hours flight? And if ask for a beer you has to wait until the end of the services... VERY POOR"
Pros: "The whole flight went smoothly and I really have no complaints about the flight itself."
Cons: "When I arrived, my luggage did not make the connecting flight. It was tracked down and hopefully will make it to me soon but you can see how it’s inconvenient. The first leg of my flight was operated by Wamos, though it was a LATAM flight. I know that this is something that happens often for all sorts of reasons, however I can’t help but think it had something to do with the transition of my luggage from one flight to the next. My flights home are similar ( One leg of it being operated by another airline) and needless to say I’m a bit nervous about that."
Pros: "Being on a plane!"
Cons: "Having our initial flight delayed by 8 hours for a vague technical problem and given no info."
Pros: "Timely and leg room ok."
Cons: "I’d rather have the option to buy good food than to get prepaid substandard food. No entertainment system available but these days everybody brings their own tablet anyway. Crew was polite and professional."
Cons: "No movies."
Pros: "I don't know that I like anything"
Cons: "The food on this plane is awful. All the pork being served is simply unfair. What about serving turkey sandwiches as an alternative to red meat or pork? The children roam about freely and it's quite uncomfortable. The seats are to close for such a long flight. I really can't get the disgusting dishes out of my mind."
Pros: "Maybe, we'll have to see..."
Cons: "KAYAK sent me this email as i sit in a hotel provided by the airline in Lima. I will submit a complaint with KAYAK, for I believe I deserve compensation, especially when this email is sent to me impersonally before a solution to the problem has even been carried out."
Pros: "The stewardesses were great. Great service. Both trips we thought the service was the best we have seen."
Cons: "They had difficulty getting the bags on the turnstile but I think that was more an airport problem in santiago. Check in in Punta Arenas was very slow. Sky airlines processed twice the number of people in the same time"
Cons: "Latam The website of Latam is useless. The services for people in broadcoast is so difficult that almost impossible (email, facebook, telephone, etc) In my case, i was in Africa and couldn´t change my ticket. My brother had to change it from Argentina."
Pros: "Staff and comfort and"
Cons: "Cosco airport sucks"
Pros: "The plane and crew were nice, the food was pretty good for airplane food, they give you wine with your food. Overall one of the better airplanes and quality trip for the prices as one can get"
Cons: "The same things you don't like about all other airplanes, boarding procedures, lines for the bathroom ect"
Pros: "Staff was nice despite the situation."
Cons: "The flight was cancelled, we were reassigned to a Turkish Airlines flight that departed more than 6 hours later than our cancelled flight, we were given lunch but at a fast food restaurant even when we had to carry along all our luggage (super un-practical). And searching for info on twitter I found out this flight gets cancelled quite a lot."
Pros: "The crew was very nice"
Cons: "We had an hour delay and 15 minutes since we land to go out of the pkain"
Cons: "To short connection"
Cons: "It took forever to load the plane and they overbooked a few seats. The crew was clueless about how to handle seating a nice family whose seats were taken. 20 minutes later, the crew finally got it together. Also, the sandwich sucked. Some type of cream cheese on a lousy roll. Unbelievably bad and a calorie waste; tasted like wall paste."
Pros: "Boarding was handled very efficiently"
Cons: "The plane looked very dated. But otherwise it was a pleasant experience"
Cons: "It feel weird to have the crew discussing their personal things/stories while selling the on board duty free."
Pros: "Everything except the cramped, smallish seating and the narrow cramped aisles."
Cons: "The cramped, small, tiny seats and the narrow cramped aisles."
Pros: "I am deaf, almost 68y. Old. They insisted to escort me to the gate, I was very happy to be escorted by a beautiful young girl. I would have been a little lost had I gone through the screening by myself. The indicated gate number was changed as well."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Liked everything"
Cons: "Tiny uncomfortable OLD plane !!"
Pros: "The plane was fine once they boarded us and got us off the ground"
Cons: "Third time in a row we got a delay in Santiago for no apparent reason. Will find a different flight next time."
Pros: "We knew that this sector was operated by AA and we did not have high expectations. No complains, just ok"
Pros: "Seat, food was ok"
Cons: "My bag was broke. Its never happen to me."
Cons: "Nothing it was great Aeromexico is the best"
Pros: "This is what an airline should be like in the US - 1 bag checked without fees, food - snacks and light meal (even on short flights), LEG ROOM, reasonable airfares. Thankfully I live near a Canadian airport. Greedy US airlines with its no-service-unless-you-pay could take a lesson."
Cons: "I am completely satisfied with the airline and its services."
Pros: "Excellent flight"
Cons: "The food..."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I will never flight with Aeromexico again!!"
Pros: "Comfortable plane."
Cons: "Boarding, it was organized chaos with having to show your passport verification then get in another line to board."
Pros: "The flight was fast and with no delays"
Cons: "They charged me extra 14 USD for checking in, I had never being charged extra for that."
Pros: "Were able to fly first class. Enjoyed VIP lounge, and the spacious seats on the plane"
Cons: "Due to a computer auto correct mistake, I had to buy another ticket because Aeromexico would not change the name on the original ticket....3 tickets for 2 people. They did however move us up to first class for the long flight which was appreciated."
Cons: "24hrs in advance, the flight was delayed over 6hrs"
Pros: "We were on time"
Pros: "The flight from Vancouver to Mexico by Aeromexico was cancelled. I was assigned a different flight at 6am the next morning and we could not board in the last minute when we were at the door (it looks like the flight was overbooked)... Finally we are in Lima but our luggage is lost."
Cons: "Please let me know what can we do.. Is there any kind of compensation we are entitled to after going through all this..."
Pros: "Nice new 787. Acceptable business class seats (not the best, but OK lie-more-or-less-flat). Better for sleep than seating IMHO."
Cons: "General condition of cabin and amenities are below par for business class long haul. Food is acceptable but not more. Service is just abominable. No attention to the client, no respect. Have a chronic med condition and was brutalized by the crew. Really awful people."
Cons: "I got singled out by a staff member to request me to check my bag while the passenger behind me had a bigger carry on bag. My other 2 friends had carry on backpacks about the same size as well but they didn't get stopped. I didn't know why I got picked on."
Pros: "Seevice and food were outstanding"
Cons: "The selection of both movies and series was a bit poor. Nothing interesting to watch"
Cons: "Very happy, excellent!!"
Cons: "In the counter people were rude (as always) and the first guy that helped us didnt found us. A lot of time wasting and not much staff to check-in."
Pros: "Comfortable, prompt, clean."
Pros: "I enjoyed it"
Cons: "Good overall service"
Pros: "I liked the food, the drinks, the Atencion’s crew"
Cons: "I didn’t like the long wait to drop off my suitcase"
Pros: "On time. Good entertainment"
Cons: "Food too salty"
Cons: "Flew from Mexico City to Chicago, the fight itself was fine, the problem was that my luggage was emptied! Everything I had was taken out of my luggage, this had to happen during check in the Mexico airport. I have tried contacting Aeromexico by phone multiple times and no one has been able to help, I finally spoke with a representative who advised to email amluggage@aeromexico.com and to wait 72 hrs, have done this twice with no response. This is going on two weeks now and have not been able to resolve my issue!"
Pros: "The services and attention were very good. The flight was in time."
Cons: "I do not have any negative feedback about this travel. I felt good about it"
Pros: "I like the staff, the seats, the entertainment"
Pros: "Glad it was on time. Everything was great"
Pros: "Overall great experience."
Pros: "Excellent Customer Service. Very pleasant flight."
Cons: "The person in Aeromexico balcony didn't have training to attend clientes in the best way. She didn't know how to add miles to my number of fidelity and she told me that she can't change my seat to the aisle, because the sistem was not working and her english was very poor too... Very poor service."
Pros: "Great experience overall on this flight, only problem was that my lie-flat seat was broken and would only recline. Good food, great crew. Staff at Aeromexico Premier Salon Lounge were OUTSTANDING! Food could have more assortment, but was better than most lounges in the USA."
Cons: "lie-flat seat was broken and would only recline, so didn't really get what I paid for. I wasn't the only person with the problem, as 2 other seats were the same. MEX airport desperate need renovation. It looks like something from the 60's that hasn't been maintained well. Not up to standard for a country's Capital City."
Cons: "Croissant sandwich was not very tasty"
Pros: "Seat was good."
Cons: "No snack. No food offered during the flight. Only juice and water offered during more than 5 hours of the business class flight. Strange smell continued during the flight. The simplest service in my experiences of Business class flights in the world."
Pros: "We missed our flight to Bogota because Immigration was so understaffed. They were warned by Aero Mexico the day prior but chose to do nothing. Now we are having to pay for a second hotel and second flight from BOGOTA to Barranquilla. There are a lot of very angry and disappointed travelers today. We have been offered nothing and received nothing. And we loose another day of Carnivale. I won't be flying through Mexico city anytime soon. Kerry Greenlees"
Pros: "The flight was on time,and the crew was very helpful"
Pros: "Well organized boarding and time efficient"
Cons: "Food mediocre"
Cons: "Rows ridiculously close together."
Cons: "The flight was delayed over 2 and a half hours, missed our connecting flight in Mexico City. The in flight entertainment stopped working half way through the flight, didn’t work again. Bad customer service, didn’t even apologize"
Pros: "The lights went out so you could sleep"
Cons: "The check In process took an hour for no reason. I can only assume the staff were new because everyone who went on strike recently got fired or quit. That or they were on permanent siesta because the line ups weren’t even long. They were just slow, lazy and lacked knowledge."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They charge you extra fees for a carry on bag if the people decides it! I flight with the same airline from mx city to denver and they charged nothing while from denver to mx city they charged 25 dollars with the same suitcase! Also delta gives you free basic wifi while this guys charge it extra. Btw they take away all your carry ons amd make you to wait for hours to get them back! They dont have automatized check in so they make you wait for long time in the row."
Pros: "liked the seat and the space. a blanket provided without asking"
Pros: "Nothing exciting about the airline. Will try not to use them again. The boarding part was good. Then the plane left an hour later..."
Cons: "Aeromexico was mediocre with nothing I’d remember about. Food was pretty bad, service kind of rude. The planes were crammed and old. Entertaining also very outdated. The 5 hour layover in Mexico City added unnecessary stress to an already long trip from chicago to Buenos Aires."
Pros: "Good entertainment Good crew"
Cons: "They should not advertise hot breakfast, I was not able to tell what they served,wether it was cereal or scrambled eggs,green leaf substance was not edible. Coffee was cool coloured water. I ate the fruit and yogurt only Passengers should be warned about the poor food,so that they can get something before boarding."
Pros: "People in Mexico are very nice."
Cons: "The Mexico DF airport us very crowded and you will be delayed. Avoid it if you can."
Cons: "They cancelled our flight, sent us to another flight, downgrade included since we had to go in tourist even we pay business. Our original Vancouver flight was also delayed for 3 hours, they could put us in another airline but simply did no d anything even we asked for that. At the end, they did not know hate in México, airport screens si done thing, airiline information was another thing."
Pros: "Price! And aervife"
Cons: "La aerolinea nondeja documentar ni una maleta en viaje internacionaybesones fuera de lanley ybdijeron q estan amparadoos a esa ley"
Pros: "The fact that I arrived alive and in one piece"
Cons: "Ticket counter staff at O'Hare is incompetent, lazy and have bad attitudes. If there are other options to fly to Guadalajara - I would suggest you pursue them. I am a frequent flier and after seven years I am at the point of giving up. I would prefer two flights using United Airlines than the mess on Aeromexico. Beware of scorpions on planes!"
Cons: "Los aviones son viejos, el sistema de entrada a México es muy desorganizado y tardas mas de dos horas para pasar por el proceso, si estas con conexión necesitas una escala de 3 hs como mínimo. Si bien esto no depende de Aeromexico no hacen nada para agilizar el paso de la gente que tiene una conexión."
Pros: "Plane service was good"
Cons: "Connection in Mexico city was a horrible experience. More than 2 hours to go thru customs. Seberal people lost connection flights. I will never ever will take this flight again."
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "food could have been better"
Pros: "The New airplanes. great crew with excellent team work concepts"
Pros: "I was comfortable, it was an all Arround good flight, friend Iiness,."
Cons: "Hard to think what I didn't like, since it's been years since I did not get a nice breakfast in other airlines until I flew on airmexico,and did get one."
Pros: "The seats fully reclined. The food and service were excellent. For a long flight, going first class is the only way to go!"
Pros: "There was no entertainment on the plane. It would ne nice if they had wi-fi"
Cons: "Punctuality"
Pros: "Bad experience"
Pros: "No"
Cons: "El sándwich estaba tan frío que molestaba al tacto. Aunque entiendo que las turbulencias son sucesos ajenos a la aerolínea y su tripulación, me sentí algo mas nerviosa de la cuenta...."
Pros: "Great crew"
Pros: "The crew was very charming and attentive."
Cons: "We had to wait for more than 20 minutes in the bus that they used for transporting passenger from the terminal to the plane. They did not give any explanation for the delay and not allowing passengers to board. This was completely unnecessary and avoidable."
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "N/a"
Cons: "How about online check in that works, like every other major airline in the world?!"
Cons: "The flying. Pilot was way too daring!"
Pros: "A whole row to myself"
Cons: "Gate information on my tickket was printed wrong, and the check-in desk gave bad info for check-in time. My long layover is annoying, but Aeromexico is not very understanding nor accomodating. The flights had 0 entertainment. Will not fly Aeromexico again."
Pros: "The trip was overall great! People were very sweet and friendly."
Cons: "I paid a total of $125 for my trip...when I got to the airport, they charged me $70 for one bag! I guess the trip wasn't such a deal!"
Pros: "what ever you expect"
Cons: "not much"
Pros: "Great flight....the connection was fast and easy."
Pros: "Food, crew and updated airline"
Cons: "Flying ."
Pros: "The crew seemed nicer."
Cons: "The passengers complaining"
Cons: "We purchased return fares from YVR to Mazatlan, we had something unexpected happen and had to return home at an earlier date than the time we were booked for. We had to purchase new return fares and were told we will not get some sort of a refund. The flights cost us in total almost $3000.00."
Cons: "I was confused and purchased a flight to the wrong city and I could not change the destination A total loss"
Cons: "Even though we were able to fly with carry on luggage, Aeromexico forced us to pay the 500 peso baggage fee just for the Leon- Atlanta leg of our trip, which also meant we had to sit for baggage in between flights at the Atlanta airport. So just beware if you’re hoping to carry on all baggage- Passengers are only able to take ten kilos combined between a backpack/handbag and checked baggage..."
Cons: "the flight was delayed by 30 minutes"
Pros: "One of the few airlines left that don’t charge you for carry-on luggage and a meal. They also have a great in-flight entertainment options."
Cons: "Boarding is a little confusing."
Pros: "Good service on bosrd"
Cons: "When I flew from La Paz to Oaxaca I was not charged a baggage fee. Going from Oaxaca to Mexico City, they charged me $25 per bag."
Pros: "Everything was good, thank you"
Cons: "I had a problem with the auto spelling on my name and I was not able to change it on the counter because kayak it’s a third party agency, so either Delta or Aeromexico couldn’t fix it. I tried to contact kayak and they was not able to fixed so I lost my flight, have to pay for another ticket flight the next day, and the lady in kayak told me that I’m not gonna be able to have my money back. Worst service ever, it’s 2018, why suffer with this issues, never use kayak again"
Pros: "Everything was good"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Two things--1) I had a 10:10 flight, and at 9:28, the boards said "On time" and listed gate K, which, it turns out, is not a gate. So it was almost boarding time, but no gate info for the "on time" flight. Then, by about 9:33, it showed delayed, departing at 11:30 at 75A. Hanging out at 75A, by 11:25, there had been no announcements telling the passengers anything about our flight which was scheduled to leave at 11:30. Everyone was left to wonder how long the extra delay was--no info given, as if the customers didn't really matter. Boarding finally started at about 11:30. As crappy as airlines such as United and American and Allegiant are, at least they tend to give info to passengers when delays are happening. And #2--When I was researching the tickets, the price was $433, but a notice popped up saying that the price was now $531 due to high demand. On the plane from MEX to AUS, I was in the next-to-last row, and counted 22 open seats between me and the exit rows; in other words, there was clearly not high demand for that leg. Did I really have to pay $98 extra for the 75-minute flight from TGZ? Thanks."
Pros: "flight speed"
Cons: "seats, delayed 3 times"
Cons: "My flight was at 1:14p and I didn’t leave till 2:30! Was emailed that I had cancled my flight?! Please don’t send this email saying I canceled my flight if I did not! Email me saying there is delays instead of me worrying that I might be stuck in a different country that the USA."
Pros: "Crew service"
Cons: "Flight was delay over an hr.! Not too long ago, 1st suitcase was free of charge, that is no longer the case, paid 1000.00 pesos for 2 suitcases!"
Cons: "Flight changed multiple times which was pretty easy to get changed back but still an inconvience. We needed up getting a direct flight from Cancun to Atlanta and then to Boston."
Pros: "Smooth and professional"
Cons: "Delayed 2.5 hrs"
Pros: "The beer was nice and cold"
Cons: "The food provided was not very good. Peanuts were not the best. I recall in previous Aeromexico flights, sanwiches were provided."
Cons: "it is not "free wifi" you have to pay for it once you are trying to log in. My tray was dirty when i opened it. had a spill, was sticky. I cleaned up to not bother the crew. better care needed to check all seats."
Cons: "Delayed flight, customer service was hard to work with."
Pros: "Flight attendant was authentically caring"
Cons: "There was a grandmotherly looking woman who was traveling alone and needed physical assistance. The flight attendant was authentically happy and caring to serve her. I was very impressed! She had a wonderful smile for this woman and took the time to make sure that she was cared for and even opening up a snack box for her and help her fill out her entry paperwork. You don't often see that same authenticity many people. And I certainly didn't see it on my nest leg of the trip."
Pros: "Great people, flight on time."
Cons: "When I buy my ticket, they told me my luggage is free. They charge me 25 dollars. And on my way back 80 dollars for 1 luggage and 1 box."
Cons: "I got hung up in customs and arrived at 7:05 for a flight that was supposed to depart at 7:15 and the flight had already left. I was offered a ticket for a plane that left at 3:40 PM but would miss my appointment if i waited so i had to take a bus instead. I was told if i wanted further help i would need to speck to a supervisor. Why do i have to beg for help in this type of situation?"
Cons: "Me parece muy mal que dejen maletas sin saber la importancia de quienes viajamos tener las cosas allí. Tenía medicamento que no puedo dejar de tomar y cosas de valor que espero vengan completas. Pésimo servicio de aeromexico"
Cons: "My first flight was delayed, causing me to miss the next, and arrive a day later than planned. The airline refused to pay for me to stay in a hotel ."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We arrived 30 min early and did not get a gate and missed our original gate and was in runway fornover an hour. Finally when was able to get off plane, got to connection flight/gate 13 min before departure and advised flight left early and I he been rescheduled for 6am next day. Asked on original flight while waiting for gate on runaway if I could get off 1st or if they could ask plane to wait a few minutes and everything was what they could not do for me so I missed my flight"
Pros: "Departure was right on time. Crew was courteous and the meal was nice."
Cons: "Most uncomfortable seats I've ever sat in, with a bar running right across my back. Major delay deplaning in Mexico City, with 30 minutes on the tarmac, a shuttle ride and another 25 minutes trapped in the shuttle bus before we got back into the airport."
Pros: "In Time"
Pros: "The crew was very nice and couteous."
Cons: "The seats were not comfortable. The cushing were all worn out."
Pros: "Terrible service"
Cons: "The staff actitud is very unprofessional"
Pros: "Oaxaca has good Facilities & Service for a small Regional Airport. Aeromexico was on time and provided good Normal Services."
Cons: "No negatives."
Pros: "Vegan vegetarian food option. Ability to pay extra for more legroom in coach."
Cons: "No duty free shops in Mexico City."
Cons: "I was delayed at Dallas Love Field by lost loggage for 2 hours and arrived at the check in desk for my flight about 50 minutes before my scheduled departure. I called the customer service number, NO ANSWER. I talked to American Airlines custormer service, who were very helpful. They gave me the phone number to the gate for my flight. NO ANSWER, just a recording to stay on the line. For 20 minutes. Their policy says you can change your flight 10 minutes before it departs. My ticket was paid for, Round trip. $446. I had to wait 24 hours for the same flight the next day. They said sence I did not show my OnWay ticket would be $1070.00 I said I was here with enough time to change my flight but But you were gone and dont answer your phones. The very nice man became rude and ignored me even though there were no other passagers at the time. I live in Guatemala and know 450 people who fly to the U:S: a lot. I have already warned my friends to never fly Aero Mexico. I was at the gate where the Aero mexico flight was closed up and ready but did nothing until a truck from Dallas, JET EXPRESS Aircraft maintenance Worked on the Right motor for an hour. When it took off that engine was smoking a little. I was happy to not be on that plane. I paid American $450 for a one way ticket to Guatemala. GOOD OLD depenable American Airlines."
Pros: "Timely take off and arrival"
Cons: "turbulance, rough landing, misleading information on reservation and screens on tv."

Super delayed causing us to miss our connecting flights.

There is no food or alcohol allowed to be served on the flight.

Viaje en Buissnes class, asiento 4 A, el televisor no funcionó nunca a pesar que lo resetearon Y el vuelo tuvo 3 hs de demora Gracias

Cons: "Employees I understand that sometimes they see a lot of people and it can get overwhelming with the job but giving good attitude it’s a most."
Cons: "Things are getting smaller, we're paying more for less and less; it's all reducing except the cost. Generally flying is no longer 'special' it's kind of routine, like cattle herding--and the customer is the cattle."
Pros: "Plane was new"
Cons: "Extremely cramped, surly flight attendants, and terrible food."
Pros: "Very friendly professional crew. Very comfortable business seats."
Cons: "Nothing on this flight"
Cons: "We lost the conection because pre departure there swas an issue with one of the wings of the plane and took about 30 min. Afterwards after landing the plan had to wait another 15 minutes waiting for the gate. American Airlines atributed the issue to weather conditions in Vancouver, false."
Pros: "The crew seemed nice"
Cons: "It is not the airline, I just had screaming kids beside me and behind me for 5 hours"
Pros: "This was Japan airline and the crew were very respectful and responsive and food was amazing"
Cons: "The entertainment selection could have been better"
Pros: "The plane got us there safely."
Cons: "The crew was basically useless. They hung out in the back not really paying attention or just in the way. One stewardess knocked me in the head when passing through and didn’t even apologize. No one greeted or told goodbye at the end."
Pros: "Movies, food, drinks"
Cons: "2 hour delay, middle seat"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delays. Unexplained."
Pros: "The plane"
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "Friendly staff made people feel safe even during turbulence."
Pros: "The most efficient boarding process I've ever experienced."
Cons: "The crew seemed to be under a lot of tension and the audio jack to my in-seat monitor didn't work. After mentioning the faulty system to the crew I had to find a new seat by myself and there was no follow up."
Pros: "Purser Rockland Albrecht and his crew went out of their way to make our over night flight BA as comfortable as possible. Found us better seats and checked in to see that all was well on a busy flight. Service has certainly improved!"
Cons: "Flight was fine. Wanted to change ticket to allow more connection time between DCA and JFK and the first two sales representative sucked. I considered never flying American again. On board crew was great."
Pros: "Excellent Travel"
Pros: "All...mainly Luis, one of the on board flight attendants, in charge of pampering us with excelent attention, in the most minor details of food preparation , always pain attention to our needs and Confort."
Cons: "Nothing to complain about On this trip, wich departed Kate due to bad weather in Miami, due to heavy rain adn storm, and in spite of that, the flight arrived just a few minutes behind schedule."
Pros: "Quite hospitable On time."
Cons: "The coffee was horrible."
Pros: "Arrived and left on time, something that really counts!"
Cons: "I checked in in Miami airport 12 hs before leaving. I was told by the fake friendly attendsnt that our seats , my husband’s snd mine, were separated. When asked to see if wevcould bd placed together she sarcastically commented that we had bought our flight through expedia and if we had dome it directky with AA we might have been together. Shame on her comment! AA offers their flights to many companies snd I now wonder if her comment is true, which makes me consider next time I choose an airline. In Buenos Aires when We checked in something similar happened and we could not book our seats the day before bcause they were all taken . The answer was if we wanted a better seat we’d have to pay because only back seats are available in economy and AA waits forbthose whi pay first and only then they”ll give us a seat. I”ve travelled several times with AA and feel the service is not worth the money I pay for it. The food on our flight back to BA was not good st all. However , I have to point out that all my flights BA to N Y, N Y to Mia and Mia BA left on time. On the whole it was good but I believe AA cares onñy about money and I feel disappointed"
Pros: "On time, nice plane"
Cons: "Realized I left my iPhone in pocket of my seat as soon as I exited plane - spoke to gate agent within 1 minute of leaving plane and she Asia she would get the cleaning crew to look while I waited. Waited 20 min only to hear a bunch of lies about how they asked the flight attendant to look but she couldn’t find it - should have just walked back on plane to do it myself. Was told to “go online” and file a lost and found report. This is a small airport - TRI cities TN - absolutely zero customer focus by and American Airline employee - and I asked to sp all with a supervisor and manager with the hope I would get my phone back. Worst service and zero caring attitude I’ve dealt with - and I fly a lot. It will be Delta from here on out. I went on line and filed a complaint and lost and found report - am betting a large amount of money I hear nothing other than an automated reply."
Pros: "Beautiful design n great storage"
Cons: "Hard to get out of seat unless in fully upright biz class position"
Pros: "Clean plane"
Cons: "No food"
Pros: "Video entertainment not working for my whole row."
Cons: "Very cold airplane"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "3 hour delay and much confusion. In and out of aircraft."
Cons: "Flight departed approximately 5 hours late, excuses given by employees didn't make sense."
Cons: "Cero entretaintment"
Pros: "The boarding process was good."
Cons: "Don't think the flight attendant should hang the trash bags in front of the passengers faces in the aisles to collect trash."
Pros: "smooth check in and boarding etc"
Cons: "Wifi wasn't working so no entertainment"
Pros: "Service, flight experience, entertainment"
Cons: "Checkin Personal It was delayed 4 hours"
Pros: "The food and entertainment were adequate, and the pilot did a good job of communicating the status of our delay."
Cons: "Takeoff was 2 hours delayed because we were waiting for the first officer. Surely this could have been anticipated and resolved earlier. The crew was inappropriately familiar with the passengers. We are not friends, and I prefer a bit of professional distance. The seats are designed for VERY tall people; my feet were swinging, as were those of everyone in my row. It was quite uncomfortable."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I was supposed to dj in dallas at 12am got a flight in at 7pm but with mechanical problems flight was delayed to a 2:20am landing which I missed my job. I paid for a flight I didn't use and lost 1300.00 usd 0 out of 10 for AA"
Pros: "Excellent entertainment options"
Cons: "Wi-fi not available for most of the flight. Very uncomfortable middle seats for long flights such as this one."
Pros: "Was really good flight"
Pros: "Got there safe"
Cons: "We were cattle attendants cowboys"
Cons: "i didnt like the food tasted like it was in a fridge forever"
Pros: "Personel attitude and excelent service"
Cons: "The 2 hours delay to deppart and the small room in seats."
Pros: "Seats Wifi Tv Seats again"
Cons: "Crew is so so"
Pros: "all the experience"
Pros: "American doesn't complain about bags and weight. It makes my trip less stressful."
Cons: "Terrible transit to terminal in LAX with shuttle and stairs"
Pros: "The cordial treatment by the crew members"
Cons: "Not enough air conditioning, it was too warm on both flights. The foid could be better"
Pros: "Everything was ok."
Cons: "I STRONGLY dislike how the airline acts as if they are the immigration and they demanded that I buy a very expensive plane ticket to show that I would be leaving Argentina within 3 months. There are so many expats in Buenos Aires and they all buy tickets in Argentina to go to Uruguay within 3 months. Upon showing the immigration of Argentina my USA passport at the entry, they have NEVER asked me for any kind of proof that I would be leaving within 3 months. At first I started to purchase a ticket to Uruguay by boat and the attendant even asked me the website of the boat because she told me that these problems come up all the time for expats going to Argentina for longer than 3 months. You are ONLY AN AIRLINE. YOU ARE NOT THE IMMIGRATION OF ARGENTINA. Having this said, I never plan to fly Avianca again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Not on time, no entertainment system, little space"
Cons: "American changed the 2nd & 3rd legs of our trip from Vancouver to Phoenix to Charlotte to New Bern and didn't bother to notify us. Discovered on our own after we arrived in Phoenix."
Pros: "La puntualidad y responsabilidad del bpersonal de abordo."
Cons: "LOs espacios entre asientos son bastante reducidos."

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