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Find cheap flights from Dalian to Montreal Trudeau Airport

Dalian (DLC)
Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl
Fri. 22/1
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Air Canada
Overall score based on 24,775 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "We did not make it to this flight since it was cancelled"
Cons: "We were rebooked on a flight with a short connection to London and they bumped us off that flight claiming that they could not get our bags in on time. Very poor customer service."

Cons: "See above."

Pros: "The bad stuff overshadowed the good stuff. Bad experience."
Cons: "We took off late and never made up for the time lost which resulted in me missing my connection in Denver. Had to be rerouted to Toronto that night and spent night in hotel. Next day, we took off late and that resulted in me missing my connection in Denver... It took me two days instead of one to travel to my last destination. Not happy with Air Canada, three out four flights took off late. I also almost missed my flight in Montreal to go to Paris if it was not for the friendly and helpful Canadian Customs people."

Pros: "On time and efficient"
Cons: "To pay American dollars for baggage on AC coming back to CANADA or to pay AT ALL for a bag"

Cons: "Most uncomfortable seating that one can have. I will never fly rouge again."

Cons: "Unhelpful crew,dreadful status updates about our delay, not enough food on board for everybody"

Pros: "Smooth flight and we arrived ahead of schedule"
Cons: "I as first time travel from US to Canada no information given on flight regarding how to get to connections and customs. Unaware of requirements to claim luggage after customs and before security We were surprised at the lack of any offer of snacks on a five hour flight"

Cons: "movie selection is poor and using your own device isnt that enjoyable. Girl at counter was demeaning."

Cons: "That was a first time i saw a paid entertainment system. That was a long-haul (9 hrs) flight. Either you pay and have an iPad with movies, music etc. or nothing. Very interesting."

Pros: "Staff"
Cons: "Food and no tv on the seat didn't want to look own the whole time"

Pros: "When I had to reschedule they were very nice about making sure that I had the information I needed and they gave me great seats on the way to London."
Cons: "My flight was Delayed and I had to reschedule that was unfortunate."

Pros: "The crew was amazing"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Crew was nice though not very professional."
Cons: "Airplane quality Seat dimensions Food quality Allowing passengers to sit where they pleased Pay for food- embarrassing"

Cons: "Always delayed."

Pros: "Good selection of TV and film's"

Pros: "The crew was very friendly."
Cons: "The plane boarded early and the food was not good. The pasta was over cooked and essentially a mash."

Pros: "Despite weather travel delayed I was taken care of very well. Comfortable seats. More leg room. Friendly, calm crew."
Cons: "We were not given the option to change our flight out from Chicago when we knew we wouldn't make the connection in Montreal due to weather."

Cons: "Not offered earphones"

Pros: "Nice, polite and helpful bilingual crew. Apologetically when trouble started and we had to do two unscheduled stops in Calgary. THe second crew was also very nice but not very bilingual."
Cons: "The fact that we were over 6 hours late, and even with my old age, I went 24 hours without sleep. I missed my ride to the apartment where I was supposed to stay and had to rent a room at an hotel nearby, adding to the costs of the flight."

Pros: "i didn't like anything about this flight"
Cons: "The flight was over an hour delayed and everything else since boarding was a mess. It was hard for the fly hostess to keep her calm and we knew she was stressed, as much as many passengers who lost their connection or who had really tied ones. I noticed also that it wasn't the only flight delayed so I am not sure if this is usual with Air Canada."

Pros: "Food and comfort were okay."
Cons: "My first plane sat on the Tarmac for 45 min, thus I missed my flight to"

Pros: "Crew were very nice and efficient."
Cons: "Flight was delayed so badly that I missed my connection to Paris and arrived a day late, which was NOT nice."

Pros: "People were helpful & friendly"
Cons: "Timing between flights was not enough to make connection. Had to take next available flight."

Pros: "Aircrafts decent legroom, flight on time"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Worst flight ever. Had a technical difficulties 3 times in a row. Had to be cancelled and put on the next day and again same thing over and over. So missed all my connections. Cut short my vacation. Will never flight air Canada again."

Cons: "The waiting room in Boston was awful and behind security, hot, small crowded. Delayed"

Pros: "Flight crew was friendly."
Cons: "Horrible smelly crampy cloth seats, awful food, they don't offer complementary wine and beer for international flights like other carriers, no tvs in the headrest. The flight crew works slower then I have ever observed in my over 200 flights. Took them 1hr 40min to serve what they called "dinner", Delta and others knocks it out in 30!!! And don't get thirsty, You'll die of dehydration before you get a drop of water. They treat ice like its gold. 2 cubes for each drink. If u ask for more u get one more cube. Lol. It was just a horrible experience! I will never fly Air Canada again."

Pros: "I liked the comfort and the service"
Cons: "the long delay in Montreal"

Pros: "Check in and boarding process ok."
Cons: "Had to buy meal on the SFO-Montreal leg, which was at the snack/wrap level. Constraint space seats."

Pros: "Very friendly staff."
Cons: "Left late so missed connection. Was put up in a mediocre hotel."

Cons: "Deplaning and entering the terminal was delayed substantially."

Pros: "Flight wasn't full so could spread out a bit"
Cons: "No entertainment unless you had your own device"

Pros: "Never flown "air canada", was a bit apprehensive. But I was very much happy & pleasantly surprised!"

Cons: "5 hour delay. Didn't get the correct seat."

Cons: "Long time till take off."

Pros: "Nothing. Worst airline ever. Air Canada's customer service is AWFUL."
Cons: "My sister is still stuck in Paria trying to get to Casablanca because Qir Canada changed her ticket to Royal Air Maroc in the system but failed to pay the ticket!! She's been traveling from Seattle to Casablanca for three days and she's still not here yet! And I'm going into labor very soon!!"

Pros: "Very nice people, seats large enough"
Cons: "impossible to work on my computer, plug without enough power turn off automatically"

Pros: "the crew was great, food was alright, and overall I enjoyed my flight"
Cons: "the only entertainment was able to connect to apple products or a renatble iPad. I don't have an apple product so that was a bit annoying"

Pros: "The flight was on time compared to the schedule"
Cons: "Too cold (temperature) No screen but only ipad to rent"

Pros: "Good leg room."

Pros: "The flight was comfortable. Entertainment choices were varied and generous."
Cons: "o'Hare needs an upgrade."

Cons: "Was a bit of a pain when I wanted to simply get off the plane in Geneva since it would be shorter, but then the plane was late, but that can't be helped"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "first flight cancelled, second flight delayed so impossible to get the connection. Nobody called me about it, I had to go to ask."

Pros: "Some of the members of the crew were so nice"
Cons: "SFO to Montreal: no complimentary food; not even nuts. I was forced to check in my bag because it wouldn't fit in the tiny sizer."

Pros: "Nice crew,moving all the time, food was good."
Cons: "A little bit colder than I expected."

Pros: "Boarding early"
Cons: "Leg room was not good"

Cons: "The seat I sat in felt lumpy. Its also always so loud in the smaller planes, but I knew that."

Pros: "Great service"

Pros: "Super polite crew"

Pros: "Noon"
Cons: "."

Pros: "Nothing it was awful"
Cons: "Everything they are racist."

Pros: "Kind staff"
Cons: "Same meal three times in a row. Plane had to turn around 4 hours into the flight. I would like a refund."

Cons: "I missed the connecting flight because of the aircraft situation, but I had the following regrets. 1. There was not enough help from the ground. 2. The plane didn't wait for a minute. 3.Unfriendly transfer counter 4. It was too inconvenient to find and refit the luggage for about two hours."

Pros: "I booked thru a search engine more than 3 months before the flight but was not allowed to select my seat. I was seated at the last seat in the middle. The trip was long, more than 12.hrs and being in the aisle would have been comfortable. It is not my 1st time to ride the airline . ."
Cons: "Not being able to select prior to the trip."

Pros: "The plane was about 3/4 full, so it felt like there was extra room. It was a red-eye flight, easy to sleep and quiet."
Cons: "Be prepared for some pushing and shoving by the other passengers."

Cons: "The plane was COLD. The food was absolutely disgusting! The seats are small. Lacking in the movie department. I will not use Air China again."

Pros: "Reasonably comfortable"
Cons: "No movie selection and nowhere to charge phones. On line check in was a nightmare."

Cons: "I have to change schedule but cannot do it on-line. I ended up purchasing a new ticket. I try to cancel the ticket but cannot do it on-line."

Pros: "New York to Beijing plane was new."
Cons: "Not have salt pepper tooth pick.Halfway of plane juice finish. In this long flight no have snacks"

Pros: "Flight smooth, better entertainment anf food is average."
Cons: "Flight attendants cannot communicate well."

Cons: "Departed an hour and a half late"

Cons: "That's not the first time, last year, we got the same delay (seated in plane for nearly 2h) and this year, for no reason, we had to wait 2h, instead of boarding at 13:30 pm but 15:30. Beside the delayed waiting time, other things were good"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I lost two days due to this mistake."

Pros: "They were friendly, competent, we were comfortable"
Cons: "The lines and time spent getting into the gate area. Because the flight was to go on to Beijing from Vienna, all of us going from Barcelona to Vienna waited in line with the others."

Pros: "A completely packed plane on a 14 hour flight from Beijing to NYC, freezing cold. I was too exhausted to eat my second meal. The flight attendants were great, but i"ll avoid flying Air China in the future."

Cons: "Somehow my passport number on my ticket was mismatched with another passengers. I was held at customs."

Pros: "generally good"
Cons: "failure to comply with special food needs after many calls and e-mails stating organised so a 10 year old boy had to do without food on board due to allergy to NUT &Fish and being a 18 hour journey not appreciated"

Cons: "Nobody was even at the counter? Only a sign saying the flight was cancelled. Worst experience at the airport I've ever had."

Cons: "The plane was dirty. Entertainment system at my seat was broken. Food is nearly inedible. They are still flying outdated 747s that are literally falling apart and show their age. The plane is overdue for new paint and a refurbishment or just retirement. This is the typical experience with Air China. Fly Korean Air, ANA, JAL, or China Airlines for a better experience."

Pros: "I am incredibly happy with my Air China experience. Crew worked diligently to create a good experience, and was kind when I was having difficulty communicating. The food was surprisingly fabulous! Authentic Chinese cuisine and tasty. Several passengers did not review the regulations and were pretty rude when Air China crew told them to turn off and put away cell phones. Crew handled this well."
Cons: "Bathrooms were not very clean. I didn't realize until halfway through the flight that we needed to get our own beverages and throw away our own trash (different than the other airlines)- would have appreciated this being announced. I was confused during boarding process about when to stand and when to board, but watched the people around me and figured it out. We took off late/ landed late, but I was able to make my connection in Beijing without any stress so was happy."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Smelled. Terrible food. Poor customer service. Rude to foreigners."

Pros: "Boarding process was really quick. In half an hour they boarded a complete flight."
Cons: "There was a very rude person sitting behind me. He kept hitting my seat every time I reclined it. I brought up to the flight attendant but she had no intention of getting involved or helping out."

Cons: "My baby (not yet 1-year) was uncomfortable on the flight and through out. When I asked one crew for help to clean up the floor she just gave me a disgust face and told me I should make the baby throw in the trash bag... I was super shocked and disappointed. I think air china really need to improve their employee training."

Pros: "Nothing specially"
Cons: "The seats were unconfortable."

Cons: "Seat too tight"

Cons: "The flight arrived late and i barely made my connection."

Cons: "Food was bland. Very limited flight entertainment selection. Flight attendants are extremely rude."

Cons: "they cancelled my flight connecting in beijing to shanghai. no reason this just happens all the time in china. they lost my luggage for hours. they didn't have another flight until the next day. and i was traveling alone meeting my husband in shanghai. so i was just stuck in beijing. they were incredibly unhelpful and unconcerned that i was alone with no luggage, without a phone that worked since i was getting a chinese sim from card from my husband in shanghai, no hotel, transportation etc."

Cons: "they lost our baggage"

Pros: "I was able to get home and my luggage came with me."
Cons: "I actually was put on China Air so I would have a chance to make my connection and they were just fine. The stars are NOT for China Air."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing. Flights were delayed and service was beyond terrible. Warning DO NOT FLY AIR CHINA. Spend the extra 20 bucks on another airline. I promise 20 dollars is not worth missing vacation days and headaches."

Cons: "delayed"

Pros: "Good service overall"
Cons: "Some delays in flights, and poor communication. Nothing too bad, but sometimes we were left wondering what happened, or when we could expect the flight to depart. If I had close connection times, I would have lost two flights"

Pros: "The plane boarded pretty quickly."
Cons: "Asked the lady at the boarding desk about upgrading she responded in a very rude way that I couldn't upgrade now. Wanted to take a photo of the landscape on our way out and was told I couldn't use my phone at all even on airplane mode they made a huge deal about it, it had to be completely off. WE waited for 1h on the tarmac before taking off with no real info.The food is not good: just a couple piece of something in lot of sauce. A shitty piece of white bread and water melon for desert. Dry cookies for snacks in between meals. 40 min before landing they make you put your seat upright and they're firm about it just like when you're having dinner and you just want to relax and watch your movie. NO seat need to be upright. Would not take that airline company again."

Cons: "So many delays without a notification."

Pros: "Entertainment options"
Cons: "Staff was grumpy and just looked like they hated their job Food was terrible All 4 flight legs were late Beijing airport feels like a luxury prison, no decent food options, no budget options for anything, only super overpriced boutiques."

Pros: "Legs room ."
Cons: "Can't check-in on line. Cannot reserve seats which is ok if they tell up front that, nobody can check -in nor reserve seats in advance."

Pros: "Smooth flight, good crew. Food was ok. Movie selection not great in English but what do you expect on China airline."

Pros: "The crew were attentive, kind, and polite. The food was decent."
Cons: "The flight was very turbulent (obviously that's not their fault) but I wish they had communicated a bit better about why it was so turbulent. My bag was lost when I finally arrived at my final destination. I think there was some miscommunication in Okinawa about what I needed to do with my bag. I told them my final destination, so assumed it would be fine, but apparently it was my fault somehow that the bag was lost."

Cons: "everything, dont book to justfly its a trouble"

Pros: "Check-in and boarding went very well, very quickly."
Cons: "The plane was suppose to depart at 6:25 pm, it ended up being closer to 8:00. I suppose that really didn't have to do with anything Air China did, but we ended up landing nearer to 11:00 than the 9:45 that I booked, It was nearly midnight before I was able to get home."

Pros: "This has got be the worst airline for customer service. I was on hold for over 2 hours on multiple occasions just to make a simple change to my ticket, which for some reason can't be done online. After realizing their customer service number is a complete hoax, I had to take an hour long train ride to the airport to make the change. Once there, I was told they couldn't make any changes and I would need to call customer service. I insisted calling was pointless at which time the aiine staff shruggered her shoulders and walked away. I made another attempt to call the customer service number, which I still believe no one at all works at. Needless to say, I ended up eating a $1000 plane ticket because of their refusal to help. DO GIVE THESE PEOOLE YOUR MONEY. THEY TOOM PLENTY OF MINE."

Pros: "Movie selection and food was OK"
Cons: "Flight delayed for four hours because of "weather in Houston". 14 hour flight could have taken off on time and thunderstorms were over well before we got there. Missed out connecting domestic flight and stuck overnight in Houston with no good or hotel vouchers offered."

Pros: "The crew was very nice and responsive to flyers. Enjoyed the free beer."
Cons: "For a nearly 15 hour flight, there wasn't nearly enough for me to watch on their in-flight entertainment. They had only a handful of American movies, and everything else was Chinese. I get it, it's Air China. But you don't see Japan Airlines putting 90% Japanese movies on their flights. Food was no good. You're much better off trying to eat at the airport and bring whatever food you can on board."

Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Service!!! Not great communication with customers. The line fir cancelled flight was disorganized and wait for 4 hours."

Pros: "I got to USA! After 14 yrs overseas!"
Cons: "The crew was out there in space! I have to bring to her attention twice after serving a meal to the middle and aile passenger!!! At least! Pls! Can u smile! I feel that I was not welcome to the flight!!!"

Pros: "I was worried after reading some of the reviews. However, I was extremely happy with my experience. Clean and comfortable. Everything was on time and no delays. Cabin crew was attentive and very helpful. A great all-round flight and trip."
Cons: "No real complaints. Airline food is airline food. The services for drinks was amazing though."

Pros: "They fly into Haneda which is much better than Narita from an access viewpoint."
Cons: "Beijing airport is a disaster. No aircon, 45 min security delays. No jet way, bus to plane. No entertainment system to speak of. Reminds me of flights 30 years ago. Food is really unpalatable. Wine is local stuff that really doesn't do anything for me. The pour size is minute which is understandable as they only seem to have bottle per flight. Flight delayed departing by about 40 mins, which is pretty good by China standards. Had us sit on bus for nearly 45 mins with diesel fumes permeating the interior. Use them if you are on a budget."

Pros: "I didn't like any part."
Cons: "I hated how they expressed the flight was full and there's was son many available seats. They place me in the emergency exit after I expressed I didn't want to be placed there. I will not be flying air China ever again."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Dalian to Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl

Airlines flying from Dalian to Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Dalian to Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Dalian to Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Dalian to Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Dalian to Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl

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