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YYJ — Maldives
29 Dec — 5 Jan1
1 adult
0 bags
Thu 29/12
Thu 5/1

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C$ 1,767

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C$ 1,645
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  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly from Victoria is February.

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Top airline flying Victoria Intl to Maldives

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British AirwaysOverall score based on 24214 reviews
Airline reviews

Premium economy worth it for the seats being so comfy ( blanket best ever so soft!!) and managed to sleep on an overnight from USA to UK. Cold flight so an extra layer to hand advised

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Premium economy worth it for the seats being so comfy ( blanket best ever so soft!!) and managed to sleep on an overnight from USA to UK. Cold flight so an extra layer to hand advised

While the flight was great, the scammers of kayak booked us a flight that was cheaper through the airlines and charged us a $200 premium to book through them. And because we stupidly fell for it, we ended up paying $75 each way for a checked bag. Learn from my mistake. Look on kayak and then go directly to the airline to actually book. You’ll save money and your sanity. And you won’t be treated like a second class citizen with regards to boarding… shame on you kayak. You’re dead to me

My suitcase did not arrive with me and I was told it would be on a later flight on a different day! Unacceptable.

The boarding was efficient and on board food and service was good…

Everything was fine with the flight. Terminal 5 caused delay with vehicles obstructing bus coming to pick us up. But flight & crew were great.

Pros: "Crew were polite"
Cons: "Some of the crew members were rude,"
Cons: "The window seats in these new airplanes are freezing."
Cons: "Timing is good"
Cons: "Hardly saw a steward in business class the whole flight. Must be part of BA’s cost saving initiatives, but means you don’t get food on time, offered drinks or even a menu"
Cons: "- Leave on time - Working onboard Entertainment system"
Cons: "On time."
Cons: "Premium economy amenities were outdated, specifically the seats. My tray table was unable to lie flat so food/drink kept sliding off. Quite unacceptable. I’ll fly American next time in premium economy, much better at the moment."
Pros: "Crew very professional and staff well informed."
Cons: "Feels like a bus in the sky. Same device as Ryanair but not on time."
Pros: "I appreciated the courteous crew and the blankets. I appreciate the safe trip."
Cons: "Plane was delayed and I didn't like the $60 baggage check in fee. That's ridiculous. Airplane comfort in economy class is always medium. The main gripe is the $60 cost for the one suitcase."
Pros: "Seat and space in plane"
Cons: "the old part of Nairobi In Airport... JKIA appalling and the boarding procedure very tedious and uncomfortable Inflight entartainement is as old as the plane... built in the 80's"
Pros: "The wheelchair services at both Rome and Heathrow were superb. The lady who checked us in in Rome was extremely helpful."
Cons: "Food in business class could be better. One toilett in business class was unusable. At leadt 1 in economy cladd was also unusable."
Pros: "The crew was very nice"
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "Price was goo £200 cheaper than the BA price"
Cons: "Cabin very cold over the whole journey at the end of the day you pay peanuts get monkeys But BA has a very tired fleet compared to say Emerites"
Pros: "Lots of video entertainment options and economy plus was very comfortable."
Cons: "A380 takes a long time to load everyone onto plane and get everyone off the plane as well."
Pros: "Our luggage was delayed over three hours, coming in on a 5:30 flight, then having to wait for it to be delivered to the baggage carousel. It cost us 3.5 hours of time we should have used to explore the area of Rome around our apartment and the cost of dinner in the airport."
Pros: "Crew and staff were very nice."
Cons: "Flight was overbooked even though we booked the flight 2 months ahead of time"
Pros: "Food, ."
Cons: "The flight was delayed 4hrs after a 5hr layover. Passengers where shifted from a warm departure area to a very cold area to wait for transportation to the plane. Overall confusion of the staff. The pane, a 747 seemed to be an earlier model plane that needed to be updated."
Pros: "Food and crew were alright"
Cons: "No power outlet in a 12-h flight"
Pros: "Decent seats, space"
Cons: "Unorganized boarding system"
Cons: "I could not chose the seats ahead of time, for reasons that I still don't know, and I wound up being seated several rows away from my young son."
Pros: "Crew was great really took care of me. Made me very comfortable. Very polite."
Cons: "Initially the seat that I upgraded to was the seat I specifically told check-in agent I did not want. Took me an hour to check in. Frustrating. Once on board I discovered that this was not the seat I wanted and pointed it out to crew who took care of issue. All's well that ends well."
Pros: "Everyone was accommodating. They gave my son a coloring book to keep him busy."
Cons: "there was a slight problem with the food. there was a large percentage of the flight that was Israeli and therefore respects basic Jewish tradition of not mixing meat with milk. One of the meals was pasta with sauce (which was supposed to be the least popular meal) and a meal with chicken and rice. the rice had cheese in it, a large percentage of the people on the flight were unable to eat it. Only after finding out about the cheese did I understand why no one took te chicken dish."
Pros: "Otherwise great flight"
Pros: "Crew is super hospitable and nice"
Cons: "They lost my luggage after I asked when I checked it in LA and when I boarded in SD"
Pros: "Was happy that there was an empty seat in my row which allowed for a little more space and comfort. Food was filling and pretty tasty with free wine & spirits. Staff was friendly."
Pros: "A lot of space for legs"
Pros: "The welcome drinks and hot towels (premium economy) are good. As is the drinks trolley before meals. The seats are just OK"
Cons: "Major gripe is seat allocation we had several issues but the worst was being issued with a boarding pass and seats from London to Sydney only to have them changed to inferior seats at Singapore with the ultimatum "sit in the new seats or get off the plane". Excellent for customer relations, we won't be traveling BA again"
Cons: "I did not realize BA was now a no frills airline It's now "low cost service" at regular price"
Pros: "Great crew. Super nice and helpful. Plenty of entertainment options."
Cons: "Boarding was ok"
Pros: "Connection desk and gate attendance were the only people who tried to help fix the mistakes made by the people in madrid. Global access allowed to quicken our time spent going home after the mets that was our flight home."
Cons: "the attendant at the connection desk did not understand why we had not been given boarding passes or allowed to check in to our flights in madrid. the gate attendants did not understand that even though we were numbers 72 and 73 person processed we were not allowed to check in, receive boarding passes or allowed to sit next to my sister who's reservation was connected to mine"
Pros: "Entertainment was excellent. Free food and drinks, including alcohol was great. Flight crew went out of their way for all customers."
Cons: "Ran out of Chicken before they go to me.. felt the knees of the guy behind me the entire 7.5 hour flight, very annoying."
Cons: "Wait for shower was more than one hour - really do you expect people with 10 hours to cone to lounge Food was minimal for breakfast and should take cue from their boston lounge"
Pros: "Good entertainment options, crew was nice, ride was smooth."
Cons: "I had a very tight layover and it took forever to get off of the plane, I nearly missed my next flight - it would be nice if short layover passengers got de-boarding priority."
Cons: "After boarding and one hour on plane in 90 degrees heat. Passengers had to leave plane with big anxiety and unsure of what was happening"
Pros: "Flight was great really. I appreciated that a vegetarian option was standard since I could not choose a meal - especially since i got on flight through standby. All BA personnel on ground and on plane super nice."
Cons: "Only thing was that I was in a front row and that I could not finish my movie - worse problems to have."
Cons: "No complimentary food or snacks"
Cons: "British airways boarding always seems like a cattle call. Everyone thinks they're priority and it's not well defined who is, so the initial boarding call always just results in everyone rushing the gate."
Pros: "Staff was pleasant."
Cons: "Website didn't work for online checkin. Flight only half full but somehow I was assigned to the coldest seat on the plane with an exit door obstructing legroom. Toilets were out of order and only one was available for most of an eight-hour flight. Airline charged for drinks. Food (chicken stew in a brown gravy?) was repellant. Entertainment choices dated and uninteresting. Luggage lost, with one agent available to slowly help more than 30 people. Luggage missing for over 24 hours. No response from airline. Enough."
Cons: "Antiquated and glitchy entertainment system on the 747-400"
Pros: "BA in economy (at least on 1-2 hours duration flights) feels like many other airlines in business class."
Pros: "Staff were very pleasant and comfortable seats with excellent legroom. Busy flight as most I've been on on this connection but yet were made to feel at ease. Left on time, and arrived slightly early: happy days."
Cons: "Charges were all over the map. I bought the ticket on the 27th, but BA kept reimbursing and recharging me until the 15th. The booking agent processed the last "agent" fee almost one month later on the 20th. In London, BA had no record of my reservation, then told me I didn't have a seat after finally acknowledging my ticket. I was made number 12 on standby for this LON-NYC flight, which I did not appreciate."
Pros: "Staff were great"
Cons: "Food awful. Wine was vinegar"
Pros: "Overall it was good. Food and service were great. While in the air, this is one of the quietest flights I've been on. I was impressed with the food compared to other flights I have been on and I felt that there was way way more space in a normally priced seat."
Cons: "Take off and landing were a bit rough. Since there are so many people on this plane boarding can be a bit of a nightmare. Overall good. Slight delay but not bad."

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