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We had until 1 am to pick up our car and we were infront of the car office at 12:30 am and they were closed,my wife and I had to take a cab and rent a hotel, come back the next day in a cab and pick up the car, I want to know who is going to credit us for the screw-up?Reviewed 1 May 2022
review fromkayak
Alamo could start by telling customers up front that they charge a $300 deposit on top of what they charge for the rental. They could also actually cancel the reservation when requested instead of saying “It will cancel itself.” I paid up front for extra insurance that they also did not bother to address refunding.Reviewed 4 Apr. 2022
review fromkayak
Nothing at all wasn’t able to pick up the car because of information being withheld from me. Almost ruined my entire tripReviewed 24 Oct. 2021
review fromkayak
My rental was $40 more than I was originally quotedReviewed 27 Sep. 2021
review fromkayak
Needed to change my reservation, but was unable to get a hold of the branch. Called national team, but they were unable to assist. Bad customer service all around.Reviewed 16 Jul. 2021
review fromkayak
Pros:At vehicle drop off, the staff was very helpful and friendly. They were able to fix our credit card issue and get it back in my name and charge my card.Cons:Arriving at the Richmond Alamo, I was told my credit card could not be read by the machine, it did not take chip read and supposedly my card strip wasn't working correctly. She attempted a few times then I was told she was not able to manually input my number. I was told to provide another card. I presented my debit card which I was told she could not use that as a form of payment. So now being very worries I am in Richmond with no rental car, my gf used her card to hold the car during the trip and upon returning to Nashville, the gentleman was able to slide and read my card and make it work just fine. My gripe is had it not been for my gf being there with a credit card I would have flown 3000 miles to not have a car. I had two forms of payment on me including several forms of ID and military ID, and I also used my credit card online to hold the car. So why I needed to rescan my card at Alamo to get my car in the first place is odd but then to have my card in person, with ID and still be denied really frustrated me. Was not satisfied with that experience at all. Noone wants to feel like they may not have a rental car being on the complete other end of the country.Reviewed 22 Jun. 2021
review fromkayak
Pros:Nothing, we got in at midnight and just wanted to go to our hotel but all the staff at the airport had already left and locked us in the parking garage. We were left stranded in a town we didn't know well and had to scramble for a late-night uber (of which there were almost none).Cons:Someone could've been there to let us out so we could go safely to our hotelReviewed 26 May 2021
review fromkayak
Pros:Nothing.Cons:Alamo cancelled my reservation. I received a voice message on my phone when I was making my connection at O'Hare. When I arrived at Richmond they did nothing to help. I called the Alamo Customer Service number - would be on hold waiting for over 20 minutes each time I called. The only way you could get someone to answer a call was to choose the "Make a Reservation" option. Appears like the only time they would answer the phone is when they think they were going to get money. I had 4 different times when someone said they would call me back with some information. No one ever called me back. The manager at the Richmond Alamo counter provided me with no options. I had to press them to get information about being compensated for my Uber charges. I tried to get a car the next day and they still didn't have any available. With today's technology there is no excuses on why they could not have contingency plans in place to ensure they have enough cars based on the number of reservations they have booked. I will never rent another car from Alamo or Enterprise again. In Richmond they had 15 to 20 SUV's in the garage, when I asked about them then said that they were reserved. If my reservations got cancelled because I booked through Kayak and had a lower rate I will need to rethink about using Kayak. Having no car for the 3 days made it very difficult doing business and also on my client you had to chauffer me around the entire time. Alamo definitely demonstrated to me that they don't care about my business.Reviewed 9 Apr. 2021
review fromkayak
Pros:Nice to be received with a smile. The line in Richmond was backed up about 12 deep. Team of 2 handled it well.Cons:All good collaboration during this difficult time was super.Reviewed 27 Jan. 2021
review fromkayak
Cons:I arrived from my flight at midnight with tired children while waiting out in the cold, first telling me they didn’t have my vehicle, then finally something came up which wasn’t the vehicle class i had picked and to top it off gave it to me with a huge mess and had to wait 30 minutes for them to bring it. Horrible experience. Don’t get how they allow you to make a reservation then not have it when you arrive to another state on vacationReviewed 3 Jan. 2021
review fromkayak
Cons:Middle console had quite a bit of crumbsReviewed 15 Oct. 2020
review fromkayak
Pros:NothingCons:They did not have a car for us, so anything could have been better.Reviewed 8 Sep. 2020
review fromkayak

Alamo car rentals near Richmond Byrd Intl Airport

1 Richard E Byrd Terminal Dr, Alamo car rentals


1 Richard E Byrd Terminal Dr


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Top tips for renting a car from Alamo at Richmond Byrd Intl Airport

  • 25% of our users found rental cars from Alamo at Richmond Byrd Intl Airport for C$ 77 or less
  • Intermediate rental cars from Alamo at Richmond Byrd Intl Airport are around 27% cheaper than other car types, on average

FAQs about renting a car from Alamo at Richmond Byrd Intl Airport

  • How much does it cost to rent a car from Alamo at Richmond Byrd Intl Airport?

    On average a rental car from Alamo at Richmond Byrd Intl Airport costs C$ 59 per day.

  • What is the most popular rental car from Alamo at Richmond Byrd Intl Airport?

    Intermediate (Toyota RAV4 or similar) is the most frequently booked rental car type from Alamo at Richmond Byrd Intl Airport.

  • Where can I find Alamo car rentals at Richmond Byrd Intl Airport?

    1 Richard E Byrd Terminal Dr is the closest Alamo rental location to Richmond Byrd Intl Airport. The telephone number for this location is +1 844 370 8283.

  • Does Alamo offer shuttle or airport pick-up services from Richmond Byrd Intl Airport (RIC)?