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Cons: "Everything was great. Very nice and friendly crew, clean plane, great food. Excellent overall"
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Cons: "Everything was great. Very nice and friendly crew, clean plane, great food. Excellent overall"
Pros: "Efficiency!"
Cons: "Long line at the security checkpoint"
Cons: "I always prefer asian airlines"
Cons: "WiFi and entertainment"
Cons: "Better food."
Pros: "crew very attentive and helpful."
Cons: "food was limited, meal not complete"
Pros: "I booked this time China air for my parents and because of delayed flight we had very bad experience. Japanese boarding ticking staff were cooperative but seems they don’t have power"
Cons: "They said they understand situation but they were afraid to solve but there were staff name Ms. Umeda Ms. Yasukawa and Ms. Ai were very nice trying to handling the situation but as we were very cooperative and understanding that not their fault. My parents are old my mother can’t walk probably and Blood pleasure patient. I ask for room in Beijing because of 18 hours delayed stay. But they failed for get Hotel. But Japanese staff were nice also crew. I would love to give 5/5 rating but honestly was bad experience only because of delayed flight and couldn’t get recovery."
Pros: "Yes"
Pros: "the Japanese staff was friendly and nice"
Cons: "i am very sorry to say this but the food is simply disgusting"
Pros: "Food was good! Crew spoke great English."
Cons: "6 hour plane ride with no TVs/entertainment options were unclear, and no meal from PEK-HKT. Outdated entertainment system on 11hr flight from YVR-PEK. Beijing airport was an absolute maze, we got sent in 8 different directions from the moment we got off our plane!"
Pros: "Movie selection"
Cons: "Not having carts crashed into your knees"
Pros: "Yes they where excellent on everyway possible but the 1st hour of the flight was rough."
Pros: "Relatively comfortable, easy flight"
Cons: "No entertainment options. We were delayed a good amount, just sat on the runway."
Cons: "Upgraded and didn’t get the perks of the upgrade"
Cons: "The food is not so tasty."
Pros: "Good to have a footrest. Toilets in good condition."
Cons: "Low entertainment options Low quality of food. Same sauce used for both the meals. Didn't smell that great."
Pros: "The premium economy was a bit better, but still on a service level was very poor hospitality."
Cons: "The online service was not user friendly and slow. Our upgrade was said at departure it would be for the full flight and was Not. The staff would not speak English and refused to serve any drinks or snacks as I thought it would be normal. Our luggage was lost and did not arrive at our final destination til 2 days later. On the flight home we were told to wait till our transfer to upgrade and that was denied and said we needed to do it prior. I am beyond disappointed and will never fly with Air China again and the only recourse that was given was from the nice people in Japan that explained this happens all the time and provided a voucher for less than 100 US dollars. I will advise anyone in the future not to fly this airline and I would like this to be investigated."
Pros: "Boarding was efficient and quick. New large plane with adequate IFE; I was prepared with pre-downloaded netflix on my ipad just in case. Two meals were served in addition to beverages and free beer/ wine. Our flight from SFO-to Beijing was great and on par with any other airline on a long haul flight. Our shorter Beijing to Osaka flight was on an older plane that did not have IFE, that is where I am glad I had downloaded some videos and movies to watch. This flight was also delayed for 1 hour on the tarmac due to flight control scheduling. No major complaints about the flight or plane. Transit hotels were provided on both legs of the flight in Beijing. They are a coin toss in terms of quality. The first hotel was garbage, dirty and smelled beyond bad of rot and ciggarette smoke combined with Beijing polluted air, breathing was difficult. Upon our return trip to SFO, we had a much better hotel. Cleaner, bigger, and it felt safer."
Cons: "There were a lot of in-flight announcements that were redundant: Ex:Duty free shopping alerts multiple times in a short span of time by different FA. The FA were not very concerned with passengers standing and walking around during taxi on the tarmac..I was stunned not only at the passengers carelessness disregard for safety or rules to remain seated. It just felt like the bar for passenger safety was a left to each passenger to decide."
Cons: "Our first segment was delayed and when we landed, no priority was given to get off the plane and run for next flight. We barely made it. Got to Dubai for a wedding and our luggage didn’t make it. There were five of us flying together. No one got their bags. We landed at 1030 pm and went to out first event that night in the same track suit I flew in. Awful airline. Never again."
Pros: "The flight attendant crew is pretty good. They don’t speak great English and when they are working they are short and not so courteous, however after they have served and a bit more relaxed they are pleasant."
Cons: "Ticketing staff are horrendous to be polite. There is no such thing as customer service. Checked in online and had seat confirmation and when I was at the booth my connection flight had me sitting somewhere completely different. I showed the email confirmation to the ticketing agent and she said that’s not a confirmation and would have nothing to do with it. I quickly realized i was going to get no where so left it."
Pros: "Overall all basic comforts we're provided at reasonable price."
Cons: "Not Much options for vegetarian food."
Pros: "Didn’t like it at all, flight canceled and we have to find our own alternate flight to our destination for the connecting flights."
Pros: "Perfect service. New equipment. On time. Business class feels like First Class. Attendants are punctilious and extraordinarily well trained. Seem to enjoy their work. Almost zero slip ups."
Cons: "No English language international or domestic papers. Nothing from Europe in any language. No Western media news or analysis. Film selections in English are limited, dated and bad."
Cons: "The plane was so cold that by the end people were wearing their parkas. I started the flight healthy and ended it with a hacking cough that turned into a full blown cold. The not very good food was also not warm."
Pros: "Flight was good , webjet promised me aisle seats but did not deliver."
Cons: "Bejing airport is unfriendly, the staff are rude and the currency exchange is a joke. They gave me exactly half the value of my dollar ."
Cons: "Very poor service was very bad air hostess very rude"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Food and baggage claim. I called them all the time for my damaged baggages, but they didn't give me claim. I had to buy new bag immediately and on the way back to home USA they missed one new bag I purchased from India.."
Pros: "Lowest price in the market"
Cons: "They lost my luggage! Poor customer service! NEVER AGAIN! Flight attendant were Rude and Lazy! Worst decision to booked AIR CHINA!!!!"
Cons: "The plane was dirty. Entertainment system at my seat was broken. Food is nearly inedible. They are still flying outdated 747s that are literally falling apart and show their age. The plane is overdue for new paint and a refurbishment or just retirement. This is the typical experience with Air China. Fly Korean Air, ANA, JAL, or China Airlines for a better experience."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Everything els was disapointing"
Pros: "Don't expect much and you will be delighted by what you get!"
Cons: "I could not choose my seat. Assigned a seat near the back (last row with 3 chairs) and a small plastic box took up most of my legroom."
Pros: "Empty plane less than 100 passengers"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "The food and drinks are limited from all flights. Due to the limitation on the carry-on luggage, I had to place my camera batteries and other stuffs to the check-in luggage at the check in counter in Washington DC. The Chinese custom in Beijing took them all. They are normally just take the battery charger, but not the camera batteries. These are expensive items and not conviniece at all to customer."
Pros: "Literally nothing. I guess the crew was nice. Sufficient at least and not unpleasant."
Cons: "Where to start. First off, I have flown budget air carriers with more leg room than this pacific international flight. I do admit I am a taller than average guy, but if you are over 6' tall you will have NO legroom. And I mean none. It is an insulting amount of legroom. My 5'6" wife barely had any room, never mind myself. On my flight back, I requested an emergency exit row seat (as I noticed on the flight over the emergency exit row was filled with old people and young couples with babies/ young children). And was informed it would cost $120 USD per flight per person. My jaw almost hit the floor. You mean to tell me that the emergency exit row - the row where in the case of an emergency you are supposed to physically be able to assist passengers - actually COSTS money to sit in? That is an absolute disgrace. You have to pay for the added responsibility to help in the case of an emergency? Of course, once I was on the flight the emergency exit row was filled with old people and babies. All of course perfectly capable of helping in the case of an emergency. I was, and still am furious. The gall to charge that much money and then give the responsibility to people unable to help? Meanwhile, an able-bodied couple in the 20s is denied and I am cramped in my less-than-acceptable-for-budget-airlines legroom. And the food. Putrid. Inedible. It was somehow overwhelmingly fragrant while far too bland. Its hard to imagine someone putting together that meal and feeling proud. The meals all screamed "I do not care about my customers." In fact, that is the overwhelming feeling I got from Air China. An airline that truly could not careless about their customers. I would not reccommend. Even if they are the cheapest by a far margin. Stay away. Do not go near. Air China is a terrible airline that should be avoided at all costs."
Pros: "Flight is cheap"
Cons: "But then you deal with people who are rude."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Wverything else"
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "Comfort level was OK. There was slightly better than average legroom, but still not enough room to prevent the person behind me from kicking into my seatback the entire flight"
Cons: "2 verysmall meals of rice with vegetables and roll with margarine were served. No other snacks offered during flight. Next time will take care to pack my own lunch and snacks for flight."
Pros: "I like the food. It was good. the flight from Vietnam to China was ok, it was on time."
Cons: "I don't like the wifi in China."
Pros: "Nice stewardesses"
Cons: "Can't use cellphone in airplane mode! Should have been warning about this. 2 hour delay with no explanation"
Pros: "Hate flying in and out of Beijing! The flights are always late!"
Pros: "Look forward to my return trip"
Pros: "The plane was comfortable, The foot rest in coach was nice to have. The service was professional, pleasant and stress free. i would fly them again."
Pros: "That this airline delivered me safely to all points."
Cons: "Robotic flight attendants: they acted like robots and never as humans. Smiling is not what their operational programs have missed. They are RUDE people. People should try not to even change planes in China. Koreans and Japanese people are much far adorable than any one Chinese I encountered. They have to step up. For now, never again on any Chinese airlines. Taiwanese airlines provide much better service."
Pros: "service for first and business class was very good, including the food and hotel arrangment"
Cons: "the flight from Nanjing to beijing was delayed so I got to hotel after midnight, and had to get up early in the morning to catch up 2nd flight to US. I was exhausted."
Pros: "New plane, good leg room, comfortable seats"
Cons: "Major delays both to Asia and on the return. Such extensive delays that I missed my connections both ways. The airline was very unhelpful in rectifing this. I nearly missed my second connection as well."
Cons: "The 12 hour non stop flight from Los Angeles to Beijing was on 747-400 aircraft with no personal entertainment on the seat backs. they had a monitor that played chinese movies which was hard to see and it was a very boring flight. Kids were complaining 2 hours into the flight saying they were bored as nothing to do. Food was mediocre. I can't imagine an international flight with no personal entertainment screens."
Cons: "The staff were rude and over all air china is quite disorganized. Their website barely works and it was impossible to get any real answers out of the agents on the phone. I tried to request a celiac or gluten free meal and it took 3 phone calls to get an agent who was aware there were even choices. Also, as I'm aware I'm flying in another country I would have like to see more English speaking competence amongst staff flying an international flight from Asia to Canada and back. The staff were not helpful. Like drones with no time for you. This to me is not service. And an airline is providing a service."
Pros: "Lost my bag took 3 days to find. No updates incompetent baggage personnel food inedible. Fight attendants discriminate. Chinese man beside me got numerous drinks/snack I got one glass of orange juice ife at my seat broken and garbled. My electrical outlet did not work no compensation for lost bag"
Pros: "Great comfortable flight. Good service and food"
Cons: "Going down the stairs from the plane to the tarmac."
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