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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Alaska AirlinesOverall score based on 29879 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Boarding went smoothly."
Cons: "I had to clean (wipe down) the tray and seat surfaces myself. Surprised, esp. in 1st Class."
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Pros: "Boarding went smoothly."
Cons: "I had to clean (wipe down) the tray and seat surfaces myself. Surprised, esp. in 1st Class."
Pros: "Great flight, great take off, great landing, great staff"
Cons: "Nothing. Very good"
Cons: "The food can improve,what I heard n what I witnessed is not the same"
Pros: "Air traffic control re-routed the flight which delayed our take off and extended our flight time. The captain was good about keeping us informed about the delay, and the new schedule. The delay wasn’t Alaska’s fault, and the crew made the best of a not ideal situation."
Cons: "I was seated next to a fairly rude person. Could have happened to anyone I suppose."
Pros: "The crew was very happy and welcoming."
Cons: "We were late and I missed my flight. I was told Flt 452 from LAX to JFK is notoriously late. Also, there could have been more updates about our delayed arrival."
Cons: "Courteous and servient steward!"
Pros: "cleaner plane would be nicer. quieter plane would be nicer. Seating for premium class could be COMFORTABLE."
Cons: "cleaner plane would be nicer. quieter plane would be nicer. Seating for premium class could be COMFORTABLE."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Threatening to bump my wife due to overbooking, while we are midway through a two leg Alaska flight was beyond the worst experience I’ve ever had in fifty years of travel. How can you bump a pass like that, after flying your first leg?"
Cons: "Tarmac delays"
Pros: "there was nothing to like. A few hours before the early morning flight Alaska cancelled the flight and rebooked us fir a flight 12 hours later. Their phone is off during the night and we had to go to the airport in the middle of the night to get a flight that would get us to our cruise on time. A"
Cons: "use something other than Alaska and it will be better"
Cons: "Didn’t load my checked luggage in Boise"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "I like the diverse, friendly staff."
Pros: "Good leg room Good coffee"
Cons: "No iPads for rent. No in seat tv screens Seats are hard"
Pros: "Getting off!"
Cons: "No free wifi"
Cons: "Paid for upgraded service; crew didn't come around for refills. Seemed very lazy and slow. Didn't get my money's worth."
Pros: "Boarding was easy."
Cons: "It was a 5 hour flight no entertainment. Food prices too high."
Pros: "The cabin crew were very nice."
Cons: "The original flight was cancelled due to weather condition that caused a domino effect for me that disrupted all my other travel plans."
Pros: "Overall I liked all of it the food was nothing amazing but it's an airline I appreciate anything if I forgot to order anything from their fantastic shop inside the San Antonio airport."
Cons: "Nothing I liked it all very much thank you everyone I really felt so comfortable and I appreciate all of your service :) :) I hope you all have a good day today be warm and try to feel good even when times want you to feel bad. Take care all of you thank you so much."
Pros: "In flight entertainment options. TV, Movies & Music. Great selection...and its free!"
Cons: "Boarding was long and arduous. But I believe this to be the case with most airlines."
Pros: "The crew were fantastic and they offered me wonderful tea."
Cons: "No entertainment."
Pros: "Good as well. I made it home in a fair amount of time and even better there was plenty of leg room in the plane. Yeahh"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Short lines at checking, friendly and courteous staff. Flights on time transfer gates 15 yards apart. Seattle a great airport. Flight crews on both planes very friendly."
Cons: "Beer to expensive....."
Pros: "I really appreciated that Alaska Airlines called me in advance to let me know that my original flight would be substantially delayed. They reseated me on a direct flight to Portland. Otherwise, I would have missed the wedding I was attending. I appreciate how proactive Alaska is."
Pros: "I was able to upgrade to 1st class at the gate for a low fee. Meal and drinks included, comfortable seating with decent leg room. Attendants greeted and called you by your name. Food came piping hot and my champagne was never empty! Loved their 1st class experience."
Cons: "2 things I would say is that they need an entertainment update to match Virgin America. And the carpet on the walls in 1st class is a bit ridiculous. I didn't understand what that was about."
Cons: "Landing was rough"
Pros: "Crew was amazing!"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The staff were generally helpful and kind, and arranged for people who had tight connections in Seattle to exit the plane before others - which I really appreciated."
Cons: "The flight was delayed by 2 to 2-1/2 hours: first, because they were "waiting for a crew member", then because they needed to change a tire on the plane; and finally because there was an air show happening near the Seattle airport, so they couldn't fly in to the airport. I know that problems happen, but this was a very long day - and I missed 2 shuttle buses that I hoped to take from the Seattle airport, and had to wait for 2 more hours after landing there to finally take one."
Pros: "Flight was quick. The wifi that is allowed."
Cons: "Would have liked a complimentary meal during an international flight."
Pros: "Great flight and people but late"
Cons: "Almost missed our connection. Would have been helpful to announce gate locations of connecting flights prior to landing"
Pros: "Great service. Offered me a seat switch on full flt! Internet was tough and not working well but gogo almost always is. That was minor. Easy nice flight."
Pros: "Punctuality was excellent! Crew was good. Seats were comfortable."
Cons: "There is no entertainment provided and the Wi Fi didn't work at all!"
Pros: "This is the best airlines I have experienced and i can't wait for my next trip. Everyone was caring and the experience was fantastic and easy."
Pros: "No complications, no delays, no unnecessary stuff."
Cons: "I didn't like the sales pitch for the company credit card which charges a huge interest rate. Why inflict that on all of us who already have credit cards."
Pros: "the plane was relatively clean and maintained."
Cons: "A disabled girl and her family were seated immediately behind me and the girl bellowed and screamed more than half of the time, She also began emitting a foul stench i can only assume was a solid in her underwear or copious flatulence. She kicked and pulled on my seat (inadvertently pulling my hair in the process). The parents had very little control and did not seem to have an idea of how to fix the situation. When she draped herself over the seatback I pointed her out to the attendant when she asked if there was anything else I needed. She found me another seat for the last 1/4 of the flight and gave me a free drink and some chocolate. I think it would have been smart to address the problem when it first started instead of pretending everything was fine. This girl did the same thing on my flight out to others and it was not tolerable even 10 rows away on the other side of the plane. The other people in my row were irritated they had to stay and continue to suffer. If i knew there was the possibility to move I would have done it right away. Addressing the issue right away would not have solved the problem probably but the rest of us might have been able to move out..."
Pros: "Nice room"
Pros: "Captain of our flight made us feel at ease with his silly jokes. All the flight attendants were very nice and even gave me a complimentary drink for my birthday."
Cons: "We had purchased round trip tickets for our son to come home from college. He was able to get a ride a day earlier as he wanted to surprise us. The night before his return flight he went online to check in, and received a notification his reservation had been cancelled. We called Alaska and were told they had canceled his reservations as he failed to check in for his initial flight. Their policy reflects in the event of this happening they "may" do this, NOT shall. They wanted us to pay an additional $205 for a one way ticket. Hard lesson for my son, he just didn't think about canceling as the seats were paid for, and not understanding why the reservation would be canceled when their service was paid for. We would have thought as we paid for a service Alaska would have at least called or emailed us to check the status of the reservation. they had all of our personal contact information. Again, hard lessen for us all."
Pros: "Everyone was friendly, and it was a great comfortable flight"
Pros: "The wifi was really nice."
Cons: "It's a tight fit. There is very little leg room and I was put in a seat that didn't recline."
Pros: "The planes were really great and boarding was super efficient. Love that you board from the back forward. In flight crew was pleasant. Love the free entertainment option even though I didn't use it. It would be great on a longer flight!"
Cons: "Would be nice to have some breakfast food options for a 5:30am flight; even if it's yogurt and granola."
Pros: "Nice staff"
Cons: "FA's phoned it in."
Pros: "Alaska airlines pilots are some of the best in the world, making flying with them anxiety free, especially since it's snowy in anchorage."
Cons: "Was delayed by more than an hour"
Cons: "Overcharged for cramped seats plus no entertainment ."
Pros: "Boarding from two doors. Good views on the trip."
Pros: "Boarding was quick and simple. Fill from the back to the front, now weird zones and scattered boarding process"
Cons: "Considering that gas prices have seriously dropped and the airline continues to charge me an extra $25 to travel with luggage, you'd think they would offer passengers more than a single micro bag of pretzels and a cup a soda as complimentary item on a four hour flight."
Pros: "Their staff was awesome as usual no issues with the flight ."
Cons: "So many bags that were suppose to go under the seat infront of you that weren't. So that those of us that boarded last had to wait while stewarts removed small carry ons. So that our one carry on that fit in the box but not under the seat could be stowed. It would be nice if the smalls bags that are to be stowed under the seat were. The family next to me had 9 bags in the over head. There were two adults and two children 3 and 4."
Pros: "The cheese & fruit tray was delightful"
Cons: "Flight delayed for a prolonged period without explanation."

Travelled in Premium so my experiences may not apply to economy...

I would have liked to have been able to buy some food.

Pros: "Crew good! Seats uncomfortable as usual"
Cons: "Transfer of luggage from one plane to this Victoria flight. Delayed 30 minutes."
Pros: "Great flight. No problems."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "A very enjoyable flight."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Crew was great, flight was packed full of people who all seemed to be coughing and sniffling."
Cons: "More leg room, more air conditioning"
Pros: "Unreal service by all WJ employees. Great service getting my 87 year old mom to and from everything."
Cons: "Just perfect"
Cons: "Flight was delayed. Otherwise fine."
Pros: "Safety and on time."
Cons: "Grumpy cabin crew."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Q400"
Cons: "Delayed over a hour"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Snack service and in flight movies"
Pros: "Clean plane, on time, friendly staff, arrival was earlier than expected"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "An uneventful and comfortable trip, well.. as comfortable as any aircraft gets :)"
Pros: "We didn't fly into Toronto. Our flight was from Gatwick to Vancouver."
Pros: "On time . Friendly staffs ."
Cons: "None"
Pros: "WestJet great airline"
Cons: "YYC new Gate “C” poorly organized"
Pros: "The staff are very professional and friendly."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "On time - lots of legroom (after previous flight on Q400)"
Pros: "The crew was good and the boarding process went smoothly and fast."
Cons: "The screens were so old and bad that it would be a total waste of money to pay for the PPV channels. Seats were hard and unconfortable"
Cons: "Their check in was not a boarding pass which prevented me from using Quick Connect from Immigration. So I reached the terminal counter art the FAR end of the terminal with 15 minutes to apare. The agent told me that wss not enouhh time to make the flight. I had to wait almost 4 houts for the last flight if the night to get there"
Cons: "Announcement from the flight crew inaudible. Much too fast and with lack of ununciation"
Pros: "Plane, stewardesses on the plane"
Cons: "Where to start. Booked a higher priced ticket as layover was minimal. Westjet later emails, saying layover is now 7 hours?!?! We booked a connector with air canada with only a 2hr layover. We decided to keep the checked bags on the Westjet later connector to be less hassle. Westjet agents at airport did not mention that you cannot do that. So it wasn’t until we arrived at the layover point, we were told we had to pull the bags and re-check them in with Air Canada, go through the whole rigamarile of checkin, baggage check, and security. Not something you want to deal with when you are at the tail end of a red-eye flight. So thumbs down. In Westjet’s defense, they did give me a 200 dollar credit toward a future flight when I kicked up a fuss about the change to a 7-hour layover."
Pros: "Friendly and helpful staff."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Seated in Plus (1F) but legroom was cramped, no choice of decent food (cookies, chips and chocolate - all sugar or fat & salt) Most of the TV channels were not working along with the map display. Definitely not worth the extra cost of Plus fare"
Pros: "Quick and easy"
Cons: "Small seats"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed 2 and a half hours but everyone was friendly."
Cons: "Very poor attitude of cabin crew. if they don’t want to serve the “guests” get another job."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Crew was very efficient and friendly."
Cons: "Having only one bathroom at back of the plane was a surprise ."
Pros: "Seats could be a bit bigger for tall people."
Pros: "Fast connection, friendly crew."
Pros: "The friendly service and prompt boarding!"
Cons: "The snack options. Veggies and hummus would be nice!"
Pros: "The crew tried their best. The seats were average. The food ok."
Cons: "The entertainment is awful to non-existent. The wifi doesn't work especially on a laptop. On the return flight is wasn't even enabled. Four to five hours without ANY entertainment is totally unacceptable especially with teens and kids!! The 20 schedule changes and very confusing schedule (they showed us on 2 separate flights from DTW on Dec 25th morning). I have no idea how that would happen. The gate agent at Delta (first leg) had a hell of a time sorting it out despite a long call to the WJ help desk."
Cons: "Of the four flights I took with WestJet this holiday, 3 were delayed. The flights were frigid. On this flight the agent at the gate was very rude when I asked about checking my bag, lecturing me about the size of the bag and insisting she would have to charge me if it was a full flight, which she said it wasn’t. It ended up fitting just fine in the overhead. Totally soured my experience. I will not use this airline again."
Cons: "Not any bodys fault the crew were trying to be supportive. multiple babys all around the area beside accros and a few rows down. maybe set them all to teh back would be better"
Pros: "The crew was fantastic and was very helpful!"
Cons: "I found the rows a bit tight together leading to a little less legroom then I would like but this is standard with almost any airline."
Pros: "Getting into Victoria befor evening"
Cons: "Delayed, no pilot, no communication."
Pros: "left on time"
Cons: "The overhead bins are now too small for a large number of carry on luggage that meets the criteria of carry on. If you wheel your now over sized carry on to the gate they will stow it below for free. If you check it they charge you $26.00 knowing it won't fit in the bins anyway."
Pros: "Friendly crew, easy boarding! Small overhead but crew took larger bags under the plane for no charge."
Pros: "After long security line ups . It is so refreshing to board on time with no fuss or delay .staff efficient , up beat and on task ."
Cons: "No comments necessary at this time"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The pilot on the Honolulu flight to Vancouver left some documents at the hotel and he had to go back to get them therefore delaying our flight to vancouver. This caused a lot of passengers connection flights delayed and rebooked to another flight later on that day. No apologies or compensation of time wasted was given. Food vouchers would have been nice. The new boarding passes provided also pushed most of us passengers back to the last seats at the back of the plane.. which was a very uncomfortable experience."
Cons: "Wi fi didn't work"
Pros: "Charlotte and Johnny spiced up the safety brief with some humor, it definitely made the flight more enjoyable and to have a friendly, funny and relaxed flight crew."
Pros: "Very friendly crew !"
Cons: "It was delayed because they couldn't find the stewardess. So made me late for my plans , but other then that it was good . The crew was excellent on both flights"
Pros: "On time, luggage arrived even with yer short connect in Calgary"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from San Antonio to Victoria

Airlines flying from San Antonio to Victoria have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from San Antonio to Victoria

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from San Antonio to Victoria

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from San Antonio to Victoria

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from San Antonio to Victoria

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from San Antonio to Victoria

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