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Cons:My reservation was for an SUV and I ended up with a 4 door little car. They said I had to go through my booking agency to get the rate adjusted as they did not have the car I reserved. Also to waited over an hour to get my vehicle and they also said I needed to speak to a manager to get the timeline adjusted as I did not have the car during that time. Lastly some people were smoking marijuana right outside and they were not going to do anything about it until I brought up the concern. I did the prepaid fuel for half a tank and they tried to charge me for a full tank even though they gave me the car with less then half a tank and I returned it with 1/4 so I still returned it with more then they gave it to me with.Reviewed 6 Nov. 2019
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Pros:Drop off was smoothCons:Pick up was slow Had to take a shuttle from regular car rental location to a second off site locationReviewed 31 Jan. 2021
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TerriblePros:The daily rental rate seemed to be decent.Cons:The Economy car rental building was offsite from the rest of the other car rental companies. So, from the airport we had to take a shuttle to the car rental facility and then had to wait for someone from Economy to come pick up up. The Exonomy car rental building was a bit of a whole in the wall and the customer service was lacking. They required a $350 hold on your card to rent the car which was unexpected and we were unable to rent from them as a result. We went back to the car rental facility and found Enterprise was the best deal and were super friendly, and professional.Reviewed 25 Apr. 2016
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Pros:Front desk staff wasn’t very welcoming.Cons:Quicker pick up and signs pointing to pick up area for those who aren’t riding in a shuttle to pick upReviewed 21 Jan. 2021
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You have been warned!Pros:This is THE WORST car rental company ever - you think your going to save a buck using them, think again! Pay the extra $10 and use a reputable company - these guys are just terrible!Cons:NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! Very rude, there were three customers all complaining when we got there, some renting, some returning - I could not believe my eyes. I could go through all the specifics, but just think of anything that cold go badly with a company - I bet these guys can top it. This experience was so bad, I will not use Kayak again, if this is the kind of company they are recommending their customers to then no thank you. Plenty of other website out there that actually have standards for the companies they recommend.Reviewed 9 Aug. 2016
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You'll be waiting to get picked up FOREVERPros:Great price!Cons:When I arrived to the airport I had to call them to pick me up. I called over and over and they never answered the phone. The least they could have done is answer to tell me that someone will be on the way instead of ignoring my calls. After waiting for 30+ minutes, I saw a van picking someone up and that's when we asked the driver could we hop in. I even called them on purpose when I got to the office and I saw the agent pick up the phone, press a button and hung. That to me is bad customer service. If youre rinning a business you should always answer your phones.Reviewed 18 Feb. 2016
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Awful customer servicePros:NothingCons:To be fair, it wasn't actually Economy that I got my rental car from but rather a third-party rental agency named Verve that WORKS WITH Economy. I originally set my drop off time for 2pm on our last day and when we arrived at the rental place at 11am on our first day the guy asked me if I wanted to extend our drop off time to 3pm to be safe -- so I did, but he never mentioned that if you don't drop off the car by the same time you rented it (ie: 11am) then you would get charged a "late fee" which charges you an extra day. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD TO TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS! When we received the car the interior was okay I guess but the exterior of the car had chipped paint, and things like that. The lack of communication that this company tells you about extra costs is just horrible, plus when you try to talk to their reps about your frustrations they were not helpful or considerate at all. I don't plan on renting with them again.Reviewed 21 Jun. 2016
review fromkayak
You get what you pay forPros:It ended up costing us $98 for three days, which is a really good deal.Cons:The whole thing was just kind of shady. It was off-site from the airport, so a minivan picked us up to take us to the rental location. It all turned out okay, but the car was pretty scratched up. The girl took pictures to make sure we weren't charged anything for those, but it just felt weird. There were no license plates on the car, but there were clearly holes in the front bumper that looked like a plate had been attempted. The office itself just seemed off. There was a curtain behind the desk, and the whole thing just seemed like it had been thrown together in two minutes. "There! Now we're a car rental business!" We had to pay an additional $200 deposit, which was not disclosed to me at any time prior to them charging us an extra $200. We did get that back upon return, but again, it was just off-putting. We took the car, drove it a couple of days and returned it in with no incident. However, four hours after we returned the car, Economy called us to say we currently had a car that was due back to them. I told them we had returned the car three hours prior to when it was due. The lady apologized and all was well, but again, it just felt weird. I wouldn't have been surprised if we were then charged $10,000 for a missing rental car. All in all, we really didn't have an incident to speak of, but I'm extremely grateful that we didn't have car trouble or an accident because I worry how that might have played out. For peace of mind, I would advise paying a few extra dollars to a different company so you wouldn't have to worry about it.Reviewed 12 Jan. 2016
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Very dissapointing experiencePros:NothingCons:1. The only car offered to us was a cabriolet. Not being comfortable with an open top car, we asked for a similar size hard top model. The company employee said that they only have hard tops in bigger sized category and she'd have to charge more 2. The car was quite dirty and smelly. The gas tank wasn't full. The alarm requiring oil change and technical inspection was on all the time. 3. The biggest surprise came at the end when instead of $55 rate that was advertised and confirmed at the time of car pick up, we were charged $96 at drop off. That total included fees for shuttle service to the car rental location, something we never experienced before . Had we been aware of these additional charges, we'd gone with a better known car rental company.Reviewed 21 Feb. 2016
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Rinky dink outfitCons:They didn't hold the car I reserved. Instead, I had to drive a minivan. They didn't explain the optional damage liability waiver clearly. They claimed I had a reservation for 3 days (rather than the 6 days I actually reserved), then waited 3 days after the fact to call me about it. After all this, they blamed me and Kayak for the errors. The rental agents were rude and threatening. Professionalism is non-existent at this business. I travel to Las Vegas regularly and I will NEVER patronize this Mackey Mouse outfit again. In fact, I'm very leary of doing business with Kayak again, since someone at Kayak approved this company as a partner.Reviewed 28 Sep. 2016
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Pros:Nothing. Terrible, awful service.Cons:After leaving the airport, you take the rental car shuttle to the main rental facility. Then, you have to wait behind 40 people all waiting for the single 15-person Economy van to take you to their facility 2 miles away. I took a cab since I didn't want to wait an hour. At the facility, you wait in a long line while their extremely slow systems check in customers. Then they give you the keys, you walk 100 feet to find your car, and you have to return to the counter for them to check over the car. WASTE OF TIME and TERRIBLE VALUE. Never, ever, ever use this awful company.Reviewed 15 Feb. 2020
review fromkayak
Price was good but you give up a fair amount of coPros:LIkes Car was clean but very basic (manual everything. couldn't even unlock passenger door with key and no trunk release -- had to turn off car and use key to open trunk).Cons:Dislikes Shuttle from the airport to the offsite car rental location THEN ANOTHER 20 MINUTE WAIT FOR THEIR SHUTTLE TO THEIR LOCATION. We were in a strip mall with two crappy desks. Very low class. We were in the back of a long line and each person in front of us had some problem or other either with cost, insurance, or finding out they didn't have the unlimited miles they were promised. I felt like we were waiting to find out what their "gotcha" was going to be with us. Ours was a minor insurance thing. My personal experience wasn't bad but there were enough problems and actual yelling back and forth between one of the customers and managers that I will never use this company again.Reviewed 20 Sep. 2016
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Where can I find Economy Rent a Car car rentals in Las Vegas?

8801 S Las Vegas Blvd, Economy Rent a Car car rentals


8801 S Las Vegas Blvd


+1 877 247 3362

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8801 S Las Vegas Blvd

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C$ 42/day

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C$ 33/day

Top tips for renting a car from Economy Rent a Car in Las Vegas

  • 25% of our users found rental cars from Economy Rent a Car in Las Vegas for C$ 33 or less
  • Standard rental cars from Economy Rent a Car in Las Vegas are around 35% cheaper than other car types, on average

FAQs about renting a car from Economy Rent a Car in Las Vegas

  • As the situation changes with coronavirus (COVID-19) Economy Rent a Car will continually update its policies accordingly. Please contact Economy Rent a Car directly for the latest information. You can find up-to-date information on the coronavirus response of Economy Rent a Car here: Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from Economy Rent a Car

  • On average a rental car from Economy Rent a Car in Las Vegas costs C$ 42 per day.

  • Standard (Kia Soul or similar) is the most frequently booked rental car type from Economy Rent a Car in Las Vegas.

  • Economy Rent a Car has 1 rental location in Las Vegas. Take a look at our Economy Rent a Car rental location map to find the best rental cars near you.

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