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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for C$ 323 or less round-trip.
  • The cheapest flight from Brisbane to Cairns was found, on average, 56 days before departure.
  • Book at least 4 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly is March.
  • Direct flights regularly fly from Brisbane Airport (BNE) to Cairns Airport (CNS). You can find direct flights to suit your needs from local airline services including Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and Tigerair.
  • Rental car companies are available in the Arrivals Area, in the northern end of the Domestic Terminal at Cairns Airport. The pickup and drop off location for rental cars is across the road from the terminal in the parking building.
  • Brisbane Airport is made up of two terminals—the Domestic Terminal and the International Terminal. If you need to move between these terminals, it’s a short walk or you can take advantage of the free-to-use AirTrain.
  • Virgin Australia or Qantas fliers can take advantage of the airline lounges in the Domestic Terminal of the Brisbane Airport. Qantas Club members or pay-to-use guests can find the Qantas Lounge on Level 2, or there is the Virgin Australia Lounge opposite Gate 41.
  • If you’re feeling a little lost or need some help with the airport facilities, you can find Airport Ambassadors throughout the Brisbane Airport. They’re easy to spot in their blue shirts with a bright yellow ‘i’ on the back.
  • Getting dropped off at Brisbane Airport? You can find a drop-off point kerbside of the terminal. However, you won’t be given much time to say goodbye before being waved on by a Kerbside Officer. For an extended farewell, you can park in the nearby short-term parking.

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Virgin AustraliaOverall score based on 3553 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "The crew was amazing"
Read more about Virgin Australia
Pros: "The crew was amazing"
Pros: "Comfy for a cheap flight."
Pros: "Virgin Australia crew members have been extremely courteous in my recent flights with them."
Pros: "fast boarding"
Cons: "Better Movies"
Pros: "Took off a bit late but good communication around it. Comfortable easy and accommodating"
Cons: "In flight entertainment die not work for me..."
Pros: "the crew was nice and helpfull"
Cons: "The Flight was 45 min late. Always families with kids are putt in the back of the plane, so every thing else is taking so much longer because you make us wait for everything. longer ques at the boarder patrol etc."
Pros: "Good space for economy"
Cons: "Did have to pay for a snack … but hey, its virgin!"
Pros: "Great in flight service experience"
Cons: "Entertainment choices are limited"
Pros: "same as first leg"
Cons: "same as first leg"
Cons: "WiFi needs to be standard"
Pros: "Good boarding and friendly staff"
Cons: "Seat and legroom"
Pros: "Boarding the plane from both sides was efficient."
Cons: "Entertainment system inoperative"
Pros: "Staff,service, ease of boarding"
Cons: "Small space leg room, lack of content on entertainment"
Pros: "Crew is always lovely"
Cons: "The delay and then needing to fly low and take longer to reach destination But I’m saying that I understand it was unavoidable and necessary Just an inconvenience"
Pros: "although late leaving we made up a bit of time."
Cons: "No inflight entertainment, no sweets on descent and the staff were grumpy"
Cons: "Un-personal and clinical in approach to guests...especially as we are paying guests! Had just returned from overseas, flying Qantas and Singapore airlines.... virgin was decades away."
Pros: "Nice crew and fast and smooth flight"
Cons: "Didn't go much on the snack food!"
Pros: "Check in was easy and I could not have asked for a better crew who were pleasant and helpful . Each and every flight in Australia on Virgin Australia has been made so easy for me with the help I have received from the crew with my husband who has mobility problems . seats very comfortable"
Cons: "There is no negative with this airline from ground crew to air flight attendants"
Pros: "Overall comfort of both plane and staff"
Pros: "Had more then normal snacks."
Cons: "High numbered srat assignments board fron back of plane. This requires you to climb down & up stairs with carry-on bags. Would be good to mention when making reservation & seat assignments."
Pros: "Had a window seat with great views of the countryside- 2 hours seemed to pass quickly and the crew were good"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "All was good"
Pros: "Very helpful"
Cons: "Pleasant"
Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "All food had to be purchased and there was no wifi"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "As it is alliance with Singapore Airlines for international connecting but didn't felt any reasonable reason for not serving snacks."
Pros: "I fell asleep on the way to Mackay and the crew placed snacks out for me so I didn't miss out when I woke up, they read my signals and ensured I was looked after. Thanks & Merry Christmas"
Pros: "Staff were friendly and service was good.Flight was on time and my husband made his connecting flight."
Cons: "Only 2 toilets for economy passengers on a full flight."
Pros: "It was a good flight. Arrived on time"
Pros: "Food was terrible!"
Pros: "service"
Pros: "The crew - smiling, friendly and seemed to like their jobs"
Cons: "Food - meusli bar again!"
Pros: "Everyone was very helpful. On time. No problems at all.thank you."
Cons: "Only could have gluten free snack"
Pros: "Comfortable short flight"
Cons: "Over 4 hour delay and was told they had to wait for the paint to dry????"
Pros: "Check in staff most helpful,traveling with oversize lougage,surf board and kites along with carry fuss and searched seating so l had a spear seat on red trip home.thanks"
Pros: "Great crew and good service."
Cons: "Two things - I dont like is the size of the seats. They are far too small. Most people are relatively big these days and when you sit next to a large person or between two large people the whole flight is so uncomfortable. The other thing is the air vents - no where near enough air coming through those - please fix :("
Pros: "It was an enjoyable flight and we were well looked after by the staff"
Cons: "My flight was cancelled and I was put on another flight 1 hour 20min later, this meant having to rush. I bought the tickets based on time, and did not expect to have to run"
Pros: "New clean plane and great service. This flight was far more comfortable than previous flights over this long distance."
Pros: "Flight crew were great."
Cons: "Got told to "sit back down and don't worry" when our first flight was delayed, after I asked the lady at the gate that we may miss our connecting flight. She put other customers on different flights to make their connections, but when I approached was denied, and ensured we would make out next flight. Missed the next flight and had to wait another 3.5 hours for the next flight, even after explaining the situation to a gentleman at the customer service desk, he said he could not help us, and gave my partner and i am $8 food voucher while we waited as a 'sorry'. Then on the way home another 30 min delay. horrible first experience flying, Was very disappointed in the customer service & missed my brothers wedding. I should have booked Qantas instead of Virgin."
Cons: "there were not enough desks to check in at brisbane so many people missed there connecting flights. I flew with Delta and the process was much easier. Simply just dropped my bags off. Was also told the flight was being held, then when I arrived at the desk was told my bags wouldn't make it on the plane."
Cons: "Wasn't happy that my suitcase was broken for such a short flight from Brisbane to Cairns"
Cons: "I was sat next to a rather large person and felt squished some of the time"
Pros: "Overall this flight from Brisbane to LAX was fairly pleasant. Despite being reluctant to commit to any changes in the (uncomfortably cold) cabin temperature, one of the crew did respond to my inquiry by returning to say they had adjusted the temp upward to 24C, which in my mind earns them an A for Effort. What I had of the food was acceptable, but nothing to write home about. The touch screens seemed to work much more effectively than in the past, so those may have been upgraded. The crew I dealt with were generally very pleasant and responsive. The restrooms had sufficient toilet paper (never a guarantee), and as a stroke of luck, there was virtually no turbulence, that always makes things nicer."
Cons: "I was right by the gate before the flight but never heard any announcement calling out rows, the economy passengers just started herding themselves (as always) and eventually got in line/on the plane in what seemed to be a haphazard fashion. Like so many times before, the air conditioning was set too cold (they said it was set to 22C as if this is normal - that might be an average setting of comfort for a grown male wearing a full suit and walking around in an office setting, but not for a plane half full of females who aren't able to move around and get their blood circulating). The music and movie selections seemed to have changed over the years. I have pleasant memories of Virgin Australia offering virtually anything your heart could desire at the touch of a button, but this time around I couldn't find any artists that I recognized let alone liked, and the movie selection seemed much thinner. Licensing issues perhaps? For me this was actually disappointing."
Pros: "Staff polite and helpful at boarding desk"
Cons: "Poor food selection"
Pros: "Boarded and departed on time. Good smooth flight."
Cons: "No window at seating. Disappointing for child traveller"
Pros: "Staff Are Lovely and so Helpfull"
Cons: "Just don't Like Flying haha"
Pros: "Smooth flight, departed on time"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "The free snack us an unhealthy chocolate..ok for spinning freeinflight ad but insulting to the intelligence of customers"
Pros: "Smooth boarding"
Cons: "Small seats, which did not recline at all, to the great discomfort of several passengers in our area, including us. With particular physical limitations due to old wounds, i have to say it was painful and unexpectedly difficult for the nearly 3 hours of incarceration. Partly this was exacerbated by the lump of head rest not moving high enough away from my shoulders. My travel companion has a head rest which was also wrecked, come away from its frame and unable to be sorted properly. In all, a poor set up for a flight."
Cons: "No leg room."
Pros: ":)"
Cons: ":)"
Cons: "They wouldnt let me board because they said I was 5 min late, yet I was 30 min before the flight. The internal Brisbane airport shuttle had a problem. They should have let me board because this was the airport’s fault. They charged me 75 extra dollars too. Very lame"
Cons: "We had a row of drunk boys directly behind us. They drank non-stop, were extremely noisy and obnoxious - standing in the aisles, shaking seats, and yelling/singing non-stop. Worst flight I have been on this year as the crew did nothing to address this issue despite numerous complaints. P"
Cons: "Lack of common sense by passengers with which door they should be using when boarding the flight. Crew may want to emphasis their directions more."
Pros: "great flight - fast and easy."
Cons: "it's jetstar so seats aren't the most comfy, but for a few hours, it's just fine."
Pros: "They got me were I was going, just as it says on the tin."
Cons: "Don't know what hours they work, but the crew were clearly fatigued and couldn't be bothered. They were still polite but really just could not be a***d! Flight delayed by 20 mins and no explanation until airborne."
Pros: "The crew were great. Very clear on the p.a. System and good service."
Cons: "The seats were narrow and horribly cramped. No shaping to support your back and the tray table crushed my stomach and I am quite slim. Goodness knows how big people cope. We recently did a round The world trip with 11 flights and none were as bad as this."
Pros: "Arrived ahead of time"
Cons: "Nothing really"
Pros: "It was generally a pretty good flight. Timing was ok"
Cons: "The seats were a bit cramped."
Cons: "Not customer friendly at all. Arrived after traffic delays at 7:26 told bluntly that the gate was shut. people before and after us were told the same and we were rebooked on flight at 2:40. Ask me again later when I’ve actually flown with Jetstar, although I’m not optimistic that it will be a great experience."
Cons: "Didn’t know it was $100 to check a bag. And you have to pay for water even on a 5 hour flight. That’s absurd."
Cons: "Kayak and Jetstar should tell customers on line ahead of booking what the additional fees will be and offer the option to add those fees to the ticket price at the time of online reservation. It is a pain in the ... to be in a foreign country trying to use your iPhone to deal with these last minute charges so it is not at the airport counter last minute which they double the fees by the way (if you wait until you're in the airport)! Leaves a bad impression of Kayak and Jetstar. Lesson learned the hard way. Won't happen to me again. Buyers beware!"
Pros: "Staff was very polite it is just a shame that the airline don’t get the same standard of results the staff get."
Cons: "No vegan food options, No adjustable head rest, No entertainment, Will not choose to fly with them again."
Pros: "Ummm...ummm...the flight attendances had nice, orange jackets? I'm grasping at straws here..."
Cons: "Many, many things, starting with their ridiculous practice of weighing luggage and charging accordingly. I'm used to airlines charging for checked luggage, that's no problem, but to only allow 7 kg of weight on checked bags is basically forcing everyone to just check their luggage. I figured my bag, which could easily fit in their tight bins, would be fine for carry on. I was wrong. Then, because i didn't realize their ludicrous system, I had to pay more than double because 'the flight has already opened for checking in'. This airline is laughable. They might start out the 'least expensive' option but by the time you're done with them nickel and diming you it's better to just book the more expensive flight with a legitimate airline. Oh, and did I mention that I paid for seats up front (again, another tactic for milking you dry) and I was so crammed that I couldn't move my legs? This airline is pathetic. I learned my lesson and will never fly Jetstar"
Pros: "Very smooth flight and the best landing ever! did not feel or know we had touched down."
Cons: "The entire experience"
Cons: "Not confortable seats"
Pros: "This was a simple no frills flight cost is low because extras are just that extra."
Cons: "Seats are paper thin, so much so that i got pushed every time the gentleman behind me moved his knees."
Cons: "So I told them I was going to have luggage but they didn’t have it at the check in counter. Then they charged me $195 for 1 bag that weighed 24kg. Are you joking?? Then, the woman says we’ll we can upgrade you to an exit row seat for free. I thought that sounded awesome, extra legroom and all, so of course I accepted. When I get on the plane, my seat was in the row ahead of the exit row, with no extra legroom. The flight attendant said that the row i was in is considered an exit row as well. Here are the problems: 1 even if I didn’t tell them I was taking luggage, who the hell would pay to take one goddamned bag for $195 when the entire flight cost $150?! 2 imagine I paid for the exit row seat and they stuck me in the row ahead of the exit area so I had no extra leg room I would be extremely angry. Lastly, everything on the flight is for order, nothing is free not even water. I would never, ever, fly jetstar again even if the only alternative was to walk."
Pros: "Great crew that were all very friendly, Water was provided for free"
Cons: "Meals are not provided and drinks other than water will cost you Australian airports and immigration is a pain, even for an Australian!"
Pros: "Sleep well"
Pros: "Flight crew polite and helpful considering it was a full flight"
Cons: "Random carry on checks penalising customers, especially embarrassing for Asian customers pulled aside and penalised in front of others for overweight hand baggage. Apparently no consideration for cultural respect and saving face. I felt very badly for the lady affected. Hand luggage checks should apply to all or nobody - random checks are nothing but a price gouge. If you're going to do it, at least give a voucher of some sort or some kind of incentive to choose jeststar again. Extremely poorly thought out procedure."
Pros: "Be careful. I booked a return flight from Narita. I was NOT prompted in any vidible way about luggage. As qantas FF and based upon ALL past experience i expected an allownace of 25 kgs to be included. I had NO luggage allwoance. I was charged apprx 400 AUD $ for a 22.8kg bag. I asked to redress thsi for the retrun trip and have since discovered that the details have NOT been updated despite paying! So now I need to call Jetstar and worknthrough the issue."
Cons: "I was not not noticeably propmoted about luggae allowances or onboard food ent and beverage costs which ultimately added 55% to the ticket cost, so a reasobale priced tocket ended up an expensive one."
Pros: "Quick and easy boarding."
Cons: "No entertainment options."
Cons: "Hardly any staff, we had to load & check in our own bags. The mechanical baggage belt was initially not working so the lines of people waiting grew. There was no-one to explain what we had to do so we only printed our boarding passes, and didnt realise we had to ALSO print baggage labels, so we consequently lost our place in the queue. NOT HAPPY!"
Pros: "They eventually got us to the destination (24 hours late) but it was an ordeal the whole way."
Cons: "Too many to list! After sitting on the plane for 3 hours with the door open freezing us out, the flight was cancelled at almost midnight. They didn't arrange hotel rooms so everyone had to fend for ourselves in finding a place to stay or getting out of the airport at midnight. We had to wait around for 24 hours until another flight. We didn't get extra legroom seats on that flight and they still haven't refunded the upgrade cost I paid and didn't get to use. Their customer service and ground crew were rude through this whole thing. On the next day's flight, it took hours to even get a water from the cabin service crew. Even the cheap price couldn't help us feel better about the POOR service."
Pros: "As you wait in line to board an employee is going down the line with a scale checking each carry on bag for weight. The same bag I've carried on multiple flights without problem. I'm told my bag will cost me an extra $50. Their weight restrictions are about half the norm evidently, so just plan to add $50 to your ticket price. Also everything else is extra as well, so don't be fooled into believing your trip is really just the price of the ticket (as it was with every other economy flight I had taken) but something considerably higher. I always travel with a standard size carry on bag and small personal bag and have never had this issue with any other airline."
Cons: "Deceptive ticket prices and policies."
Cons: "Children 12 and 10 booked online to fly to Melbourne for Easter. I rang the call centre to ensure they could travel together unaccompanied, as website was not clear. I was advised they could, and because I was concerned I asked this be noted on our booking so we wouldn't have any issues at the gate. I was reassured the children could travel and they made a note as requested. Turn up for our flight today and at the gate after saying goodbye to my children, they're stopped from entering the plane and I'm told they can't travel, despite the advice I received from the call centre and the note on our booking showing we were given this advice. We did everything right to make sure we could travel, just to be refused at the gate. Disgusting."
Pros: "Take off and landing was very smooth. Great staff"
Pros: "Onboard staff are friendly and efficient."
Cons: "Jetstar are unreliable, and do their best to extort more money from customers than the seemingly low initial price. Since they don't refund anything, if you need to make a change, they charge like wounded bulls and push you onto flights with inconvenient times and connections, then lie barefacedly, telling you the better flights are full."
Pros: "No hassles, great flight. No issues!!"
Pros: "Plane didn't crash"
Cons: "I was informed 5 days in advance that my mid morning flight was cancelled due to "engineering reasons" via an unapologetic and unhelpful email. The burden was on me to reschedule (to a very inconvenient ultra early departure), and I had to twist the customer service fellow's arm to give me a beverage voucher in compensation. Then, when boarding I was mugged for my back pack. 50$ because it was over their utterly disingenuous 7kg "safety limit". It's not a safety rule - the CAA sets that. It's a revenue rule."
Pros: "I didn't get to fly as I had 3 brain surgeries in NY in May last year and I got sick and couldn't fly so I rang and no one could help me save the tickets so I'm very disappointed and won't use this app again. I have used this app so many times flying to America and back to Tasmania and this is how I was treated after 4 phone calls begging for help as it was the first trip my son and I were going alone as I hadn't seen him for two years. Qantas paid for my airfares to come home after surgery and I'll stay with them from now on"
Cons: "Flights were delayed each direction."
Pros: "Happy with the whole process, all too easy"
Cons: "When I booked from USA thru kayak I was told I would have 1 checked bag & 1 carry on . At airport I was charged $682 for luggage cause " I didn't say I was flying with luggage "supposedly opting out of the $ 35.00 fee for luggage. Only other option was to re-book for next day loosing out of bookings in Cairns which was not an option. Many other passengers on our flight faced same predatory practices by Jetstar. Gate agent said website changed to be more transparent. This is not true Luggage fees more than doubled cost of flight. This is only direct flight from Adelaide and you're trapped .""
Pros: "Check in staff member was nice"
Cons: "No food or drink - at least you could offer complimentary bag of peanuts and orange juice two times during the flight!! Unfriendly crew member on board - she said in a very.bossy way 'Careful of your foor sir' then later intentionally ran into my foot even though I did my best to keep all parts of my body out of the aisle and the offending foot wouldn't have been more than an inch or two at the most into the aisle!! Also the legroom and arm room is very poor indeed - who did you use as your models, pygmies? Also I was charged $100+ for a date change - but I was SURE I clicked the right date, and even if I didn't, you should have a confirmation screen which confirms what the customer is ordering before they finally approve the order."
Cons: "Not enough leg room"
Pros: "On time; baggage fees are by weight"
Cons: "Seats were not very comfortable; you pay extra for anything;"
Pros: "The prompt service and friendly staff"
Cons: "The flight delay which couldn't be helped"
Pros: "On time schedule"
Cons: "Excessive baggage charges. Very poor check in. Nobody was there to help us check in our bags as there was no check in counter. Not even a drop of water offered in the flight for free. Very narrow seats with no seat pockets to keep any personal articles."
Cons: "The Jetstar domestic flight from Sydney to Cairns unexplicably left from the international terminal and we missed our flight due to that. The employees at Jetstar were rude and unhelpful. Jetstar cares only about money and not about customers' safety and security. They never even asked for our passports to verify that we were the actual ticketholders! However, they made sure to charge us every penny possible for our luggage. I could not get a simple cup of water on the flight without paying for it. Jetstar is a terrible airline and I would not recommend it to anybody!"
Cons: "Was not on the flight because the international flight was canceled. Had to get a direct flight from Gold Coast to Japan."
Pros: "Amenity pack and entertainment were good. More movies to offer would have made the entertainment even better."
Cons: "We flew business class and it didn't feel too much like a business class experience. Welcome drinks were a nice touch but from there the service was not very attentive, we had to ask for empty glasses and plates to be cleared after they sat with us for over an hour. The meal was not great - pretty lack luster. No priority bag tags and our bags took over an hour to come out the other end."
Pros: "Cabin crew"
Cons: "No vegan food option"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Service is terrible, they constantly change the rules so its different every time. They don't serve beverages on domestic flights but they also don't let you bring your own. They charge per kilo for bags being overweight. They weigh your carry on plus your personal items which can only add up to 7 kg and will charge you if you are over even if by just 1kg. Do not ever fly with jetstar."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by 35mins. Seats very crowded, we all had to get out of our seats to let the window passenger in and out. No screens on seat backs, lucky I had my iPad and could listen to podcasts in the 3+hr flight."
Cons: "Jetstar and similar Australian airlines are corrupt. You have to purchase additional luggage allowance 3 hours before flight time, and then it goes to $15AUD per pound. This was not clear to me. I was shocked when I was asked to pay $500 for my check-in luggage flying from Brisbane to Sydney, which was 6 times the price of my plane ticket. Corrupt!"
Cons: "I was charged $160 AUD for a single bag. This is preposterous and I had no idea I had to get a separate ticket that includes luggage for this airline."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Brisbane to Cairns

Airlines flying from Brisbane to Cairns have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Brisbane to Cairns

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Brisbane to Cairns

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Brisbane to Cairns

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Brisbane to Cairns

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Brisbane to Cairns

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