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Air CanadaOverall score based on 25661 reviews
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Extremely long wait in line to board - over an hour & a half - with little explanation of what or why or any estimate of when. Delayed take-off (2 hrs) due to lack of ground crew. The video system on board wasn’t functional for an extended period of time - tried to reload several times before it worked, and then not all screens were functional. Abrupt and hurried service of beverages and meals. Overall, we have had much better experiences with other airlines.

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Extremely long wait in line to board - over an hour & a half - with little explanation of what or why or any estimate of when. Delayed take-off (2 hrs) due to lack of ground crew. The video system on board wasn’t functional for an extended period of time - tried to reload several times before it worked, and then not all screens were functional. Abrupt and hurried service of beverages and meals. Overall, we have had much better experiences with other airlines.

I was changed the first flight to India, but Air Canada changed back and I could catch my flight in Thailand. Everything was good. Great responsibility!

It was a smooth flight, comfortable surroundings

Pros: "let me wait for next flight 24 hours later"
Cons: "getting me on my flight and let me wait for 24 hours"
Pros: "Crew, seats and entertainment. Unfortunately a rude passenger in front that put their seat back too far and refused to compromise so didn’t have much leg room over a 6 hour flight."
Cons: "Ran out of half the food options halfway down the plane."
Cons: "Movie app required, but not compatible with laptop. Seats were worn. Could not complete work tasks as no internet available."
Pros: "Service was friendly"
Cons: "Such a small plane"
Pros: "Slightly frayed due to weather- we were kept up to date"
Pros: "The crew were fantastic. On time flight always a plus for a vacation. Movie/TV selections exceptional"
Cons: "Headphone jacks did not work well"
Pros: "Exept food everything was awesome"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Confort of the plane in general and the personal device for entertainment."
Cons: "The procedure to board."
Pros: "Beautiful new 787"
Cons: "Entertainment options could be more plentiful."
Pros: "the over seas flight was fine... once we got on board"
Cons: "The desk does not open until two hours before your flight. Our flight was canceled, 10 minuets before boarding .... with no recourse we were booked on the next day. It took the airline 3 hours after the cancelation to get out luggage back. When we finally got out, the next day, our flight was delayed and we almost missed our connection. Every one who was trying to make the same connection said that every time they fly Air Canada they are always running. We needed up being the last ones on the plane.... they gave away our seats so we were separated for 12 hours. And shoved into corners!!! Our bags made it two days late."
Pros: "The flight to Santiago was good.. everything flowed well and there were no mess ups from air canada."
Cons: "on the way home from Santiago to Toronto, Air Canada made an error and did not check my bags al the way through to my final destination and made me go back through security and customs and re check my bags.. making it so I missed my connecting flight home and lost my job! I had to work that day and the mishap completely threw mms schedule off and costed me my job."
Pros: "We got there without crashing."
Cons: "Checking in and luggage drop off was chaos. One useless staff person failed to tell people where to line up to drop bags off until the end. She just stood there and if you asked a question she gave you the wrong answer. In Newerk we had to wait 2 hours for our bags. The man st the AC office had no idea why the bags were not coming and could not get someone to tell him and emotionally dithered and then fell apart. I will avoid travelling on AC again if I can. Worst flight ever. They did not have enough food on board either. At least the pilots were competent."
Cons: "waited at the airport when landed for 2 hours"
Cons: "No one smiles"
Pros: "Air Canada crew is always courteous"
Cons: "I have taken this same flight once a year for the last three years and it is always late to depart from NRT to YVR making the costumes and immigration process a hurried hassle for this of us with connecting flights. YVR crew got me and another couple to our next flight on time, but it has already boarded."
Pros: "No water in washroom No coffee , Coffee machine do not work Food is for purchase and the whole menu is not available except one item only crew are not friendly No head phones for entertainment I will NOT fly with Air Canada again unless I am forecd to do so"
Cons: "Crew did not seem to want to do anything extra. Movies seem to be out of date. Unpopular TV shows. A little cramped seating. I paid for a premium seat, no real difference I could tell."
Cons: "another delay"
Cons: "This flight was delayed by 45 minutes which made me miss my connecting flight. I asked the flight attendants if they could help me get to the front of the plane to see if I could catch my connecting flight and they wouldn't help me. Due to this I had to wait over 4 and a half hours at the airport wheee another 350 people were waiting for accommodations. I was in the airport until 4:30 in the morning because there weren't enough air cansas representatives. In addition, they were working really slowly because they kept getting up to chat with eachother."
Cons: "Late arriving because of out delay from the original flight and missedvout on our hotel booking"
Cons: "Took us 13 hours total to get from Vancouver to Toronto"
Cons: "At least snacks could have been given..."
Pros: "Everything is bigger than. Economy! The seat, the screen, the meal, the service, and general comfort."
Cons: "When the seat in front reclined on you, you were basically trapped!"
Pros: "The movies, and the snacks!"
Cons: "There was 2 passport controls, and the plane was late ; therefore, we had to wait 6 hours for our next flight. Knowing that we had another flight to catch - why couldn't they have held up the one going to Seattle? Originally, it was 5 hours for the next flight, but, that flight was delayed. NEVER will we fly through Canada again. Honestly, we can drive from Vancouver to Seattle in 3.5 hours!"
Pros: "long delay with no explanation, surly staff, poor communication"
Pros: "Nothing except the plane was able to fly!"
Cons: "Old plane: Old seats No entertainment screens need to rent a mobile device -> this is sooo out of touch with reality of standard flights that it is even embarrassing to mention or to write it! BTW: My fellow flight companions did make fun of this during the entire flight! Not good."
Pros: "Great crew and helpers on the ground too! Loved the entertainment too! :)"
Pros: "Boarding process was good"
Cons: "No free snacks offered"
Pros: "The bathrooms were clean and the dinner was pretty decent. Lots of movie selections. The crew was nice."
Cons: "The space was cramped. My flight from Toronto to Seoul was not good. I was seated right next to the bathroom and the way the seat was positioned, it stuck out next to the bathroom door. So, people were constantly walking into my seat and I could feel the air (and smell) from the bathroom every time someone opened and closed the door. It was very uncomfortable."
Pros: "Little turbulence, smooth flight"
Cons: "In flight entertainmento, had to rent a device to watch a movie on an 8 and 1/2 hour flight, there was no tv's on seat backs."
Pros: "It was a short flight with poor weather conditions, the pilot was very good at keeping the passengers updated."
Cons: "The temperature on the plane was incredibly hot. I believe that the crew did everything that they could do to remedy this, including passing water. However, it was incredibly uncomfortable and some of the passengers were quite angry."
Pros: "The personnel were pleasant and efficient."
Cons: "AC Rouge domestic flight was horrible. Tiny seats that reclined about 1.5 inches jammed together. Not that size plane's original configuration I'm sure. Absolutely miserable. The personnel were all very nice and competent--I felt sorry for them having to work in such an environment. I've been in small African airline's planes which were small but not that uncomfortable."
Pros: "Having empty seat next to me made for comfortable trip"
Cons: "Broken headphone jack made trip feel very long and boring because couldn't watch TV."
Cons: "Was an overnight flight and not very comfortable but didn't expect anything different."
Cons: "It was canceled"
Cons: "Didn't even get to fly. Air canada! Avoid at all costs"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "I didn't like anything about it."
Cons: "The crew needs to learn how to effectively execute the meal/drink service. It takes entirely too long. Also, on an international Flight, over three hours, you don't provide a snack!? And the small cup of soda we get takes over an hour for some people to get. The seats are entirely too close. I'm 5'9 and my knees were digging into the seat in front of me. Then the guy in front of me reclined and I had absolutely no room. I had to turn to the side. We didn't board until around the time we were supposed to depart. We were over a hour behind schedule. They held the plane to get a passenger's bag off because he was stuck in customs. Unless it's a funeral I need to get to, I'm not flying Air Canada again."
Pros: "great seats much roomier than other airlines"
Cons: "No snack."
Pros: "The in-flight entertainment system was enjoyable, though somewhat confusing to use. The staff were pleasant and professional."
Pros: "An Air Canada rep over the phone"
Cons: "Gate agent, zero entertainment (and no warning that we should download an app inside airport), poor food, flight attendant wouldn't bring coffee to us (made us go to the back)"
Cons: "Delay in Our connection in Toronto caused us to miss the connection in Frankfurt - not because we couldn't run, but because it left before our delayed plane arrived. Then they gave us Stand By tickets for their problem. No exaggeration: The crew rolled a beverage cart in front of the restroom while I was in there. I couldn't leave for about 4 minutes The food made me vomit. That's why I was in the restroom when they blocked me in My headset jack was broken. 500 movies aren't worth anything if I can't hear them"
Cons: "would be helpful to set up cabi lights according to destination's time. Also, no socks provided for this long flight."
Pros: "Staff was friendly and accomodating"
Cons: "Return flight was delayed a couple hours, customs was "full" at Pearson causing more delays"
Pros: "Flight left within a hour of schedule time. I did get one warm diet coke with no ice."
Cons: "Having taken over 100 flights, I've noticed things have progressively gotten less and less *okay*. While nothing eventful happened this flight, I felt all the small touches I've come to know about Air Canada are gone. I felt less like a person and more like cattle on this flight then ever before."
Pros: "ANA crew were cute, polite and kind. They even put me on an earlier flight. I'm glad it was operated by ANA, one of the world's best airline."
Cons: "Everything went so smoothly with my ANA flights. Nothing to complain."

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