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YTZ — Algeria
19 Feb — 26 Feb1
1 adult
0 bags
Sat 19/2
Sat 26/2

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  • Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Algeria is September.
  • Morning departure is around 172% more expensive than an evening flight, on average*.
*Average of the lowest prices shown in KAYAK’s search results for departures within the next 30 days

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Air CanadaOverall score based on 24936 reviews
Airline reviews

Easy Covid check in. Excellent onboard service.

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Easy Covid check in. Excellent onboard service.

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "The crew services are excellent"
Pros: "The meals and the consistent drink service was great"
Pros: "Comfortable"
Pros: "No problems on the flight. Attendants were nice."
Cons: "It was unusual that we had to go through another security station when changing planes. The home made jam I transported from Paris made it through the Paris security, but was confiscated by the American security. It made my trip home upsetting."
Pros: "Crew was friendly and boarding was fast and easy."
Cons: "My luggage did not arrive with me."
Pros: "Liked the comfort of the plane, on time, and smooth touchdown"
Cons: "Food was dried out, crew was extremely slow to dispense beverages and food"
Pros: "Exit seating with more leg room."
Cons: "No power plugs in a 4h+ flight is not acceptable. That should be standard for every passengers. Unclean seats. General abrasiveness from some of the staff."
Pros: "The 1.5 hours they turned the lights down and stopped the crew from going constantly up and down the aisle."
Cons: "We were traveling from 11 pm local time to 10:30 am local. However they kept all the lights on for nearly the whole flight. In addition, the crew was constantly going up and down the aisle with food or beverages. It made sleep impossible. To make matters worse I’m allergic to dairy and I tried to prebook an appropriate meal but couldn’t and everything had cheese."
Cons: "Boarding was awful"
Pros: "Exceptional & friendly service."
Cons: "For a 4+ hour flight they may consider offering some free snack & drink."
Pros: "They did feed us and provided cover and small pillow"
Cons: "every thing including service is minimum."
Cons: "We arrived in Munich 40 minutes late and so we missed our connecting flight."
Pros: "Everything was fine - crew was attentive, punctual in serving and genuinely kind! One flight attendant (lady) gave me a compliment and even acknowledged me while walking through the airport! The plane was very clean!"
Cons: "Seating: there were numerous empty seats in the middle section of the plane but passengers were crammed in the outer seats by windows. A kind, gentleman passenger who helped me put my carry-on up in compartment let me know I was able to sit in the middle section!"
Pros: "The flight crew went the extra mile to give good service. There were plenty of meals and snacks throughout the trip."
Cons: "The bathrooms are cramped, they are clean however. Seats are also very close together, others must get out if you are in a middle or window seat."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing to like . Bad service all around. I will never fly AC again"
Cons: "Terrible employees in Miami. Rude and unhelpful. Delay due to late arrival. Then diverted to Toronto because of AUR CANADA'S STUPIDITY. Had to "sleep" in airport. Delayed leaving Toronto next day. Baggage lost. Lost day at work. A general NIGHTMARE FROM START TO FINISH"
Cons: "Entertainment options are old. Food in unaccomodating for Vegetarians."
Pros: "Second time on this flight and cant say enough good about the crew and food, they are fantastic. The movies are great."
Cons: "How do you loose bags between the gate and customs Being tied up in customs because they lost my bags when we arrived in Toronto. One and one half hour wait and the bags never arrived at the final destination for two more days.? The seats on a fifteen hour flight could stand to be better."
Pros: "Many airlines have code share flights but it is better to buy ticket directly from the original airline as they keep on ignoring the code share flight bookings"
Cons: "Till last moment we were kept hanging if we will board or not as no seat number was allocated. I believe it was as we were from the code share airline not the real one"
Cons: "delayed by 5 hours"
Cons: "Flight was delayed due to ATC"
Pros: "I was able to change my flight to an earlier one saving me from having to wait 6 hours. I did not have to pay extra for changing my flight."
Pros: "Nothing. I fly a lot. This was the worst flight crew ever."
Cons: "The crew was terrible. I know it is a long flight but I had to repeatedly get up to ask for water. Only to find them talking among themselves and sleeping. They NEVER answered a call button, even when a drunk passenger was harassing another passenger"
Cons: "Selection of movies was not up to par.The movies were all old with few new ones.Hoping the section would be better next year. Crew at front desk should be more organised in the boarding procedures at both toronto and delhi."
Cons: "They opened my bag and took staff out of it"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They had nothing together. My first flight was delayed so I got in late and my connecting flight was rescheduled for 5 hours later. Their "free meal voucher" for rescheduling amounts to one slice of pizza and no drink. The airport then lost my checked bag and kept me waiting in one room for 4 of those hours to where I was still rushing to catch my next flight. Air Canada then forgot to assign a plane to my new second flight so I waited another 2 hours to board. Once boarded, the airline made us wait another hour while they loaded bags, then unloaded some of the wrong bags thy put on. They then tacked 25 minutes in the wrong direction and we went all the way back. I have never seen so many people rushing the customer service desks because they missed their connecting flights, throughout the entire time I was stuck in Toronto. Additionally, their "in flight movie system" doesn't work unless you rent one of their iPads. It prompts you to download Java Flash player even if you already have it instead of asking to run it. Then once you allow it, you get a 1-2 second animation then the movie breaks. There are similar errors with their music and tv show features, I tried all of these in my laptop and phone."
Cons: "Every flight was late. If we didn't have long layovers between flights we would have had problems"
Pros: "The flight was quick and easy.."
Cons: "They could have done the boarding different. There was a bit confusion about when to board."
Pros: "Flight was delayed from take off by ATC @ LGA for two hours, flight attendants served us with refreshments & free ear phones, meanwhile the Captain kept us completely updated on the delay"
Cons: "I did not fly to Montreal and I did not catch flight to Barcelona I am fling again tonight Toronto - Barcelona direct"
Pros: "Short flight so can't say much. Lol"
Pros: "The professionalism, friendliness, entertainment. I was very satisfied because there has been a lot of negative press about other airlines, but Air Canada seemed really on the ball."
Cons: "nothing really."
Pros: "I liked the service crew and flight attendants help. It was amazing to come home safe. I enjoyed my flight."
Cons: "Nothing at all."
Pros: "Selection of a couple of new movies Complimentary drink"
Cons: "No room to put luggage Restricted to go to the bathroom most of flight because of seat belt sign and being told to sit down once I decided to go to the bathroom after an hour Sitting on the runway to park for nearly an hour"
Pros: "Boarding was on time and organized. Checking process was fast."
Cons: "Seat was a little to tight for a long flight"
Pros: "I loved the whole experience. The food was decent and the flight attendants were great and accommodated me with all my necessities. I also enjoyed the entertainment that was accessible on our personal screens and the entire flight was smooth."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "It was a short flight and I shared my seating with average weight people. The crew members and the pilots were very informative."
Cons: "During a short flight there is not much to experimented and less to comment."
Pros: "Crew and newness of plain"
Cons: "Food options and quality"
Pros: "We loved watching the movie "Keanu" together on the rented iPad. The soundtrack was hard to hear on the earbuds though."
Pros: "Reaching my destination, that's the only thing I was happy about"
Cons: "The plane is old and seat are close to each others, it wouldn't hirt if they make extra space, afterall it's a long flight!"
Cons: "People could be friendlier"
Cons: "It was cancelled."
Pros: "Flight attendant's were friendly amid the circumstances."
Cons: "Our first flight was cancelled 15 minutes before scheduled take-off. upon being bumped to another flight two hours later, that flight was delayed two hours after an issue during take-off. We remained on the plane while mechanic/engineering staff rectified the problem. We booked a flight to save time on driving. We would have arrived earlier had we drove. I understand things happen, but the airline eneds to take responsibility and show some good customer service. Aside from the pilot, no apology given, no reimbursement offered. Disappinting. Air Canada is now a last-resort option for a frequent flyer like myself."
Pros: "I liked that they were quick and nice service."
Cons: "No games for entertainment."
Pros: "there was in flight entertainment, had power outlets, and usb ports in each head rest"
Cons: "snack option was lackluster"
Pros: "Our attendant was great-- really funny and friendly guy !!"
Cons: "Air Canada lost my luggage, customer service was very vague and unhelpful, did not get my bag back for almost a week."
Pros: "Smoothest take off and landing. The flight attendants were lovely."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Toronto Island to Algeria

Airlines flying from Toronto Island to Algeria have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Toronto Island to Algeria

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Toronto Island to Algeria

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Toronto Island to Algeria

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Toronto Island to Algeria

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Toronto Island to Algeria

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