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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
AviancaOverall score based on 13872 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "None"
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Pros: "On time"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Five hours of delay are unacceptable"
Cons: "Respect the scheduling!!!!"
Pros: "Crew was very nice and helpful"
Cons: "There were no options for food and I don’t like their only option so I did not eat"
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "The seat was very comfortable"
Pros: "Whole flight experience"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "First place is bad service"
Cons: "Avianca never change ,manipulate customer"
Pros: "Flight delayed"
Pros: "The Crew and the clean aircraft."
Cons: "nothing."
Pros: "Crew was courteous,helpful."
Cons: "Food."
Pros: "Was beautiful"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Less time to get out..."
Pros: "Was the crew amazing"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Everything was great"
Cons: "Keep up the awesome work everyone does"
Cons: "The plain was too small"
Cons: "Bathroom a little dirty but in middle of flight"
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Food"
Cons: "Asked to move repeatedly between gates, and an hour late without explanation or apology"
Pros: "Speed and On time"
Cons: "The plane"
Pros: "Puntuales Cordiales Avión confortable Todo el personal en Colombia se mostró amable y simpático, de verdad los felicito por mantener ese espíritu entre sus colaboradores"
Cons: "Nada"
Pros: "Service, food, entertainment"
Cons: "Everything was great!"
Cons: "The food was gross the flight was four hours late. Horrible service"
Cons: "Super late as always"
Pros: "They were almost an hour late in departing"
Pros: "Excellent service, comfortable seats, plug to charge your electronics"
Cons: "No complaints"
Cons: "N/a"
Cons: "Too many delays and cancellation of my direct flight causing a new route which included a layover. Avianca has become increasingly unreliable. Their in flight services used to include food and now only refreshments are provided. Even in the business class section you are only provided with drinks. I would caution people and look for other airlines."
Pros: "The complimentary movies are the best."
Cons: "Did not allow purchase of cocktail in flight."
Cons: "The delay!"
Pros: "Everything was good."
Cons: "The transport from gate to gate . To far"
Pros: "Excellent service, great flight, and nice people"
Cons: "I don’t even know how and where to start.. Avianca has given me issues in the past and I have decided a few more times to give them a chance. Avianca has a culture of rude and “take advantage of people” culture. I went through hell on my last flight. Left us on our connection flight in Cali, Colombia made us (15 passengers) wait for our bus we all had to pickup and carry our luggage’s out to the streets rcause they don’t have enough money to pay for a cart when we were actually in that situation because for them. Next day we were transported (they show up 2 hours later from the promised time) we were transported to the airport to actually catch a flight to another different city to then arrive wait 4 more hours to catch a plane to our final destination... a 3 hours and 45 minutes flight from Miami turned into a 4 different city, hotel and nightmare, luggage’s were broke and everybody turned out to be rude rude rude rude!!!!!!... I am still waiting for my $200 promised Boucher. This is my last time flying with AVIANCA. I am a frequent flyer and have made the decision to fly AA from now On... Actually just purchased a ticket which was actually $100 more than Avianca... nothing like great service and respect towards your clients... I’m also making sure NOBODY flys with AVIANCA."
Pros: "The flight was smooth and the staff was very friendly."
Pros: "Everything was great"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I never got to my destination on the date I want it"
Pros: "Not exceptional but very good"
Pros: "The service was excelente; on time."
Pros: "Nothing, missed our flights. The service was horrible and they were talking badly about us in Spanish, knowing we were English speaking. They didn't realize we knew Spanish."
Cons: "Horrible customer service."
Pros: "No Meal compensation"
Pros: "The plane was on time and all of the staff were friendly."
Cons: "I didn't like that there was no ice for the drinks."
Cons: "Ya van varios retrasos por mantenimiento."
Cons: "The personnel in the airport were at times confused about the Bogota-Cali departure time. It has become a habit to change departure time and gates."
Cons: "The flight was 1 hour late"
Cons: "Boarding was very slow."
Pros: "excellent service on board"
Cons: "The flight was delayed in Bogota and I lost my connection with the fligth to Madrid, and I had to stay 1 day in Cali, I lost other connections in Madrid due to the delay and hotel reservations. besides that I had to buy new tickets to my connection in Madrid and Avianca didn't help at all."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "After lost my connection (10:50 pm) due to delay from San Juan it was transfered us to the next flight (1135). After one hour inside the airplane it was returned to the gate and the flight was suspended. They transfer us to the next flight at 0535 after two hours complaining. Its original plan was accomodate all passenger in the first three flight to Cali. We felt that they fail to indemnify correctly if it considered the high price of the flight tickets."

Delayed 4 hours in Chicago.

i will never use Kayak or American Airline ever again!!!

They services

Super delayed causing us to miss our connecting flights.

rerouted and delayed !! praying I get my bags !!

Brand new aircraft

There is no food or alcohol allowed to be served on the flight.

5 hours is delays without any resolution.

The flight was an hour late getting into New Orleans. We landed in Philadelphia 30 minutes late. We sat on the tarmac for 20 more minutes. I ordered a wheelchair because I cannot walk such distances. None came after 30 minutes. I had to walk in short spells to get to baggage. It was a disaster flight. Lucky it was not cancelled.

Cons: "Everything ok"
Cons: "3 hr delay and had to change gates"
Cons: "Things are getting smaller, we're paying more for less and less; it's all reducing except the cost. Generally flying is no longer 'special' it's kind of routine, like cattle herding--and the customer is the cattle."
Pros: "pilot kept us informed"
Cons: "in cabin air quality odorous and poor"
Cons: "Flight attendent was late had it been a passenger they would have left them."
Cons: "We lost the conection because pre departure there swas an issue with one of the wings of the plane and took about 30 min. Afterwards after landing the plan had to wait another 15 minutes waiting for the gate. American Airlines atributed the issue to weather conditions in Vancouver, false."
Pros: "The crew seemed nice"
Cons: "It is not the airline, I just had screaming kids beside me and behind me for 5 hours"
Pros: "This was Japan airline and the crew were very respectful and responsive and food was amazing"
Cons: "The entertainment selection could have been better"
Pros: "In flight entertainment and food were great"
Cons: "Wish seats were comfier and more legroom"
Cons: "Circled for too long and had no updates from the captain on what was happening."
Pros: "The plane got us there safely."
Cons: "The crew was basically useless. They hung out in the back not really paying attention or just in the way. One stewardess knocked me in the head when passing through and didn’t even apologize. No one greeted or told goodbye at the end."
Pros: "NO NO"
Cons: "yes"
Cons: "In a period of 20 minutes in the hour before boarding there were three gate changes. The last one was a change of terminal and gate. You have been doing this for years and you should know how to do this already."
Pros: "on time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Cons: "small seating, freezing cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Pros: "Friendly staff made people feel safe even during turbulence."
Pros: "The most efficient boarding process I've ever experienced."
Cons: "The crew seemed to be under a lot of tension and the audio jack to my in-seat monitor didn't work. After mentioning the faulty system to the crew I had to find a new seat by myself and there was no follow up."
Pros: "Quite hospitable On time."
Cons: "The coffee was horrible."
Pros: "On time, nice plane"
Cons: "Realized I left my iPhone in pocket of my seat as soon as I exited plane - spoke to gate agent within 1 minute of leaving plane and she Asia she would get the cleaning crew to look while I waited. Waited 20 min only to hear a bunch of lies about how they asked the flight attendant to look but she couldn’t find it - should have just walked back on plane to do it myself. Was told to “go online” and file a lost and found report. This is a small airport - TRI cities TN - absolutely zero customer focus by and American Airline employee - and I asked to sp all with a supervisor and manager with the hope I would get my phone back. Worst service and zero caring attitude I’ve dealt with - and I fly a lot. It will be Delta from here on out. I went on line and filed a complaint and lost and found report - am betting a large amount of money I hear nothing other than an automated reply."
Cons: "The entertainment screens did not work in my seat and my wife's seat."
Pros: "Thanks everything was on time. Very nice cre"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Clean plane"
Cons: "No food"
Pros: "Video entertainment not working for my whole row."
Cons: "Very cold airplane"
Cons: "3 hour delay and much confusion. In and out of aircraft."
Pros: "Agents were very helpful"
Cons: "Food"
Cons: "Cero entretaintment"
Pros: "it was easy to check in and short layovers"
Cons: "planes were really old and uncomfortable, I could not sleep at all, the seats are ridiculously small and not fit for a grown up. One of the worst flights ever for sure"
Pros: "The boarding process was good."
Cons: "Don't think the flight attendant should hang the trash bags in front of the passengers faces in the aisles to collect trash."
Cons: "This was my first time flying First Class. Not only was my flight delayed but everything was changed last minute. My seats, layovers, EVERYTHING! I was better off paying for a regular seat. I'm a young African American and the stay treated me as if I didn't belong in First Class! Not to mention the last time I flew into LAX American Airline lost my luggage! I have proof to show! Absolutely ridiculous!"
Pros: "smooth check in and boarding etc"
Cons: "Wifi wasn't working so no entertainment"
Pros: "The movies were great. Staff wonderful, accommodating."
Cons: "I absolutely hated the flight from pdx to Minnesota. Plane felt unsafe, smelly & generally scary."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I was supposed to dj in dallas at 12am got a flight in at 7pm but with mechanical problems flight was delayed to a 2:20am landing which I missed my job. I paid for a flight I didn't use and lost 1300.00 usd 0 out of 10 for AA"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled. Disaster"
Cons: "The flight was late by 2 hours."
Pros: "Great flight overall. Crew attentive and helpful. Food and entertainment were good and available throughout."
Cons: "Planes were identified to have mechanical or electrical issues after leaving the gate for flight from Philldelphia and to Philadelphia. Things were ultimately fixed but with significant delays. Crew as very accommodating during this time however."
Pros: "Got there safe"
Cons: "We were cattle attendants cowboys"
Cons: "Terrible transit to terminal in LAX with shuttle and stairs"
Cons: "I purchased my flight at 5am the morning to fly out at 930 to be in ucsonbe for 12a. And when i make it to the gate they tell me im a no go. Thant my paymenr was not process but yet i never got an email or call saying different. I recived my boarding pass and my payment was pending!! I got the door shoot in my face and customer services was so rude i ended up buying anothete flight to tucdon with South West. Never flying AA. Pluse getting two shuttles to get onto ur flight is ridiculous!!!"
Cons: "American changed the 2nd & 3rd legs of our trip from Vancouver to Phoenix to Charlotte to New Bern and didn't bother to notify us. Discovered on our own after we arrived in Phoenix."
Pros: "The food"
Cons: "Crew and the fact that they lost my bag"
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Delays I missed work Delayed three hours"
Cons: "crew could have been more professional, the signs for boarding were confusing"
Cons: "We parked at the furthest possible gate in international. Ridiculous walk!!"
Cons: "Embarked late. Sat on runway for 30 minutes waiting to disembark. Missed ride to Eugene Or. Not happy."
Pros: "Liked the comfort of the plane, on time, and smooth touchdown"
Cons: "Food was dried out, crew was extremely slow to dispense beverages and food"
Pros: "Great plane B 787"
Cons: "Paid online for food and most choices gone Overpriced"
Pros: "Good service, surprisingly good food, smooth and efficient."
Cons: "The premium seating we paid extra for because we need leg room (my partner and I are 6'+) was the first row behind the 1st class seperation no way to extend legs by placing feet under the seat in front. Not very comfortable or worth $100 IMO."
Cons: "No potable water on board meant no tea or coffee."
Cons: "Luggage took forever to get in Halifax"
Pros: "nice crew, very attentive"
Cons: "no movies, charge for food"
Pros: "I liked the staff on the flight. The flight had some nice"
Cons: "I didn’t like the food options, Air Canada used to have tasty food!"
Pros: "The movie selection was very good."
Cons: "The seat was kind of tight."
Cons: "Started off by being 40 mins delayed. Not bad, compared to the 4 hour delay I had going to Vancouver. Flight was super uncomfortable. Upon arrival to Toronto. The gate had ice on it. So we had to wait in the plane for over an hour before we could get to a gate and off the plane. And then the entire plane of people (300-400 people I believe?) had to wait for our bags to come out for TWO HOURS! Meanwhile flights from Vancouver that we’re supposed to leave after us , left before us, got there before us, and got their bags before us. Horrible trip. I could not believe how unprofessional and unprepared Air Canada and the Toronto airport was during the holidays!"
Cons: "Why did I have to pay to select my seat? Isn't that the point of purchasing a seat at all? Silly."
Pros: "Flight attendants friendly"
Cons: "Food was not as good time"
Pros: "Air Canada has one of the best buy on board menu's of any North American carrier. They even allow you to purchase Business Class meals (subject to availability of course). Flying on the older 767-300ER also has more shoulder and leg room than some of Air Canada's newer configurations for the 787 and 777."
Cons: "Air Canada's boarding process is a bit frustrating. On American Airlines and United Flight attendants make announcements over the PA to (a) step out of the aisle to let people pass, and (b) place larger suitcases in the overhead and smaller bags under the seat. That way they try to ensure there is enough bin space to accommodate everyone. Passengers on Air Canada stuff everything in to the overhead bin and nothing under their seat, leaving little for those boarding after and delaying the flight because flight attendants are looking for bin space. If they were more pro-active, it would speed things up."
Pros: "The flight was underbooked, so there was extra seat space. Our delay was cut from 90 min to just 30 min"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed due to fog in San Francisco"
Pros: "Customs and immigration happens in Canada, not US"
Cons: "Delays, computer malfunction during boarding"
Pros: "Not much of anything"
Cons: "Lack of in-flight entertainment, uncomfortable seating"
Pros: "Your customers are nicer than your staff."
Cons: "Firstly I will start with the lack of service we provided when trying to get seats together after checking in online. We rang and were told to try at the airport counter. Then at the airport counter we were told to try at the gate and then at the gate when I went to ask I was told to go get both tickets before they told us that there was no 2 seats together anyway rather than looking first. All whilst explaining this was our honeymoon and we would really like to sit together as husband and wife. Then once we boarded the guy sitting next to me was happy to swap seats with my wife as he had back problems and had asked for an aisle seat but was denied. Finally we are underway and I find that my entertainment touch screen doesn't work so even though it is one i can't select anything to watch. Plus to top it off the seat arm rest was broken. Obviously with a fairly full flight with no 2 seats together their wasn't much that could be done immediately but where is the maintenance and actual physical plane quality? Do your engineers or staff not check things? Overall dispite this being our national carrier I am ashamed to claim that. Many of our overseas visitors for the wedding from Australia and Europe also had similar complaints."
Pros: "Service is good"
Cons: "Film selection is ok."
Pros: "After a bad connection, it was nice to have a smooth flight."
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Incredibly disorganized"
Pros: "delayed by 4 hours - had to miss my onward flight & have only 1.5 hours instead of 8 hours"
Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "Boarding was unorganized, one of the ladies was rude and I did not get window, even though I requested with enough time."
Cons: "dirt and stuff on floor between floor and wall, bad, never seen that before in a nearly new plane"
Pros: "I liked having Nexus get me through air Canada's malfunctioning Website to airport chaotic check-in otherwise may have missed my flight! Actual flight was smooth,quick and comfortable. Flight attendants were friendly and helpful. Airplane interior open and bright. Bathrooms clean and well supplied."
Cons: "Customer's time is valuable too! Air Canada website check-in malfunctioning causes anger, frustration and chaos at home and continues through airport check-in. HUNDREDS of angry, frustrated customers paid for their tickets, tried to check-in online and arrived early all converged into one CHAOTIC crowd. ADDRESS these issues, FIX YOUR WEBSITE, TREAT YOUR HARDWORKING, PAYING CUSTOMERS with DIGNITY and RESPECT they DESERVE. Competing Airlines are waiting for your dissatisfied customers."
Pros: "On time clean"
Pros: "We didnt crash"
Cons: "We didn't crash"
Pros: "Entertainment options were great"
Cons: "I am not an especially large person and felt squeezed into my middle seat without any room to move without bumping into either of the people beside me, who were also small to normally sized. Very uncomfortable! I will avoid this airline again if possible, it was not a pleasant experience. I also didn't have enough room to put my backpack under the seat in front of me and was further confined."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Airline oversold seats for my son's flight -- even though I bought my ticket back in April for a flight in November. This is absolutely ridiculous."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I know it's a growing practice, but to charge for food is a policy that I think is short-sighted."
Pros: "Flawless flight and friendly staff and roomy seating on Air Canada flight"
Cons: "Did not have food options I wanted - ran out."
Pros: "The crew were helpful & friendly. The flight arrived on time."
Cons: "The rows of seats were too close together for comfort."
Pros: "That there were no delays."
Pros: "Very fast."
Pros: "Quick flight and smooth ride. Same for boarding and exiting."
Cons: "Entertainment was not working well. Headphone jack broken and on board screen was spotty. Crew members did not offer anything to soften the situation."
Pros: "Drinks were provided."
Cons: "Not even snacks were provided on the 2 hour flight."
Pros: "Flight crew was great. Aircraft was great."
Cons: "Food could have been a little better."
Pros: "Seat availability (lots of empty seats) Entertainment system had lots of movies & music Friendly flight attendants"
Cons: "Flight attendants could be more aware of his/her surroundings. For example, I was either stepped on (as a result, being woken up) or my backpack was stepped on several times when an attendant was walking down the aisle, and neither of those things were sticking out into the aisle. This has rarely happened to me on trans-Pacific flights (more crowded, longer flights) so I can only attribute it to the carelessness of the attendants and/or the aisle width but since I think aisle width follows international standards it's more likely the former."
Pros: "The crew was good"
Cons: "The flight was delayed several times, and then they lost my baggage, when I landed in Chicago, no bag. A person from United Airlines called me at 7:00 AM the next morning and said that they had my bag. He directed it to GRB that day. Thanks to him I got my bag back!"
Pros: "NIL"
Cons: "Missed it due to our first flight being delayed- ended up with ANA air. SCORE!"
Pros: "Clearing customs in Canada"
Cons: "Over priced food"
Pros: "Dreamliner was airy and pleasant. Large screens. Electric outlets"
Cons: "Need more E books and audio podcasts."
Pros: "Entertainment was great, and actual seats were comfortable."
Cons: "The canbin temperature was kept far too low; unless you are forced to buy some over priced blanket"
Pros: "Great flight crew, fairly comfortable seats. Made a 10-hour flight pretty bearable."
Pros: "Good entertainment and descent food"
Cons: "they changed our time flight so now I'm stuck in LA for the night because I missed my connecting flight. When I tried to resolve these with two different attendants, they were so rude and arrogant, specially Sue from Vancouver. Upon arrival to LA, our bag was roughed handled. Had to make a claim."
Pros: "See above"
Cons: "See above"
Cons: "There should have been clear instruction to passengers with various travel plans, specially for those who continue to other country directly, or continue to other Canadian city before flight out to other country. I had a hard time figuring out how and when to fill out/go through customs. Getting two different/apposite directions exacerbate the situation."
Pros: "The Crew was friendly enough, the seats were comfortable."
Cons: "The crew "was" friendly enough, but didn't respond to the Call Attendant button (twice) when it was pushed, as my daughter was hungry. I had to go to the back of the plane and open the curtain and ask: "is it possible to get something to eat"? Our plane ticket costs an exorbitant amount, AND we are forced to pay for our meals....service would be the very minimum that we could expect.... ALSO: Although there was no charge for baggage on our flight out, and nothing written anywhere about a baggage charge, yet on the return flight we were hit with a $90 baggage fee!! The flight was already too expensive but that was just adding insult to injury"
Pros: "Very nice people you guys have. Amazing crews."
Cons: "Waited to long to get boarding pass 2 hrs 1/2 . Actual meal. B"
Cons: "The flight was quite delayed, the staff were tired and we were stuck in the plane on the tarmac for over an hour on arrival."
Pros: "absolutely nothing. the plane was uncomfortable and very hot. the staff was not helpful. it took hours to check in at the airport because nobody was helping customers. on a layover we were not allowed to print our tickets for the second leg of our trip and subsequently missed our layover because the staff wouldnt help us. then we had to pay $400 to get on another flight home"
Cons: "literally everything"
Pros: "Nice people"
Cons: "Some snacks at least"
Pros: "The crew was very nice."
Cons: "Entertainment is nonexistent. There was no soap to wash hands in the front bathroom. They stopped serving sandwiches and they only offered beverage service once. I remember they used to offer sandwiches and offered beverage service twice."
Cons: "Honestly, it's definitely not the best airline and if the price difference for another airline is maybe a bit more, it will be well worth it to go the other route but this airline gets the job done with absolute zero amenities and poor comfort besides taking you from point A to point B."
Pros: "The crew were very nice. The plane had comfortable seats with a lot of leg room. Clean and comfortable"
Cons: "Food options."
Pros: "Crew, ground staff"
Cons: "Bad coffee. No food on international flights"
Pros: "Lucky to get a emergency exit seat on tus plain that was super roomy"
Cons: "Delayed 1.5 hours"
Cons: "I pay for my baggage"
Pros: "The flight did NOT have the air conditioning on besides landing and take off. After many complaints to the crew , nothing was done. Everyone on the plane was uncomfortable. It took an hour for the crew to even offer water. I am very upset with interjet. I have been a loyal flyer but it has ended her"
Pros: "The crew was amazing"
Cons: "Faster and boarding time should be more punctual"
Pros: "La atención al cliente fue amable"
Cons: "El mal olor del avión y lo sucio que estaba el baño del avíon"
Pros: "I must be the only passenger they have during the afternoon that drinks coffee. I had to ask 3 times for coffee before they finally brought me a cup which was already after we started our decent to Monterrey. On my flight from Monterrey to Mexico City they crew said they had no coffee. So i had to settle for water. Someone needs to tell this airline to make some coffee. Coffee is the most basic drink on all my flights yet this airline gives it a very low priority. Just my not having coffee available to drink made all the difference in the world to me as far as how i felt about Interjet. Had they given me coffee in a timely manner on my first flight and had they given me a cup of coffee on my second flight i would have given them a positive rating."
Pros: "The leg space was amazing."
Cons: "Is it possible to have a faster way to check in and drop of bags? The line was a little too long to check in."
Cons: "Cabin had issues with a/c and was a bit too warm."
Cons: "Landed at the wrong airport. Pilot and flight attendants had no information. Didn’t get to the correct airport until 3 hours later. No apologies or accommodations were made for my physical disability."
Cons: "Smooth ride. Everything was great."
Pros: "The service and the flight"
Cons: "Service"
Pros: "Efficient boarding. The flight crew was friendly, attentive. Hard to understand any of the English announcements given the strong Spanish accent, but we got the gist."
Cons: "The choices of soft drinks were deplorable--gross "light" sodas. Grateful for availability of water and alcohol. Please let the headrest be movable to support cervical spine or lumbar spine. Please have flight magazines."
Pros: "Very outdated planes — no outlets for chargers, no personal entertainment, no WiFi. This was not something I expected from an international flight"
Cons: "turbulence was extreme for extended periods of time without precise communication and warning"
Pros: "Friendly helpful staff. Lots of leg room. Very reasonably prices!"
Cons: "The food was cold sandwiches and cookies, even though we were in the air during breakfast and lunch. Use the money you saved on the flight to bring your own food."
Cons: "This is second time that it happens. Make us wait for over 30 minutes. Supposedly, to tunnel and it gets really warm in the cabin. That's Horrible.."
Pros: "Boarding was fast and smooth."
Cons: "The cree exchanged our seats because we had kids seated on the emergency exits. But these seats were assigned to us by interjet system automaticly, I Seems like the “seats assignment systems” is not working properly."
Pros: "Always ahead of schedule."
Cons: "Baggage fees"
Cons: "Not enough room for baggage"
Pros: "Lots of leg room"
Cons: "Delay more than 2 hours"
Pros: "Efficient staff great flight"
Pros: "It was fast and easy."
Pros: "The punctuality was the best part Hassle free"
Cons: "Nc"
Pros: "The Staffs were nice . The checking process was smooth."
Cons: "I didn't get the foods and there was no Entertainment at all."
Pros: "The legroom on this airline is ridiculously awesome. I'm 6'1" and I had 3-4 inches of space when I sat upright. it was nice to not have my knee jammed in someone's back."
Cons: "No entrainment system. They have a few TV's that pop down and place some standard programming but you cannot hear it over the general cabin noise, nor was there any place to plug in head phones."
Pros: "good seats, free drinks and checked bags"
Cons: "fly attendant didn't ask what I wanted"
Pros: "Flight attendants very pleasant"
Cons: "No fresh juices Only sodas"
Pros: "A bit bumpy over northern Mexico"
Cons: "Four hours late"
Pros: "To keep flight more quite, specially late night flights; on the other hand, boarding crew and flight attendants were very kind and professional. BY FAR much better than Volaris"
Pros: "There was no up charge for setting in the exit row."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "This flight was ok. However, after my experience dealing with FlightNetwork on a different flight I probably will never use Kayak again."
Pros: "I liked that they started boarding a few minutes earlier than anticipated and that the staff actually smiled and were very friendly. the seats were roomier for being a three seater. I'm 6'1 and thick and I felt very comfortable all the way through. The plane was not fully stocked, so passengers were able to go on any available seats that would allow them more comfort."
Cons: "when filling out the national declaration they should have tons of pins to lend out."
Pros: "Extra leg room, plane half empty, lots of room, left on time arrived early!"
Cons: "No food, no alcoholic drinks, minimal service"
Pros: "The whole experience! Customer service was excellent and the staff were very polite, helpful and curtious. We were apprehensive (because it is a new company) we are so happy we decided to book with Interjet. We will be sure to fly with Interjet again!!"
Cons: "We wish you had more destinations. We would have booked our return flight but we are flying out of Merida Mexico. We are considering taking a bus back to Cancun so we can fly back to Vancouver BC Canada but we will wait and see. The check in baggage price seemed high but we take that back as we were both allowed our carry-on without a fee, so $34.00 was more than fair! Thank you for such great service! Sincerely, Donald Dale Meier and Cindy Erskine"
Pros: "Plane was not full and was able to have a whole row of seats to stretch out on for a little siesta."
Pros: "The guy checking us in was very accommodating to us having a 2 year old"
Cons: "Luggage didn't arrive at 9pm in Mexico with our 2 year old with us. We had to wait at the airport for 3 hours before they finally told us that they had no idea where it was and said they would contact us. Lady was not helpful at all"
Pros: "El precio es justo para el servicio recibido. No necesitaba más. Los asientos bastante espaciosos."
Cons: "Para el tiempo de vuelo quizá un mejor snack que chips. Un cold sandwich?"
Pros: "The usual overall good service and comfort in your planes, compared to american lines, in general. Not referring to the airline with the same name"
Cons: "The fact a wheelchair was requested at MexicoCity, didn't get it"
Pros: "Nice crew, not too packed, fast and orderly boarding"
Cons: "No entertainment"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 3hrs with no information from the ground personnel. All of the flight that day from Interjet flying to Monterrey were late."
Pros: "Crew was amazing very clean"
Cons: "The front desk did not allow me to board the plane. I am supposed to attend the memorial service of my Mom who passed away two days before."
Pros: "Crew and breakfast business class"
Cons: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Last minute plane change due to incomplete repairs was a bummer, but I appreciate that they caught the issue before we took off"
Pros: "Crew was helpful, both in the air and on the ground"
Cons: "Wasn’t able to do my pre-check via the airline due to a technical glitch on their end, but boarding staff was very helpful and should be commended. Their also wasn’t any inflight entertainment options, which for a 4 plus hour flight would be helpful"
Cons: "Friendlier service."
Pros: "The crew was very professional."
Cons: "The ability to scan for juvenile adults acting like children."
Pros: "On time flights"
Cons: "All ok"
Cons: "Slow with drinks and food, late departure"
Cons: "The WiFi for the personal entertainment system wasn’t working properly"
Cons: "They need to learn from asian airlines (specifically Thai Airways)"
Pros: "I finally arrived."
Cons: "More communication about delay and lost luggage."
Cons: "A mechanic issue with a fan in the cargo hold kept us from boarding for 40 minutes. Once we boarded and got out onto the tarmack they discovered an issue with the GPS. We sat for 2 hours before going back to the gate. Maintenance came on and fixed it. Then we took off.. 3 hours late"
Pros: "Crew was friendly, helpful and very competent. Flight arrived early. Regular notification/reminder via SMS on flight status. Comfortable seats, generous seat pitch."
Cons: "For a three-hour international flight, and at that ticket price, substantial snacks should be complimentary. In Asia, flights of three hours or more on legacy carriers have proper inflight food. Low cost carriers sell food; but UA is not LCC."
Cons: "Plane had no entertainment"
Pros: "The flight was comfortable enough, and the staff were friendly."
Cons: "As usual with planes coming from SFO, this one was late."
Cons: "Saw many backpacks inefficiently stored overhead, yet I was told to check in my carry on even though I had paid to upgrade my seat. Staff extremely unhelpful and clueless."
Pros: "Got to gate on time. Attendants nice, good service"
Cons: "seats of course. No room anymore"
Pros: "Crew was cheerful."
Cons: "Bring your own everything, even your own entertainment. Download the app before you fly so you can watch 20 year old movies."
Pros: "It was great"
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "Crew. Club soda. Safe landing."
Cons: "Pay for movie. Delayed plane that landed 10 minutes after boarding for connecting flight which was last flight of the night."
Pros: "Take off and landing very good"
Cons: "I bought first/business class ticket for my wife & myself. The sitting was comparable to premium coach level, my overhead bin was occupied by someone else. Food service was acceptable. I am medium built, the lavatory was very tight I felt sorry for larger than my self."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "7.99 to watch DTV with very limited Choice you get more from Jet Blue Free The sound jack was worn out so I had to jiggle it to find the spot it worked and then hold it for 5 hrs They appear to be cutting corners"
Cons: "Very late"
Pros: "Staff was great, and the few delays that occurred were fairly minimal and it was clear that the staff/pilot did their best to keep things timely"
Cons: "These seats and spaces are incredibly small, my body is so sore! Also the internet costs money? I've travelled with other airlines that include Wi-Fi for free"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Indifferent staff, absolutely no customer service Flight late, no food, no entertainment, seats extremely cramped, packed in like sardines, no personality at all, just attitude- get through it, provided basics, waited 20 min for first bag to appear in luggage carousel too, nothing good about it! It would be revolutionary if one airline valued their guests and showed it! Instead of cattle they manage and transport"
Pros: "It was a sparsely populated flight, I was able to lay down and sleep, very nice!"
Cons: "No problems, al was fine and I slept very well. No complaints!"
Pros: "They at least had the option for live TV on one of the flights, but wanted $8, when Southwest gives it to you free."
Cons: "The gate agent also just seemed and unpleasant in general. The leg room is the worst in the industry, it's absolutely terrible"
Cons: "Unfortunately the first leg of our flight was delayed over an hour. Although we made our connecting flight (barely), our luggage didn't make it onto the plane. It was OK since it was our return flight and we received our luggage later the next day."
Pros: "At least the seats had power outlets."
Cons: "Crew appeared to hate their jobs, only peanuts and water for a 2.5hr flight. Plane was good but united sucks."
Cons: "I don't understand why you don't load from the back of the plane first, it just makes more sense."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Awful service,"
Pros: "It really was great. On time, crew was helpful and friendly"
Pros: "On time, friendly crew, bags got through timely"
Cons: "Nothing in particular."
Pros: "The cabin was clean and the staff was polite."
Cons: "The food that was supplied was meager!. When you fly half way across the United States and get 2 cups of a soft drink, no peanuts or chips; that is terrible."
Pros: "Was quick enough and on time."
Cons: "Please start charging obese customers more money for their tickets. Seat I was in had me squished because the other passenger was so big. Its not fair that I have to give up half of my seat."
Pros: "It had been years since we last flew UNITED. Honestly, we were a bit apprehensive after learning of friends' negative experiences but we moved forward with our plan. The flight was smooth, and ahead of schedule and the crew was totally on top of their game. SPOT ON!"
Cons: "If I would make ANY suggestion, it would be to load people from the back of the plane to expedite loading. Your current 'zone' approach results in lots of waiting for passengers lo sitting in the the front passenger's mess around, trying to get themselves situated...CLUELESS that there are a hundred others WAITING in the aisle, as they tussle with their sweaters, purses, tech equipment, etc. (if you get my gist!). Just something to consider....."
Cons: "there was no in-flight entertainment."
Cons: "Purchased tickets 4 months before this flight for a departure time of 6:05pm. Tried to check in and check baggage at 9:30am but was turned away saying I could only check in 3 hrs prior to my flight. Came back at 3:00pm to check-in and they could not find my information. An hour later they find out that they cancelled the flight and moved my departure time to 8:25am for that day. They say they emailed 3 times in May but I never got it (I'm a bit crazy about my email staying clean) so they say it might have went in to my spam folder due to they types of emails they send to customers. They only kept repeating that they notified me so there is nothing they could do. I ended up going to Air Canada to get a flight to PHX the next day. No apology, no help, no hotel for the night...Terrible experience by United. They gave me a customer relations group contact information to follow up with for complaint but since they sent me the 3 emails in May about the change, they have no liability to fix the situation."
Pros: "The flight attendants were really courteous and friendly."
Cons: "There was not anything that I did not like"
Pros: "Headphone slot. Free wifi"
Cons: "Tight seats in coach..expected"
Cons: "Did know till we got on the flight that if we wanted entertainment that we had to down load a appt. so that was annoying."
Cons: "For an international flight, we had to pay for meals and for entertainment."
Pros: "All good"
Pros: "Gate Crew in YVR was very courteous"
Cons: "Deadheading pilots throwing large carry on in front rows but sitting in back rows. Really guys?"
Pros: "The plane was clean, left on time and arrived early. Expecting that there were too many carry on bags, they offered to check some bags at the gate for no additional cost."
Cons: "The snacks were a waste of time. The charge for the entertainment system is based on the published flying time but since those are overstated to improve on time performance, the entertainment charge was excessive."
Cons: "I was in the very back seat, and the lady in front of me had her seat leaned back the entire time. I had no room, and was extremely uncomfortable"
Pros: "The crew was very helpful"
Cons: "The fiesta packet of food is terrible, the coffee creamer was curdled in 3 different cups that I tried"

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