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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for C$ 36 or less one-way and C$ 451 or less round-trip.
  • The cheapest flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas was found, on average, 57 days before departure.
  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be November, December and January. The cheapest month to fly is July.
  • Interested in booking direct flights from San Francisco to Las Vegas? There are several major airlines that you can choose from. United Airlines is known for offering a high number of daily flights between these locations at competitive prices, and travelers can pay an additional fee to upgrade to the Economy Plus option in order to have more legroom. Southwest offers similar flights and allows customers to check up to two bags for free.
  • Looking for ways to pass the time before your flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas takes off? Consider paying a visit to the Aviation Museum & Library located in the Main Hall of San Francisco International Airport. This museum contains many artifacts and photos related to California’s aviation history, as well as remakes of historical planes.
  • If you’re traveling to Las Vegas with your children, stop by one of the several play areas located at San Francisco International Airport. These play areas are free to access and contain a variety of interactive games and activities, making them a convenient area for children to let off some steam during a day of traveling.
  • For travelers that interested in booking with an airline that has a lounge at San Francisco International Airport, consider flying with Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines, or Delta Airlines. By booking a ticket with one of these companies, you might be eligible to access their private lounge before boarding and take advantage of their different amenities, such as free snacks, drinks, high speed WiFi, and television access.
  • Hoping to unwind after your flight to Las Vegas lands? Keep your eyes open for the many slot machines that are located throughout the different terminals of McCarran International Airport. These machines are open to all travelers aged 21 and up and are an easy way to get into the Las Vegas spirit.
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has an array of services available to parents who are looking for ways to entertain their children before their flight departs. Each information desk can provide a colouring book upon request, while you can also find kids’ play areas in Terminals 1, 2, and 3. The airport also has the Aviation Museum and Library, which you can locate on Level 3 in the departures hall near security in Boarding Area A.
  • If you need a reliable way to get to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) from the city centre, the BART train runs a regular service, departing roughly every 10–15min, from the city centre to the airport. Depending on where you catch the train, the journey takes around 30–45min and costs approximately $9–11 (£6–8).
  • If you’re looking for a fast way to get to the centre of Las Vegas from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS), either the Airport Shuttle service or a taxi are good options. The shuttle costs around $18–23 (£13–17), whereas a taxi will cost around $20–25 (£14–18). The transit time is approximately 5–10min for both services.
  • If you’re looking to hire a car upon your arrival at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS), you can access the McCarran Rent-A-Car Centre on Gilespie Street. It is around 3 miles south of the airport, and where several well-known car hire companies have an office. To get there, the free Rental Car Shuttle service is available to catch outside Terminals 1 and 3 – from Baggage Claim, follow the signs to Ground Transportation. The shuttle stop is located near doors 10–11 in Terminal 1, and doors 51–54 (west end) or 55–58 (east end) in Terminal 3. We recommend pre-booking your vehicle with KAYAK.
  • If you’re in need of mobility assistance at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), upon arrival at the airport you can approach any staff member who will provide you with the assistance you require. The check-in areas at Domestic Terminals 1, 2 and 3 have staff available to assist you. We also recommend contacting your airline in advance with your specific requirements.

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Top 5 airlines serving San Francisco to Las Vegas Harry Reid Intl

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Alaska AirlinesOverall score based on 29861 reviews
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Only had water, needed coffee

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Only had water, needed coffee

They were on time. Staff was professional and pleasant. Allowed me to have a carry on and select my seat. Very reasonable cost. Easy online check on and sms reminders. Will fly with them again.

Pros: "Service and overall cleanliness etc. was very smooth, good and clean. I sat in seat 1A both ways and as the first person to get on and off the flight found the process well laid out, easy, clean and smooth. I also got to witness the boarding process from inside while seated. Very professional and courteous all the way. The first class cabin was sparsely filled with ample space between us and based on how many people I saw getting on, I think the rear cabin must've been sparsely filled as well. More on the comfort aspect in the "what would have been bettter section" ... in short, the seats are the weakest link in the chain."
Cons: "My only gripe is about the seats fitted in first class for this Alaska Air leg (JFKSFO). Like most, my travel frequency has dropped so much that I can finally afford to pay full fare first for the few times I do need to travel. I expect that this will more likely be the norm than not and hope/expect that more among us who can afford to pay extra for the additional comfort, do so. The airline industry will need to keep that segment to get ahead of this seismic shift in travel patterns that 2020 has brought upon all of us. I was hoping to just sleep through it. I normally sleep well/easily on flights (at times, "too well"!) but could not do so on this leg. The seats in first class are just not meant for sleeping and are thus limited in their positioning ... brief napping is the best you can do - carry your entertainment/work or plan on meditating while fully awake. The base is for all intent and purposes, immovable (maybe a couple of inches back and forth at best). There is no concept of a foot rest in the design. The back locks into one of two positions - a vertical one for take-off/landing and a second one tilted about 15 degrees or so. That makes it impossible to stretch the body out while fully supported - so hard to go into relaxed/deep sleep for those who wish to do so. The front passenger seat of a common car offers more for a five hour road trip - something to ponder on, eh? Upgrade the seats ...the extra investment will pay for itself quickly in this age of reduced travel as you'll attract more of those who are lucky to be able to pay a little more to fly in comfort for the few times that they need to. Additionally, sleeping passengers are often the easiest/cheapest to service!"
Cons: "NO social distancing in the middle of a pandemic????!!!!!????"
Pros: "The crew was good. The problem was our Qantas flight from Auckland New Zealand, to Sydney, Australia, to San Francisco, to Seattle didn't sync with Alaska Air. We arrived in San Francisco after a very long flight. We had gotten our boarding passes in Auckland. When we went to board in SF, there was a glitch and they wouldn't let us board. It took a long time to get that fixed. We missed our flight (with our luggage on it), and had to wait several more hours. Plus Alaska Air had cancelled a flight mid morning and the trickle down result was many people were stuck and waiting on flights. Then we had to wait for a crew to come, then they found something wrong with the plane so had to get in a new plane. It was a long and hard day for everyone."
Cons: "I don't know how you sync airline tickets but if they had synced as they were supposed to, none of this would have happened."
Cons: "Waiting on one way too long. More than 1hr"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed 3 hrs, made me miss planned events during a very short weekend trip. It cut our trip in half..super bummed."
Cons: "This was an old aircraft with very uncomfortable seats (even in first). Was not worth paying for the upgrade, especially for a red-eye."
Pros: "The crew was great, the plane was clean and updated, the in-flight entertainment was good."
Cons: "On both of my Alaska Airlines flights we took off later than scheduled, by over 15 minutes. It could have been due to the congestion at LAX. And the seats were comfortable if not a little cramped. I also wish we would have been offered adult beverages on my late flight into SFO -- helps for sleep."
Pros: "Very quick boarding. Plenty of overhead space. Most likely because flight was not full."
Pros: "Free movies"
Cons: "First time on Alaska air, on my departure got delayed for 8hrs, then that one we end up deplaning. On my arrival, the plane got delayed again. It’s not a good experience all and all"
Cons: "No worthy"
Cons: "Be on time"
Pros: "Blue, dim lights"
Pros: "Clean environment"
Cons: "Gluten free snacks"
Pros: "Service. Comfortable plane."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "No food offered but I usually don’t eat food but some passengers were asking about the food service"
Pros: "Was going to miss the flight and was able to rebook since I was in the check in window for just $50. Really awesome."
Pros: "Seats on my flight are comfortable all around. The plane I was on is a virgin airlines plane."
Cons: "Way too cold"
Pros: "The flight attendants were all really nice."
Cons: "Flight was delayed for and hour because they couldn't find a headset."
Cons: "Entertainment system was malfunctioning. Sound would cut out intermittently"
Pros: "I like the idea of allowing pre-boating for families with small children or elderly parents to some extent"
Cons: "I did not like that the airline allowed more than 1-2 people to accompany 1 small child when pre-boarding. I happened to be able to go in with the general boarding but was one of those who was first in line within this group. My seat which was 5C already had no overheard room!!! It appears that 1 child was accompanied by 4 adults when they pre-boarded and in addition to their carry-ons, they put their foldable stroller, backpacks and totes in the overhead bin!! The airline announced a request for people to leave the overhead bin spaces for bigger carryons but does not enforce it. Flight attendants should not feel uncomfortable actually asking to whom the backpack or tote belong to and tell passengers to put those under their seats. Somehow, passengers need to be educated on proper etiquette. Also, pre-boarding should only allow 1-2 people to accompany a child or an elderly person. Pre-boarding should not be taken advantage of by all adults traveling with those needing it."
Cons: "I don't normally leave reviews, but words really can't describe the nightmarishness of what should have been a quick four hour flight from San Francisco to Washington. Seats for my wife and I were not where I had reserved. Plane had one working lavatory for a cabin of 150 economy passengers. This resulted in a line that stretched the entirety of the single aisle of the plane for the majority of the flight. The second toilet simply had a piece of paper with sharpie that read "DO NOT USE!!" There were two attendants, one of whom wore a t-shirt and was mostly indistinguishable from the passengers. Didn't get so much as a cup of water until over two hours into the four hour flight. No snack, but that's the least of my complaints really. The attendants spent most of the flight in the back of the plane discussing their new vacation lottery and where they were going to go out drinking when we landed–I know because the rear of the plane was where I ended up, forced to smell the single working toilet, in a seat that didn't recline."
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Entertainment wa great"
Cons: "Left late for no apparent reason? Baggage was far away"
Pros: "We arrive safe"
Cons: "We arrive safeThe staff spend a good part of the time chopping it up with themselves in the back and just before they landed they rushed through the aisle to pick up trash and they were so rude"
Cons: "we missed our flight and they said to us that “ you need to pay 350 dollars to change next flight” and nobody cares about us and i hate alaska airlines because they are so careless"
Pros: "The flight took the blink of an eye."
Cons: "I would have liked to have been woken for the food dispersal and being over 6 feet O cannot say enough about adequate leg room or lack thereof."
Pros: "Perfect trip no complaints!"
Cons: "I liked all of it"
Cons: "In the SF airport, your crew accepted me to pay for $25 for putting my suitcase into the plane. But then, she mentioned that the flight was delayed and there was no way that I can made my connection from LA to Indianaplis. So I was given a boarding pass with my suitcase ($25 paid) only to LA. The front desk asked me to try other ways when I arrived LA to see what can be done. When I entered into the gate, your CS changed my flight to UA after I have presented my case. However, I had to pull the suitcase out from Alaska, paid another $25 to United and started the trip all over again. All the while, your crews expected me (an alien from Asia) that I should have known every thing get it through, or to claim my suitcase charges. I am really disappointed for the lack of understanding. To you, it may be something happened so common everyday. To me, I was totally lost to handle this."
Pros: "Everyone is so nice. Easy & reasonable price."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Crew was professional, captain kept passengers informed."
Cons: "Sat in plane for a total of 3.5 hours for a 1 hour and 15 minute flight. McCarron Airport was jammed so SFO takeoffs were delayed."
Cons: "Charged for taking an empty seat at an early flight which would have been empty anyway"
Pros: "Everything was perfect for 1 hour flight. Thanks Kayak."
Pros: "Roomy seats, very affordable, free entertainment, and very pleasant customer service."
Pros: "free drinks"
Cons: "Slow and disorderly boarding at SFO"
Pros: "That the problem was eventually fixed."
Cons: "I arrived at the SFO at 715. I checked in and went straight to my gate. After sitting in the gate area just a few minutes, the women at my flight desk announced a delayed flight(flight would depart at 10 instead of 855) The asked that passengers come retrieve their meal vouchers. She checked my boarding pass and I went and ordered myself dinner and returned to sit down close to 9pm. I waited for the screen to change for the new flight information but it never did. The terminal was busy with music and basketball finals.lost of mumbling announcemrnt so I kept checking my flight screen and it still had the original flight. I sat waiting. All of a suddent the tv changes and it’s a different destination??? I got up and asked why my flight wasn’t posted and she told me ‘sweetheart your flight left 20minutes ago.’ I was shocked. How could this happen? She informed me i’d missed my flight that was never delayed. I was so tired and worried and she kept calling me sweetheart. Telling me there were mo more flights but that she’d put me on a 6am the next morning. With my disability I was so worried I pushed and pushed and spoke to both counter airling people. Finally, I got mad and she put me on united. I am so upset about the whole ordeal. That was a surreal awful experience that had me crying on the way home."
Pros: "The crew were great, security at the airport took over an hour to get through so I arrived at the gate 10minsbefire takeoff. The crew were great in getting me on board and checking my luggage was still there t"
Pros: "Plane was a little warm, air didn’t work great, also delayed on the runway for about 45 minutes before takeoff"
Cons: "They delay on the runway"
Pros: "Terminal 2 in SF is great...whole vibe plus food and seating options are top top...SeaTac needs to up their game feels makes it feels like a food court at a subpar mall."
Cons: "Wish there was in seat inflight entertainment like Virgin America."
Pros: "The attendant who helped me was extremely helpful in arranging for me to be on the next flight to Portland, out of San Jose. She called and arranged for a shuttle to pick me up in San Francisco and bring me to San Jose at no cost, and provided me with a flex ticket so that if I missed the next flight I could be on the subsequent one. (I did in fact make it -- just barely -- onto the 11:15 flight out of San Jose, so when all was said and done I landed in Portland about three hours later than originally planned. As it was a very short trip, I'm quite glad that I only lost the time that I did.) Thank you, Diane (Diana?), for all your help."
Cons: "I had originally been scheduled for an 8:45 am flight out of San Francisco. As I was leaving for the airport at 6:30 I received a text saying that my flight had been delayed until 10:08. I ended up arriving at the airport around 9:00 and making it over to the service desk around 9:20, at which point I was told by one of the attendants that the flight had left at 9:18 and I should have been at the airport two hours early. There was no acknowledgment by this particular attendant that I had been given wrong information by the airline that had resulted in my missing the flight."
Cons: "2+h delay"
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "it made it on time.... we travel / fly a lot. First time with Alaskan an was far from impressed"
Cons: "All out of food... morning flight an no warning or anything g. We could have ran an got something before boarding started .... they drive the cart by with what I guess... the only 2 options of each category for the first 10 people... to then say... o sorry we have nothing.. An no compensation for it but sorry.... do u a humus pack for 8 bucks.... then one second later when my wife decides she wants it... they say they just gave away the last one... it was redic. Not to mention weren't even all the way in the back Glad to see a few people up front able to eat..."
Pros: "Missed my flight at it was rescheduled for $25 without asking a questions"
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "The in flight cookies were deliscious"
Cons: "I arrived to my gate about a half hour before boarding was set to start. An employee greeting me recommended I use the restroom because the gate was down an elevator and in a portion of the airport that did not have accessible restrooms or food options. She cautioned against returning late later than ten minutes before boarding. I returned about ten minutes before the scheduled boarding, only to be told there would be a delay, which wouldn't be an issue except that it took over an hour and sounded like a standard, foreseeable safety process due to the plane being out of the country prior to our flight. Then we were shuttled to the plane on a frigid bus, which at one point stopped so suddenly several passengers and baggages were sent to the floor. And then, after finally taking off, the in flight wifi did not work. After landing in Portland, there was a 45 minute delay because "a vehicle is parked in our gate." Ultimately, we flew safe and sound, but the discomfort caused by the cold bus transports, poor bus driving, foreseeable delays, and a parked vehicle was really unacceptable. After this experience, it will be hard to choose Alaska Airlines in the future."
Pros: "The flight crew was good, and the flight was quick once we got on the plane - which was 1 hour 45 minutes after we should have!"
Cons: "I got on the second leg of a flight from Seattle to Palm Springs at San Francisco. First, the flight arrived an hour late. Passengers from Seattle said that the loading crew somehow dented the wall to the luggage area (?) and they had to inspect it before flying. When it finally got to SFO, we boarded the plane at first, and then had to deplane back into the airport because they had (over?)filled the wrong fuel tank. So they had to empty that tank and fill another I guess? Don't know if the tank they filled was on the other side of the dented luggage area. The announcements from the desk were puzzling, and tended to be every 10 minutes telling us to wait 10 minutes instead of giving a good estimate so we didn't need to stand at the gate the whole time. After about 50 more minutes we boarded again and the plane took off OK. But there needs to be serious improvement in communication between the crew on the ground (gas & luggage etc) and the pilot and the desk crew, and between all of them and their paying customers."
Pros: "I really enjoyed the professionalism the ticket people at the counter. they were very helpful and very pleasant. I like both alaska airlines and virgin America. I never have a problem when I fly with them."
Cons: "the only thing that was unpleasant was my boyfriend was missing a phone charger and some cigars out of his suitcase. it must of happened through customs or the baggage handling."
Pros: "Service was excellent as always. I was cold and reluctant to say anything. Seemed like lots were asking for hot drinks and bundled up so the stewardess asked the pilot to crank up the heat. (No one had requested this!) At that moment I realized, many of us are afraid due to recent things on the news. I am a frequent and long-term traveller so if I felt it, you can be sure others do too. It is an industry problem, not your fault, but Alaska has to address it. Even if people don't know that they are angry or afraid, they are going to be reactive--aggressive or passive and/or resistant.... I would encourage you to bring the issue to the surface and remind your travellers on every flight that they can expect excellent service, pleasant responsiveness. Say something or do something that gets at the idea that the Alaska staff is protective of each passenger. One idea would be to have the stewardess remind people of the call light and encourage passengers to use it if they have any questions or concerns, or come see them in the back when it is safe to leave the seat."

Flight was supposed to go at 8:50PM. Last minute it got delayed until 5:30AM

First time flying JetBlue, and was impressed. The planes were clean, new and high tech. There was free WiFi on my cross country flight. I will fly again.

Every aspect of my jet blue experience was outstanding. Not only did everything go smoothly, but the jet blue employees went above and beyond to make sure passengers were happy. Jet blue will always be my first choice for airline travel.

Everything was orderly and easy going. Was worried reading about all the bad behaved passengers, but crew was kind but stern in their warnings. Anyway, all was as I had hoped.

The boarding was late and when I arrived at my final destination I had to wait some more to exit the plane .. about 20 mins

Great experience

Late departure rude crew

Like: entertainment, stewardess were nice Dislike: delayed flight, shuttle was inconvenient

Pros: "Extra leg room"
Cons: "A business class"
Pros: "Crew was friendly and accomodating"
Cons: "On board entertainment was poor at best"
Pros: "MINT CLASS is amazing"
Pros: "New airplane good service"
Pros: "Economy cabin had plenty of leg room. Very friendly and courteous stewards. Two thumbs up!"
Cons: "May be more choices on snacks!"
Cons: "Flight turned around halfway and returned to origin airport. A full explanation was never given."
Cons: "Flight two hours late"
Pros: "It was our first time on Jet Blue. We had heard great things about them in the past. Everything we heard was true. We will definitely fly Jet Blue much mire often in the future!"
Cons: "Nothing!"
Pros: "Seats are super comfortable. Great entertainment"
Cons: "The snacks"
Pros: "The red eye (already the worst flight) was delayed 4.5 hours."
Cons: "Timelines of the crew."
Pros: "Best food and entertainment"
Cons: "Carry on baggaged had to be checked in, however when we boarded we noticed there was still room available."
Pros: "There was actual room for my legs."
Cons: "There could have been more legroom so that you could actually get out without almost sitting in someone else's lap. But it was easier than my last flight (on American Airlines). Having a meal available would have been nice on a flight of almost 6 hours."
Cons: "Entertainment screen in our section of the plane were not functioning correctly. The crew made several attempts to reset the screens but it didn't work,"
Cons: "Flight was delayed. Entertainment was not as good as other airlines provide."
Pros: "the flight took an alternate route, with no heads up by the captain or crew. flight took almost 7.5 hours."
Pros: "I setup this flight for my mother who is not proficient when it comes to traveling. She love JetBlue for the convenience and of course the entertainment. Cross country trips are not easy but your airline makes easy for her."
Cons: "The always complains about the lack of food so she always bring some with her."
Pros: "I appreciated the in flight entertainment, the eye mask and ear plugs."
Cons: "The seats were horribly uncomfortable. The controls for the screen are on the arm rest, where they get inadvertently pushed. Would have liked another beverage service on a flight that long."
Pros: "The aircraft was clean and comfortable and everything went official"
Cons: "The film did not work"
Pros: "JetBlue Service is Done Right and it is appreciated."
Cons: "New Seats are Terrible, they are hard, too short, the engineering is definitely not ergonomic...5 hour flight almost unbearable."
Pros: "Availability of high quality snacks and drinks, movie selection, on time flight, comfortable for economy"
Cons: "No issues"
Pros: "Flight time"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Good crew"
Cons: "I understand having only two snack options, but it would be nice if one could be vegan. My light didn’t work, which mattered because it was before dawn."
Cons: "They want to charge for everything. Traveled with my husband but we couldn't sit together without having to pay $200. The seat assignment happened at the gate for us and they didn't accommodate our request to stay together. Seats were small, hard and uncomfortable."
Pros: "Excellent service as always .. I really appreciated the speed of service after takeoff for snacks and drinks since everyone wanted to sleep mostly — Also the crew was very friendly and helpful Even though the plane was packed almost to capacity — they served everyone quickly and efficiently LUV the full access entertainment package"
Pros: "Everything. It was a great experience. We have been flying frontier for last couple years and forgot what its like to sit on real seats, have snacks for free, entertainment and super great staff... Thanks! We will fly you again soon"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by 2 hours"
Pros: "Gentle ride"
Cons: "Nothing really, great experience!"
Pros: "It was a comfortable flight Service was good."
Cons: "It started boarding late It also took e very long time to board The food service was not offered during the drink offer When they came back to take order most of the food options were gone This also happened on my out going flight"
Cons: "Flight was delayed over 80 minutes - warning of delay occured after I was already at airport, through security."
Pros: "Empty flight. Had my own row"
Cons: "They didn’t serve any other drinks except water."
Pros: "Very nice crew."
Cons: "40 minutes delay is never nice when you have shuttle waiting for you."
Pros: "Passenger service"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "TV movies. Great staff. Comfortable and clean."
Cons: "I tried to get an aisle seat several times and was told that they were completely booked up in economy and when I boarded there were many many vacant seats that I noticed. I thought that was strangely bizarre."
Pros: "Great service... excellent smooth flight."
Pros: "Spacious plane and seat, curtious crew, generous snack offering."
Cons: "Was warned about your infamous delays after booking, and sure enough, was delayed both ways."
Pros: "Legroom was excellent! Crew were nice."
Cons: "Flight was very late, I had to delay my ferry reservation to their last trip. Not sure if anyone is responsible for it, but your email directed us to get to the airport at the same time as originally scheduled. That's not fair. I could have slept a couple more hours (which I'm in dire need of). Flight delay would not have been so bad had not been for that direction."
Pros: "the service of staff and great fly-fi feature"
Cons: "4 hrs delayed due to thunderstorm"
Pros: "Everything!!! Fantastic flight...punctual, comfortable, and polite! I will use JetBlue every chance I can when we travel over any other airline...especially air Canada!"
Cons: "Nothing...great flight"
Pros: "5hr delay, no food voucher, no explanations"
Cons: "Terrible, will never fly again"
Cons: "3.5 hour delay because the plane was very late arriving from JFK>SFO due to "weather" which we did not encounter nor could I find mention of at the FAA website or other weather sites. A large group of teens were crowding the boarding gate which delayed us even further and were disruptive so it was difficult to hear cues for boarding. I arrived 4 hours later than scheduled, missing an appointment. At the request of the gate agent, I volunteered for free gate-checked luggage due to a very full flight. My bag was never checked and was delivered 14 hours after I had arrived home. 12:30 AM. Crew of the plane was excellent, and the flight itself was thankfully uneventful."
Cons: "Held on runway for over an hour, first half hour with no explanation if any kind, finally the pilot said we were being towed back to gate for a small problem, not a safety issue. No apologies, no explanations. Flight crew stood at front of plane chatting and laughing, nobody checked on how we were doing, feeling, stressing...more than an hour stuck on plane, late. A simple apology would have gone a long way. Seems to be part of jet blue philosophy to not do so. Ironically, return flight delayed 50 minutes, after boarding, for a cosmetic issue if a seat that was empty"
Pros: "The staff was very friendly and looked like they enjoyed the job."
Cons: "Altough the flight was very pleasant, I was a little annoyed that I didn't get the message that the flight was delayed until I got to the airport! I like to be at the airport Atleast an hour before boarding. The flight was very early as is and so waking up at like 3:45 am and leave the house by 4:15 am was pretty rough. I could have used that extra hour of sleep!!!!"

2hours delayed and didn't give notification right away 🤷‍♀️. I even lost my food to rush to go to the airport. Paid $60 for seafood plate ending just leave it almost halfway on my way to the airport find out the flight was delayed. I wish they have more accurate policy to let passengers knows for any problems about the flight as soon or as early they can

Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Delightful experience except at SFO checkin."
Pros: "A box was under my feet, not sure what it was. A part of plane! ATL - EZE uncomfortable Crew great in spite of ongoing turbulence!"
Pros: "The crew was very nice"
Cons: "Everything else"
Cons: "Aircraft was too warm. Needed more air!"
Pros: "compared with other airlines they were just OK"
Cons: "everything"
Pros: "Crew could have been better."
Cons: "4 hour delay"
Cons: "The fact the the toilette was kitty cornered in the mid cabin bathroom is a joke on modern society."
Pros: "Quick boarding process"
Cons: "Wifi stopped working halfway"
Cons: "Great"
Cons: "Flight was delayed, for unkown reasons."
Cons: "Boarding was like a cattle call....my headrest was broken so couldn’t sleep upright but face down....seemed like a plane that large would have more bathrooms"
Cons: "After a delay of about an hour on a very full flight the gate agent asked for volunteers to check their rollaboard suitcases. The gate agents then allowed those who checked their rollaboards to board before Zone 1,which was fine. However, a bunch of people without gate check stickers on the rollaboards were also allowed to board before Zone 1, which was aggravating. There was a long delay on the tarmac, during which we had to pull back to the gate or to a maintenance area before we finally took off. When we arrived in Vegas there was no gate for us to pull into, which led to another long delay of an already long and delayed flight."
Cons: "The sits are uncomfortable"
Pros: "Nice Airbus plane. Due to thunderstorm in Dallas, pilot not able to leave DAL to come to fly the plane in LAX on time. We delayed around 45 minutes. Otherwise, crews were professional and efficient. Excellent movies choices."
Cons: "Boarding announcement in SFO was bad. No one can hear what the agent announced. Random sequence of boarding with confusion. In LAX, we supposed to go to a different terminal by a bus. There is no guidance out of gate to assist passengers that transfer to get on the right gate on the right bus. In AUS, there is not any announcement for luggage belt. An announcement would be helpful to new arrivals to this airport."
Pros: "crew was nice and pilot was informative."
Cons: "1. flight was delayed twice, which meant my arrive was delayed in Cincinnati. 2. boarding was a nightmare. After 2 delays, I was crammed into zone 4. I dont fly as often, the seats space seems to be getting smaller. 5. I sat next an overweight person. I didn't like my personal space violated. 6. The flight offer movies, I slept. Yet kept getting elbowed by this overweight neighbor. 7. I am a single, independent person. I prefer to sit near the front. First on and settled and 1st off and gone!"
Cons: "Call center tried moving us to later flight that was also delayed by 3 hrs despite telling us it was on time. Fortunately a gate agent moved us back to orig flight"
Pros: "I like Delta but this crew had such a shi**y attitude it was contagious. Yikes!"
Cons: "The gate staff and the flight staff. Rude"
Pros: "The flight crew was friendly and personable. Beverage service was consistent and efficient. Entertainment and free WiFi messaging were great perks."
Cons: "The positives don’t even come close to offsetting the misery of Delta’s seats. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was so cramped and uncomfortable. I’m not an abnormally large man - 6 feet 200 lbs - and there was no room for my legs or my shoulders in an “upgraded economy” seat. I fly weekly for work on another major airline, and only took this one in a crunch. But I am quite certain this was my last Delta flight and I’ll be advising others similarly. The service and entertainment aren’t sufficient to mask an awful seat configuration."
Pros: "In flight entertainment was nice to have, and the rebooking was easy. Flight crew was great."
Cons: "Flight arrived a few minutes late and had to run to the next terminal to catch a connecting flight. Arrived in time, but the gate agent closed the gate early, causing me and several others to be stuck in ATL overnight. Ended up having to pay for a hotel and rental car that went unused."
Pros: "Best part of the flight was to experience the joy of talking to loved once from the cloud, thank you delta for providing free wifi in the cloud. You have won my heart!!"
Cons: "To pay for food and a drink!! Please bring them back!!"
Pros: "Once aboard, flight went without a hitch and flight crew was attentive"
Cons: "The inflight entertainment options need to be expanded - I've run out of movies that I want to watch!!!"
Pros: "Excellent service and upgraded snacks in economy"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Quick friendly service from crew and captain."
Cons: "First class seat was broken was reclined and super uncomfortable the whole flight the plane was super outdated and old."
Pros: "It was whatever"
Pros: "Flight schedule and the various flight options with regardss to the number of departure and return flights."
Cons: "Delta flight crew complacency and the lack of on board options. I flew first class and the food options were very limited. The crew also seem to have the attitude as though the passengers should be automatically understanding and satisfied. This was mostly on the return flight, an all male crew."
Pros: "The t.v. 's at each seat"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Too crowded and seat mate stunk like pot , flight was good because we were 20 minutes late and flight crew very nice"
Pros: "Delayed 2 hrs"
Cons: "I liked it all"
Pros: "On flight entertainment has improved greatly. There are so many choices to keep you entertained. I forgot how long I was on the plane."
Cons: "Plane food was not good. The crew were not as friendly, almost exhausted. There was one woman who was not sensitive or compassionate to my fellow seat mate. He was an older man who needed extra assistance. From the look of her face she didn't feel like helping him... as simple as helping him pour ice into his cup. Instead I helped my fellow neighbor. She might not feel comfortable helping a senior citizen but don't be so loud or make a face of disgust."
Cons: "I froze on the way to Las Vegas and there weren't enough blankets."
Pros: "They say us together (we had seats apart -- even though it stated our children are 4 & 1). They gave them wings and each an extra little snack. I felt they were supportive of us."
Cons: "Paying to check our bags!! We were forced to... too much stuff traveling with kids. It sucked to have to pay $50 when Alaska airlines saw we were struggling, they checked our carry one for free to ease our time in the airport!"
Pros: "Comfort and boarding"
Cons: "Delay and food"
Pros: "The process was very quick and easy, from after security the process was smooth and fast."
Cons: "The gate that I was assigned to was a little overcrowded but I believe it could be because of the construction that is happening in the area. Also the security process was a little long."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Two out of three flights were delayed, customers service of the flight operated by Delta airlines is a nightmare and on top of it 2hours and 40min delayed. No drinks, no snacks, nothing."
Pros: "Boarding was a breeze and the staff at Delta was nice and courteous along with being clear for boarding zone instructions. Haven't had a problem yet with Delta! Also the pilot was great at landing so it was not as jerky as some flights I have been on."
Cons: "No complaints!"
Pros: "Delta was smart with boarding early once they realized everyone had cleared security. Flight took off on-time and arrived early. The crew was excellent and exuded energy although it was the end of the day."
Cons: "I ordered a special asian vegetarian meal and it was just plain horrible. I had to settle for the cookie. It's nice that they serve a complimentary meal on the red eye flight but the quality of the food was bad. Entertainment options were also limited although they had some recent box office entries from last year. The leg room also wasn't great but that's expected in economy I guess."
Pros: "We were traveling with a group of 8, only 3 of us had assigned seats when were arrived and the others were on standby. We asked the attendant at the gate desk if there was any chance that the rest of us on standby could be seated together... HE UPGRADED OUR WHOLE GROUP TO COMFORT and allowed us to all sit with each other. Greatest flight experience I've had and such great staff with Delta. Will fly Delta going forward whenever I have a a chance (flew Southwest the rest of our trip - service, cleanliness, friendliness didn't compare)."
Pros: "Excellent trip. Provided ample food snacks and drinks."
Pros: "Ok"
Cons: "Was ok"
Pros: "We arrived in Las Vegas"
Cons: "Even in first class, it appeared to me that the legroom has been decreased."
Pros: "Good entertainment with games for kids, movies etc."
Cons: "No meals (5+ of flying), need to buy earphones, no place for hand lauggudge"
Pros: "Flight very smooth.Just after landing,luggage pick up wait too long,almost after one hour later."
Pros: "Whoa, we flew Coach and had plenty of space! How marvelous to not be packed in; crew and passengers were wonderfully relaxed, and all went well despite turbulence on takeoff and landing. Great daytime flight experience with my toddler grandchild!"
Cons: "Boarding took too long - full plane and double seat booking changed 10 minutes early estimate to 20 minutes late"
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "The delta comport seats were not comfort seats were hardly comfortable and the leg room wasn't worth paying for."
Pros: "Boarding was good"
Cons: "Boarding was good first time flying first class not happy with service when I wanted another Drink had to walk to very back of plane all the flight attendants were hanging in the back tiger no one was in the first class section. In the beginning of the flight took forever to get a drink I have had Reg class has better service. Flew Detroit to Vegas 4.5 hours"
Pros: "Free drinks"
Cons: "Corn nuts for snack. I'm allergic to corn. I get people want snacks on a flight and you can't make everyone happy. It was ok. I just said no to them."
Cons: "Media entertainment selection"
Cons: "Kayak app didn’t update the gate change. Luckily I receive a text from United that the flight was boarding."
Pros: "The entire process was a breeze"
Pros: "I mean what to you expect from an America carrier in economy"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "The economy seats are to tight and the internet did not work. Boooooooo"
Pros: "We departed and arrived on time. The flight crew were efficient and courteous."
Cons: "I would have appreciated 1 more water service during the flight."
Pros: "See above. The same applies."
Cons: "See above. The same applies."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "delayed!"
Pros: "the pilot made up for the incompetence of the rest of the staff."
Cons: "I didn’t like that the flight attendant was rude. I felt that I was publicly humiliated and disrespected. This flight attendant lacked awareness and put himself and his ego in front of performing critical portions of the job."
Pros: "Comfortable seats. Great crew. Enjoyed the random jokes."
Cons: "Long taxing"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "The crew allowed an excessively foul smelling person on the plane who was obviously Intoxicated on some illicit drug and smelled so bad that it made the entire area unbearable."
Pros: "Organization, entertainment."
Cons: "Delays, lack of communication"
Pros: "Pilot flew over Death Valley National Park."
Cons: "you shouldn't have to pay extra to pick your own seat how ridiculous redeye flights are the worst"
Pros: "I've always been a United flyer since I was a child. When I grew up I flew Pan Am and United all over the world."
Cons: "These new fares would work fine for me if it wasn't such a drama trying to find someone to issue me a boarding pass. I think I'll finally make the move over to Virgin/ Alaska. I always just travel with a backpack but I almost missed my flight since I couldn't find someone to wave their ID at the kiosk to get a boarding pass. Plus, what have you ordered 737's without eco-plus. Where did the entertainment systems go?"
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "The space in this seat I had, was awesome. The boarding crew was rather pleasant and I loved how my gate was right next to my next gate."
Cons: "The attitudes of the flight attendants on this particular flight; they seemed highly agitated, probably because they looked tired, but who knows? Their performance reflected their attitudes."
Pros: "It was a short flight"
Cons: "Delayed"
Cons: "Our emotional support dog was not allowed despite willing to pay $125 fee. They told we did not have the kennel. Other airline no problem."
Cons: "No accommodations for those with medical needs. The stewardess was rude"
Cons: "No plug to charge my phone. Lame. But the flight was fine."
Pros: "I would like to give a rating lower than zero for this airline"
Cons: "Oberbooked"
Pros: "United is always a great way to fly. The crew is always nice and even through my delayed flight back to Vegas the captain stood between the walkway and plane an apologies and spoke to everyone which was new for me. Thanks united flight 455 to Vegas from SFO 10:44.."
Pros: "The staff was very friendly and professional. The flight also arrived early."
Cons: "If you're going to offer personal device entertainment, you need to offer power outlets. How is that not common sense?"
Pros: "I liked that it was on time."
Cons: "The flight attendants are rude and cranky. The plane was hot and over booked."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Time on planes"
Cons: "On board service!!!!!"
Pros: "I don't know why but every time I fly United, my flight ends up getting delayed!! I don't know if they are always delayed or its just my luck."
Pros: "None!"
Cons: "We book tickets round trip for 3 passengers, on the way going and come back we never have the seat together! Can someone tell me why? I even ask the counters they don't have any answers for me!!!! We are going as a group of family and we would love to have a quality time together!!!!"
Cons: "7 hours delay, 2 hours in the airplane, because there were no pilots to fly the plane. Never again will I fly with this company. :("
Pros: "Nothing. Never got on."
Cons: "Flight canceled and didnt find out until 1 hour before. Was revooked on anothwr but never received info. Had to book on different aitline at twice the cost and still have been unable to get a refund.from the first hospital."
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Price,"
Cons: "Didn't get veggi food while going or coming back in 16 hours. Layover was super long 8hts even when there are other flights available at same destination."
Pros: "The view and legroom was nice."
Cons: "I collect disability each month so I am on a very tight budget. The Spanish speaking woman that pushed my wheelchair told me that I can bring my water bottles full of water through the metal detectors. I asked if she could take me somewhere to pour them out and refill them on the other side. They threw them away at the metal detector. So I had to buy a new bottle for my medicine that I have to take. You would think she would have got it by me carrying these bottles around but nope. She actually said to me that I can give her gratuity now if I wanted. I gave her $1. She then replied in a sarcastic voice " Thankyou you are soooo generous. I don't like feeling obligated to tip somebody because I am disabled and have a bullet in my head."
Pros: "Beautiful new plane and pretty comfortable seats even all the way in the back of the plane. Beautiful scenery and a smooth flight."
Cons: "Pilot literally turned on the fasten seat belt sign 30 seconds after she turned it off - claiming non existent turbulence. It was fortunately a short 1.5 hour flight but they clearly just didn't want anyone walking around and using bathrooms. Safety is first - but this was so clearly a thinly veiled excuse to keep everyone in their seats. United crews continue to find ways to provide poor customer service. Passengers are such an inconvenience!"
Cons: "Too cold.... It is no possible to be in this temperature!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything was bad!!!! With a lot of delay"
Pros: "I lost my flight called United and they booked me in another fly with no problem customer service was great definitely I will fly more often on united thank you"
Cons: "The fee ...lol , but is worth it."
Cons: "Two hours delayed two hours on the tarmac."
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Didnt like the isle seat. Felt a little tight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "United told us our plane was delayed, then they cancelled it. No one notified us, we just sat there and found out for ourselves."
Cons: "Flight was canceled due to not enough staff and it caused me to miss out on money and I wasted my time because I was not informed until 7hours later"
Pros: "The flight itself was fast"
Cons: "That my flight was uncertain eventhough I had booked weeks before hand."
Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "The messages updating ( gate change, delayed and revised date if departure , Ext.) is regarding the trip Is awesome."
Cons: "Very delayed"
Pros: "Seats were great. Will fly with this airline again."
Cons: "Na"
Pros: "I would like to start by saying that we had the best price ever and the service was exelente everyone that was working on the United plane were really attentive and friendly. Our flight was on time and we also got there couples of minutes early. Thank you United for also wishing me a happy birthday."
Cons: "There was really nothing negative that I can say. Other than loud snores that were coming from the person seating behind me. But overall excellent service by United"
Cons: "Boarding experience was terrible. Our flight was delayed by an hour and a half due to maintenance. On top of that, when we finally boarded, my ticket was scanned and the flight attendant said I didn't have a seat, even though I selected a seat when I purchased my ticket online and checked-in the day before my flight. I was boarding Group 3 out 5, but they made me wait for everyone else to get on the plane until they could let me on to find an empty seat for me. In addition, they were rude to me about it, like it was my fault that there was not a seat available for me. I was grateful I was able to have a seat since I wanted to get to Las Vegas as soon as possible after the delay, but it should be something that's expected when you purchase a plane ticket..."

Late into Vegas due to weather. Not your fault. Gate not ready, your fault?

Cons: "More room."
Pros: "New policy of “no free carry on luggage” was enforced at will by the gate. Paid luggage cannot be stored on the front storage bin. I was told to take my small bag to store above my seat."
Cons: "Exorbitant bag fees, and a “check-in fee” for EACH leg of the trip, when it was clearly stated on all printed flight info that “this flight is not eligible for online check-in”? Ridiculous. $175 for bags & $110 to check-in + original fare = as much as I would have paid on a more reputable airline."
Cons: "Flying to Vegas for our 10 year. Flight delayed and told it most likely would get canceled and to book a new flight, so we did. Cost us $600 and a ton of stress and sadness."
Pros: "Quick boarding, but I think it was just so that they we not fined by the FAA"
Cons: "My flight was delayed over FOUR HOURS! My flight was supposed to take off at 2:53 pm and we didn’t leave SFO until 6:39 pm! I received a text message at 9 am telling me that the flight was delayed until 4:05 pm....okay, no problem, I had not left for the airport yet, so no biggie. At 10:48 am, I received another text that the flight was delayed until 3:35 pm...still not a problem. A couple of minutes later, another text. My flight is now on time. Still no problem, because I usually add in 30 minutes in case Murphy of Murphy’s law shows up and throws a wrench into things. I get to the airport with plenty of time to spare & clear security... then get a new text notification at 2:08 saying that the flight is delayed for FOUR HOURS!!! Are you kidding me? On top of that, the customer service representatives made an announcement that there was a maintenance problem with the original airplane and a new one was enroute to take up the slack. They said this as a statement and offered no apologies or sorry for the inconvenience. They stayed at the check in desk for an hour, and then left and didn’t come bac until 20 minutes before the plane arrived at the gate. I will NEVER fly this airline again!"
Pros: "Got to vegas"
Cons: "The guy 16 rows behind me was wearing cordory pants."
Cons: "Nothing. This flight was cancelled within an hour of takeoff. We were already through security. The only option to rebook was 5 days later, on Christmas eve. I can't imagine I will book Frontier again anytime soon."
Cons: "Totally break my plan"
Cons: "Extra fees. Extra long boarding process. Very Rude and mean, flight attendant."
Cons: "The flight was cancelled. No big deal. It happens. But the the manager at the ticket desk took two hours to figure out a solution. His "solution" was to print out a phone number, hand it out to each of the passengers and then tell them to call because "there was nothing else he could do for us". And then he left to some back office and didn't come back out. The phone number he gave everyone was out of service. I called the regular customer service and asked them to help me rebook a new flight. They refused and said only the employees at the ticket counter could assist. The ticket counter people offered a refund over and over. But why would I want a 100 refund when I needed to book a 3-400 dollar flight to get to my destination. About eight hours, a couple of yelling matches, getting hung up on twice, and several actual tears later, I finally got a flight booked but the earliest flight they could find was 24 hours after my original scheduled arrival time. I'm writing this thirty minutes into my wait for a hotel shuttle. Long story short, I will take a greyhound or catch a cab or walk to my destination before I ever use frontier again"
Cons: "Schedule delayed twice, huge baggage fees for carry on, poor customer service, terrible and thin seats - gum all over plane"
Pros: "Flight was fine, took off and landed on time, and the price was great."
Cons: "$40 for a carry on bag was a surprising hidden fee."
Pros: "What a joke. Discounted fair was anything but discounted. They charge for carry ons as well as checked baggage. Overall ticket doubled in cost. consumer beware. Buyer beware!!!!"
Pros: "Everything was great !!!"
Cons: "Uncomfortable thin padded seats"
Cons: "Plane was delayed for 1 hour. Poor service. Had to pay extra for regular seats and carry on luggage. Overall the worst flying experience I have had."
Pros: "Upon check-in I was practically rushed my ticket, flight was almost 2 hours late, no apologies from crew or empathy shown for this inconvenience, hot cabin, uncomfortable seats, annoying passengers who wouldn't stop messing with their tray, monotoned flight attendant, flight attendants constantly bumping into you while you're seated... The whole trip started on a bad leg and felt like a disaster! I will never fly Frontier again and have spread the word."
Cons: "Was there even a positive?!?! We didn't die, so #winning"
Pros: "The in-flight service was fine."
Cons: "The flight departure was delayed by 45 minutes. $30 for a carry-on bag was excessive"
Cons: "- Crew from SFO to LAS was very rude - Lots of hidden charges. Additional Charge to even pick seats at check in. Carry on baggage is $30 in addition. No complimentary snacks or drinks (soda, tea, coffee) either."
Cons: "You have to pay to reserve a seat."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The most inefficient and least cost effective airline in the history of airlines. I am so disappointed in my experience that I may spend the rest of my days advocating boycotting this company."
Cons: "You have to pay for everything, even your baggage. Layak should advise that the price doesn't include your carry on or any baggage"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight got delayed and notice was sent out last minute. My hotel was booked for the night, and Frontier just wouldn't compensate for it. I called Frontier, spoke to the Frontier front desk people, called customer relations, but all they did was send me on a goose chase. This is the first time I've gone through anything like this. They also charge for seats, as well as bags (carryon and under plane) - RIDICULOUS! I will NEVER fly Frontier again. Also very poor customer service."
Pros: "Noting"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for 2.5 hours. No notice no appologies, no nothing. The crew was pretty rude."
Cons: "flight was delayed the boarded plane waited 30 min or so no real explanation and flight attendants were screaming at people to sit down. I have never seen such rude flight attendant. then forced off plane with no reason. flight delayed 2 or so more hours. Rude rude service. First and last time I will fly with this airlines. Just to be clear this was my return flight from vegas to SF."
Pros: "Crew members were fun."
Cons: "The plane was super old. And none of the chairs reclined. And the big surprise was the $35 fee for carry ons lol. Like seriously?"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "3 hours of delay, no respect and appreciation of the wait."
Cons: "The seats suck . No cushion ,tight fitted , charged food."
Cons: "They charge you for everything. $16 just for the seat, $30 for a carry-on"
Pros: "I like that they flew me to where I laid to go."
Cons: "The crew was discourteous the entire flight--yelling at passengers and not accommodating. At least the flight was $38"
Cons: "Terrible service"
Cons: "Four hours late . Ruined my night in Vegas . Never again will I fly with them ."
Pros: "A light went out on the plane. Stuff happens, that's not the problem. The problem is it was 3 hrs waiting on for the problem to be resolved. I was 3 hrs + late arriving."
Cons: "Late late late. Delayed on both ends of both flights! It wasn't even raining! No explanation or support from airline. It's cheap for a reason: because it's a worthless airline! Just pay the extra money for a real flight and you might actually get there at a reasonable time. Also: you have to pay for carry on items, use that money towards flying on a better airline!"
Cons: "The flight was cancelled so I was unable to experience it."
Pros: "Short fly thanks Big airport (as well as services)"
Cons: "Very late Not organized Hidden fees ...."
Cons: "Flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas on a Friday night: - 4 hour delay - After heading to the gate to finally board our flight (~30 minutes before departure), we overhear the desk agent telling the people coming to the desk - not even by announcement over intercom! - that the gate had been moved to the INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL. - This meant that we had to run across the airport and go through security again! The agent also neglected to tell us that mobile tickets for Frontier (even on the app?!) were not accepted at the international terminal. On top of that, you would think they'd have at least one agent available at the main counters to deal with any resulting problems. Two friends who could not get in with the mobile app and had to run around to even OTHER sister airline kiosks just to find someone to print the ticket (even the touchscreen kiosks wouldn't print). We even had a friend that did get through security run to the gate to talk to the boarding agent and was VERY rudely told to just "go ask TSA how to deal with it." - By the time everyone arrived to the gate (~30 minutes PAST the projected boarding time), they announced that they would just need a little time to just clean up and turn around the airplane. We take a look aside to see that there isn't even a plane at the gate! Overall, as cheap as these seats might get, don't waste your time your time. You get what you pay for, and a headache to add."
Pros: "Our flight attendant sang us an original song about turbulence"
Cons: "Paying $30 to check a bag and waiting an hour for it to show up at the carousel"
Pros: "I found that a $16 charge to chose a seat was rediculous. I understand a baggage check but a price for a seat should be included in the price of the ticket. Otherwise what am I paying for than a seat on the plane"
Pros: "The flight was extremely delayed and airport staff did not clearly communicate late gate changes or updated boarding times. There was mass confusion and the whole experience was quite unpleasant."
Cons: "4 hour delay makes dick a dull boy Never again, frontier"
Cons: "A $30 ticket ended up costing me over $200 because of all the extra charges for baggage. Never once have I been charged to take my guitar on a plane but they wanted $60 at the gate. Not to mention that I flew Frontier with my guitar for free 3 weeks before this happened. I will never fly with Frontier again. Do yourself a favor and choose an airline that is upfront about what they will charge you for."
Cons: "Beware of hidden cost- you need to pay for a 'carry-on' and seat selection (even within 24 hours of check in) Terrible crew- pilot never updated why we were on the runway and held up for 45 min after we landed. When air hostess was asked politely by one of the passengers, she rudely brushed him off and did not try to find out why. Phone service terrible- wait time over 30min with no option of call back or info about how long the wait time will be. Flight delayed for >3 hours- disorganized between landing terminal and baggage claim with no info Will never fly Frontier again unless they pay me."
Cons: "Baggage ripped off.. Im never riding this plane ever.."
Cons: "They charge for a carry on and a checked bag. So the price tag for your flight is $60 more than advertised unless you travel with nothing more than a toothbrush."
Pros: "As a shorter person, I found the seats to be comfortable (my feet could sit flat on the ground). My husband, who is a foot taller than I am found the seats to be uncomfortable. The flight took off on time and we arrived earlier than expected."
Cons: "When we booked this flight through Kayak, we weren't made aware of all the extra fees. So imagine my surprise when I checked in online 24 hours before our flight. Frontier tries to get customers to pay extra for seats. Some seats have more leg room, so I can see people might be willing to pay extra for them. However other seats were not special in any way but they wanted to charge $16/seat. All clickable seat choices were extra, and no where on the page was it indicated that you did not have to actually choose a seat. I deciced to just not pick any seats and continue to the next screen to see what would happen. A pop up window comes up warning that if I don't pick seats, my party would be assigned random seats and may not be able to sit together. Wouldn't have been a problem for us and as it turns out we were assigned seats together. Then you must indicate how many carry ons and/or checked bags each person will have. I figured we'd each have 1 carry on until I saw Frontier charges $40/carry on! Decided instead to do 1 checked bag, for which they charged $35. Then on the flight, you have to pay $1.99 for any beverages besides water. Alcohol was of course more. Ridiculous to make people pay on the plane for soda or juice. If we had paid for the seats and 1 carry on/person we would have paid an additional $168 (not including inflight beverages). Just not worth it for the level of service. I will be sticking to Southwest Airlines, thank you very much!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Crew was okay."
Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable, flight was delayed by 6 hours and only received a $25 "please don't hate us" voucher."
Cons: "Got the email notification right when I entered the airport that the flight would be delayed. Got a meal voucher for the inconvenience but all the restaurants were closed in terminal 1 at sfo. Will never fly this airline again once I make it home."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from San Francisco to Las Vegas

Airlines flying from San Francisco to Las Vegas have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from San Francisco to Las Vegas

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from San Francisco to Las Vegas

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from San Francisco to Las Vegas

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from San Francisco to Las Vegas

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from San Francisco to Las Vegas

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C$ 205
1 stopDelta
4h 44mSFO-LAS
1 stopDelta
4h 50mLAS-SFO
C$ 208
2 stopsUnited Airlines
17h 13mSFO-LAS
1 stopUnited Airlines
4h 02mLAS-SFO
C$ 218
1 stopUnited Airlines
8h 08mSFO-LAS
1 stopUnited Airlines
5h 07mLAS-SFO
C$ 232

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Recent one-way flight deals

1h 43mSFO-LAS
C$ 48
1 stopDelta
6h 39mSFO-LAS
C$ 73
directAlaska Airlines
1h 32mSFO-LAS
C$ 74
directAlaska Airlines
1h 33mSFO-LAS
C$ 80
1 stopDelta
4h 20mSFO-LAS
C$ 85
directAlaska Airlines
1h 33mSFO-LAS
C$ 86
1 stopAlaska Airlines
3h 17mSFO-LAS
C$ 90
1 stopDelta
4h 38mSFO-LAS
C$ 91
1h 45mSFO-LAS
C$ 93
1 stopJetBlue
3h 36mSFO-LAS
C$ 98
directAlaska Airlines
1h 32mSFO-LAS
C$ 99
1 stopJetBlue
3h 46mSFO-LAS
C$ 103
1 stopJetBlue
7h 00mSFO-LAS
C$ 105
1 stopDelta
4h 43mSFO-LAS
C$ 110
1 stopUnited Airlines
3h 52mSFO-LAS
C$ 111
1 stopFrontier
9h 55mSFO-LAS
C$ 114
1 stopJetBlue
3h 36mSFO-LAS
C$ 121
1 stopJetBlue
7h 10mSFO-LAS
C$ 123
directAlaska Airlines
1h 30mSFO-LAS
C$ 124
1 stopDelta
4h 44mSFO-LAS
C$ 141

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San Francisco - Las Vegas Flights


San Francisco (SFO)United States


Las Vegas (LAS)United States

Return flight deals:

Las Vegas - San Francisco

Cabin classes:

C$ 451

Browse origins:

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  • San Francisco
C$ 78
San Francisco

Browse destinations:

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  • Flights to Las Vegas
C$ 78
Las Vegas