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Air IndiaOverall score based on 6893 reviews
Airline reviews

I liked that they got me to my destination in one piece. The air staff were nice. Other than that it was a horrible experience. One segment was cancelled without notice. Next segment delayed by 13 hrs. No one picks up phone calls. Rude and incompetent ground agents. They don't care about stranded passengers. Old dirty aircraft. Non working seats and displays. Never flying Air India

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I liked that they got me to my destination in one piece. The air staff were nice. Other than that it was a horrible experience. One segment was cancelled without notice. Next segment delayed by 13 hrs. No one picks up phone calls. Rude and incompetent ground agents. They don't care about stranded passengers. Old dirty aircraft. Non working seats and displays. Never flying Air India

Flight crew was well trained and very professional. I had made couple of requests, and they took care of my needs.

Everything was horrible.

It was very poor standard of service.most of the attentive were rude. The food was not at all with international standards. The food menu was like Indian village food. Even older people and kids all they have to walk to the food cabin and ask them to get a coffee or tea or juices. No service. I will never fly again with Air India

Air India The most poor service ever

My seats were broken and tv didn’t work. It’s not good experience

Pros: "Crew was amazing and seats confortable"
Cons: "Some USB sockets and screens did not work"
Pros: "Flight was able to reach on time inspite of late start"
Cons: "Food, service, entertainment system in flight were in despicable shape Staff not courteous at all"
Pros: "Food and crew"
Cons: "Toilets didn’t work, they were dirty and no water!"
Pros: "The crew was very nice, but I did not require a lot of attention."
Pros: "Well organised and systematic"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Crew was courteous and service was good."
Cons: "Flight was 5 hours longer than anticipated due to Pakistan closing their air space. Communication of this from airline was poor. Older plane -- entertainment system not working well."
Pros: "Timely take off and landing"
Cons: "Very old plane. Entertainment did not work so I sat for 16 hours on the flight with nothing to watch. Crew not responsive. Dirty. Seats uncomfortable with not enough padding"
Pros: "I appreciated that SOME of the crew tried to help us with our defective monitors by resetting them, but it didn’t work. The landing was also incredibly smooth. Top marks to the pilot."
Cons: "Our monitors and remotes did not work at all, for the entire flight. What’s worse, is the monitors weren’t just black... they were stuck on a bright white screen which were constantly in our face and prevented us from sleeping. Towards the end of the flight, out of desperation for sleep, I placed my blanket over the three defective monitors so the two other people in my row and I could try and sleep, but I was yelled at by a stewardess because she considered it a fire hazard! She was completely unsympathetic. Having a blinding white light in your face rather than an entertainment system, on a 14 hour flight, was torturous. My girlfriend and I were EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in this flight. The food was also very underwhelming and akin to bad hospital food. But at least that was bearable."
Pros: "Inter transit."
Pros: "That's all you need to know. Crew was courteous - only one person rolled her eyes when I asked for some extra coffee. So things could have been worse."
Cons: "oh boy that entertainment system - reminds you of how poor technology can be more frustrating than nothing at all. Late flight."
Pros: "Empty seats next to me"
Cons: "Crew was rough"
Pros: "Service of crew. Very friendly"
Cons: "Entertainment system did not work. Annoying for such a long flight. Head sets are very poor quality. Seats are not comfortable and most are broken with no repair."
Cons: "Tv was not working at all"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Boarding"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight got canceled . But passengers were not told about it . Instead they were asked to just leave the boarding area and go back to the booking counter to get new boarding passes. When the passengers reached the boarding counter, new passes were not issued. Passengers were asked to simply waiti for 3 hours to find out if flight wasn’t going to leave . After 3 hours they were asked to wait a another hour. After 5 hours passengers were informed that flight was canceled and to check back the next day for the flight. No reasons we’re pricided. Weather was clear. Staff did not know anything. They would r even associate themselves with Air India. I would not tecommmed this airline to anyone . If this is any evidence of how any airline is run, then I wouldn’t feel safe traveling in that airline."
Cons: "Terrible airline; my back still hurts 10 days after sleeping on their business class seats."
Cons: "Would like better food choices for vegetarian. It was mostly rice for all the meals, which is not so good for people with diabetes."
Pros: "Boarding was surprisingly smooth and food, as anticipated was really good."
Cons: "Neither the touch screen display or the remote worked. Mentioned that to one of the flight attendant who told me that the system will be reset after the food service. That did not happen so after waiting for another 2 hours into the flight, I spoke to another attendant who did reset the entertainment system. It did not work. Brought it to her attention and the response I got was, "Sorry, the flight is full and there is no other seat available". I had to sit through 14 hour long journey looking at other passengers or hear babies cry non-stop !"
Pros: "Service is super bad, they don’t even get you water after serving once. Don’t forget it’s a 15 hour flight."
Cons: "Service inside the airline."
Pros: "Good Crew"
Cons: "Late flight, lost the next connection"
Pros: "Timely"
Cons: "Change of Entry Gate"
Pros: "Staff was friendly. Flight was timely."
Cons: "Food made us all sick. Wish flight was closer to gate. Also, my tv was not functional the whole time - couldn’t even connect to see map of flight."
Pros: "Only good thing about this flight is that it's not stop flight to Delhi."
Cons: "Planes on San Francisco to Delhi route are really old and smaller than most of the international flights. The interior of ppane has really old look and feel. Most of entertainment screens don't work as expected. Seat cushions are really old and worn which makes 16 hours for flight even more uncomfortable. Food is ok quality as well."
Pros: "Timelines, and the times of arrival and departure are convenient"
Cons: "Old plane, some entertainment systems didn't work, food was not appetizing"
Pros: "The flight is direct is the only good thing. The legroom is good, but that's due to the plane being extremely old."
Cons: "There are so many things that I have jotted down a list. 1. Plane is really old 2. Entertainment on most of the seats are broken. 3. Remotes don't work either. 4. Crew is extremely unprofessional. (Domestic Air India crew is more professional than international) 5. Crew is incompetent as well. They couldn't figure out how to organize over head space. I had to help them out. Eventually someone from the airport had to come and help as they wanted our flight to depart on time. 6. All the plane announcements from the hostess and the pilot was crass. 7. There was just enough food, but no extras or snacks. 8. One of the meals out of three was inedible because it was super spicy."
Cons: "The serving tables are broken and have to be propped up just to eat. The entertainment system did not work the entire 15.5 hour flight. The departing time was changed many times but was not reflected on the website."
Pros: "Good leg room, but not very comfortable seats."
Cons: "The entertainment screens were broken on half of the plane, including mine."
Cons: "Add more movies selection."
Pros: "Everything seemed to work out. Boarding and service was efficient... Plane though a bit older 777-300ER, was still Pleasant enough."
Cons: "Lunch, supper and pre-landing snack served. Bit better than United direct flight. Food was decent and Service was efficient. The staff was polite."
Cons: "Plane was very dirty, seats were old and falling apart. My entertainment system didn't even work."
Cons: "Tv didnt work, staff didnt help with it at all."
Pros: "seats are good."
Cons: "No baggage handling protocol. Had to wait over 1 hour for luggage."
Pros: "Was much cheaper than others. Service was good"
Cons: "Not enough leg space"
Pros: "Not a good plane not a good staff folder sucks"
Cons: "The in-flight entertainment equipment was not working on quite a few seats. The headsets were broken and the controls to flip channels was not working. Hope they fix the equipment so that the passengers can actually enjoy the variety of programs available."
Pros: "New flight, good food, hospitality"
Cons: "No tv"
Pros: "No on board entertaintment screen"
Pros: "Flight was late but good overall"
Pros: "Fast effeiciatn flight from IXC to DEL."
Cons: "At the time of checkin, the attendendent offered me Business Class for a nominal fee. I said yes to the offer. Typically, the attendant will simply swipe your card, and receive your boarding pass. Well, the attendant could not swipe my card, but said I had to go to the ticketing office. To keep a long story short, I was escorted all through Chandigarh Aiport, went to 2 different offices on the opposite side of the aiport. Had to go through a rough security process once again. The whole ordeal for the upgrade took 45 minutes, with most people speaking Hindi. This was not a Business Class experience!! Although the plane was a newer A320, the seats were dirty. The inflight entertainement did not work. And the Business Class food was not very tasty and were small serving size. I wasted my money on the Business Class experience."
Pros: "It left close to on time"
Cons: "no through check in."
Cons: "We were delayed on the runway over 2 hours. Then I waited in customs for almost an hour to get my bag. Due to all the delays I missed another flight. $400 later I won't arrive at my final destination until tomorrow morning. Also the staff is extremely unfriendly & not helpful in any aspect. We were offered drinks prior to take off & not again except for meals (were we received a very small cup of water). the whole 8hour flight."
Pros: "Food is good.. and overall travel experience is also nice"
Cons: "The transit in Delhi require change of baggage. It will be better if they transfer completely throughout the travel"
Cons: "Not good"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from British Columbia to Chandigarh

Airlines flying from British Columbia to Chandigarh have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from British Columbia to Chandigarh

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from British Columbia to Chandigarh

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from British Columbia to Chandigarh

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from British Columbia to Chandigarh

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from British Columbia to Chandigarh

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