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CKY — Quebec
17 Feb — 24 Feb1
1 adult
0 bags
Thu 17/2
Thu 24/2

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Brussels AirlinesOverall score based on 2468 reviews


Pros: "Everything was amazing"
Cons: "The process to travel"
Pros: "thanks to the paid upgrading we got 2 seats in the front of the cabin (row 5)"
Cons: "there was NO organisation at all during boarding: the people just stood in line, not respecting 1,5m. Also at the airport security waiting lines no attention to social distancing was respected. At arrival the off-boarding was in groups of 8th rows, not really helpfull either. A big disappointment versus the flight we had from BXL to PORTO !"
Pros: "service in general"
Cons: "no covid separation at seats"
Pros: "the only thing that stands out was the agent who checked me in at Entebbe. She was pleasant and helpful. Most things were ok, but not special."
Cons: "Because I require oxygen onboard, I was not allowed to check in on line. consequently, my wife and I got middle seats that were very tight. At least one of them was an aisle."
Pros: "no remarks. everything fine for a short flight"
Pros: "The crew was amazing!"
Cons: "Food was good, temperatures appropriate for hot and cold. Fresh fruit or vegetables would be nice rather than processed."
Cons: "The Florence Airport has difficulty with baggage. Had to wait for over an hour."
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Maybe the entertainment choices"
Pros: "It was ok"
Cons: "NA"
Cons: "Was really a great experience from start to finish."
Pros: "On board service and entertainment. The plane itself was clean and comfortable."
Cons: "The check in process was slow and inefficient. One of our bags was routed on another flight (we’re still waiting for it). Ridiculous amount charged for chech in luggage for an international flight!"
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "economy seats...Space!"
Pros: "Good Staff, Good Service, On Time Departure and Arrival"
Cons: "The ticket price was so expensive"
Cons: "It was very cold inside the airplane. I have to ask multiple times for blanket."
Pros: "Very good service! Friendly and happy staff!"
Cons: "The food; I didn't like the sandwich and the snacks"
Cons: "It was delayed. I paid very expensive to fly on Business to be on the first row. Because every minute count for me on this trip. But it was delayed. I feel I should get a refund for sum of the money I spent"
Pros: "Comfort of the plane, service"
Cons: "No business lounge in CDG before 9am"
Pros: "Good and nice Food, crew helps , comfort seat and Entertainment clean and new screens ."
Pros: "The boarding area was spacious and clearly labeled; the plane seats were comfortable, and the flight crew was pleasant."
Cons: "1. The boarding process was chaotic - it was not clear where a line was to form or if there was an ordered process for boarding. 2. As an economy passenger, I was to purchase a meal between Geneva and Brussels. Since I didn't want a meal I was surprised to learn I also had to pay for a small, regular coffee."
Cons: "Seat and cabin temperature was very uncomfortable."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We got zero offer of beverages during our flight, even a cup of water! Glad we bought our own. It seemed like one of the flight attendants was in a flight with a customer during boarding."
Cons: "When I was trying to get in the line to check"
Cons: "Rerouted!"
Cons: "My husband was rerouted through London because they said he didn't have an ETA to go through Canada. But he does have one. We have the number and Brussels Air was the one that got it for him on his outgoing trip! When I called the airline to get his route details they said he does have one and they saw that he did. So what's up Brussels Air staff? We hope you will offer some recompense for the error and the trouble."
Pros: "While the flight left late, the service on board was good as was the comfort provided. Staff friendly. I actually was pleasantly surprised overall given a long past experience on the old SABENA."
Cons: "None, overall a decent transatlantic flight without any problems."
Cons: "I'm very disappointed because i wasn't allowed to travel back to the US from Brussels (Belgium). i was supposed to connect in Toronto but because I'm a foreign student in the US, I wasn't aware that i needed a Canadian Visa to transit in Toronto. so lost my flight and i hard to spend another thousand euros to catch the next flight that will connect in the US territory. I made all the call possible to resolve my flight issue and no one could help me either Brussels airline personnel or the kayak customer service. until today i didnt have not even a email to let me know what happen."
Pros: "Ease of boarding, reasonably comfortable seats on a short flight."
Cons: "No liquids (soda, coffee, water) offered."
Cons: "They did not even offer water to drink for free."
Pros: "They gave us a pillow and blanket so we could sleep. They offered a good selection of movies and other entertainment. The airline staff was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Seating was cramped but all airlines treat their three class clients like cattle."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight delayed and waited over an hour at baagage claim .no one to speak to or help. Worker at baggage claim sitting on phone ."
Pros: "Everything was generally good. Food was slightly below average."
Cons: "Neither the JFK counter agents nor the flight attendants knew if I could transition in Brussels onto Bulgaria Air without exiting and re-entering. In fact, it is a simple process in the Brussels Airport transition zone, with the friendly help of Bulgaria Air agents. Breakfast is a box of sugar: shrink wrapped muffin, Toblerone bar, orange juice. These are all sugar delivery systems."
Pros: "Boarding was fast, we arrived early."
Cons: "The plane was super hot, the crew never offered drinks or food to me"
Pros: "We are not frequent fliers and I have been reading about legroom problems. Certainly not on Brussels Air. A delight."
Pros: "They remembered my special meal requested."
Cons: "Not a very informative crew, service seemed rushed - I only got 2 small cups of choice of beverage offered on a 6.5 hour flight, which was disappointing as I was unable to purchase a bottle of water in the airport terminal prior to boarding as I was just there for a layover and did not have euros to buy one from the machine."
Pros: "Problem was, my luggage didn't arrive. I am now in front of lost and found desk, expecting it will come one of next days. My additional problem is, I am traveling on Wednesday in remote area by car and need desperately my luggage!"
Cons: "The gates were way too far apart. Had to run all across the huge airport and go through too many security lines."
Pros: "The fare, that's it."
Pros: "."
Cons: "."
Pros: "Love the flight from Brussels to Toronto, quick boarding process, love the entire crew friendly and helpful."
Pros: "Alles goed"
Cons: "The delay (due to weather) that caused me to miss the connection."
Pros: "The extra leg room was very much worth it! Did the trip both ways. On the way to Europe we went standard economy and economy plus on the way home -- economy plus was much more comfortable over the long duration of the flight"
Cons: "The food remains mediocre at best in the economy cabin."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Babies crying everywhere One couple fighting No food or drinks"
Cons: "Could not get my boarding pass before reaching my last terminal because it was not ready from Montreal or Toronto, and no staff were available elsewhere in the airport. this prevented me from making necessary purchases to bring with me to Kinshasa, my final destination."
Pros: "Liked flight home arrived early luggage on belt quickly fragile parcel looked after and loads of leg room on airbus"
Cons: "Nothung"
Pros: "In-flight staff are professional and try to get on with things even in tricky situations."
Cons: "Inbound connection from Tokyo was late (1 hour) but this flight BRU-MAN was also 1 hour late, so got to the gate easily in time for boarding only to find my seat and boarding pass had been cancelled! Poor management of the situation - they don't check whether the connection is *actually* OK, just use the timetable. Poor real-time handling of the situation. This flight is sometimes subcontracted out to WDL who fly various other flights for SN throughout the day, and so any delay elsewhere in Europe can delay this flight. Baggage priority ignored for Star Gold. Missed train connection on arrival in UK. Due to the above problems. In-flight staff OK but ground crew seem disorganised."
Pros: "The cabin was kept at proper temperature and humidity. The food was properly cooked. The staff treated customers properly. Overall a relaxing and easy flight."
Pros: "Thanks to formula we had priority when boarding. The Kids were offered a present on board."
Pros: "I hated that I had to do my own check in, the flight check in and the luggage dropping. I was unsure as id I had done it correctly, and even after the staff revised my luggage drop reciept, the luggae was not delivred appropriately. The flight was delayed, which made me have to o rush all over LHR, where I pretended to have breakfast."
Cons: "Unpolite and stressed, rushy staff on board. On top of that, all the running throgh costumes and pretty much the whole LHR airport, and what I hated the most was my luggage arriving 12hrs late."
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "I can not get my luggage for more than 6 months"
Pros: "The crew was kind enough and food was decent"
Cons: "The plane itself is very old and dirty. Each seat is fit with an entertainment system with a fairly good selection however on both flights, the entertainment system worked for one hour. Then it stopped. The crew was less than helpful and when they did give it their attention they simply reset the screen which then continued to power cycle for the next 5 hours. On the way home, enough folks complained that the crew reset the entire system and then it worked for the last hour"
Cons: "Checking in agent should be polite"
Cons: "Lost my luggage, didn't care, luggage poorly manipulated."
Cons: "We didn’t fly and we paid extra money to fly on 8-3-2019. We arrived one hour and five minute before and the crew refused to check us in and said we should be there at least one hour and half. Very very poor service,i will never fly with RAM."
Pros: "the crew were friendly and attentive."
Cons: "Plain maintenance. accuracy in timing is a very important part food improvement luggage never arrives with you ....thats a problem and they open your bags when your in transit and a few items were missing for me ..."
Pros: "Arrived safely"
Cons: "Cleanliness of bathrooms, overall service were lacking. They closed the bathrooms due to turbulence and proceeded to serve coffee. How does that make any sense?"
Cons: "(1) Luggage lost - not transferred in Casablanca (2) no entertainment on the flight"
Pros: "Amenities"
Cons: "Delayed flight"
Pros: "Great crew! The food was good. Good entertainment options."
Cons: "Boarding was a bit unorganized"
Cons: "I do not have until now one of my laggage"
Pros: "Plane had plenty of space, had 3 seats to lay down and sleep Brought my own food, was good decision Smooth flight"
Cons: "Personal TV broken, limited communication during delay at gate and before takeoff."
Pros: "Large space between seats"
Pros: "So glad to make our tight connection."
Cons: "Everything, the crew the service the food. Very bad airline .I wil will be er recommend or use again"
Pros: "The plane was cleaner and the seats were more comfortable than my NYC --> Casablanca flight."
Cons: "No vegetarian option (I travel a lot, and I've never encountered this!). But, given that the flight was so short, this didn't matter much to me."
Pros: "Crew was excellent"
Cons: "Royal Air Maroc should revise the state of their seats (comfort) and especially boarding time (always on delay)"
Pros: "It was 2 hours late so they gave a coupon to buy dinner a little more leg room than most other companies i am 6:4"
Pros: "Good food, incredibly hospitable staff."
Cons: "No major complaints."
Pros: "Plenty of room, plane was not full so we could stretch out and sleep"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Not happy"
Cons: "Boarding in Casa Blanca was incredibly disorganized and lengthy, with no communication from airline staff to help alleviate the chaos. We left one hour late. When we arrived at JFK we spent 1.5 hours on the tarmac waiting for a gate. There was no communication from airline staff explaining the delay or any attempt to minimize our discomfort- (provide water for example). Once we disembarked, we waited more than 2 hours for our luggage. After an hour, an airline staff explained the delay and then disappeared. She was remarkably defensive and unsympathetic. I understand that weather conditions u in NY contributed to some of this, but the lack of communication by airline staff was unconscionable. Also the food was terrible."
Pros: "On return trip, boarding was better and crew was more attentive than outbound flight. There’s still room to kick it up a notch—hot towel service, better food options."
Pros: "Flights were on time. No delay."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The entertainment system was good, with many choices. The service was okay as well."
Cons: "We started boarding late at Casa's airport and then it was done in the messiest way possible with no row calls. It therefore lasted much longer than it should have and we left late, as we often do we RAM."
Cons: "and i lost my bag as there were an overwight n the flight so air maroc decided to leave 17 bags behind. it is not received so far. no entertainment on the flight, food was bad, the craft was dirty."
Pros: "Nice crew good food"
Cons: "Very small chairs no entertainment"
Pros: "My bags where opened and my items where stolen from my luggages"
Pros: "The chicken entrée and the new Boeing 737."
Cons: "The rest of the food was mediocre. The staff was indifferent and not up to professional standards. A small example was unlike other airline staff they didn’t even bother to pick up rubbish in the aisle or maintain toilet cleanliness which takes so little effort. Again, indifference. Also, surprisingly, there was a spat between one woman flight attendant and a male passenger. They discussed the matter at length behind the first class curtains but it was obvious to many passengers that something was wrong."
Pros: "Everything.!!"
Cons: "Nothing .!!"
Pros: "Very good"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Service sucks! Reliability is zero! Lies and deceptions! Tried them in 2012, 2014 and this year 2017 and it only gets worse!"
Pros: "The flight was on time. Enough space to stretch my legs."
Cons: "The food is awful"
Pros: "The eventual flight the next day was perfectly satisfactory in terms of food, service, and entertainment."
Cons: "I was involuntarily transferred to a flight the next day, with no warning (I was not told until I reached the boarding desk, after I had already waited for three hours since the flight was delayed). It was a stressful experience and I do not understand why the usual steps of asking for voluntary transfers and offering compensation were simply skipped over."
Pros: "Staff be friendly."
Cons: "There is no entertainment"
Cons: "i have never seen more confusion in a boarding process. it seemed like none of the staff had any idea what was going on. right after boarding there was no paper goods in the bathroom nothings to use at all, they need to get things together.."
Pros: "The food was decent for airline food and there was an empty seat next to me so I had plenty of room on the flight."
Cons: "Boarding was disorganized and chaotic. The crew was okay but felt like they didn't want to be bothered."
Pros: "The plane was at a comfortable temperature throughout flight."
Cons: "AirMaroc provided midocre service. The plane was old and outdated. There was ABSOLUTELY NO in flight entertainment. They had the big TV screens hanging from the top of the plane but no movies were played (on the way there and back). They changed my flight time twice from when I bought the flight to when I left, which disrupted my whole travel planes when arriving to Montreal. In addition, the night before my departure they emailed me stating that my flight had been canceled. When i called costumer service, they stated that they had no idea what I was talking about. The company is disorganized. The plane was full to capacity and as a result my whole party (5) was not stead together nor were there any attempt to fix that for us even when we asked several employes. Overall, i would not fly or recommend Royal AirMaroc"
Pros: "Yes, I did."
Pros: "Crew ,pilots flew well."
Cons: "Food, you need to make the food better"
Cons: "Sound system keeps being bad"
Pros: "Crew hospitality, food, entertainment and comfort."
Cons: "My seat position did not allow me to have an aerial view of sights and scenes during descent."
Pros: "I am quite jaded right now."
Cons: "Despite being promised hotel within the airport to spend the 9 hours layover, we were informed that they only provide hotels at night. That's notwithstanding that RAM had changed flight times to cause this long layover, and that I had two children. I ended up paying for the hotel myself."
Cons: "boarding process was a nightmare."
Pros: "Good entertainment options on personal screen."
Cons: "Crew wasn't especially friendly or helpful when I asked questions. When I checked in, the rep didn't ask me my seat preference and put me in a center seat; it was extremely uncomfortable."
Pros: "Crew, price"
Cons: "No entertainment."
Pros: "We purchased this fare as it had a rock bottom rate for traveling one way back from Madrid on a connector through Casa Blanca. We flew another airline there. We verified that the airline has an impeccable safety record, so we said, "Ok. We will try it." We arrived in one piece and our luggage was there, and we empathized with how the crew could work these conditions day in and day out. If cost is the only consideration in lieu of the other comments below, then this is a good choice..."
Cons: "The infrastructure of the Casa Blanca airport is not where it should be compared to other major airports. That said, the airport does have a food court area and some limited shopping so there is an attempt to carry forward to a modern airport, but the next upgrade they should concentrate on is rest rooms. There is also good direction as to where you need to go when disembarking from the connector flight. Dis/embarking was on the run way followed by a bus ride to the terminal. We stood for 10 minutes crowded in the bus before waiting before going to the plane and 10 standing on the runway, but not before the free for all of ascending the stairway to heaven. With rock bottom rates we must have had 20 children on the flight and at least 10 babies on top of that. We have our own family so are empathetic to the challenges of traveling with infants and small children, but at points it seemed like synchronized crying. The aircraft was a 747 wide body so the engine noise and ability to ride the air was comfortable, but the seats were very compact and difficult for me as a man that is 6'2". I felt very sorry for passenger who was 6'10". The plane had no in flight entertainment system aside for a plug in for music on headsets. This means lots of chatter on the flight at some points reaching the level of a busy restaurant on a Friday night with 10 babies crying thrown in. We were lucky as we were not seated directly next to a crying baby or next to a person that does not think deodorant is ever a requirement. Conclusion: you will get no transatlantic sleep and pray you do not get seated next to a baby or deodorant optional passenger."
Pros: "Crew is decent and hospitable."
Cons: "Boeing 747-400 transatlantic flight does not have usb chargers on its seat and neither on seat entertainment. They can do better with boarding by using the aerobridge rather than putting the plane far away on the sweltering heat."
Pros: "first classe crew and service on board. on time. AT brings passenger to hotel for long transit."
Cons: "Business class seat should be upgrade on this B-737-800. Turkish ailine has a J class a level above on their B-737."
Cons: "Plane is late No food or drinks at all only water Plane all full is was very bad flight and services"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight delayed for more than an hour and have. They combined two flights and 2 destinations together. It went chaotic . People were confused about their seats. Many seats were assigned to 2 peoples... Yelling and loud on plane. Many missed their connection. Passengers were not happy at all"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for 5 hours and the plane was older then me, it was so crappy. The food was the worst, everything is cold and tasteless, worst airplane ever. In conclusion it was the worst flight i ever token."
Pros: "The loading from the back of the plane was brilliant! The timeliness of the flight was nice! Staff was friendly and polite. They were very efficient & effective!"
Cons: "The food options were given as couscous or veggies but their was no specification as to containing met or what kind. Any entertainment whatsoever would be better for longer flights. The seats could be in beter repair and cleaner."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Transit"
Pros: "The flight was average."
Cons: "The mechanism to receive baggage at check-in broke during check-in. I waited 50 minutes in line for them to fix it. This was not acceptable as there were many other check-in counters not in use that the Tunisair staff could have moved to at the time."
Pros: "Punctuality was very appreciated."
Pros: "No shortcuts on food On time"
Cons: "Long Delays (1hr) to receive luggage Gross, unusable bathrooms Lack of water runs"
Cons: "The delay of two Hours . A very pour VIP Lounge for which I paid US$30 with no drinks other than water and other soft drinks too rich in sugar to be good for healt !! Poor cold snak : local too salty cheese, very common white bread instead of local tasty one, poor choice of unsliced fruits , cold croissant and numerous noisy staff watching an egyptian football game on the only open TV screen."
Pros: "The Hospitality of flight attendant"
Cons: "Poor toilet facility"
Pros: "The fact that it’s a direct flight."
Cons: "The poor treatment of business passegers : 1/ same boarding than economy class passengers 2/ absence of spécial tag for luggage 3/ delay in luggage delivery"
Pros: "The flight attendant got me milk for my coffee"
Cons: "Lined up as instructed by rows. An hour later we finally boarded (no announcement at all as to why) and they took lowest row numbers first. Complete mess, longest and most disorganized boarding ever."
Pros: "Flight attendants and captain did an ok/good job."
Cons: "There was a 3 hour delay. The plane was disgustingly dirty, old , seats were abused and torn, gum stuck in seat pockets, A/C system releasing white air that looked Like white gas...for a full price ticket I would le expect a normal plane not a warn down machine..."
Pros: "Smooth flight, good service on board"
Cons: "Departure delayed by 1 hour and 40 minutes"
Cons: "We had to wait for more than 8 hours at the airport, no communication and 0 comfort. It’s definitely the last time I’m taking tunisair"
Pros: "The food and choice of entertainment was ok."
Cons: "It was so hot in the plane, I was sweating and had to go several times to the back of the plane to get a bottle of water. Unfriendly personnel no notion of good service"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was late, again, although this time by only an hour and 20 minutes. Food was all meat-based so not suitable for vegetarians. A family's young toddler threw up on the flight and the crew merely passed him some napkins but didn't even help clean or disinfect, so the entire flight smelled like vomit. As usual, another terrible experience with TunisAir."
Pros: "We arrived"
Cons: "Initial delay from 7:30am to noon. Then, to arrive at airport and see the plane was delayed even longer, until 2pm. Older aircraft, stained seats, and on the return we bounced round quite a bit."
Cons: "Boarding was a mess. Take off was late."
Cons: "Flight two hours late"
Pros: "Food and service and flexibility"
Cons: "Aircraft could be renovated"
Pros: "Liked nothing to be honest"
Cons: "Traumatizing experience. It actually made me cry, The food was bad, the plane was three and hours late. The airport was terrible. Will try to avoid going through this airport for the rest of my life. The Tunisian guys were harassing and hitting on me. They took off the plastic wrap of my bags."
Cons: "Below average food and cleanness"
Pros: "Flight Quick and safe"
Cons: "Some delay"
Pros: "Leaving on time, which doesn't often happen with this route and airline."
Cons: "NO SAFETY DEMONSTRATION. I've never been on a flight without one, till today. A uniquely unappealing meal. No milk or even powdered milk for coffee. When you ask, they say they'll bring it but don't. Waiting an hour for luggage because there's a "shift change" - this despite several arriving flights."
Pros: "Full meal provided on just a 1 hr flight!!"
Cons: "The aircraft was an older model...did not have the ameneties of current passenger aircrafts."
Cons: "Seats were dirty. Mold on the seatback behind the tray table."
Pros: "It was on time, very professional, food delicious, coffee, tea , nice crew, for a 2,5 hours flight! We don't see that old times services anymore. I loved it."
Pros: "Nothing unless you're a fan of stale, hard white bread sandwiches and rude staff."
Cons: "My flight was due to mechanical issues and we left Tunis 12 HOURS later than scheduled. I saw people become physically and verbally aggressive with other passengers and airline staff over mounting frustrations, I was frightened, lost an entire day of my much needed long weekend and the return was only marginally better. Staff was rude, dismissive, VERY disorganized and not at all apologetic for putting people through such a horrendous experience. If it is a difference of a few hundred dollars between Tunisair and another airline, TAKE THE OTHER AIRLINE! The airline they called to get us out of Tunis said this happens with them at least once a week. The rescuing airline was lovely though! Tunisair- Never, ever again!"
Pros: "Not a single thing."
Cons: "The plane was late arriving so we were late leaving. Literally the most disgusting and dirty plane I've ever been on. Horrible "food"."
Cons: "Late. Late. Late. For little reason."
Pros: "Flight attendants were pleasant"
Cons: "Delayed...again. Filthy plane that is falling apart. Hate flying Tunis air."
Cons: "Ten minute flight time change, 1 hour flight time change.....but 3 hours!! Good grief. What if people have connecting flights? What if people actually have somewhere to be on time? What if people have a schedule to adhere to? Oh well, tough luck Tunisair won't get you there on time!"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 30 minutes because the cleaning crew was too slow"
Cons: "All the flights were delayed at lease 1~2 hours."
Pros: "real impressive luggage allowance (# times 23kg but can be negotiated with 2 more eavy + 2 cabin luggages good service on board, smily hostess"
Cons: "not a real business class compares to other company (even Egypt Air is more "luxury")"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The landing in Cairo was the smoothest I have ever experienced. It was like sitting down on a soft pillow. Your pilot is a master."
Cons: "I can think of nothing disagreeable in my experience traveling with your airline."
Pros: "The flight is over"
Cons: "An hour late taking off and Tunis airport was a NIGHTMARE - overweight baggage charges not able to be paid AT checkin desk. Have to go across airport and line up at cashier's and then come back to checkin. Ridiculous arrangement. Same with 'exit stamp' for residents. Queue up at immigration - get to window - told need stamp costing TND 60 which can only be bought at one of the banks out the front of the airport (for cash). No bureau de change through security for changing Tunisian dinars and cannot use these at duty free Then departure lounge was suddenly changed at last minute Then at departure lounge entry was at a snail's pace as there was no X-ray machine and security was hand checking every single piece of carrying luggage and patting you down (with the male security guard watching the female security guard do this to female passengers, with interest - yuck) Landed late No understanding of, or interest in, special dietary requirements (on board staff) - mostly my fault as I had forgotten I needed to let them know before that I was vegan - but there was little interest or sympathy from the cabin crew. Indeed they said they said something like they sometimes had extras for themselves and they'd check - but then forgot about me. Did they not have them or wat them thrnsrlves? And then going to the bathroom all the cabin staff were sitting/standing in a circle, chatting and laughing and in the way of opening the bathroom door which was awkward for me and unprofessional of them. There was no suggestion of any radio or movie on board. I would NOT fly this airline again."
Pros: "While the staff were friendly, not enough was done to assist our connecting flight"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by over 2 hours so we missed our connecting flight in Vienna. We asked on several occasions for Austrian Airlines to contact the gate but when we landed TunisAir ground control told a fellow passenger they were unaware. It was only a member of staff from Emirates who assisted us"
Pros: "The flight was OK once it started"
Cons: "The flight took off 5 hours late and we arrived in Tunis at 0400 instead of 2310."
Pros: "The boarding was very good, by African standards. Over an hour late, also not bad by African standards. Cabin service was good."
Cons: "No information about how late we were going to be which hosed arrivals at Paris Orly."
Cons: "everything"
Pros: "I like that Tunisair made an exception and checked me in and let me get on the flight even though there was only about 40 minutes left for my flight. That's because as it I only was supposed to have 1:20 minutes between my flights. I didn't know I had to change terminals after arriving in ORYC didn't know I'd have to go through security again, two customs (one to get in and one to get out), it was pretty wild, have no idea how I made it. My bag didn't make it, of course."
Cons: "My baggage never arrived. And you have to go pick it up, they don't bring it to you after it turns up. Creates a problem when you are staying in Hammamet but landed in Tunis."
Pros: "Overall was good. Cold meal was decent."
Cons: "Though as a lady I would have preferred they placed me beside another woman rather than between two Arab men! They don't give a lot of consideration to these kinds of things where other airlines do."
Pros: "Flight was 4 hours late. Communications were non-existent. Steer clear"
Cons: "What did I like? Nothing. The loung is also the worst I've been in. And I've seen some."
Pros: "The food and welcoming crew"
Cons: "My cabine suitcase was accepted in Tunis and almost refused in Brussels..."
Pros: "Cordial crew, great food, smooth flight"
Pros: "i have never once had a bad experience with tunis air. the staff were accommodating and friendly, there is never a feeling of discomfort or disappointment."
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Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Conakry to Quebec

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Conakry to Quebec

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Conakry to Quebec

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20h 40mCKY-YUL
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
17h 35mYUL-CKY
C$ 5,403
1 stopTunisair
20h 40mCKY-YUL
1 stopTunisair
24h 30mYUL-CKY
C$ 6,368
3 stopsBrussels Airlines
23h 00mCKY-YUL
2 stopsBrussels Airlines
18h 15mYUL-CKY
C$ 7,392
3 stopsBrussels Airlines
23h 00mCKY-YUL
3 stopsBrussels Airlines
19h 40mYUL-CKY
C$ 7,415
1 stopMultiple Airlines
21h 15mCKY-YUL
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
19h 40mYUL-CKY
C$ 8,294
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
39h 15mCKY-YUL
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
24h 05mYUL-CKY
C$ 11,320

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Conakry - Quebec Flights


Conakry (CKY)Guinea

Return flight deals:

Quebec - Conakry

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C$ 1,661

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C$ 1,661