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31 Dec — 7 Jan1
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Top 5 airlines serving Edmonton to Texas

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Alaska AirlinesOverall score based on 31831 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Everything was very good Great crew!"
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Pros: "Everything was very good Great crew!"
Pros: "My friend was experiencing knee pain and the flight wasn’t full. Alaska Airlines upgraded our seats at no extra charge to give her more knee/leg space to help alleviate her discomfort."
Pros: "Seat was ok"
Cons: "Had to take a bus to the plane at SFO. Wouldn’t have taken this flight if I had known, but they don’t tell you this at booking. Also, was told carry on back wouldn’t fit in overhead and that I had to check it, which isn’t true as I saw other passengers with my exact same bag who didn’t have to check theirs and it fit."
Pros: "Crew was amazing. I got sick and they took care of me and even had medics make sure I was okay"
Pros: "The crew were very professional and friendly. The comfort of the seating was great as well."
Cons: "Nothing, it was great!"
Pros: "Amazing crew, super helpful"
Pros: "Large overhead bins"
Cons: "More accurate closed caption filter on movie selections"
Cons: "Silk air seats are not comfortable"
Pros: "The app GoGo let you watch a lot of movies on the air"
Cons: "Alaska Airline is really good"
Pros: "The movie that I watched"
Cons: "The flight attendants was horrible they did not have the food and wine and order a drink and they were not pleasant at all"
Pros: "Boarding was fast."
Cons: "Planes are old and do not have enough room for luggage."
Pros: "Seats ok."
Cons: "Headrest on the seats will be appreciated"
Pros: "Everything . Every facility wifi, texting ,food and movies"
Cons: "Please provide Charging port for economy class"
Pros: "Crew was great, plane was very clean, seat did not recline that easily but no one was next to me so I cant complain."
Cons: "Awful for those who are disabled. My mother is deaf and unable to walk on her own very well. They took her to the wrong gate and left her there in the wheel chair. She had to walk on her own to the correct gate because they took her to the wrong gate after realizing she wasn’t at the correct gate."
Cons: "1) The economy section needs phone/device chargers. 2) accessing the entertainment is not easy and finally when I got to the screen to select a movie, there was this window in the middle of my screen with junk running that I couldn't get rid of so I gave up on the entertainment,"
Pros: "The flight was on time departing and arriving, the plane was clean, the legroom was good, the flight attendants were friendly and attentive."
Cons: "The bus trip from terminal to plane was long."
Cons: "About time economy class has more space"
Pros: "Crew was nice Plane was comfortable, although seats were a little tight. Ordered food was good."
Cons: "Seats were a little tight. Only offered drinks one time on a long flight. Snacks for General Cabin were okay."
Pros: "On time take off Early arrival Friendly crew Not a crowded plane. Being a holiday weekend, I was totally surprised!! Gave 1 for Entertainment because there was none."
Pros: "Staff were friendly, flight timings were punctual."
Cons: "Seats are hard and less comfy. Alaskan airlines can afford much better seats."
Pros: "Everything was comfortable"
Cons: "Carry on storage was limited but the staff was accommodating"
Pros: "The movie selection was good and the seats were alright."
Cons: "I got stuck on a tarmac and have been here for over twenty minutes. The crew hasn’t said a word since we landed."
Pros: "Flight was quick and smooth"
Cons: "Airline stewards we're not very attentive"
Pros: "Comfort & spacing of seating."
Cons: "Uncomfortably cold flight. Asked stewardess to turn heat on. Was told it would be taken care of once we were airborne. It never was. Could not relax or sleep d/t being so cold. Myself and others noted to be wearing their hoodies & sitting on their hands to keep warm."
Cons: "2 hour delay for mechanical issues with a door latch. Shouldn’t they inspect these things prior to boarding passengers! Very displeased."
Pros: "The Flight Staff was incredibly kind, and in-flight entertainment had a great selection of content"
Pros: "I would definitely fly Alaska airlines again!"
Pros: "Overall good check in"
Pros: "The crew. The easy check in. Not so much on the boarding but it’s ok."
Cons: "The boarding part. Why load the end of the plane first? There was more traffic doing this than loading passengers per rows. Just saying."
Pros: "Crew on Alaskan Airlines was really professional and kind! Super efficient! Great flight!"
Pros: "The attendance were not very friendly"
Cons: "I asked if they had headphones so I can watch a movie and they didn’t and she was not helpful at all"
Pros: "Checking in baggage and getting thru security was A BREEZE."
Cons: "WiFi once on board did not work on my iPhone."
Pros: "Everyone is so nice. Easy & reasonable price."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Friendliness of the crew"
Cons: "Seating space"
Cons: "Waiting area was a little cramped and warm."
Cons: "After going through full service to pay my pet fee, I get told at the gate that I need to buy a different carrier because my pet could not move around. I have had this same pet carrier for over 5 years and have been traveling with it. My pet is only 4 1/2 pounds 5 at its max sonthe carrier I have works perfectly fine. I was told to step out the line....made wait til the very very end til the plane was about to leave to be let on. This was an inconvenience as I was all set to go."
Pros: "Service was great! Everything was on time!"
Cons: "I was so comfortable that I fell asleep and missed the snack cart go by."
Pros: "I appreciate that they’re trying to keep the Virgin spirit and quality alive."
Cons: "There wasn’t anything I didn’t like."
Pros: "Arrived at destination over an hour early."
Cons: "Restrooms were inoperable."
Pros: "I was very sad to see Virgin Airlines was bought by Alaska Airlines but I’m happy to see they are still using Virgin planes. The planes are spacious and we love the onboard entertainment! Thanks Alaska Airlines!!"
Pros: "Very friendly and cordial staff"
Pros: "Seat was comfortable"
Cons: "Entertainment system down"
Pros: "Comfortable, pleasant attendants and the smooth transition from loading and unloading personnel. Head and shoulders over SW."
Cons: "It was a good flight, can't help mother nature with the turbulence. Asked for headphones, and they didnt give me one. Couldn't rate the food because there were no meals given."
Pros: "Upgraded without asking for it."
Pros: "Like having movies to watch."
Pros: "On my way back home I noticed that there was ONE seat that was empty in First Class as I boarded the plane. I asked the flight attendant about it and she said that I would have to go back up to the ticket agent to inquire there. So I did, and I was told when I walked back up the ramp to that kiosk that the ticked agent had just Closed The Flight. So, the other lady who was standing right there said that she had to escort a minor on to the flight and that she would accompany me back to the airplane and see if she could help. She did, and when we got back to hand off the minor to the flight crew she then inquired about that seat. It was agreed that the seat was going to be vacant, and since I am a 6' 1", 250 pound man, they all thought it would be a nice thing to allow me to sit in that first class seat at no extra charge! Wow!! What a difference that made on the 4 hour flight! Thank You Alaska Airlines for helping me out and hooking me up! I will remember that when I am booking my next trip!!"
Pros: "I'm a big fan of Alaska Airlines' partner Horizon Airlines. I travelled from Edmonton to Seattle last night. All the staff if pleasant and treats you as a valued customer. Also, having a free glass of beer doesn't hurt either."

The pilot landed soooo smooth. Didn’t have this kind of landing for a while. Thanks Pillot ( flight DL0071 August 7, 2022)

Excellent Quick We have landed !

Good flight and service.

Early arrival. NIce plane. Quick trip.

Very nice staff

Pros: "flight time is so confusing"
Cons: "Descent and landing seemed as if different pilot in service than from ascend and cruising."
Cons: "Flight crew dI’d not enforce mask mandate."
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "We had to go back to the gate to correct an interior light problem."
Pros: "Great entertainment."
Cons: "Turbulence was high so good/drink service was less than normal. No fault of delta or their crew but the JFK airport was awful, especially through customs. No help from the employees and easy to get lost."
Pros: "The crew were awesome and friendly, both in the air and on the ground."
Cons: "Delta communicated no reasoning for delaying our flight three hours. They also did not update estimated departure times even when it was clear we would be delayed multiple times because the plane was not at the gate, the crew were not in place, and the pilot safety checks had not occurred."
Pros: "Friendly flight staff, on time service."
Cons: "You shouldn't schedule a flight for a plane that is due to have scheduled maintenance. It's not like this should come as a surprise to you. Also, there was at least one over-served passenger on board who became loud and obnoxious, shouting obscenities."
Pros: "I liked the entertainment"
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "Ticket printed out incorrect gate information"
Pros: "Crew stepped up when we were delayed. In Flight entertainment was nice to help pass the time."
Cons: "More honesty from the pilots/airline. Got on the plane, taxied to take off, then informed that we had to go back to the gate. At the gate, they wouldn't let anyone off and then we were told that there was a minor maintenance issue that would take 15 minutes to fix. It took 4 hours. Poor job by Delta"
Pros: "Crew was nice, despite multiple hoardings and time delays."
Cons: "Plane was originally set to leave at 11:30 am, but was delayed until 3:00 pm for equipment. We boarded the plane at 3:00, the door was closed, and 30 minutes of waiting at the gate, where told to deplane, and the flight would leave at 5:06. There was another flight to San Diego, also delayed for hou"
Pros: "WiFi and Entertainment"
Pros: "Crew was really great."
Cons: "Electrical outlets didn't work. Wi-fi didn't work. Flight was delayed. Wasn't a lot of leg room even in first class."
Pros: "great trip and crew"
Pros: "The crew was amazing had no problems!"
Cons: "Nothing had a great experience!"
Pros: "Cookies"
Cons: "First leg the server “ran” the aisle and I missed drinks/snacks twice. Seats are rediculously in lack of leg space hip to knee area—I’m a 5’10” female."
Pros: "Nice plane and comfy seats"
Cons: "The stewards were not at all helpful or as friendly as most of the delta staff! I was so disappointed with their service. We had TWO delays making us arrive in SAT AT almost 2 am. Hence there were a lot of empty seats. We asked if we or even one of us could move into the …at least three empty rows…and they would not let us as they were they comfort plus section and it cost more…NO ONE WAS USING THESE SEATS!! So they let the passengers be crammed together in the rest of the plane and left numerous empty seats that could have been used! It’s was just rude. They also served drinks and never checked back to pick up the garbage. Didn’t tell us to raise our seats or put up our table trays before landing. So, as I exited the plane I handed them my garbage! I wasn’t going to be rude and leave it in the seat pocket or my seat …where I found crumbs of food on when I boarded the plane. Was just very dissatisfied with this crew!! I have been flying a lot lately using delta. I’ve had some delays but they’ve always been accommodating, this crew was not! What a shame!"
Pros: "With all the competition among airlines and the cutbacks we suffer as customers Delta manages to make you feel like you matter still. Timely boarding, actual help with finding seats making boarding efficient (not just hurrying you along), updates from the cockpit that you could hear and understand, multiple choices in snacks-one even a healthy option, staff that was friendly and interested in making it a good experience not one that seemed bothered they had to work."
Cons: "The seats were very close together which made for an uncomfortable experience due my knee injury and upcoming surgery."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Delay"
Pros: "Loved that the pilot or first officer, not sure which, came on the intercom at one point and said they were expecting turbulence ahead so if anyone needed to use the bathroom, right then would be the time to go!! Useful information and much appreciated."
Cons: "Some of the announcements by a female flight attendant were delivered at a very rapid pace and were hard to understand, and my first language is English."
Pros: "Speedy boarding and deplaning."
Cons: "The gate agent appeared annoyed when I requested a seat change a couple of hours prior to boarding. She didn’t offer assistance or an explanation. Just looked at me like ‘ in your dreams’. And flight attendants should really practice smiling more. Snacks offered on 5.5 hour flight we’re pretty pathetic."
Cons: "price could be cheaper"
Cons: "insufficient overhead luggage space"
Pros: "The entire flight staff (even at the gate before boarding) was very friendly and was refreshing!"
Pros: "spacious comfortable seats"
Cons: "I waited in line at Virgin Australia for 35 minutes only to be told that I was actually on a Delta flight even though my itinerary said Virgin Australia. good thing I was early to airport or I would of missed my flight because I had to go find Delta check in"
Pros: "Just the crew people they were amazing"
Cons: "No room plane very crowded I have broken leg and could not raise my leg. No entertainment"
Pros: "Fast, orderly boarding."
Cons: "These planes are too small. I’m average in size but women have hips and it’s not easy fitting into the seats. Why are they stacked so closely together? It’s ridiculous."
Cons: "Flights on time"
Pros: "Seats were comfortable on the smaller plane"
Pros: "Whole thing was easy, plane was nicely updated on the interior"
Pros: "Not much to like here. The new crew was pleasant"
Cons: "Old crew was surly. Plane had much problems and finally replaced. Left 5 hrs late. Delta claims it doesn't have to compensate for a late flight - just a cancelled one so guess which this was The baggage fees are obscene and the gouging of the customer is immoral. No wonder people hate the airlines."
Pros: "Staff friendly,efficient and courteous. On time. Different snacks. Prompt service. Power source each seat worked."
Cons: "Gate area for flight change filthy. LAX gates 31-38. Garbage overflow with no seating. No entertainment option on flight."
Pros: "Gate and plane crew helpful, smiling, courteous. On time and baggage provided quickly."
Cons: "Seats uncomfortable, no power, service predictable and boring snacks."
Pros: "Friendly staff/ comfortable seating."
Pros: "No delay and the flight was ahead of the schedule (arriving)."
Cons: "The airplane was too old and seats were too crowded."
Cons: "Airplanes are filthy; asked for Coke without ice & the flight attendant filled my cup halfway. Unbelievably cheap! I was afraid to ask for more, for fear that I'd get an up charge!"
Pros: "Repair took just under an hour which I think is very good considering the paperwork that is involved. We were informed and everyone on the plane seemed to understand so the handling of the event must have been exceptional..."
Cons: "we took off 45 minutes late, business trip, but a slack day prepping for tomorrow, so still no big deal. Besides we picked up an hour by the time zone change. Im good!"
Cons: "It was belated by 2.5 hrs :("
Cons: "I feel Delta didn't try very hard to get me a flight and I stood in line for four hours"
Pros: "My seat was very near the front ...two rows behind comfort class seating (which was mostly empty). WiFi services and entertainment were those that brought along their own receiving devices."
Cons: "My seat happened to be one row in front of the Exit Aisle Seating rows....I wasn't aware that this meant having to sit straight up the entire time without the chance of reclining my chair back into the Exit Aisle's space.The 2 hour and 13 minute flight time sitting straight up really worked up my sciatic nerve into a flaring frenzy. I Forgot to bring my iPad Pro with me on this trip...and had no adequate access to any entertainment content."
Pros: "Media options were ok."
Cons: "I received a frozen beer and no napkin. Beer began to overflow, and I sat there for about 10 minutes before another flight attendant walked by. Her attitude was less than desirable upon seeing the situation. Also my luggage never arrived in Singapore. Shanghai didn't have any notification, so I assume it was lost on the Delta end. Overall I am very disappointed and will be seeking a non-delta affiliate for my next trip."
Pros: "Staff friendly and helpful at gate. Aircrew staff handled one hour rain delay on taxiway with frequent updates and good attitude. New plane, and convenient electronic support."
Cons: "Peanut allergy on flight. No peanuts. No other options."
Cons: "Wifi didn't work."
Pros: "West Jet staff and crew are always great."
Cons: "My flight was delayed over an hour - we sat on the tarmac waiting for de-icing for over an hour. There is no entertainment on this flight (so no wifi or tv) and we were not really notified how long we would be delayed- causing delays for me in Saskatoon that I could not provide information for."
Pros: "Great flight. No problems."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "A very enjoyable flight."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The check-in process was very easy and friendly. The flight attendants seemed nicer than other airlines."
Cons: "Frequent American Airlines passenger. Found WestJet had far more leg room and plenty overhead storage. Plane was clean and flight attendants where attentive."
Pros: "Crew was very nice. My mother needed a wheelchair on and off each time. And the staff was there to help her . That was a blessing"
Cons: "Not much. I know seating is limited on space, so that’s the only thing . Wish there was more space."
Cons: "Check in and getting boarding passes"
Pros: "Crew was very friendly and helpful"
Cons: "This was the first time in 37 years that I have flown so i had a little motion sickness but that has nothing to do with your crew or airline. This experience was very good thank you"
Pros: "Unreal service by all WJ employees. Great service getting my 87 year old mom to and from everything."
Pros: "Very nice and accommodating"
Cons: "My inflight entertainment system didn’t work."
Pros: "Left early and arrived early"
Cons: "Cabin was way too warm. Also not as much space on 737-700 as 737-800"
Pros: "The entertainment made the time go by fast."
Cons: "More food purchase options"
Pros: "Crew was good"
Cons: "I paid for a window seat, but there was no window. Contacted WestJet and they refused me a refund."
Cons: "We landed in Phoenix and spent over an hour on the runway, when we did finally get a gate it didn’t work. The delays caused me to miss my ground transportation."
Pros: "Check in was quick and easy. Boarding and flight was right on time!"
Pros: "Safety and on time."
Cons: "Grumpy cabin crew."
Cons: "My tv was not working, landing was not smooth staff was rude specially Edward"
Pros: "The crew."
Cons: "No entertainment on board"
Pros: "What a great experience flying west jet!! The crew was so accommodating. I got sick on the plane and there were so many people jumping to help me make sure I was confortable. I’ve flown all airlines and will be flying West Jet again."
Pros: "Overall an easy experience. Cheap!"
Cons: "West jet has got to figure out a better way to board the plane- the "zone" model is a nightmare."
Pros: "Always a pleasure flying with Westjet! We even arrived 15 minutes early"
Pros: "It was easy getting through the line and onto the plane. The seat was on the window, which I wouldn't normally sit in, and was comfortable enough for me to get an hour of sleep on an overnight flight; I'm content with that."
Cons: "The fee for changing my assigned seat, thus the window seat, and one of the flight attendants was very impolite; though overall the flight attendants were pleasant enough."
Pros: "Great airport, friendly and helpful staff. Onto e departure and arrival and very little baggage wait in Vancouver"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "It was smooth and uneventful."
Cons: "It was all fine."
Pros: "I really enjoyed"
Pros: "The on board entertainment is very good, just remember to download the westjet connect app."
Cons: "Seats are ok, very cramped together, hard to get in and out of. I had picked plus seats but kayak didn't honor my selection so was forced to sit at the rear of the plane. As for the flight itself, the airliner sells only Coca Cola products, no cash purchases, credit and debit only. No free bag checks,"
Pros: "Everybody was nice. It was my second time flying and they sure do make you feel comfortable."
Cons: "Nothing I didn't like. It was great all around!"
Pros: "It's a way to get from point A to point B."
Cons: "It's like taking the bus, it is what it is. Not great but it gets you there."
Cons: "Boarding attendant demanded to see my passport for a domestic flight even though I had produced the government-issued photo ID required."
Pros: "I like everything"
Cons: "I was told they don't help you store your carry on. At 66 and 5 feet tall this seems like an impossible feat likely to create issues as it falls on my head."
Pros: "Great service"
Cons: "It was all good"
Cons: "We didn’t like having to take the red eye to meet our Costa Rica connection. We"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nice, professional crew."
Cons: "I have a dog in the plane with me. None of my flights offered to make me board first. It harder to move through the aisle by myself with my pup in her carrier and my personal effect . Some nice passengers helped me when they saw I was struggling but O feel that is the crew's job."
Pros: "Both planes departed late and reason given was staff has not yet arrived . First plane could not rationalize the number of people on board ."
Cons: "Service was slow and staff seemed to be very casual about the fact we would be an hour late"
Pros: "Quick and direct. Great staff"
Cons: "Food."
Cons: "the 3 hr security line up"
Cons: "Of the four flights I took with WestJet this holiday, 3 were delayed. The flights were frigid. On this flight the agent at the gate was very rude when I asked about checking my bag, lecturing me about the size of the bag and insisting she would have to charge me if it was a full flight, which she said it wasn’t. It ended up fitting just fine in the overhead. Totally soured my experience. I will not use this airline again."
Pros: "Friendly staff. Flight was on time. No overbooking."
Pros: "The WestJet staff, from gate check in to the flight crew, were excellent."
Cons: "The fact that people with pets board first is ridiculous enough to keep me from choosing WJ as my first option. They boarded before seniors and children. What has happened to our crazy world that pets are more important than people."
Pros: "Overall flight and connections were good. Board process was smooth and flight departed and arrived on time. Watch for baggage delays when arriving in Fort McMurray as they can sometimes be excessive. No entertainment provided on the smaller planes but most people have some form of entertainment with them."
Pros: "On time, clean, friendly staff."
Cons: "Crew missed me with the drink cart."
Pros: "The crew was very helpful."
Pros: "All Good"
Cons: "After landing in Edmonton could of been on next flight to Kelowna ended up waiting 1 1/2 for second flight to Kelown"
Cons: "It was freezing cold, and blankets now cost $4.00! So I spent the whole red eye shivering, even in my sweater! I could feel the cold air hitting me the whole flight. The boarding was confusing, with no organized lines or anything. Some of the announcements were too quiet to hear."
Pros: "The crew and staff were great on the plane. Could use more staff at the checked bags area but overall good experience"
Cons: "More agents at the check in desk"
Pros: "WestJet staff and crew fantastic"
Pros: "Attendants made the flight very enjoyable I hope you honour them for their amazing service."
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "Seamless boarding"

I am not a huge fan of air travel but due to work I fly back and forth from Edmonton to Toronto every six weeks or so. IMO Air Canada is the best airline. It is definitely the most expensive but the flight crew are all far more professional than any of the discount carriers. The air craft is also configured in a more passenger friendly fashion so that it's not the most uncomfortable three hours possible. I do wish the price was a bit lower but they always get you home which is the whole point of putting up with air travel, and sadly, more than you can say for a lot of the other operations with planes in the sky right now.

Pros: "Great crew. Very pleasant & friendly."
Pros: "Crew was amazing and flight was excellent"
Pros: "Entertainment, service"
Cons: "30 minutes of delay at least."
Pros: "Service Director n Business class was excellent"
Pros: "Great"
Cons: "There’s not enough leg room & no food other than pretzels"
Cons: "Flight wad delayed without letting me know anything for next schedule. and staff was non cooperative."
Pros: "Friendly attendants, excellent foods"
Cons: "Flight was about 2 hours late, little food supplied to flight"
Pros: "The flights are fine, on time."
Pros: "everything"
Cons: "the turbulance but theres nothing that can be done for that."
Cons: "It was good"
Cons: "Flight was delayed due to ATC"
Cons: "Narrow seats in business, insufficient recline, no extra pillows"
Pros: "No surprises."
Cons: "NA"
Cons: "5h travel at noon, no meal, this is a bit cheap."
Pros: "Crew are very nice and approachable. No complain about their service. And flight is on time."
Pros: "The flight was good, on time, and comfortable. Crew was polite and informative."
Cons: "The sound did not work on my screen, even after trying 3 different sets of headphones."
Pros: "on time"
Cons: "The seats are small and uncomfortable"
Cons: "Going through 6 stages of security!!!! I understand to be safe, but good grief! I bought a bottle of liquor in the duty free at the Budapest airport thinking doing it this way I would not get harassed. Wrong!!! They freaked out and held us up even longer! We almost missed our last flight because of all the security steps we had to go through!!! And so did many other people. It's a ridiculous system, it should all be done at once with only having to stay in the long line ONCE! And to scan our own passports and waiting to see our name on some board to be able to leave that particular room just to be met with even longer lines afterwards is insane. I am not a tech savvy person, as I am sure a lot of others are not either, and I got barely any help to show me how the heck to do all of that! Unacceptable!! And to top everything off, an item was stolen out of my daughter's suitcase somewhere along the way!! Replacing it cost me about $40!!!"
Pros: "The crew on board all flights were pleasant and efficient."
Cons: "When I arrived at my destination I found that the item I had gate checked had been damaged- an instrument case I was no longer able to close. The zippers had both been busted off. Due to time constraints I was invited to write a review and email which I intend to do. The item itself was gate checked for safety - and to me the damage says that still somehow it is unsafe to fly with an instrument which as a professional musician is frustrating. In addition flights have very limited food options that accommodate persons with gluten/dairy allergies."
Pros: "The staff and service were excellent!"
Pros: "Arrived on time"
Pros: "Check-in was smooth Air Canada were helpful as am travel with special needs"
Cons: "Nothing for now."
Cons: "International service quite a bit better, still not lufthansa standard, but better than crossfair/swiss"
Pros: "Lost bag"
Cons: "Another long delay with Westjet"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"
Pros: "Seating and on time"
Pros: "I needed a wheelchair and they were very friendly and helpful"
Pros: "Free business class"
Cons: "Food and no entrainment available"
Pros: "Departed and arrived on time as expected. Very good selection of in-flight movies."
Cons: "Interior of aircraft was pretty cramped, but that's to be expected."
Pros: "Comfortable and quiet"
Cons: "Baggage fees and no snacks."
Pros: "Once again great airline!!"
Cons: "Food is meh at best but is reasonably price for quality"
Cons: "Lost my bag"
Cons: "I missed the flight"
Pros: "Great flight"
Cons: "No breakfast offered for a four hour flight"
Pros: "The way back there was nobody beside us. Nice to have extra room."
Cons: "On the way back there was only one person in business class. Nobody got bumped up"
Pros: "Flight was on time. The landing was smooth, not bumpy."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delayed 3 hours !"
Pros: "Air Canada front desk people were wonderful and helpful."
Pros: "Smooth ride."
Cons: "The plane was very old and delayed for too long. Way overpriced air fares."
Pros: "Everything was really good"
Cons: "Slow and stupid some of passages"
Pros: "Timing"
Cons: "Lack of sleep"
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Assigned a seat that did not recline, no onboard entretainment, tiny snack. The flight was operated by United. The wifi did not work so no movies."
Pros: "On time, good service and reasonably comfortable"
Cons: "Food options limited and quality very poor."
Pros: "On time, smooth flight"
Cons: "A bit cramped for space"
Pros: "Flight was less than half full, boarding was fast and flight attendant was great."
Cons: "Not Air Canada’s faultiest but the first 20 minutes were very bumpy."
Pros: "Only 35 minutes late...."
Cons: "Late departure, Q400 has inadequate carry on space and many people banged their heads on the overhead storage above seats 1a/c. Fortunately only s 13 minute floght"
Cons: "Toilet and bathroom was dirty"
Pros: "This was a short flight, but it was comfortable and the service was great!"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Q400"
Pros: "Old plane, small over head, rude staff, and never on time"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "The flight was late due to weather conditions p, but we were kept informed. Food and drink was provided which was very good despite being an economy flight. Crew were very helpful, I was worried about my internal connecting flight and they did everything they could to ensure that I was able to get off the plane as quickly as possible."
Cons: "Preferential boarding given to families with children who are older than 10 years. It's not like they need extra time or assistance."
Pros: "Very friendly flight attendents"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Overall flights on Air Canada for my entire trip were terrible...late baording, forced to check bags due to under-sized plane, diverted flight which resulted in near miss of trans-pacific flight, lost luggage for three days in another country with NO compensation offered at all and then return flights werent up to par either....will never travel with again or recommend Air Canada ever!!"
Cons: "Rescheduled to two hours prior with no explanation or apology"
Pros: "Did not like anything"
Cons: "The delays were horrible!!! Had 4 flights with them. Seattle to Vancouver, Vancouver to Beijing, Hong Kong to Vancouver, and Vancouver to Seattle. Seattle to Vancouver was delayed so long that we almost missed our connecting flight to Beijing. Because of that delay our baggage missed the Vancouver to Beijing flight and we had nothing for 2 days!!! It was a hassle to get some kind of compensation and just having to wear the same clothes for 2 days. Also the Hong Kong to Vancouver, and Vancouver to Seattle flights were also delayed"
Pros: "Boarding and overall smoothness."
Cons: "Cramped quarters exaserbated by a large person next to me. Want seated with my spouse despite booking together."
Pros: "Flight attendant"
Cons: "Ancient, noisy Dash 8 aircraft with seats that negatively impacted blood circulation - my butt kept going to sleep on a short 40 minute flight."
Pros: "On time. Efficient"
Cons: "gate checking bags"
Pros: "Very nice flight"
Pros: "The TSA in Portland was very fast and the customs in Calgary were very fast! Flight wasn't over packed and comfortable. They even handled some turbulence very well, warned everyone."
Cons: "Nothing really!"
Cons: "It was overbooked so my girlfriend and I were kicked off with very short notice."
Pros: "Time of day when it was scheduled."
Cons: "Because of the delays out of Portland I almost didn't make my flight to a Victoria. I generally don't fly Air Canada and this is why . I've never had more than an okay experience."
Cons: "The airplane smelled like someone had left Cheetos to soak overnight in a sweaty sock. I wasn't the only one to notice, my entire row was not happy."
Pros: "That it actually went"
Cons: "Late late late. Yes there are fires and weather and late flight crew and and and but A C is always blaming something for their often poor performance. If AC could learn to handle customers they way we are expected to handle their mess ups the airline would be a friendlier service provider"
Pros: "On time both leaving for Sandspit and returning. Comfortable seating."
Pros: "Attendants polite and helpful. Pilot informed us of reason for delay"
Cons: "Boarding was slightly delayed, then just sat for a while until Pilot informed us that there was a slight problem which had been fixed but still caused our flight to be late into Philadelphia and caused us to miss our connecting flight on another airline"
Pros: "The representatives at the gate attempted to make accommodations. The airline provided vouchers. My revised schedule was just fine except for being 24 hours late."
Cons: "Attempting to retrieve my luggage after the flight was cancelled was unnecessarily exhausting due to the demeanor of the men at baggage claim. They wasted so much time that I missed all alternative routes and connections and felt disparaged along the way."
Cons: "I did not make that flight but did follow thru with Inited. The ticketer had to reissue a new ticket to ORD and MSN."
Pros: "Good leg room and entertainment."
Cons: "I have a small roller bag and this is the first plane on which it wouldn't fit and I had to check it."
Pros: "Efficient crew"
Cons: "Small plane with minimal luggage space"
Pros: "Nothing since I still don't have my bag"
Cons: "The fact that I don't have my bag"
Cons: "The food was inedible, yet what we did eat caused us to vomit. Extremely negligent staff. Will never fly Air Canada again."
Pros: "All around met expectations"
Cons: "No free headphones No free food"
Cons: "Flight delay-Nothing on time"
Pros: "Excellent, comfortable flight; very nice and friendly crew"
Cons: "The Games segment in the entertainment was not available."
Pros: "Smooth connection."
Cons: "Departure location in Vancouver is a bit small."
Pros: "Small airplane but staff was very friendly! Would travel with them again!!"
Pros: "I tried to use the machine to print out my boarding pass for a carry on bag because your phone was small. I tried twice, and nothing came out. It said I needed a charge card which was not required for on bag. Consequently, I just took my carry-on, forgetting I had large shampoo bootlegs, so security sent me back, there was a no line at that time and was able to drop my bag. WestJet on the other hand had someone at the kiosk machines, helped me get it done. Put me in the front of the line and I was off. Just so you know your competition had people help us with machine."
Pros: "It was fine. Nothing flashy, but it's a 45 minute flight. We took off, landed in the right place, I'm good."
Cons: "I wish they would board the plane from the back to the front... Waiting on the stairs when it's colder than a snowman's nads is not my favorite. But again, short flight, winter.. we expect this."
Pros: "The Calgary crew was very apologetic, but nothing they could do unfortunately."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed leaving Calgary (approximately 45min-1h) Our groups luggage was left behind in customs, despite a 3 hour layover (which ended up being four with the delay). Similar experiences with other airlines (ie WestJet) have led to apologies and discounts for future flights. My outgoing air Canada flight the week prior to Calgary was also delayed, resulting in my connection being missed."
Pros: "Reuniting the burning hatred I have for Toronto and air Canada."
Cons: "Pretty much every thing. Both legs of my flight were delayed, the first because the tail flap wasn't working so they had to replace the whole plane. They weren't prepared for that, and had actually fully boarded the plane. Seems like the kind of thing you should notice before you fill it with people. The second leg was delayed because air Canada doesn't feel the need to hold themselves or their employees accountable to the agreed upon tire table. Forced me to check my undersized carry on. Overall a flight that should have taken 7 hours was over 12 door to door."
Cons: "Flight got delayed 40 minutes due to ground crew not showing up and throwing bags onto the plane but I was also a little drunk so I passed out for the whole flight"
Pros: "Fast boarding."
Cons: "It was pretty cramped; I hit my head on the overhead bins a couple of times."
Pros: "Flight was delayed"
Pros: "Left on time, arrived on time. Tell the complainers that they should try flying Aeroflot."
Cons: "Coffee is instant. Good thing they don't charge you extra for it."
Pros: "It was fine for a 20 min flight."
Pros: "Flight attendant was awesome!"
Cons: "Flight from Ottawa to Boston had like 0 storage. Smallest overhead bins I've ever seen. A laptop bag filled up 40% of it. Also overhead storage is just brutal in general. Always filled to the brim. I've heard flight attendants bashing passengers about it openly. Maybe if you didn't charge $25 per bag per leg people wouldn't do this. Something reasonable like 5-10$ would help this problem HUGE."
Pros: "Staff were very kind."
Cons: "The seat assignment charge sets things off wrong to start. I refused to pay for my seat assignment and outbound got a comfortable seat but inbound was assigned row ahead of exit and it was the most uncomfortable seat I have ever had on a plane. Shame on Canada Air for this money grabbing policy."
Pros: "One of the best flights I had from Air Canada"
Pros: "rough take off, a little bit of a rough flight, landing kind of shacky"

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