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ILM — Ontario
21 Feb — 28 Feb1
1 adult
0 bags
Mon 21/2
Mon 28/2

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Uncomfortable seats

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Uncomfortable seats

The black flight attendant with braids is way out of line. She basically assaulted me by running into me like 3 times on purpose after I asked nicely to be moved due the large man in my isle. She told me no, the plane was empty So this should not have been an issue. She also started an issue with another passenger in a racist manner… also just a tip when a flight is empty spread people out a little bit specially during a pandemic. I will never fly frontier nor recommend it again because of that woman.

Pros: "We missed the flight due to parking difficulty We came to the airport at 1:10 pm and flight supposed to leave to Ontario at 1:30 pm I requested a flight change or refund But neither refused Please help us to get refund or credit for the next flight Sudath Edirisuriya 916-751-8219"
Cons: "Please provide help to us"
Pros: "I did not get onto flight"
Cons: "Allowing me to board; I showed up to Denver international with plenty time, I arrived at gate of new flight the check in attendant placed me on, I then watched my original flight close the gate and fly away while waiting for my next flight."
Cons: "Check in bags. No one at ticket counter. Airport had to page a frontier employee to get to the ticket counter over the airport intercom. Pretty bad look for you guys. Embarrassing honestly. Seems like a disjointed company. As a result many people saying they wouldn’t take frontier again"
Pros: "On time, friendly"
Cons: "Seats a little hard"
Cons: "seats"
Cons: "Had to pay for everything carryon's, bags n food"
Pros: "The crew was wonderful"
Cons: "In one weekend had two flights that were very delayed. Plus the return Orlando flight the cabin pressure was not regulated very well."
Cons: "Nothing at all, awesome"
Pros: "Friendliness and being professional"
Cons: "The seats are very uncomfortable and don't recline. And I knew that this was a no-frills airline, but when even water costs extra, I think this will be my first and last time using this airline."
Pros: "The crew at check in was very nice. Especially the lady who checked me in was very accommodating."
Pros: "Price, easy boarding due to less carry on luggage"
Cons: "No reclining seats"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "They lied/ tricked me about the return flight itinerary. On the flight advertisement, it said Frontier Airlines Flight 480 Denver DEN 1:30 PM New Orleans MSY 5:03 PM My departure day was Sept 17th. After I paid the ticket, the receipt showed that my arrival day to New Orleans was not the 17th but on Monday 18th at 5:03pm. When I called, they said they do not have a flight for Sunday- My departure process at MSY was worse!"
Pros: "Friendly, professional staff"
Cons: "Frontier should be more explicit about the "bare bones" nature of their ticket price, which includes only a random seat, a seat belt and 1 cup of water. I probably would have still flown with them because even with extras the price was the best. However, still surprised that the seats are hard and don't recline, unless you pay $50 extra, and the "tray" wouldn't hold both a snack and a beverage. Spirit airline is the same, but gives you all the info up front."
Pros: "Great price!"
Cons: "The seating is even tighter than normal coach, but my flight was only 2 hours so it was no big deal. I don't think I would take a longer flight with seating that tight."
Pros: "The searing as well the customer service. The schedule and time management of the flight was also very good"
Cons: "No free snacks but it's alright, no big deal"
Pros: "Convenience"
Pros: "Staff was good"
Cons: "Major delays, lack of food options on flight. Seats are horribly uncomfortable and when your sitting for HOURS due to delays and actual flight it was a painful experience."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Bags cost extra. The website said I reserved them but it didn't go through so at the airport I was charged $20 more. Water and coffee isn't even free! Such a rip off."
Pros: "Friendly service"
Cons: "I got hit with extra baggage fees that were very expenzive Pilot took off fast then slammed the brakes on landing"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "The amount for a soda"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "This used to be our favorite airline about 6-7 years ago. Now it's just a last minute ticket availability decision for only very short trips!! So uncomfortable, rude attendants and so many fees!!!"
Pros: "Only positive thing about this company is that it doesn't cost much for a flight unless you plan on taking luggage then you might as well get another company"
Cons: "All flights where extremely late to places that never have delays Seats are like a football stadium seat, very uncomfortable and non adjustable. They are fixed seats that are made of hard plastic with a small lining of pleather. Staff was ok but this flight offers nothing but stuff you have to pay for so interactions are minimum. Baggage cost is 30 dollars."
Pros: "The fast and friendly services."
Cons: "The seats were very uncomfortable, but remember it's a budget flight so it's normal."
Pros: "The flights were cheap and arrival was seamless. The crew is always friendly and lovely, as are the captains. The seats are super small, but it is an economy airline, so it makes sense. They are adequate for comfort, but I would not suggest long flights on them since they are not super soft or spacious."
Cons: "Frontier does a number with charging you extra fees for everything after you purchase your cheap ticket. For example, if you have a cary on item, that is an extra $40 (and typical standardized carryon luggage is too big to fit) or you can check in your bag on-line for $35. Then they ask if you would like to sit next to your party, charging you an extra $27 per seat. If you check in early enough, you are more likely to actually sit with the persons you are traveling with, so don't pay for that. You also are charged for drinks, and snacks on the flight (no biggie, but you should know). On the flight back to my state of origin, there was a flight delay of 2+ hours (for a valid reason of de-icing, but that was not communicated to us, we found out from the flight crew.). The Frontier app did not refresh to tell me the change, the website did not reflect the correct delay-of-flight change, and I got an e-mail telling me my flight was delayed about an hour after the initial delay. We called to confirm when our new boarding time was and could not get through the prompts. Google told me my flight was delayed and had more accurate information than the actual airline. Buying from this airline is very misleading- if you need budget, this is convenient, if you want a bit less stress, pay a bit more and go elsewhere."
Cons: "Flight cancelled after what appeared to be a scheduling error with no flight crew. Delayed several hours before this was understood by the gate attendant. If it was weather, that would be understandable, but a flight with no flight crew due to scheduling...that was just incompetence."
Pros: "Friendly flight attendants; apparently a diverse or progressive hiring policy"
Cons: "Seat couldn't be reclined which is below standard; checked-in baggage too expensive ($40 - that's not a fair price, it should have been no more than $25 as with competitors, ideally $0 to $20); was not able to use cash to pay for baggage at the counter; the need to pay for snacks and drinks on board (at least a cup of juice, tea or coffee should be offered as I see it but this is not a make-or-break point)."
Pros: "The crew were friendly, informative, honest and pleasant. Even the ground crew at the gate, who had to deal with annoyed passengers after a flight delay, were still kind and helpful."
Cons: "The flight was delayed, which happens, but the explanation was pretty confusing. I appreciated the inexpensive ticket, but having to pay for seat selection and carry on... was just too much."
Cons: "I was involved in an uber accident en route to the airport which prevented me from boarding the plane. I called customer service, explained the situation and was told I had to pay $99 in order to be placed on the next available flight. I asked why this fee couldn't be waived due to me being a passenger in the uber and not the driver, and I was told I needed a police report. I've never been more frustrated with an airline than I was with Frontier. Here I was, trying to catch my flight, involved in an accident that I couldn't prevent and was now being told I needed documentation to have this fee waived."
Cons: "The original fair cost was inexpensive but you pay for it at check in with extra cost to sit together and more for checked luggage than other airlines. To add to the additional costs, there was no free in-flight drinks or snacks offered. Is it asking that much for a water and a cookie. The seats and the plane overall were very cheesie. I spent just as much in the end flying frontier as I would have flying another more expensive airline. And would have gotten at least a drink and a cookie from them."
Pros: "Poor service, flight cancelled at the last minute, discrimination towards minorities, terrible customer service, so called manager was more worried about her "work schedule "."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Once we actually got in the air the flight was fine. Didn't take too long and the crew were lovely in getting us what we needed."
Cons: "We were delayed because of weather first at the gate and then for almost 2 hours after we boarded but were left on the tarmac unable to take off. This is the part that bothered me the most. Perhaps the airline didn't know we would be held that long but on the plane once they told us the crew also got a bit annoyed after 2 hours when everyone needed to get up to use the bathroom which should have been expected since they literally had us waiting and going no where for that entire time. This situation could have been handled better and communicated more clearly upfront to the passengers. It probably didn't make a lot of sense to board us to only have us wait another 2+ hour stretch."
Pros: "Flight attendants were friendly, greeted us with a smile."
Cons: "Boarding process was a pain waiting for luggage again. Having to pay for drinks and carry-ons, even though there was plenty of overhead space, still having to pay and extra fee making it more expensive than most other airlines."
Pros: "The price of the flight was extremely reasonable. The onboarding process was smooth and the landing was great."
Cons: "The only thing I dislike about flying Frontier is the comfort of the seats. Of course we would all like complimentary snacks however considering you can bring on your own it's not a deal-breaker."
Cons: "Uncomfortable flight."
Cons: "They lost my luggage, never filed my claim until two days and 3 people later, and I didn't receive my bag back until 4 days after and the delivery guy was mad at me because even though I told 3 different people my address and wrote it down before leaving the airport, they never told him."
Pros: "Cheap, not unpleasant overall"
Cons: "Seat not very comfortable, bit cramped"
Cons: "Seats comfort is not very good. Tray tables too small."
Cons: "Steep fees to carry on bags"
Pros: "The value is incredible: if a no frills flight is the goal, Frontier is the place to go. The extra leg room seats are worry the upgrade for those of us with long legs who need to access the personal items below the seat ahead."
Cons: "No real complaints, honestly. Clean aircraft. I rated the food and entertainment as at 3 stars because I didn't buy any food or need any entertainment, which is good because the catering isn't cheap and there is no TV or movie service. I would've liked power outlets at the seats but I understand that that adds cost, and I'd rather pay less."
Cons: "The fact that i got sick that week and had to canncel my flight for me and my wife , and our dog had to get a spline and tumor removed , on the day of the flight going up. called yous and yous transfered me over to frontier, you gave me back a small piece of my money with a 90 day restriction , or I loose it our dog is doing much better were happy for that and today i'm almost over this bug, ...I'll use you again in the future"
Cons: "When we arrived at the ticket counter, we were made aware that they do not open until 2 hour before flight time. Being advised to be at security about 3 hours before flight time, this makes no sense. When I went to check in, I then realized we had to pay extra for our seats, check-in bags and carry-on bags. We could have flown a major airline direct for the same price after all of the add-ons. Then being charged for coffee and pop. Seats are VERY uncomfortable!"
Pros: "All my Frontier flights were on time or early. Keep it up! Thank you! Flight attendants were all very friendly and polite."
Cons: "What entertainment? What comfort? Your planes are ridiculously uncomfortable. It's almost like they were designed distinctly for DISCOMFORT. I am a small person, and it doesn't take much for me to be comfortable in a seat. I feel sorry for ANYONE who has to sit in these seats, especially larger sized or those with chronic pain or disability. The arm rests are like daggers, almost no space in the seat pocket, and the tray "table?" You're kidding us with this, right? I will not purchase a ticket for a flight on Frontier that is longer than 3 hours. There is no way my body could take that. Hate the "a-la-carte" business. Give us a complimentary beverage - at least. Come on! I can see making us pay for overhead baggage - you'll squeeze every last penny out of that one, but making people pay to choose a regular seat? I think that's excessive greed."
Pros: "on time departure and arrival. great price."
Pros: "No problems went very well"
Cons: "Nothing bad to say"
Cons: "called airline after flight got cancelled and couldnt get through AT ALL. went to airport and frontier people there said they couldnt help us and to keep trying to call. when we finally talked to someone they were nice but it was a headache and felt very unsettling."
Pros: "Everything. The employees were all friendly from signing in at baggage, during the flight and leaving the plane. The crew was very entertaining (a breath of fresh air), the plane was clean and comfortable. Excellent flight."
Cons: "There wasn't anything I did not like."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Wilmington to Ontario

Airlines flying from Wilmington to Ontario have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Wilmington to Ontario

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Wilmington to Ontario

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Wilmington to Ontario

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Wilmington to Ontario

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Wilmington to Ontario

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