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Top airline flying Europe to Fort McMurray

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
United AirlinesOverall score based on 68023 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Had a 3 hour delay on this flight.. it was the third delayed flight I had in four months with United"
Cons: "Fix some aircraft to prevent future delays."
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Pros: "Had a 3 hour delay on this flight.. it was the third delayed flight I had in four months with United"
Cons: "Fix some aircraft to prevent future delays."
Pros: "Flight was quick and easy"
Cons: "Seats are small. Luckily the flight is short bit for anything longer than one hour I do not recommend this aircraft"
Pros: "Let hour late, landed on time in Charlotte"
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "Bigger seats and warmer cabin"
Pros: "Great crew"
Cons: "More legroom"
Pros: "The people were nice and helpful. And the aircraft did not feel cramped. I again did not use the entertainment or anything like that."
Cons: "I missed having the navigation map when traveling such a long distance."
Pros: "boarding was fast, flight was on time, nice crew"
Cons: "pretty basic creature comforts, seats so so"
Pros: "Well we boarded and left early..."
Cons: "No free entertainment, kept us on the plane for 30 minutes before getting in to the gate, and left our luggage on a later flight."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Flight was canceled"
Pros: "There were some great employees but unfortunately one of the team didn't share their personality"
Cons: "There was one employee or steward who just didn't seem to want to be there did his job but compared to the others was not on the same page of the team"
Pros: "The food was really good and the service was good."
Cons: "The TVs didn't work. The one in my seat did not work so I used the adjacent seat's TV. It shut down on me mid movie several times and I would have to wait for it to reboot. It was extremely irritating and I couldn't even finish one of my movies because it kept shutting down."
Cons: "3 hrs delay"
Cons: "It was unclear that the check-in was through United in terminal 1, not through Lufthansa.So we were at terminal 4 and it took us an hour to get to check-in at terminal 1. Also the entertainment at my seat was not working so no movies for 9+hrs."
Cons: "Flight was delayed for a hour and half because of equipment. Credit goes to United for promptly putting use on another flight that just came in from Denver. All in a it was a long day."
Pros: "Getting off the hot tin can!"
Cons: "Plane was delayed because the AC was not working right. It never really cooled down much during the flight. They need to get their act together"
Pros: "Missed flight but had no problem rebooking."
Pros: "Smooth flight. Made up time in air. Decent snacks. Professional although not seemingly happy flight attendants."
Cons: "Delayed take off. Sat on tarmac. The outgoing flight had free entertainment via the united app but the return flight required payment for the same fare class and same duration. Ran out of snacks for purchase."
Cons: "The seats were so uncomfortable. My neck and lower back hurt afterwards. I do not recommend taking an overnight flight with united or do not expect to sleep if you do."
Pros: "The staff on the flight was great! They treated us like family. Great job. United Airlines."
Pros: "Clean new aircraft, flight attendants pleasant"
Cons: "Bare bones, no entertainment system, beverages offered once in 5 hours, water once. Narrow seats with lots of neighbors elbows."
Pros: "-Blue lighting and head space makes the plane feel more open. -Staff was patient considering the unfair backlash they were getting for the recent abuse of a United passenger. -Seats were well cushioned. -I arrived home to my family alive, unhurt, and safe."
Cons: "-2 hour delay (especially after I arrived 2 hours early) is unacceptable. -Overhead bins too low over our seats. We can't stand up straight at our seats making it very difficulty to get in and out of our seats. -Couldn't access entertainment on my Mac laptop. -Bathroom closets are too small. Floors in the bathroom were consistently wet because the sink is too small for people to wash their hands. -Two bathrooms for the majority of the passengers on the plane is just not enough and you know it. It's pretty uncivilized. It creates a line at the back of the plane covering at least 5 rows. Then, your aisles are too narrow. So we have to rub our bodies up against each other to let people squeeze through. -I think you guys could do better than one tiny bag of pretzel mix for a 5 hour flight. -Let's get upper management flying in economy across the country and see what they would change."
Cons: "This was actually a United flight. It is very confusing when all of the travel documents I received from Kayak show Austrian Airlines yet when I get to the airport to check in, it's United Airlines."
Pros: "Flight crew friendly & helpful."
Cons: "Overbooked. No overhead storage."
Pros: "Friendly"
Cons: "Price"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 3 hours"
Pros: "They at least had the option for live TV on one of the flights, but wanted $8, when Southwest gives it to you free."
Cons: "The gate agent also just seemed and unpleasant in general. The leg room is the worst in the industry, it's absolutely terrible"
Pros: "Very uneventful, which is provably a good thing when you just want to get to where you want to be. Service wa excellent."
Cons: "Everything for a fee."
Pros: "Coming back not good"
Pros: "Nothing . Over packed, no were to put my carry on. Un comfortable"
Pros: "The customer service was very professional and collaborative."
Cons: "- There wasn't space for my bag to go overhead - There were no options for food or entertainment - My seat was very cramped"
Cons: "My luggage was lost"
Pros: "My snack box"
Cons: "I purchased wifi for the flight to stream entertainment. Plugged my Ipad into the charger only to realize the charger was broken. So within an hour I was unable to use the wifi I paid 16ish dollars to use the whole flight bc they advertised "outlets in every chair" wasn't working."
Cons: "O'Hare airport. Bad signage to economy parking."
Pros: "There was an issue with the entertainment unit and several cree members went out of their way to try and successfully fixed it"
Cons: "Myself and 10 others were kept from boarding as they had overbooked/overweighted the plan for the wind i was stuck with a mini van rental as they couldn't get me another flight to my destination for 2 days so I ended up driving the 14hrs to make it home."
Pros: "Appreciate the complementary snack and beverage."
Cons: "Like usual, there was a problem with the flight. The plane was too small that a bunch of people were bumped from the flight. The room in economy is tight."
Pros: "I was in a seat close to door"
Cons: "Small plane"
Cons: "Delays delays delays"
Pros: "Great flight, but to clarify, it was United."
Pros: "Flight and United's new seats are fine."
Cons: "Houston airport closes up shop at 11pm, and they only have chairs with the fixed arms that prevent anyone from laying out on them. LISTEN UP AIRPORTS! the only people overnighting in your airports are people have to wait to a flight in the AM. It's not like we want to live there - we're tryig to ger somewhere else. Even the damn Club lounges close. No 24 hour clubs like at other major airports."
Pros: "Every moment was great. We arrived early to LA and we had great service. Best part was LAX and their new terminal for customs. Perfect and beautiful!"
Cons: "Horrible snacks on plane. Pretzels with ranch flavor. Yuck"
Cons: "I am almost always cold. Not so on this flight. The temperature on the plane was so miserably hot that I had sweat pouring down my face. Everyone around me was trying to open their air vents to get more cool air and/or fanning themselves. I asked the flight attendant about it and he said that the plane was just old and it would cool off eventually. It did, about 20 minutes before they cut the air down again for landing. By the time I got off the plane I was nauseated from the heat and stale air. It will be a long time before I fly United again if this is any indication of the condition of their planes."
Pros: "We had a good flight on a beautiful day. Smooth ride no weather or atmosphere issues. Thank God. Stewardess was very polite."
Cons: "Wheel chairs were not provided in time. We had to wait till airline emptied and still wait. Cause of lack of assistance for wheel chair transporters. Some had connecting flights, pray they made it there. The ones that came to pick us up one two persons for eight people could not do the job. So we were taken off air craft n put out in lobby, to wait for all to be off the aircraft and then transport, one at a time to baggage claim area. Transporters and stewardess did a very gd job. Just the lack of help. Air conditioner on plane was off, so even ten minutes of smell bathrm, is just too much when air conditioning is off. I got very congested and had to use the inhaler, after a couple of sneezes due to environmental allergies. On top of that, cleaning people got on to clean w chemicals, only to affect me some more. Now I stuffed up, feel horrible, nite was bad with asthma n allergies that could have been avoided."
Cons: "The delay"
Cons: "We waited an extra hour waiting for another passengers I got to Monterrey Mexico all late"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours due to a mechanical problem. They found a different plane to switch with the original plane. They pushed back the estimated departure time about 10 times."

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