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LMM — British Columbia
26 Feb — 5 Mar1
1 adult
0 bags
Sat 26/2
Sat 5/3

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
AeromexicoOverall score based on 9859 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "No bueno"
Cons: "La comida"
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Pros: "No bueno"
Cons: "La comida"
Cons: "The lunch could be better with a cracker or Bread."
Pros: "The time we take to aboard"
Cons: "The space between seats"
Cons: "My baggage got destroyed and they did not wanted to refund it. (I am not sure if it was the correct flight). I submitted a claim but thet rejected it."
Pros: "Cabin crew very attentive, engaged and friendly."
Cons: "The boarding structure did t have very clear signs for priority boarding and the leg room didn’t seem anything different from reg economy. I feel I didn’t get anything more for what I paid for AM plus."
Pros: "Crew members gave out extra snacks toward the end of the flight."
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "Plane arrived earlier then expected. Waited for about 35 minutes before exiting the plane."
Cons: "Schedules, schedules, schedules. What is the point of having them if they are not followed. People plan around schedules, while it is always good to on a few minutes earlier, what is the point if one is trapped inside the plane. I have a returned ticket, hope the service will improve."
Pros: "Nothing at all, we were left in Mexico with an under 2 years old boy. Reason, apparently we were late but we were not and simply Aeromexico probably oversold tickets and put others in our seats"
Cons: "To resolve our problem. Supervisor was so disrespectful and treated us so badly we had to get ao mad at them so we could get at least a hotel to spend 17 hours until our next flight which they wanted to provide"
Cons: "Food"
Cons: "Entertainment selection was mediocre."
Cons: "Flight delayed. They were moving us from door to door. My connecting flight was delayed too. The flight was supposed to leave at 1am when ended up leaving and hour past that plus a lot of children were traveling in that flight and I don’t think it was okay to be moving all these families around from door to door. It was 2am this children needed to be sleeping on Thebes plane that was supposed to leave at 1am. Really disappointed."
Pros: "Nothing. Iberia Airlines employs theives."
Pros: "Great ground crew, everyone was super polite, plane was super clean and very comfortable seating"
Pros: "I enjoyed it"
Cons: "Good overall service"
Pros: "The cabin was kept quiet, dark and orderly for the night flight."
Cons: "Same as above. The seat in economy is truly an endurance test. No way to go to sleep."
Pros: "The food, space and movies!"
Pros: "COmfortable seats and great staff. Food was the most bland that I have experience on Aeromexico but they all can't be home runs."
Cons: "Entertainment system had malfunction and was down for half the flight. Leaving me halfway through a film (pet peeve)."
Pros: "I like the entertainment choices and the blanket."
Cons: "Food could be better."
Pros: "Love the comfort and room of the seats. A plus to have charger station in your seat"
Cons: "Staff not so friendly. Not giving us enough attention"
Pros: "Got to fly a newer Aeromexico plane. It's awesome. Tuve la oportunidad de volar en unos de los aviones nuevos. Excelente."
Cons: "Arrived 3 hours early to check in but no one was at the check in counter until an hour later. Llegue 3 horas antes para regrirstrarme pero nadie llegó hasta una hora despues."
Pros: "Was all good even saw a couple get in the toilet for the mile high club!"
Pros: "Friendly flight attendants, good service."
Cons: "Entertainment system didnt work on the way to Mexico."
Pros: "My husband and I enjoyed the convenience of the direct flight. It was so much better than spending several hours in airports just to save a few dollars."
Pros: "Flight had no major inconveniences or mishaps."
Cons: "Paid $150 more for AM Plus. Not worth it."
Pros: "Not much waiting time to board , landing was on time"
Cons: "Was two attempts at landing time..didn't really know tbe problem the first time"
Pros: "Mileage was credited to my account of SKY TEAM immediately. Many movies are available."
Cons: "The shelf between two seats were not clean. I asked a young steward to clean the shelf. He cleaned it later."
Pros: "Good hot meal"
Pros: "good service and good drinks food as well"
Pros: "Fast boarding, decent seat space (AM+), fast, courteous staff"
Cons: "I paid $14USD for internet assuming the USB charging ports worked, only to find that they did not, getting only 15 minutes of my 6 hour flight!"
Cons: "It was too cold on the plane."
Pros: "Overall planes were ontime Staff pleasant. Tv entertainment was certainly adequate"
Cons: "Food was terrible Both trips a bun with mystery meat and cheese And a pudding on the side My last overnight trip my seat didn’t recline making sleeping almost impossible"
Cons: "Delayed hours, both on my flight to Managua and from Managua. Going through customs and having to pick up your luggage and the go back through security is annoying. What do they think has changed since the last security check? The seats are small if you have long legs. The food is not good, but I guess what airline's is?"
Pros: "Excellent service I will travel with aeromexico again."
Pros: "Crew was very nice, lots of movies and kids shows to choose from on the plane"
Cons: "Flight delayed, missed connecting flights, very little communication about delays etc. Terrible turbulence for 3 hours, food was not good at all. Don’t eat breakfast"
Pros: "The crew was very nice."
Cons: "The screen at my seat did not work. Nobody told me why or mentioned it to me. While I was sleeping a flight attendant took away my tray of food before I was finishing eating."
Pros: "Nothing they cancelled my connecting flight"
Cons: "First time flying with Aeromexico and it will be my last. The cancelled the flight just when we are about to board and have not responded or compensated me for my substitute flight to get home."
Cons: "Aeromexico's conditions of carriage allow them to cancel your flight rebook you days later with no liability. They pay no compensation for delays that last days . Take at your own risk, I learn the hard way."
Pros: "Awesome direct flight. Crew was efficient. No crying babies."
Cons: "Didn’t wake me up to offer me a beverage or food :( I was hungry. Oh well. I ate tacos when we landed."
Pros: "Most everything was fine, on time, nice crew, good entertainment..."
Cons: "Avoid this food like the plague, disgusting."
Pros: "On time flight, extremely efficient crew, comfortable seats, entertainment, meal, drinks."
Cons: "Boarding, paid for upgrade but was second to last zone to board, leaving me to scramble for Room for carry on. Flight crew was friendly enough except for one, she seemed put off by everyone on board, but especially me. Lol. Basically threw the tray of food on my table and on the backside, pulled tray before I was done. She hopefully was having a bad day."
Pros: "They gave me an emergency row seat and being tall that's great, the food was pretty good and we got free beer."
Cons: "Boarding took along time."
Pros: "Aeromexico's fare was competitive, and they got me to my destination on time."
Cons: "Aeromexico's online check in system needs a total revamp. Trying to check in online was a nightmare. I eventually gave up. Also, they charge extra for checked luggage, like most airlines today. What's different is that they make it really difficult to pay for your bag. After I waited in line to check in and the agent confirmed my reservation, I was sent across the concourse to a separate Aeromexico office to pay for my bag, rather than simply paying at the check in desk. I was lucky I had the extra time to make it to the gate to catch my flight."
Cons: "Stated "free wifi" on plane by the door entrance. But once seated and trying to log in. You have to pay. So it is not "free" In my opinion that sigh is false advertising."
Pros: "The crue is nice and friendly."
Cons: "The map for choose seats was diferent than the airplane, i payed for a row with nobody in front and i get one line after that. I only payed money for nothing. The food is poor and not tasty."
Pros: "They always provide food and beverages. It's great And they help you with all your questions. Great Service"
Pros: "Attention"
Cons: "Seats are very tight, uncomfortable."
Pros: "Help from attendants"
Cons: "Too crowded"
Pros: "Good service."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "I loved the friendly staff, smooth flight, movies, and meals."
Cons: "I can't think of anything."
Cons: "Great value and efficient process. Chairs are small and it’s cramped. But the value $$ makes it worthwhile."
Pros: "Nothing I liked. They charge you for a cup of water"
Cons: "Everything could be better, it's a ghetto airline"
Cons: "Advertising for the spirit rewards card was overdrawn."
Pros: "I like that we eventually arrived at our destination."
Cons: "Gate 17 at IAH smells of what I assume can only be urine. The carpet is sticky and filthy. The gate organization is chaotic and frustrating. Low cost should not equate to what is being offered at Spirit. No pride seen by employees. Book with someone else."
Cons: "The staff was rude and the seats were uncomfortable."
Pros: "On time and reasonably priced"
Cons: "Bag fees are steep with only 40 pounds allowed before another $30 increase over 40..."
Pros: "People complain about the cost of extra baggage, but it seems we ought to know that flying on the cheap has snags."
Cons: "I ordered a cheese tray that was tasty enough but looked to be bigger in the picture than it really was. (See previous comment:)"
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "The really hard seats."
Pros: "Flight Attendants were nice"
Cons: "My flight was canceled in the morning via email. I callled the airlines and was given different reasons for the cancellations. We were flown out of Myrtle the next day, but the airlines did not cover our hotel cost. All we were given were 2 50 dollar vouchers to be used again on Spirit."
Pros: "I had a bad experience which I had not had in my life. First of all this airline delayed in Phoenix to Dallas about one and half hour, which I accepted cause one of my agent called me before. I missed my connection at Dallas to Fort Launderdale, I stayed at the airport for 12 hours. On my way back to Phoenix they did the same thing. I went to customer service at Fort Launderdale airport to complain about it nobody cared. imagine you delayed your customer for two times and you don't want hear her/his concern?"
Cons: "Flight Crews are nice. I can't complain about it."
Pros: "This was my first time flying Spirit Airlines and there was nothing that stood out to me as being exceptional."
Cons: "Didn't realize til checkin that I had to pay $40 each way to bring A carry-on. I paid extra for "security shortcut" which did not exist in the LAX airport. I showed my ticket to 3 different TSA agents who waved me on thru the same line as everyone else. Between the carry on and security shortcut I paid an extra $100 on top of my fare. I could have flown a major airline for the same overall cost. To make matters worse, I was seated next to a large woman who took up almost a third of my seat who was coughing the whole flight. She kept waving down the flight attendants for cups of ice and they seemed to ignore her more often than not. Ice is the only thing that's free. Even water costs $3. On the flight they bribe you with free miles to fill out a credit card application. I don't want to fly spirit again even if it's free, sorry!"
Pros: "It was actually on time"
Cons: "No complaints"
Cons: "The water was free"
Pros: "on time, capitan gave info and specs about the plane and our travel plan."
Cons: "paid $59 for a backpack"
Pros: "The price The captain had a good sense of humor"
Cons: "Being squished in the middle seat next to two very large people, one of whom was particularly smelly"
Pros: "I upgraded to one of the larger seats and so glad I did. The others looked really tight"
Pros: "Almost 30 minutes early and on time departure"
Cons: "It was cold.. glad I had a jacket!!"
Pros: "The price."
Cons: "Departure was 2 hours late, baggage rules were incorrect online, AC was busted, plane was dirty, passengers were irritated."
Pros: "Boarding was painless and didn't check bag size."
Cons: "Sears sucked, uncomfortable with joke tray tables. Having to pay for everything sucked."
Pros: "Buyer beware! You will spend more money in th he ling run and the whole company culture is just toxic!!"
Cons: "Bait and switch tactics, horrible customer service, dirty planes and very inflexible. Go to any other site."
Pros: "Cru is friendly and attentive. They actually seem to have a lot of fun. But we're still very professional."
Cons: "Was not confident in getting to Minneapolis until the plane was in the air. Emails stating flight was delayed. Then not. Then many many announcements I've other flights being delayed or cancelled. Did not lend well to confidence and travel. Will not be choosing Spirit Airlines again."
Cons: "Charged for onboard luggage"
Cons: "55 dollars for a carry on!?"
Pros: "I missed my flight"
Cons: "I can't get home till I get another ticket I missed my flight"
Cons: "my flight was delayed 2 hours ):"
Pros: "Flight attendants very helpful"
Cons: "The checkin area in FLL is a MESS printing machines for flight tickets barely work crowded lines the people working organizing the lines are poorly trained and super rude this alone ruined my entire experience"
Pros: "The plane i flew on was new and clean. The staff was friendly and attentive. Didn't think it was a big deal that they don't provide a free 3 dollar snack and drink."
Pros: "No entertainment available. Only snacks were available."
Cons: "extra charge on carry on luggage and they charge for a snack and a drink. i will never fly with them again."
Pros: "Flight attendant was nice"
Cons: "We should have left at 8:38 Than leaving at 11:42 than boarded and rushed on at 11:06 so they do not get a fine for being over 2.5 hours late and we sat on the plane until 11:42 when we were set to leave. Seats were much smaller than any other airline I have been on. I will fly Delta or anyone else."
Cons: "I'm surprise they don't charge for the oxygen in the plane. Every move it's charge including water."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I didn't make my first flight and I bought another ticket to fly to Vegas with. I made my second flight and they made me buy another plane ticket saying that they cancelled my flight. I had to buy the same ticket 2 times. Not happy about it at all!!!!"
Pros: "I enjoyed the flight attendant who made the preflight announcements. He used humor to make it entertaining and the whole plane had his attention."
Cons: "Disagree with the charge for carry-ons"
Pros: "Being on time"
Cons: "Paying for my one luggage which is not right. When you buy a tickets, you shouldn't pay for at least one luggage"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Terrible experience. You have to pay for carryon bags, seat change, drink, and so on. At leadt Adds $150 to your purchased ticket. 3 hours delay. You have to make a paper ticket..(electronic ticket that you download from website when you check in does not work ( Rude service. They say they are independent from all other airlines so they can not access simple flight info on other airlines... Very tight seating I would pay extra and go on other airlines"
Pros: "Spirit airlines gave me the worst experience I have ever had on any airline. Slammed with hidden fees. Wouldn't let me rebook a flight without paying a new fare fee. Customer service had me on the phone for 45 minutes sending me in circles and no one could answer my questions. In person at BWI the employee helping me was extremely rude and not helpful at all. Very unpleasant experience. I will not be traveling spirit airlines again."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "The flight attendants were great!"
Cons: "The attendants at the airport were really rude because I went to check in minutes before they "closed"."
Pros: "The only thing I can say positive is that the crew was nice."
Cons: "The plane was extremely hot the entire way. The captain apologized for the temperatures but never mentioned that the air cooling system was (most certainly) not functioning correctly. It was miserable."
Cons: "Flight was 1.5 hrs late and we never got an explanation. The lady from spirit said the flight was late the night before too so I think the flight is regularly late"
Cons: "low fare comes with surprise, but this is reality. lower cost does come with lower quality. after you pay all the fee and charge, will cost you more by compare paying to other carriers"
Cons: "Got canceled. Never would fly with spirit. It was the first time I got a ticket from spirit and it was a critical time and I had planned from a month ago for thos trip. But the irrisponsible airline just tols us it's canceled 1 hour before the flight. We only received a refund nothing else! Should we thank them?!?!?! Aweful!"
Cons: "I took two flights in fives day and both were delay for no specific reason."
Pros: "Obviously, the ONLY thing to like is the price."
Cons: "Web site difficult to use to buy seats, bag check and check in. Had to sign up even though I had a rez #. Took about 45 min to over an hour to take care of these things that I can do on other airline sites in a matter of a few minutes. Outgoing and return flights delayed."
Cons: "I'd give it no stars if I could because the flight never left. They delayed it due to weather, then canceled due to crew time expiring. All well and good, but the next flight out they had available seats on was 4 days later, on Monday. Since I had to be in a wedding, I kind of had to fly out, so I ended up paying $900 (!!!!!) on a last minute flight on delta. I'll never try to save money up front again. Spirit assured me I'd have a refund in 5-7 business days, which was clearly useful in helping me buy my ticket to actually get to my destination."
Pros: "It left on time"
Cons: "-bag and seat fees came out to 80% of the ticket price, effectively doubling the kayak price, thanks!"
Cons: "The only things free on the light were the air and the toilet paper. Not even water was provided."
Pros: "hidden charges, uncomfortable seats, rude service, no water unless with credit Card...neverrrrrrr again will I fly Spirit Airline!!"
Cons: "hidden charges, uncomfortable seats, rude service, no water unless with credit Card...neverrrrrrr again will I fly Spirit Airline!!"
Cons: "Wasn't allowed to board flight. Lost ticket in taxi and when I tried to reprint at the kiosk, they said that because I was "checking in" less than 45 minutes before my flight that I would be bumped to a flight the next day. Had to buy a flight with a different airline."
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Safety measures for airlines flying from Los Mochis to British Columbia

Airlines flying from Los Mochis to British Columbia have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Los Mochis to British Columbia

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Los Mochis to British Columbia

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Los Mochis to British Columbia

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Los Mochis to British Columbia

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Los Mochis to British Columbia

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