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  • Looking for cheap airfare to El Salvador? 25% of our users found tickets to El Salvador for the following prices or less: From Kelowna C$ 888 one-way - C$ 819 round-trip, from Edmonton C$ 865 round-trip, from Halifax C$ 1,625 one-way - C$ 905 round-trip
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AviancaOverall score based on 13146 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Customer service didn't help me change my flight!"
Cons: "Customer service didn't help me change my flight!"
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Pros: "Customer service didn't help me change my flight!"
Cons: "Customer service didn't help me change my flight!"
Pros: "seat comfortable"
Cons: "ticket price"
Pros: "Everything was just fine"
Pros: "I liked the food and the service from the crew."
Cons: "Entertainment screen and updated aircraft. Bogota to San Salvador flight was short and provided many inflight entertainment options and more comfortable seating ( leg room ). A this 6 hour flight was the opposite and extremely uncomfortable to be using an outdated aircraft for a long flight. I should have flown direct into LAX."
Pros: "YES"
Cons: "ITS OK"
Cons: "No food"
Pros: "The attention of the staff and punctuality at the departures"
Cons: "The food"
Cons: "It took 45 minutes to get our luggage in houston."
Cons: "Snacks"
Cons: "Flight delayed four hours. Missed connection. Stuck in El Salvador overnight. Informed that A representative from Avianca would meet me at the airport to take me and others to a pre-arranged hotel. Immigration will not let me pass to baggage until the Avianca representative arrives. Still waiting."
Pros: "What can we say? The plane departed on time. We had time to make our connection and we arrived early! Great flight!"
Cons: "Older plane without current technology on board"
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "nothing, it's like a bus with wings."
Cons: "attention, food, entertainment."
Pros: "The screens to watch movies are too small and not all of them were lowered to be able to watch at a closer distance."
Cons: "The"
Cons: "flight was delayed 30 mins"
Pros: "Honestly the was the worst flight experience"
Cons: "Both flights where delayed. Nothing given back or offered to us for this. I had to cancel clients and loosing money"
Cons: "Happy with the service"
Pros: "They allow pre-boarding for over-65s! So much easier to hoist that carry-on bag to the overhead compartment when not blocking someone else! :) Avianca crew/ticket agents are SO helpful and pleasant. This was a delightful airline to discover! (This was a portion of my first trip booked on Avianca.)"
Cons: "Some employees from the airport Benito Juarez looked into my baggage and stole some souvenirs, please be advised to do not leave your baggage with the airport standby system, there are some private lockers that you can use instead."
Pros: "The crew was just fine excellent service they always on time"
Cons: "Maybe to be a little more friendly"
Pros: "Food was good"
Cons: "Trip is long"
Pros: "The food"
Cons: "El Salvador airport!!!!"
Cons: "Customer service wasn’t good. Didn’t try to help but instead behaved like didn’t matter to them. Delayed!"
Pros: "Crew is excelente and very friendly"
Pros: "The flight itself was fine and I like that there are food options throughout as a part of our ticket."
Cons: "They lost my luggage and it was impossible to reach anyone who knew anything or to be compensated for my inconvenience and items."
Cons: "Everything was good"
Cons: "I had to ask for a pillow 3 times, twice from the same flight attendant who never bothered to comply. The food and entertainment were good though."
Pros: "Served a snack and had usb charging in headrest."
Cons: "Seats very uncomfortable and crew more friendly with Spanish speaking people."
Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "Movie options bad remotes."
Pros: "to San Salvador was great. Great service, little time to evaluate."
Pros: "The food again"
Cons: "Still no WiFi"
Pros: "Arrived on time, smooth ride great landing"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "We loved everything about the airline we have been traveling with Avianca for several years now and we love it , definitely no other airline has the quality of service and professionalism as Avianca does."
Cons: "My mom Cancelled our trip because of a broken leg and getting a refund is a absolutel NIGHTMARE I might have to think twice to plan a trip again cause of an injury and refund"
Pros: "Not much really."
Cons: "Small, basic plane with 0 entertainment or food options. It was short so tolerable but they could definitely do better."
Pros: "The personnel was excellent, they were friendly and very accommodating."
Cons: "The in- flight movies were not very good, perhaps contemplate on having choices for customers so that we select them."
Pros: "Everything! Service, staff, food, amenities"
Cons: "Flight delay in el salvador for 4H. Instead of food voucher we received airplane food tray."
Pros: "Bought hotel for us to stay the night."
Cons: "Miss booked our flight 30 passengers stuck overnight in San Salvador. Missed my connection to Pdx."
Pros: "Sat next to my boyfriend. Window seat. Affordable and no long layover."
Cons: "One of the screens at the airport said our flight Was cancelled, another said it departed, and the third and final one said it was going to San Jan Del Sur. Neither of these was true. despite asking 2 airport employees only the 3rd, right before we boarded told us that the "screens were not updated." For an experienced traveler even, this was misleading and confusing. I also wish the attendants escorted people off row by row and not all the pushing of people from the back trying to exit first. Chaos."
Cons: "Not only did they not let me board the plane because I was in the bathroom but then they charged me an outrageous amount for a new ticket to get out of Lima. Their transit staff were completely unhelpful and couldn't care less about my situation. I will NEVER fly them again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Canceled our tickets. Staff was slow and rude. Waiting from 3:30am to 7am with 2 young kids to get a resolution to the problem."
Pros: "The flight was cancelled at the last minute due to a broke plane in San Salvadore. However, the staff booked us on a flight with Copa Air. They were extreemly professional, kind and accomodating. Thank you very much. The Copa flight was outstanding service and comfort."
Pros: "Very professional service, nice people, newer airplane, plenty of entertainment options, got my luggage where it needed to go despite 2 connections."
Cons: "I was put in a seat before the exit row, meaning my chair did not recline for a 5 hour flight. In addition, the seat in front of me was at least 3-5 inches closer than any other seat on the plane. I understand there are these seats on the plane, I just wish I would have known prior or been given the option to change seats."
Pros: "Going from Washington DC to Lima, Peru with stop in San Salvador is great because break the trip in half and San Salvador is a small airport. Going to Peru my two planes were very comfortable and with good entreatment"
Cons: "No blankets on my way back"
Pros: "The food was good and the crew was nice"
Cons: "I was not informed of having to pay $150 extra for having a surfboard, very disapointing"
Pros: "Having an electronic screen for each seat, and being able to watch movies/tv shows for no additional charge, was an awesome feature. Obviously most patrons would like to have that available on every flight."
Pros: "People were really nice"
Cons: "No veggie choices"
Pros: "Excellent service, the service on the fly is 5 stars,this was my first time flying with Avianca and I definitely will fly with Avianca again ."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "They got us there on time and safe."
Cons: "Nothing really you guys did a really good job getting me to where I need to go.Thank you so much!!!"
Pros: "Good! No complaints, no suggestions."
Pros: "Boarding process need to be improved. Seat assignment is horrible"
Cons: "Bathroom floors could be better."
Pros: "Great seat and always on time."
Pros: "Very friendly and professional."
Cons: "Better options in economy for food"
Pros: "Maria in Winnipeg tried to find me decent connections. She did book me into a hotel in Boston as I missed connection 3 times!!!!"
Cons: "Flights that arrive and leave on time. How can one plan a trip if flights are continually cancelled or delayed. Very frustrating and a very unhappy customer."
Cons: "The unfortunate delay prevented me from attending my grandmother’s wake. Fewer delays would be helpful."
Pros: "Comfortable and spacious seating. Quick and smooth flight."
Cons: "Since this was such a short flight, there wasn’t much to improve."
Pros: "Crew was great"
Pros: "Crew was awesome. Very respectful and helpful"
Cons: "Food options"
Pros: "The crew and the boarding were good"
Cons: "No food. Just unhealthy snacks"
Pros: "Crew was amazing."
Pros: "Crew was great especially Fawn. Best flight attendant I’ve had."
Cons: "Notify the delay quickly"
Cons: "Seating was cramped in economy, but you get what you pay for!"
Pros: "Everything is perfect"
Cons: "Had to collect & re check luggage between flights. Couldn't they have been transferred to the next aircraft?"
Cons: "Leg room was lacking."
Pros: "Great food and bev service"
Pros: "The food and the treatment"
Pros: "The crew was fine, flight was completely full and they were very prompt in their service. The power outlets didn’t work. The lights were on, but when I plugged in they didn’t charge."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable. Seats very close together for a flight that lasts over 5 hours."
Pros: "The smooth flight, the informational touches the pilot and gate attendants gave to the people"
Cons: "Late flight attendants"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The worst flight I have ever been on. Sat on the plane for an hour before taking off with no AC"
Pros: "Flight was safe, smooth & fast."
Pros: "The seat back screens."
Cons: "Completely full flight. Rough landing."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Delay"
Pros: "It's a fast flight and boarding was quick."
Cons: "The terminal at LGA airlines is terrible."
Cons: "Was late almost for an hoir."
Pros: "comfortable seats enough overhead bin space."
Cons: "nothing"
Cons: "Not much to read"
Pros: "I like that I had a window seat with enough space to stretch my legs and look at the view."
Cons: "I was shy about 45 min of boarding my flight. I didn't want to do self check out because I wanted to make sure my Itinerary was right so I went to a clerk. She did my boarding pass by verifying who I was and by my Id and printed out. I then go to security they asked for my Id and boarding pass. I gave it to them and she was like Ingrad is not your name doesn't match your ID. I said no it doesn't your going to have to go back up and get my boarding pass redone again. I was Furious and frustrated because I didn't want to miss my flight over a mix up from one of your Clerks and at the time she never asked me if I wanted a window seat or not . This made for a bad experience going to Atlanta but I was grateful that I didn't miss my flight."
Pros: "great crew, very nice and helpful often looking for ways to serve people. More leg room. I had a free upgrade to exit row seating. Food was prettu good for a flight of that length."
Pros: "Flight team were wonderful!"
Cons: "My registered luggage was sent LAX->MDE and i had a short change in MEX. Running out of the LAX->MEX plane, the crew the said: "don't forget to pick up your luggage".. and then all went pairshaped. One member of MEX staff claimed the baggage is going directly to destination, another said that it won't and i need to pick it up myself and do god knows what with it. LAX->MEX flight delayed by 30mins, 1hr change time. Everybody relaxed just me loosing all my boozy contraband as i had no choice but to put my registered luggage thru security."
Pros: "Excelent service"
Pros: "The outbound crew was terrific. The flight itself was fine. We even arrived early."
Cons: "Upon deplaning in Cancun, ALL passengers are put on a bus and driven far away from the terminals to an arrivals area. Those of us with connecting flights are royally f*cked at that point, especially if your connection is short, as mine was. The so-called shuttle to the departure terminals, which are entire kilometers away, was to arrive in like half an hour. HALF AN HOUR. Who has this time to spare?? The alternative to the shuttle is paying a taxi that charges a hefty fare--and God help you if you don't have cash. The departures terminal was swamped and only thru begging assistance and line cuts did I make my connection...and then only by the skin of my teeth. It was a complete nightmare."
Pros: "Not much . The boarding process took forever and the lines through TSA took longer .. no direction to lines and I was standing for 10 min before saying something to someone and they said o there’s another line."
Cons: "Almost everything besides the staff on the plane"
Pros: "Smooth, quick and comfortable flight."
Pros: "Fast boarding, we even left early! Very kind crew. Flight was WAY shorter than it said on our itinerary!"
Cons: "No TVs and couldn’t get wifi to work. Small plane, slightly uncomfortable."
Pros: "Training on delta app usage and being hospitable to injured customers"
Cons: "Timing and not providing accurate information; Phillip at Las Vegas airport was unaware of how to purchase and pay for a checkin bag via the delta app. I️ didn’t have a working card and then realized by the time I️ needed to check in that it was too late. 8 hours later I’m on a red eye flight for a guaranteed seat bc of being put on stand bye. I️ stay in Vegas for 1 night and my ankle swells the next morning and I’m unable to move my legs. Sent to the hospital and have been in Vegas since 11/20"
Cons: "Staff not attentive to customer needs. I asked for a blanket and the stewardess never came back to me."
Pros: "Crew worked incredible well with all the passengers that lost connection flights."
Cons: "Same thing, flight was delayed about three hours."
Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "Lack of legroom in economy"
Pros: "Good entertainment options, on-time departure and arrival."
Cons: "Had to stow backpack under seat due to full flight. How is this still the norm? Wi-fi not working."
Pros: "Crew was very good and nice on the flight"
Cons: "Flight terminal was changed about 30 to 45 minutes before boarding Flight was delayed due to AC problem Configuration of the plane was terrible. Little leg room but the windows did not align with the seats so a window was shared with two rows making it challenging to open or close a window without disturbing the passenger in the other row with whom the window is being shared. No charging outlets in the terminal or on the plane. Plane had no food to offer for purchase. Expected better from Delta."
Cons: "Female flight attendants were rude and acted like the passengers were a bother. Tried to move to an emergency row after the doors closed, which was empty and the flight attendant refused stating we had to pay extra. NOT HAPPY"
Pros: "It's a nice, comfortable flight with plenty of entertainment options."
Cons: "The coffee on board is lousy, but I'm not sure that is much of a surprise."
Pros: "Great!"
Cons: "Great!"
Cons: "Food and entertainment"
Pros: "I thought we were going to die. There was tremendous turbulence. Crew did not advise if this was to be expected and if they are worried etc"
Cons: "Better communication other than out on your seat belts. My seat was fixed and I could not move it back either"
Pros: "Crew service was excellent"
Cons: "Make sure the customers have the right gate in the boarding pass, I almost missed the plane because of that thanks to a Copa'employee who gave me the wrong gate"
Pros: "Crew's service good, punctuality excelent"
Cons: "No Entertainment at all"
Cons: "No vegetarian food options, couldn’t bring water on to the place but were not given water bottles for a 5-6 hour flight, plane was hot. Sat on the tarmac in Boston for almost two hours once we landed."
Pros: "Puntual Airline"
Cons: "Boarding"
Pros: "Seats were standard. Crew standard."
Cons: "Communicating the 30 minute time frame to change planes and are seated in the back of the plane. You will miss your flight and pay a very hefty penalty and possibly have to wait 5 hours for the next flight if you checked in your baggage. All this for a 1 hour flight."
Pros: "I liked that everything was smooth and everyone was helpful"
Cons: "The attention of the staff could have been better, never the less, they were an amazing crew."
Pros: "I liked the service, everything they provided."
Cons: "Entertainment. They need a screen on each seat like other airlines."
Pros: "Lots of food during the flight."
Cons: "Plastic cups were really small. I would like a bottle of water."
Cons: "I didn't have a seat from Panama to Sao Pablo, because they oversold"
Cons: "Boarding change of gates waited 2 hours"
Pros: "Inflight service and time Was impacable"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Flight on time"
Cons: "Food"
Cons: "Crew members were rude. Refused to help me with my carry on and were rude about me needing to learn how to take my own stuff down from the overhead bin (i am a short person, so naturally i cannot reach the overhead bin and pull out my bag). Complained among each other (in front of the rest of the passengers) about people asking thrm for help."
Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Crew manners is poor"
Cons: "The food is pretty bad, stale not flavorful or interesting at all"
Pros: "The welcoming and attentive service"
Pros: "Tv's and that there were 2 open seats next to me."
Cons: "Food is atrocious."
Pros: "I liked that this airline still feeds it's travelers a good meal during flights."
Pros: "Flight attendants wonderful. Very accommodating no language barrier"
Cons: "Great experience"
Pros: "No comments"
Cons: "No comments"
Pros: "bags arrived on time snacks served"
Cons: "I don't like how they change from 70lb to 50lb"
Pros: "excellent crew tribulation! good movies selection, but i suggest to add terror films to the catalog."
Cons: "they took too much time to started boarding the plane. there were no options for the burrito. only meat."
Pros: "Nada"
Cons: "Copa placed passangers in scattered seats even if they were together, we had to talk to other passangers to switch spots. The crew was unhelpful most of the time. Boarding was totally disorganized, it reminded me of a persian market trying to go though a single door, all at once. Security bands to form lines were obviously unavailable. The whole experience was like riding an old bus with no technology, and it’s entertainment was along these lines."
Pros: "Food was good"
Cons: "No Internet connection at tocumen airport"
Pros: "Very good overall service"
Cons: "My schedule was changed"
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "You really couldnt do a lot of stuff on the plane. The seats couldn't be put back, your hand bags had to be on the floor."
Cons: "Disliked having to go through security again right at the gate, also was not allowed to bring drinks into the plane that I had just bought inside the airport, had to throw away or drink them immediately before boarding because of policy, have not had any problem with any other airline..."
Cons: "My complaint is with the Panama TSA!! Why do you have 2nd security check at the gate before boarding? They were rude, didn't speak English (or played like they didn't) and their just throwing your possessions around in front of everyone!! Just stupid!!"
Pros: "I la la love travelling with Copa! I book with them whenever possible!"
Cons: "Nothing really. My back was tired from sitting 5 hours but I don't put the blame on Copa for that! 5 hours of sitting does that to a person."
Pros: "Me encanto la atención de los aeromosos"
Pros: "Considering their is no water for purchase after security the airline should offer much more water during the flight. I was only offered a drink once during a 5+ hour flight. I had to ask for additional water later on."
Pros: "Smooth fast Flight with entertainment food and Drinks"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "They didn't give me a blanket nor pillow. The touchscreen of my seat didn't work and told de flight crew to arreang it and do nothing. The flight from San Francisco got delayed one hour and lost the connection in panama to San Salvador. Horrible service."
Cons: "Boarding"
Pros: "When they booked me on another airline after making me wait 36 hours and finally admitting it was their mistake they inadvertently cancelled my reservation."
Cons: "They intolerant, unprofessional, they overbook flights and blame the passenger, they don't help you when this happens, they cancelled my booking and tried to blame me, they act as if they have a right to treat a customer like garbage. Don't EVER book a flight with this company. If you do you are taking a huge risk."
Cons: "Filthy seats, specially the table had a sticky part. Got into my clothes and arm. No entertainment, NADA! Food sucked,"
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "El abordaje"
Pros: "Crew was very kind"
Pros: "Excellent job of a couple of girls"
Cons: "Again, lay over and food"
Cons: "Our flight was in two (2) segments. One from Santiago, Chile to Panama City, Panama and, two from Panama City, Panama to Boston, MA USA. Our flight from Panama City, Panama to Boston, MA USA was cancelled due to snow. Not the Copa fault; however, rebooking the flight from Santiago back through Panama to Boston was very difficult even though we call the day prior after noticing the cancelled flight on the Copa website. We were successful; however, it took multiple calls and multiple delays on hold to make it happen. No e-mail confirmation was ever received; however, we were able to confirm the flight via the website. We were also unable to confirm the flight status on the website. Maybe it was a special flight or something, but from the customers view, it was discomforting."
Pros: "Easy and fast connections. Flight on time.great"
Pros: "My infant son was very grouchy and crying a lot I really appreciated how the crew tried to cheer him and offer him snacks and talk to him when they would pass by to cheer him up, it helps a struggling mommy"
Cons: "We were faced with many difficulties throughout the process including delays at every stage (plane boarding, takeoff, bus shuttles, etc.) of four different flights. The flight to Panama City was a significantly more enjoyable experience, but the return trip was absolutely miserable. After being boarded, we waited on the runway with no explanation for over a half hour. Then the flight staff came through with a very mediocre dinner and drink; however, they never came back for anything else until the customs form, and any attempts to flag them down were fruitless. When I finally got their attention, I requested water, and never received it. It was an incredibly frustrating and thirsty experience."
Pros: "nice new appearing lane"
Cons: "Food was fair, but at least there was a meal."
Pros: "Leg room and food. Opportunity to upgrade"
Pros: "I want expecting to get food on such a short flight, what a pleasant surprise!"
Cons: "There weren't any choices for entertainment, just one movie playing on a screen for everyone"
Pros: "gooe friendly service. Flights were on time. Embraer 1900 performed well."
Cons: "More English tranlation"
Cons: "1h late departure, but we arrived at the expected time. Seats were not very confortable, but everyone had an individual tv. We bought a flight Montreal-Mexico-Panama City, but for some reasons, it was impossible to get boarding passes for the second part of this flight... We had to check-in again in Mexico city."
Pros: "Crew was amazing. Seats were comfortable."
Cons: "Customer service in GDL airport"
Pros: "Crew ok seat no"
Cons: "More pillows"
Pros: "The lunch was good, the team was nice and the flight went well!"
Pros: "We were on time"
Cons: "Horrible and first flight was 1h45min late which made me miss my connecting flight. The transit airport was also a horrible experience to spend many endless hours in."
Pros: "the crew was very gentle."
Cons: "I could not get my chair in a more confortable position to sleep, it did not work. Because of that my 6 hour and a half trip was very long and unconfortable and i ended up with pain in my lower back."
Cons: "In the counter people were rude (as always) and the first guy that helped us didnt found us. A lot of time wasting and not much staff to check-in."
Pros: "Disponibilidad y ayuda del personal desde el primer momento que llegas a la ventanilla a documentar. EXCELENTE!! servicio."
Pros: "Everything, it was punctual dispite the chaos México City Airport is, the food was awesome (first class) and we arrived sooner."
Cons: "This is not about Aeromexico. Migratory police is hard now, do not have connections inside the States or you would loose it"
Pros: "I like the staff, the seats, the entertainment"
Pros: "the food was great and the attendants were wonderful."
Pros: "A long story short, I had to check my carry-on bag in order to get sealed duty free liquor through the Mexico city airport. I was able to eventually get the bag checked gratis due to the circumstances. It took half a dozen AeroMexico staff to get there, but I did."
Cons: "Mexico City lounge was terrible as their key hub , the wife and food was bad so I went to the hsbc lounge as I am a vip there was well"
Pros: "swift flight so that we could get off of the plane quicker."
Cons: "getting in and out of the seat was awful. especially when the seat in front is reclined. the armrest on the aisle seat should be able to move up as the others in the row did. the metal underneath the armrest is pretty sharp and jagged, scraped my palm as i was trying to get the seatbelt to buckle."
Pros: "Everything. The plane 787! Cuauhtémoc beautiful plane inside and out. Great service. Impeccable landing as usual with Aeromexico pilots! Thank you."
Pros: "The in flight meal was just what we needed and they got us to San Jose safe and sound. No complaints!"
Pros: "That I got there on time."
Cons: "Over booked the trip and got stuck in the Mexico, missing a 1 at work."
Cons: "The flight gate was never posted on the departures screen, if it were not because we kept asking we'd have probably missed our flight. The flight was also delayed by 2 hours and we were never informed of just happened as we went in circles around the airport."
Cons: "old plane, no amenities to make the flight pleasant."
Cons: "They lost my baggage and then I lost my flight, I want a refund I am still on Mexico City"
Pros: "inflight entertainment"
Cons: "As they tend to do, three flight delays and changes, totaling almost seven hours with no communication from the airline, leaving all passengers in the dark, no customer service, no one to answer the phones, etc. Long lines to find out no info available, flights taken off screens, no updates. Waited in the Airport from ^ am for a 9 am flight, which finally left at 4 PM. No vouchers, no nothing!!!!!! The customer service would be rated poor if they had any at all"
Pros: "7:15pm officially cancelled at 12:05am"
Cons: "Bad Communication"
Cons: "Old plane, late with no notice. Poor seats."
Pros: "Mix up with Aeromexico and delta. Long story."
Cons: "Confusion with Aeromexico and delta printing boarding pass."
Cons: "Great service , on time and luggage delivered before I arrived to the carousel"
Pros: "Confortable seats and entertaiment"
Cons: "late boarding"
Pros: "Boarding was fast and in order"
Cons: "Flight was delayed,no information until it was late to get other flights."
Cons: "Gate was changed before bording, gates closed before plane departure time regardless of not all passengers present. Missed the flight and Aeromexico made us pay to grab another flight while it was Aeromexico personel that refused to allow us in even though it was not yet departure time and said plane doors were closed."
Pros: "Staff was friendly, both at the airport and in the air. It was nice to have meals served, even on the very short flight."
Cons: "We arrived at the airport to find that they had overbooked the plane and our family's 4 seats were in jeopardy. We had to wait until they had processed everyone else in line, even though we had gotten there first, because either they were in the "sky priority" line or because maybe they had pre-bought their seat assignments. After a tense 20 minutes of waiting, they closed the flight and let us have our seats. Then, at the gate, they confiscated two of our most important carry on bags and checked them because they said that children are not allowed a carry on item -- despite paying full freight for their seats! It was very nerve-wracking at our arrival destinations as these two items were not padlocked and were the very last to come on the conveyor belt."
Pros: "Good flight, excelent schedule"
Cons: "Flight Over sold (20 people)."
Pros: "I liked the meal and courteous attendants, however getting served at 3am was a little strange."
Cons: "We waited on the tarmac for 90 minutes waiting for 20 passengers from another flight. That's too long... we missed our bus in Chicago because of it. My seat was also broken and wouldn't lean back, making for a long, sleepless night."
Cons: "To start with I paid to check in my suitcase. But I change my mind and decided to have a cary on. when I arrived at the airport I told an agent that I wanted to bring my suitcase as carry-on and she said that it was too large. So I had to wait in line. When I finally fot to the counter the agent and the agent realized I had already paid. She said that I could try take my suitcase under my own responsibility because she thought security would send me back. I was very surprised to hear this because it is a computer case. I did not have any problems and was able to embark. The plane had not bern clean. The pocket underneath my table had a used kleenex and the table of the person seated next to my had coffee spilled. During the 5:50 hrs only once were we offer a drink. Really bad service for an international flight."
Cons: "The fly was delayed for more then 30 minutes with no explanation,I paid for the Saturday rate and end flying on Sunday what I thing is not fear . Why I have to pay more? About the food we didn't receive a meal ,they give us only some peanut and cup of water since I am a diabetic person I need to eat frequently,"
Cons: "Waited from scheduled boarding to when the flight was cancelled- 3 hours and then little help from Aero Mexico to rebook to final destination in a reasonable time. Was promised a full refund of cancelled booking with Aero Mexico and as of 4/17- 0"
Pros: "I like the non stop flight."
Cons: "I honestly don't see the point in having so many terminals to check in. I had my reservation code I was even able to pay for my bag and wouldn't print out the boarding pass so I had to go to the assistance counter. There was one one person helping out with this issue and took me close to 30 mins to be able to get a boarding pass"
Cons: "I got the last seat on the plane, and it smell pee all the way. Disgusting."
Cons: "Intentamos comprar tres veces comprar y rechazó la operación y 30 minutos después , ya que había comprado el boleto en taquilla me mandan confirmación y hicieron encargo , les pedí la.cancelación y no la.hicieron aun cuando el.error fue de ustedes voy a promover la baja.calidad de su aplicación soy conductor de radio y publicidad en los Ángeles"
Pros: "The food."
Cons: "The system they have to check in is the worst. Why should you have to make a HUGE LONG line to print a boarding pass than go make another HUGE LONG LINE to check in your bags. On top of it all they charge $25 for the first bag you check in. WTF that's just being crazy. Soon they will charge people to use the on board toilet. The crew members were very rude, don't smile. They give you actitude when you asthem for something. Uncomfortable seats from the 80's. Smelly airplane. I wouldn't recommend flying with Aeromexico ever!"
Pros: "First time flying Aeromexico. I've flown servers airlines in Latin America and this ranks among the best. Will likely fly with them again."
Cons: "My one piece that was checked in arrived one day after I did."
Pros: "Convenience Service"
Pros: "The crew is really nice and accommodating. Boarding is efficient."
Cons: "Some of their planes are old and need some upkeep."
Pros: "Excelent at all."
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "Crew was nice and eficiente, flight was smooth"
Cons: "No entertainment on flight and only peanuts and drink to eat"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Lost my luggage"
Cons: "the sandwich was on a croissant I rather had a bread."
Pros: "On time boarding and fast but good service."
Cons: "Aeromexico has a small plane, it is extremely uncomfortable. Flight Crew are not the friendliest of all."
Cons: "E90 planes do not have WiFi or inflight entertainment so make sure to bring your own."
Pros: "The space between the seat."
Cons: "The plane"
Pros: "The crew was very polite."
Cons: "To put a tv"
Cons: "To have tv to watch a movie or something"
Cons: "Crew was very nice"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "1. Both flights were delayed. They just sent a message and did not apologize for changing the itinerary. 2. Service is really bad"
Cons: "Two hours delay."
Pros: "Puntual Asiento cómodo y espacioso Maletas llegaron rápido"
Pros: "La puntualidad y la amabilidad de la tripulacion"
Cons: "Nos dejaron en una larga espera en un bus que nos transportaria hasta el lugar donde estaba el avion y habiamos muchas personas que estabamos paradas debido a que el bus era muy pequeño e incomodo. La comida muy escasa"
Pros: "On time!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Awful, no outlets at the airplane, food aweful( croissoints with apple sauce!!) no entertainment, and delayed for hours!!!"
Cons: "Im on a different airline because my flight from SFO to Mexico was canceled. Definitely not traveling with Aeromexico anymore."
Pros: "Everything, everytime! Everyone at Areomexico are very attentive, pleasant and courteous. That is the reason why I always choose you over any other airline."
Cons: "We purchased return fares from YVR to Mazatlan, we had something unexpected happen and had to return home at an earlier date than the time we were booked for. We had to purchase new return fares and were told we will not get some sort of a refund. The flights cost us in total almost $3000.00."
Cons: "Poor customer service."
Cons: "Aero México lady with a attitude"
Pros: "price was accurate and affordable. flights were on time. staff was courteous and helpful. plane was clean and travel was smooth. included lunch was good. leg room in economy was fine even for a tall person but not generous. direct flight was quick!!"
Cons: "had to wait about 20 min to taxi out of mexico city but wasn't the airlines fault. just something to consider when booking out of mexico city."
Pros: "None, my flight got delayed and I missed my flight to Monterey."
Cons: "Read above."
Cons: "I arrived to Mexico City from California on Volaris flight that arrived an hour late, and by the time I made it to the Aeromexico counter it was too late. I had to stay in a hotel overnight, wake at 4:30am to take a flight to Tampico, had to pay a huge fine for the new flight, and neither airlilne took responsibility for the costs I incurred. I know it is due to having come in on a different airline, but still it was extremely frustrating!"
Cons: "Captain of the plane was late , we ask at the desk and they dont know anything about it, and later they say the captain was coming from another fly and we have to wait for him to land , time of my flightwas 5:15 and we leave at 630, the worst experience, no more aeromexico flights ever"
Pros: "The plane was in good shape in the flight attendants very complacent"
Cons: "Food was not good and no internet service"
Cons: "Should have some consideration when it is an emergency trip with there policy when you book less then 24 hrs before your flight."
Cons: "No TV on the plane"
Pros: "The seats had ample leg room, and seemed to be a little wider than normal economy seats. There was plenty of overhead storage space, which is not usual on most airlines."
Cons: "First leg of the flight was canceled but i was not informed until I showed up at the airport. I was booked on a flight two hours later which meant i was going to miss my next connecting flight. The second flight was departing 4 hours after i arrived into Mexico city. I just wish someone could have given me a heads up and i could have made other arrangements or enjoyed an extra day"
Cons: "Our flight was canceled from MEX-MED, forcing us to stay the night in Mexico City instead of our beautiful hotel we had booked and paid for in Merida. Aeromexico in Mexico City did not communicate the cancelation to us, and we were forced to keep checking in with customer service every 20 minutes. Our flight from SFO-MEX arrived at 7:45pm. Our flight MEX-MID was scheduled to depart 9:55pm. They gave us no information on our flight. At around midnight, we still had no information. The customer service rep told us we had no plane and no crew. He was certain our flight would be canceled, but it would not be announced for two more hours. He suggested we take the first flight the next morning. He gave us a voucher for an airport hotel. We went to the hotel for exactly 4 hours before returning to the airport for a 6:05am flight. We lost our hotel in Merida and had to pay for it. All around a terrible experience."
Cons: "I will never fly with this airline again. I missed my original flight so they cancelled all of my flights without my permission and resold my seats. Talk about making an easy $2k without doing absolutely nothing. I paid for another flight to get to Mexico to fly to el salvador when they told me that they cancelled everything. Now I am stranded in Mexico on Christmas and they don't care."
Pros: "My wife and I have been flying to Guatemala for 10 years to visit our son. We have flown primarily on United and American. This was the first time on AeroMexico and it was fabulous. All the airline employees were responsive and communicative from check-in all the way to de-planing. Food, drink, answering questions, advantaging passengers in helpful ways for seat changes; it seems everything they touched they made better. AeroMexico was even able to open a seat on an earlier flight to shorten the journey. We will continue to fly to Guatemala but now will always check out AeroMexico first. By the way, AeroMexico's price was also the best. This covers the experiences on all four of our flights."
Pros: "The flight left more-or-less on time, both ways."
Cons: "The check-in was excruciatingly slow, and leaving San Salvador there was a second (and seemingly unnecessary) security screen that took forever. As ususal on AeroMexico, the seats don't recline, or recline a half inch, the food is horrible, the stewardesses are grumpy, and the film selections are pretty limited."
Pros: "They are so nicely"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The beer was nice and cold"
Cons: "The food provided was not very good. Peanuts were not the best. I recall in previous Aeromexico flights, sanwiches were provided."
Cons: "it is not "free wifi" you have to pay for it once you are trying to log in. My tray was dirty when i opened it. had a spill, was sticky. I cleaned up to not bother the crew. better care needed to check all seats."
Cons: "There seemed to be an apparent delay. On the board for arrivals and departures, the Houston flight on AM --- (476 maybe) was never posted. Confusing. There were two people who were randomly searched for explosives. That might have contributed to the delay. My concern was constant milling around by airline personnel..... Yet, in the end, we arrived in Houston within one minute. It all just looked like we would arrive late since we boarded fifteen minutes before the flight instead of thirty minutes."
Pros: "AeroMexico has the best meals - my personal opinion"
Pros: "Flight attendant was authentically caring"
Cons: "There was a grandmotherly looking woman who was traveling alone and needed physical assistance. The flight attendant was authentically happy and caring to serve her. I was very impressed! She had a wonderful smile for this woman and took the time to make sure that she was cared for and even opening up a snack box for her and help her fill out her entry paperwork. You don't often see that same authenticity many people. And I certainly didn't see it on my nest leg of the trip."
Pros: "Flight left on time! Flying out of ixtapa is very pleasant"
Cons: "Overbooked flight"
Cons: "Inmigración in mexico.take too much is obselete."
Pros: "Got me home"
Cons: "There was a delay and when I asked if our connecting flight would be ok, the crew seemed to dismiss my question."
Cons: "You gave the wrong boarding time and made me miss my flight"
Pros: "TV's on plane with my choice of movie. Finally got to watch "CHPS". Also, free alcohol!"
Cons: "Everything was great. No complaints"
Cons: "My connection flight was delay and customer service in Mexico City have me walking from gate to gate 8 times absolutely no-one knew were I supposed to take my flight. Horrible service."
Cons: "This flight is the worst. If you want to be on time book with another company, otherwise you'll have 1 - 2 hrs of delay always. It's the 20th time we take this flight and it always has long delays."
Cons: "Flight from Mexico City to Austin was about 40-45 minutes late."
Pros: "Was a great flight and very comfortable"
Cons: "No outlet of any sort to charge phone but was still a great flight"
Cons: "The problem I had, I could not check in my delta flights from Mexico to New Orleans. Cause problem in travel, with out. Larding pass could not board in Atlanta, needed to get a boarding pass"
Cons: "Couldn't use their app to watch movies, didn't like the food that much."
Cons: "2 hrs late"
Cons: "Cancelled flights"

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