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Find cheap flights from Hangzhou to Canada

Find cheap flights from Hangzhou to Canada

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China Southern
Overall score based on 5,521 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "Even after requesting fruit platter as my food a few times, I have not got any food at all. They offered meat options that they had at that time, but no vegetarian option at all."

Cons: "Salad that is not meat"

Pros: "Missed flight due to incompetence in rechecking bag. Check in kiosks do not work. Whole operation totally understaffed. I did not like anything"

Cons: "Flight was good! Needs better inflight entertainment selection"

Pros: "Crew was very attentive."
Cons: "Timing, the connection timing was bad, I missed my connection to Calgary"

Pros: "Both of us being seniors wheel chairs were not provided. Food was not good and even dinner with the fish was not there. They have to reheat fish which took more than 15 minutes.Assistance was not provided to both seniors for carrying luggage on the stairs while boarding the flight for Vancouver"
Cons: "The food quality may be improved and also necessary help be provided particularly to seniors in boarding and transit."

Cons: "Unfortunately we ended up waiting in the plane on the tarmac for 3 hours before taking off due to extreme rainfall. So everyone was antsy/uncomfortable before even taking off for the long flight."

Cons: "Never fly again."

Pros: "The crew was courteous, efficient and spoke good English."
Cons: "Could use a bit more leg room for tall passengers (I'm 6ft). There was a slight delay de-planing since the crew needed to check each passenger off on a list. Not sure why."

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Same as above."

Pros: "Staff was accommodative"
Cons: "There was on passenger who requested vegitarrian special but air line had no record of it.Air hoist started arguing that they did not have record. I had to intersect that it is not his mistake.It is a miscommunication.please try to solve,and she did. There are a lot of Punjabi passenger but no movie or song for their intertainment.Please if it is all possible!"

Pros: "The crew is very friendly , hard working and helpful."
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "China to Bangladesh was the best part of my trip"
Cons: "Food and wifi service : They do not serve appropriate amount of food for a 12 hour journey. No snacks no drink other than water . I was starving . Wifi was very very slow I could not even get the service. I had a stop over of 8 hours but I did not get any hotel or lounge facilities. Also please upload some new movies in two to three weeks."

Pros: "Good for a direct flight to China."
Cons: "2 hour wait on plane before we took off. Long also, to few meals."

Pros: "We enjoyed our flight on China Southern. The aircraft, the service, the staff, the food: everything was great. The flight was delayed out of Phuket, causing us to miss our connecting flight to SFO in Guongzhou, but China Southern provided us with a seamless alternate and our ultimate arrival at ATL was barely delayed."

Pros: "Excellent seats and entertainment"
Cons: "The food (hindu meal) was terrible"

Cons: "They’re the worst airline I’ve ever flown with."

Pros: "On time!"

Cons: "Crewmen at the luggage/bags scanning were very rude. Our flight from Manila to Guangzhou was delayed by an hour or so. With all the pressure we were already experiencing and rushing to get to our connecting flight, here comes these crewmen in charge of scanning our bags we're all shouting at us to rush. The delay was not the passengers fault."

Pros: "They lost my bags for over 48 hours. I had to din my bags myself. I will never use them again."

Pros: "and clean aircraft. I ordered LFML and will again. Well done. Inflight staff was efficient but not friendly."
Cons: "On the 77W - CZ657 CAN SFO, the economy aisle seat 57G is a normal economy seat but the overhead luggage bin does not open."

Pros: "HORRIBLE! It was CANCELED by the Airline"
Cons: "This Airline is Reportable to the FAA."

Pros: "Everyone is very helpful in terms of where you go. They are just so happy to help you."
Cons: "The leg room really need to be increased. Its a 12 hour flight and i am 6feet person and i cant stress my legs. That sucks. But everything else are good."

Pros: "Cabin crew was wonderful and very attentive. Smooth flight with good food. 787 Dreamliner for a long haul 13 hour flight. First airline where I see the cabin crew clean the lavatories mid-flight! Overall a great experience.Would fly again."

Pros: "The food selection is good it’s up to what u expect"
Cons: "I had a rotten potato in my food and it tasted so bad I actually went to barf because it is carcinogenic and from then I didn’t feel well"

Pros: "The flight attendants are great, and doing their best in a broken system..."
Cons: "The airline is always late, and you will consistently miss connecting flights. They will do nothing to accommodate you, while you wait for the next flight. They've lost my luggage on 30% of my flights with them."

Pros: "Long but very pleasant flight"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"

Cons: "The staff at Check in and security rejected me to check in or passing security due to their low skills finding passport associated with the tickets. The flight also arrived late, causing me worrying about the connection. Flight back to sfo"

Cons: "More variety is needed."

Pros: "Delayed"
Cons: "Delayed"

Cons: "Cell phones prohibited for the ENTIRETY of this 12-hour flight, not just takeoff and landing"

Pros: "Kidness"
Cons: "Completely crowded, no socks, no eye masks, no ear plugs"

Pros: "The in flight entertaint is good."
Cons: "The economy seats on the new Boeing Dreamliner are very uncomfortable. I could feel the bar under my seat digging into my backside for the duration of the 12 hour flight. I suspect that China Southern went cheap on the seat cushions they purchased from Boeing. Additionally, on my particular flight from Guangzhou, China to Vancouver, the flight was delayed for several hours for no apparent reason. The delay caused me to miss my transfer flight to Calgary, and what was supposed to be a two hour layover turned into a nine hour layover. China Southern thought to fix the situation it would be a good idea to provide me with a $10 food voucher.... Is that really enough for sitting around the airport for an additional seven hours? I am an expat that lives in China that has experience flying with multiple airlines, and this was my first and will be my last flight with China Southern."

Pros: "Airplanes are new"
Cons: "No amenities"

Pros: "Good cabin crew."
Cons: "Flight was hours late"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The toilets was very dirty,"

Pros: "Ticket price was great, awesome deal."
Cons: "Horrible seats! Tiny cramped seats with no padding. I'm not the smallest guy out there but anyone over 250 lbs forget flying economy. Both legs of my trip from vancouver to Perth via China on two different aircraft companies on brand new planes had the worst seats so I think it's China Southern specifying the seats. Also 13hour flight there, limited movie choice but on the way back the head phone jack in seat rest did not work. The airline refused to let you use phones, iPads and laptops while in flight! Flight attentents woke everyone up 2.5 hours before landing at 4:45 am to serve breakfast. Would pay more next time to fly Cathay Pacific or Singapore."

Pros: "Got me there."
Cons: "Warm and cramped cabin."

Cons: "Lost lagging; no delivery at the door, flight change and delay poor after service.."

Pros: "one crew member was a decent human"
Cons: "where to begin? unannounced delay? check. random gate changes with no agents check. missed international connection check. disorderly game of thrones boarding and disembarking? check. i could go on but I need to leave this airport. 14 hour flight became 2 day misadventure"

Pros: "Value was excellent for this flight."
Cons: "The crew meant well, but their service seemed perfunctory and sometimes edging on rude. One crew member was getting frustrated because no-one could understand her English."

Cons: "Music only to listen to, but headphones only worked on one side. Middle seat (B) didn't recline."

Pros: "nice service polite attentive respectful appropriate and comfortable nice job, thank you"
Cons: "the long layover between connectin flights"

Pros: "2nd time on route from ktm and all staff are always helpful,efficient, and polite. CSA does everything to help connect to your flight."
Cons: "Guongzhou airport is the worst. Expensive sundries and cheaky clerks. Terrible layout, good luck getting to layover hotel via transfer desk in less than 2 hours! Attendants allowed spoiled little girl to carry on for ages and then family reunion with 2 coming from economy to play with said brat to business class after I upgraded while most were trying to sleep in whole section."

Pros: "Quick and efficient check-in. Very helpful personnel - I went away to pay my excess baggage and returned to a long line - but, the check-in clerk beckoned me to the front and handed me my boarding pass! Nice!!"
Cons: "Massive lines for security gates......if my flight had not been delayed, I would have missed my flight. I was in the security line for over 90 minutes!"

Cons: "Flight fare was cheap, but you get what ypu pay for. Rude and what appears to be an inexperienced crew, bad food, restroom stalls not cleaned frequently etc."

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Service"

Pros: "1.Leg room was good in economy class. 2. The Food was Good. 3. Saved travel time. 4. Tickets were cheaper compared to other airlines"
Cons: "1. Limited entertainment especially if you are Indian. 2. Had to run nearly 1 km or over at Guangzhou to catch the connecting flight to Los Angeles. The Airline could have arranged vehicles rather than letting passenger run to catch the connecting flight. That was tough especially if you could not walk fast or run."

Pros: "food far below expectations. Crew was great!"

Pros: "Flight was short and got to gate on time"
Cons: "sat for about 20 min. before takeoff with no info"

Cons: "Smooth ride"

Pros: "They held the plane in order for me to catch it after my late flight to Chicago."
Cons: "The crew member promised my $60 in checked bags would still follow me, but when I arrived In Vancouver I was Informed they were still in Chicago. My seat did not recline and my reading lamp was broken after paying $80 for the upgraded seat. The flight attendant was a bit grouchy about it. The WiFi was very sporadic and didn’t work for the majority of the trip.. which I wasted 900 miles on. Not impressed this time around."

Pros: "Checking in was simple with no problems. They made the process easy. Very courteous!"

Pros: "Flight attendants were attentive"
Cons: "Slow boardidng, delayed departure, overcrowded flight, no overhead space"

Cons: "Missed my flight."

Pros: "No entertainment and have to pay extra for any eats."

Pros: "On time, very pleasant crew"

Pros: "The crew was very helpful and friendly!"
Cons: "Entertainment was on personal device. Additional software was needed to watch movie."

Pros: "The bar is pretty low with United. Even being a 1K member, I am usually just hoping the flight arrives on time. This time it didn't. The crew was polite, which isn't always the case."
Cons: "The flight was delayed. Not necessarily UA's fault but they don't make it easy on their customers. Their mileage program has so many elite members, especially in SF that even 1K doesn't give you a strong shot at getting upgraded."

Cons: "Customer service is very inneficient"

Pros: "This was the first United flight I've been on in 10 years that was not full."
Cons: "There is no way to turn off the screens on the seat backs, so they continue flashing the same thing over and over. I counted 690 times between Houston and Vancouver."

Pros: "My seat"

Pros: "It was a long day with the delays which ended in a missed flight to Vancouver. Great service in providing accommodations and food voucher. Much appreciated. Made getting home a day later as I have another 6 1/2 hour drive to get home. Overall a good trip."

Pros: "Offered drinks and snacks."
Cons: "My suitcase's handle was damaged by the time it reached baggage claim. I will need to buy a new suitcase now."

Pros: "Overall this was an pretty average flight. The planes were on time and the service was good"

Cons: "Flight was delayed because plane hadn't arrived at the gate yet from its previous flight."

Cons: "The boarding process is chaos. By the time my group is called, an announcement is made about running low on overhead space and some may need to check in their carry ones. Happens on every United flight? On the flight from Vancouver, the wifi wasn't even working."

Pros: "Other airlines that don't lie to you about which airline you're purchasing tickets with."
Cons: "When I buy an apple computer and pay apple prices, I don't expect to open up the box and find a PC in there. When I bought tickets with Air Canada, I expected to fly with Air Canada, not United. I don't know how it's even legal for you to sell me one thing, have me pay for it, and then give me another. My experiences with Air Canada have been fine. My experience with United was terrible. Their check in devices freeze and don't give proper instructions or feedback, and my tray table was taped shut because it was broken. The tape looked like it was a year old. It is not ok to fix an airplane with tape. This is terrible for both of us. Now you - Air Canada - are sharing in United's PR disaster because you've effectively said buying tickets from you might just be a bait-and-switch for buying tickets with them. Upon purchasing tickets "your" customers have no way of knowing what they're going to get. I'd much rather book with an airline that sells tickets for its own flights, or at least tells customers when they're buying something else instead of lying to them."

Pros: "Tv, food, outlet to charge phone."
Cons: "Crew was unfriendly and seats were small and uncomfortable for a 4.5h flight."

Pros: "again we flew business class"
Cons: "A waste of money for business class as it was no better than business class 30 years ago. Slightly wider seats with a little more room, but there was no entertainment and the food was awful"

Pros: "Was a breeze to board"
Cons: "No entertainment at all no music nothing"

Pros: "I made the connection flight, luckily, w the 5 mins I had"
Cons: "Nothing to complain about w the flight. All was well"

Pros: "The crew was very good, very attentive."
Cons: "Boarding went quickly but was very unorganized."

Pros: "Didn't have food so couldnt rate that section"

Pros: "Nice seats."
Cons: "Sitting at the gate on the plane while they work on a problem"

Pros: "Freeway traffic made me just miss the checkin time by a hair. I had an important meeting and was hoping there was a chance to still get on (40min before flight) but that wasn't possible."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Didn't make it because United gave standby seating to guests terminating travel in SFO."

Pros: "There were snacks & water provided."
Cons: "The flight was over 4 hours delayed, and the luggage took a long time to arrive, it was 4am, and then there was a taxi line and there were no taxis available and each one took time for each passenger."

Pros: "Nice free inflight wifi entertainment, small selection and need own device. Make sure to bring your headphones!"

Pros: "I was very late and the staff made huge efforts to get me through security and onboard!"

Pros: "The flight started boarding early enough that we had no problem pushing off from the gate on-time. We arrived early"
Cons: "The baggage took longer to arrive that it took us to hike the considerable distance from the gate and then clear passport control."

Pros: "Food should be fee for the entire flight. It's a long flight over 4 hours."

Pros: "Fly upnto Vancouver BC this time."

Cons: "The seats had no infotainment system No food Cramped"

Cons: "We were trying to print our boarding passes and computer didn't recognize our bar code. United employees were trying to help us and they couldn't print it either until we approched counter. We didn't see that much of professionalism on United employees. At one point one of the employees told us to go back to Air Canada counter and I thought she was not trained properly."

Cons: "Flight was delayed 3 hours and 45 minutes because engine did not start. Had us deplane. Caused us to miss our connecting flight and we had to wait 6 hours for another one."

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Flight was delayed over an hour since bags had to all be unpacked and then packed back into plane due to bags being stored improperly and not all fitting"

Pros: "Informative Captain. Made up time in transit."
Cons: "In flight entertainment did not exist and a fee was charged to access content online. This does not meet industry standards. During boarding, airline agent told me my one allowable carry-on item had to be checked because of limited space in overhead bins. Upon boarding the plane, there was clearly room for more luggage to be stored overhead. One flight crew member served complimentary beverages by serving the entire can. The other served by pouring only some of the can into a cup. Again, this does not meet industry standards, from the perspective of a reasonably well-traveled flier."

Pros: "I gave it a four because the airline put safety first. Though we had to change plane due to some funny sound made by the engine, the wait was worth it. The crew were helpful and the actual flight was smooth."

Pros: "Nice new 737-800, friendly crew"
Cons: "I volunteered to be bumped to a later flight, which was handled well; however my checked bags did not get transferred. The baggage desk at YVR was very helpful, but the United lost bags office was unreachable by phone. They always had very long hold times."

Cons: "Planes have mechanical issues, but they could have done more things at the same time like reboard while the post repair system checks ran and sort out baggage weights so that there weren't delays on top of delays. That was after not noticing issues with the plane until after waiting for late passengers and taxiing out. We arrived 4hrs late for a 3hr flight. They also only had one agent to rebook flights and assign hotels at the end even though they had hours to know the connections would be missed."

Cons: "Don't fly United"

Pros: "Leg room seemed better. Flight was early arriving in Vancouver. Flight crew kept us informed about slight turbulence and arrival time, Pilot landed plane very smoothly."
Cons: "This is minor: the small package of complimtary food (a sweet wafer) was not good. Something more substantial would have been appreciated for the long flight."

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "No leg room. A bare bones airline."

Pros: "Flight attendants are nice"
Cons: "The plane is very old"

Pros: "Nothing really"
Cons: "This flight was delayed an hour as United had maintenance issues with the plane. United sadly has a bad reputation for deferred maintenance on its planes in order to cut costs. They don't care about customer satisfaction, just the bottom line."

Pros: "The crew was very friendly and boarding on and off the plane was very easy"
Cons: "The seats were extremely uncomfortably. We had a nearly 6 hour flight with no tvs which wasn't great either."

Pros: "Very frustrated experience. Air China, air Canada, budget air, all push responsibilities away. Budget air got my name wrong, too, which would have caused me to not be able to get on the original flight from China anyways."
Cons: "Still I have not been able to get someone to fix my problem for me although I was promised that I could postpone my return flight by one day because of the delay at Victoria airport. Ended up having to buy a return ticket by myself."

Pros: "There was a 2-hour delay after all the passengers boarded."
Cons: "Boarding process in Beijing Airport."

Pros: "Cheap price."
Cons: "The food was not great. No USB charger. The other passengers were noisy."

Pros: "The seating wasnt very comfortable"
Cons: "The food wasn’t that great and the seating was old."

Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Check-in was very fast. The food was a hot sandwich and a drink and was decent. Plane left Hangzhou and arrived Taipei slightly early, which was great. Seats reasonably comfortable. Crew was kind and caring."
Cons: "Would have been nice to have some fruit."

Pros: "Lounge hard to find. Offering and help poor in lounge . Loading for business was great"

Pros: "Good crew, fast boarding, good overhead bin space"
Cons: "boarding by section to avoid rushing, crowd and people moving in/out of seats"

Pros: "Amazing crew, very polite and helpful Excellent take off and landed super smooth - koodoos to the cockpit team The seats on the aircraft from Beijing to Vancouver was much more comfortable that the aircraft before ( Vancouver to Ho Chi Minh ) but I think that it’s because it is a newer aircraft"
Cons: "The food quality was very poor and portion too small. This could utilize some improvements"

Cons: "There’s no way to request vegan meals via the site kayak referred us to (no air China). 14 hours on a plane with no food was brutal. Not a fan of the 787s - they somehow have even less room than their predecessors and when the person in front of you puts their seat back you have about 12” of space."

Pros: "Seat very comfortable"
Cons: "Need better food quality and choices."

Pros: "Not a lot."
Cons: "Food was bland & dull... the same at every meal. Crew did not seem to understand the difference between chicken & duck. EG; "It's chicken & rice"... if it's chicken, why does your colleague say duck? Seats are cramped. No control of your personal environmental comfort - no overhead air nozzle. Crew slow to respond to seat call for assistance."

Pros: "Boarding was prompt and efficient."
Cons: "No power sockets to charge phones, Entertainment selection and functionality completely outdated, just managed to watch 1 movie before I gave up trying. The air hostess tried to help but mentioned that it’s just slow. During dinner service I asked for a second glass of wine with my meal but was refused as only 1 glass of beer or wine is allowed per passenger and flight, which I found very stingy as an airline and irritating from a customer care perspective."

Cons: "The same thing as above"

Cons: "1 1/2 hour delay"

Pros: "Air China does have excellent economy class prices on trans-Pacific flights. The planes themselves are not bad, and the flight attendants have been good. Overall it could be worse."
Cons: "Both their website and their check-in staff (at Beijing airport especially) can be terrible and frustrating. it is even difficult to manage flights that you book directly on their own website. The check-in staff are grumpy at best. Catering is as bad as it gets. The airline food is a throwback to the 1970s. Drink selection is poor--no fizzy water/soda water/seltzer. Only regular water, coke and sprite, and no spirits at all. Very bad wine and beer with only one choice for each: Great Wall wine, which is sweet and gross, and warm slimy swill beer. The airline could do better by upgrading the website system and having better staff training for customer service."

Pros: "The crew was nice. I liked getting a bottle of water to drink."
Cons: "Everything was fine."

Cons: "As a 1k I got diverted to a small bus for loading. This bus then waited until the regular buses had left before leaving. Then it waited until everyone on the other buses had boarded before letting the four of us to get off the bus - we were the last four people to board the plane. Happily there was still space for my carry on, but it was not what I would call priority service."

Pros: "Ran on time"
Cons: "Food and drink options are limited"

Pros: "On time and great service. Comfortable (with a neck pillow), and good entertainment with recent movies."
Cons: "No charging ports on plane and no vegetarian options for meals."

Cons: "Our first segment was delayed and when we landed, no priority was given to get off the plane and run for next flight. We barely made it. Got to Dubai for a wedding and our luggage didn’t make it. There were five of us flying together. No one got their bags. We landed at 1030 pm and went to out first event that night in the same track suit I flew in. Awful airline. Never again."

Pros: "Is nothing to be call nice axcept tha modern airport architectural construction."
Cons: "I was very shock with service on Beijing airport. Since I was depanding on weelchair, I found myself uncertain in very unprofessional hands . Thanks of my instinct, I figured out that land servant left me waiting 1and 1/2 hr. in sectin D check desk # 26of Chech Air. waiting for booking my flight to SF.. She said do not understand English and was on the phone looking for instruction how to help weelchair person. I assumed they told her go to check in , so she took me to Chech Airline point wait for bounding pass. The time of arrival to Beijin I was taking care on weelchair by Chinve's lady wery nervous, haotic on security point which cost difiiculties find my passport. and appone delivery me to the plain she ask for money! The last part of experience with ground weelchair services was in SF airport, all foriners workers, create wery unprofessional, nervous atmosphere and demand a money. Looks like AIRLINES OVERLOOK QUALITY OF THE SERVICE FOR THEY PASSANGERS BEFORE AND AFTER FLIGHT. SPEAKING OF FLIGHT. CHINESS FLY ATENDANTS HAVE TO BE BETTER TRAINED, I notice hudge difference between Korean and Chiness serves wich are better. Regards, Elzbieta"

Pros: "Vert spacious and comfortable. Kind staff made me feel comfortable throughout the 10hr flight."

Pros: "Everything was okay"
Cons: "Everything was okay"

Pros: "Flight attendants are friendly and accommodating. Willing to meet all my reasonable needs. Meals are Ok."
Cons: "Seats are a little small considering my body size."

Cons: "Flight was delayed overnight 6 hours, no communication whatsoever. No attempt to help make connection or apologize.. Service is mediocre at best. Seats are tiny, little to no leg room."

Pros: "It was an experience..."
Cons: "The shuttle to the plane took a good 20 min."

Pros: "The service was good. The aircraft was an old aircraft and noisy."
Cons: "Aircraft was old and noisy."

Cons: "Food, cleanliness of airplane"

Pros: "There was a lot of food"
Cons: "There were no vegetarian options"

Pros: "Good efficient low cost airline but the food is very limited. Very respectful flight attendants."
Cons: "IMprove the quality of food in economy. Drink options limited."

Cons: "Gate crew did not provide any information about delayed departure times. We were told the plane would depart at 20:10 and ended up departing at 22:35. This was already several hours behind the originally scheduled departure time of 15:25."

Cons: "I've flown over seas several times before. Typically, in my experience, the oversea carriers provide an extra bit of leg room for the long distance travel. Air China apparently doesn't feel the need though. My legs were crammed up in the seats and I felt like I was on an 11 hour budget airliner flight. I checked in for my flight as early as possible, but was told there were not emergency exit rows available. Upon entering the plane, I saw the emergency exit row was filled with elderly people who's feet barely touched the floor. In the case of an emergency, it is supposed to be the responsibility of those in the exit row to assist passengers off the plane. I'm young, able bodied, 6'6" and willing to help, but I was denied an exit row seat? Instead my legs have to spill out into the aisle? It wasn't easy for the flight attendants either, because their service carts kept hitting my legs. I didn't mean to make their job harder, but my legs couldn't physically fit in the seat I was given."

Pros: "Food was okay"
Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable, the entertainment screen is very laggy and unresponsive. The options were VERY poor and very few."

Cons: "Couldn't check-in online from Beijing. Food is barely edible. Airline stewardess were not the friendliest people. Seats were lumpy. Bathroom faucet was corroded."

Pros: "Space in business class"
Cons: "Cabin appointment not impressive."

Pros: "Everything was good on and everything we wanted was up to date on the business class."
Cons: "On the last short flight there was business class seats but we were at the very back of the plane."

Pros: "Rude crew. Have had better food on other airlines. Wasn't allowed to listen to music on my iPod at any point during the 9 plus hour flight. Flight was late leaving Beijing, just as it was when i was there 12 days before waiting for another flight one of their flights to Manila and missed my connection flight in Vancouver because of it. Couldn't wait to land and get off the plane."

Pros: "Everything seems to go smoothly, the flight was good and we landed on time."

Pros: "It was okay. The crew was fine, food was okay,"
Cons: "Comfort. Maybe because im a lil bit large, should be more choices on entertainment"

Pros: "The crew were really nice and pleasant Leg space was a better than Mumbai to Beijing"
Cons: "The Air -china crew English need to be improved The non-veg food was a little mediocre"

Pros: "Polite staff, relatively comfortable and decent food."
Cons: "No form of in flight entertainment and chinese air regulations prohibit mobile phone operation. Boring, but not the worst."

Cons: "The staff were rude and over all air china is quite disorganized. Their website barely works and it was impossible to get any real answers out of the agents on the phone. I tried to request a celiac or gluten free meal and it took 3 phone calls to get an agent who was aware there were even choices. Also, as I'm aware I'm flying in another country I would have like to see more English speaking competence amongst staff flying an international flight from Asia to Canada and back. The staff were not helpful. Like drones with no time for you. This to me is not service. And an airline is providing a service."

Pros: "Flight attendants and crew were very helpful"
Cons: "Entertainment needed. Training for staff regarding mobile devices."

Pros: "The flight was accepted by FlightNetworkbut never ticketed. I called and waited on hold for an hour with occasional talk to representative. She indicated that she would call me back in an hour. A ticketing agent called about an hour later and said the flight I booked was unavailable so they switched me to China Southern (where I have no status) but have status with Air China as Star Gold. In addition, they charged me an extra $330 US, so the good fare on Air Chain / Air New Zealand did not materialize. I am thoroughly disgusted with the process and FlightNetwork."
Cons: "The flight was accepted by FlightNetworkbut never ticketed. I called and waited on hold for an hour with occasional talk to representative. She indicated that she would call me back in an hour. A ticketing agent called about an hour later and said the flight I booked was unavailable so they switched me to China Southern (where I have no status) but have status with Air China as Star Gold. In addition, they charged me an extra $330 US, so the good fare on Air Chain / Air New Zealand did not materialize.disgusted with the process and FlightNetwork."

Pros: "Reasonable food. Old chairs but OK."
Cons: "Crazy rules - can't use phones in airplane mode to read books? So so food. Terrible entertainment."

Pros: "Large and clean. Beatiful stewardees."
Cons: "Not departing on time, delayed a hour to depart. But I understood because one of guest was sick while boarding."

Pros: "Great comfortable flight. Good service and food"
Cons: "Going down the stairs from the plane to the tarmac."

Pros: "I arrived safely."
Cons: "Communication was challenging as my first language is english. Entertainment centre would lock up and freeze for all flights (I took 4). The plane seemed old and a bit sketchy. There was no boarding call, I just happened to be standing where I needed to go."

Cons: "Can't reserve a seat on line even"

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2 stops
United Airlines
21h 06m
2 stops
United Airlines
35h 10m
1 stop
China Southern
27h 20m
1 stop
China Southern
16h 25m
1 stop
Air China
28h 55m
2 stops
Air China
31h 05m
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