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Sichuan AirlinesOverall score based on 176 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Economy seats were actually pretty comfortable and the staff was very attentive."
Cons: "The vegetarian food was basically unsalted, watery rice and fruit. By the third round of it (long flight w/ 2 dinners and 1 breakfast) I just didn’t eat it. The entertainment also advertises movies and shows that they don’t have. Small selection that could be better."
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Pros: "Economy seats were actually pretty comfortable and the staff was very attentive."
Cons: "The vegetarian food was basically unsalted, watery rice and fruit. By the third round of it (long flight w/ 2 dinners and 1 breakfast) I just didn’t eat it. The entertainment also advertises movies and shows that they don’t have. Small selection that could be better."
Pros: "I liked getting to my destination safely."
Cons: "The boarding process was chaos and when we finally boarded, the seats were extremely uncomfortable. There also wasn’t any choice of entertainment and the movie that was playing had no way to have audio (no headphone jacks to plug into)"
Pros: "Flight seat"
Cons: "Food service"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for hours, ridiculous. Do better. No excuses."
Pros: "cabin crew continued to smile despite conditions"
Cons: "the stewardess were filling themoses if hot water instead if pre flight duties. even after pushing away from gate i could see 8 passengers with trays down making soup with boiling water, brought by stewardess, and additional ones eating hot soup."
Pros: "Not much, but the crew were friendly"
Cons: "The airline was late in take off for some unknown reason (nothing to do with weather). Flight too be late and we missed out connecting flight.They demanded we purchase a new ticket for the next leg of the flight. Furthermore, then they cancelled the rest of the return flight. Terrible Airline"
Cons: "on august 14,i got an email tell me my airline is china eastern airline. i have waited for chech -in in china eastern airline for 30minutes,the china eastern told me my airline is not china eastern .maybe hainan airline i walked to hainan airline ,it told me it is not their airline....."
Cons: "Was a decent and modest flight."
Pros: "New plane. And now online check-in is now available"
Cons: "Looks like they missed a snack in between."
Pros: "new airplane"
Cons: "wish they had online check-in service in Los Angeles."
Pros: "The crew was very frindly. Tha craft is very clean"
Cons: "Food for non-Chinese passengers"
Pros: "Crew was very friendly"
Cons: "Food was not great"
Cons: "No AC in aircraft during taxi boarding. We were taxi for 30 min. Extremely warm. Entertainment systems did not work. Flight attendants did not appear friendly or polite."
Pros: "people very nice"
Cons: "food can hv been better"
Cons: "Food, entertainment, not boarding in the middle of the tarmac, seat quality, no entertainment options."
Pros: "Crew is so polite!"
Cons: "No wifi, no individual entertainment screens, no power. TV screens looked like an old VHS tape (static)."
Pros: "The crew was good. The flight was quick and direct."
Cons: "So they had a very quick food service then because of turbulence they closed the bathrooms and made everyone stay in their seats. I have 3 little kids and a wife with a small bladder. Over the course of 4 hours they need to use the bathroom sometime. My kids were literally crying because they had..."
Cons: "The time between arrival and departure for the connection flight was too short. Flight was missed. Will be making an official complaint. Why sell flight tickets with no time to transfer. Even before the flight, staff knew i would miss the flight. The sichuan airlines help desk just ignored me when i approached them with the missed flight document (in chinese) .Terrible! I had to book a hotel and another flight out of my own pocket for the airlines mistake."
Pros: "The staff in yangon were extremely helpful and understood my situation. However they were unable to do anything to rectify the issue."
Cons: "The time between arrival and departure for the connection flight was too short. Flight was missed. I will make an official complaint. Why sell flight tickets with no time to transfer. Even before the flight, staff knew i would miss the flight. Still nothing could be done."
Pros: "The direct flight is great! Especially traveling with kids."
Cons: "The flight took 45 minutes longer than scheduled even though we departed on time. Also I have young children and they played some action movie with shooting and killing and It was hard to distract my kids from watching that."
Cons: "I had to pack my laptop too much early - 15 minutes before we started descent. By other airlines it is possible to use it longer"
Pros: "Good cabin staff."
Cons: "A bit cold. - Not an airline problem, but often when a flight comes through a chinese airport late, they will have the transfer path closed so you have to go out as if you want to leave their airport. The immigration officers then want you to apply for visa's and its hard to communicate that you are just wanting to connect to another flight. Maybe they need a procedure for that when a flight comes in late and they have closed the connecting path."
Cons: "Very friendly crew members."
Pros: "gate staff very helpful in assigning seats. flight smooth and flight staff competent. Choice of 3 meals in economy. Nonstop flight to our destination a plus."
Cons: "Cannot select seat prior to flight."
Pros: "Flight boarded quickly and was on time. Food of fair to average quality was served. Very nice to be offered blankets and a second round of beverages."
Cons: "Delayed. Bad food. No entertainment."
Pros: "The crew were super. They were friendly, efficient, and well-dressed. Boarding was orderly. Food service too. The movies were mostly visual jokes and high drama which was perfect since it was a shared screen and not in everyone's language."
Cons: "The plane was a bit old and the seats too close together. But it was clean and tidy."
Cons: "It was never made clear in my itinerary that there was a stop at Hangzhou. I didn't realize there was a seperate flight until I checked in at the hotel."
Cons: "My bags never arrived and haven't been found to date"
Cons: "The booking itinerary did not specify that there would be a layover in Jinan. Even though there was, it would have made more sense to allow the continuing passengers to stay on the plane rather than forcing everyone to go through customs at this point."
Cons: "Most of the crew was not skilled with English (both comprehension and pronunciation) so it was difficult to communicate or to understand instructions. The flight was also delayed for an hour, which could have been avoided if the airline staffed more people for check-in or streamlined the check-in process since that was the only bottleneck preventing passengers from being on time."
Pros: "The flight attendants were really nice and the food was surprisingly good!"
Cons: "The time frame. My flight was supposed to leave at 11:50pm. We left at almost 2am. In which case made me late to a layover I had in China which made me miss my last flight to Japan. BUT, luckily, a woman that worked for the airline in China was able to put me on an air China flight to japan, which again in very grateful for!!!!"
Pros: "Nothing. Absolutely nothing, it was completely horrible!!!"
Cons: "Everything was delayed by at least 1 hour. The flight delay was announced at 11pm the day of, but the passengers weren’t situated in a hotel until 3am. And the flight didn’t arrive until 11pm the next day!! A 15hr delay! And because I had a connecting flight, the delay made me have to spend ANOTHER extra night in the airport, AND never compensated me for the connecting flight ticket which I had to purchase another one of."
Cons: "We had to get off the plane in Jinan to go through customs and get back on rather than going straight to Chengdu. In Chengdu we had to claim our checked bags and check in again before boarding to Taipei."
Pros: "The flight attendants were awesome and the food was good."
Cons: "All was good"
Pros: "The flight attendants were very nice."
Cons: "The check in counter in Chengdu doesn't open until 1 1/2 hours before the flight departs."
Pros: "Sichuan is a good basic airline. No frills but they get the job done. Our flight was on time and the staff very professional"
Cons: "When I arrived to the airport I was informed that my flight is cancelled. They found me a new flight instead, 40 minutes earlier than the original one. Which was fine. But I didn't get information in advance, and some not nice experience while not knowing if there would be another flight instead of the cancelled one."
Pros: "Initial ticketing and boarding was easy. A bit of a fiasco in Lhasa."
Pros: "Great experience. Prompt service and polite staff all around. Nicest flight in China so far."
Cons: "Had 2 layovers that weren't mentioned in our original booking. Absolutely unacceptable. No online checkin either."
Cons: "Flight was three hours late and The luggage count be shipped to lax directly. I had to get my luggage, drag luggage to hotel, and check in again in Hangzhou. They even collected headphones and stoped videos on board half an hour before its landing."
Cons: "Worst airlines I have ever traveled. Crew and airport staff hardly understand English and there is no communication between passengers and airport crew when flight gets cancelled. Please do not select this airlines even if it's $500 cheaper."
Cons: "The flight was supposed to leave at 8:30pm. We were delayed until 11, then 11:50. At 11:50 we were still not boarding and an argument started about compensation. We were finally boarded at 12:30am. But on the plane we were not given information and continued to sit there for an hour and a half while the plane was further delayed. We finally left around 2:30am, six hours after we were supposed to leave. I missed my ride at Beijing and my first night at the hotel."
Cons: "no vip room"
Cons: "Sichuan Airlines changed the flight time forward to 1525 from 1605 with no notice. The Flight was not posted on the departure board until it was time to check in leaving us confused as to whether the flight was going or cancelled."
Pros: "timeliness of boarding polite and helpful crew"
Pros: "The flight attendants were nice"
Cons: "Organization is poor, food is aweful, seats are bad"
Pros: "Crew was efficient and friendly. Boarding was quick and painless. They served lunch that was fairly good standard food. For a specialty Chinese airline the English was quite good and entertainment choices were varied enough with English (foreign) movies and shows. Subtitles were available as well. The aircraft itself was clean and comfortable."
Cons: "Entertainment was a little lacking due to it being a Chinese specialty flight but there were enough shows and movies in English it wasn't a huge issue. The shows/movies were maybe a little of the not popular sort but, again, they were entertaining."
Pros: "Seats were comfortable. Staff was friendly. Food was delicious. Boarding was quick, once we started."
Cons: "Boarded late and departed late. Couldn't use cell phones in airplane mode."
Pros: "Friendly, attentive, attractive crew."
Cons: "In-flight entertainment was lacking good selection of English movies."
Cons: "The food is horrible. Bring your own sandwiches. The flight attendants are very nice, but inexperienced. Our flight had to wait for the fate to clear and passengers got up and started taking their bags down while on an active taxi way. They were walking around while the plane was moving."
Pros: "My flight had plenty of leg-room and I was able to sleep for 2/3 of the 12 hou flight"
Cons: "The plane was on the cold side an I only packed for the tropics. None of the phone chargers in my row worked"
Cons: "Weather delay ended in hours in line to transfer in Shanghai, complete with irate screaming customers. There was no organization whatsoever at the airport in Shanghai, so no one knew where to go or what to do. A 17 hour trip turned into a two day trip, with a 24 hour delay in Shanghai."
Pros: "Crew was very helpful with boarding and very friendly and hard-working."
Cons: "Entertainment system kept resetting duing the first couple of hours during the flight but otherwise was good."
Pros: "I hated the airline!"
Cons: "The food was terrible and the staff was not nice at all. Worst airline."
Pros: "Lots of room”for stuff”, so you aren’t digging in your attaché case all the time, almost like a desk area. We had eaten prior to departure so I asked to be served the meal later and they had no problem."
Cons: "We did not receive the seats we chose months prior when we originally booked. The crew was not engaged and unhelpful. There were no veggie options so we did not eat. We received buns and desert. Terrible service overall."
Pros: "Comfortable seats"
Cons: "The food choice was between pork rice and pork . I would have preferred chicken or other meat. There was no entertainment on that flight"
Cons: "Excellent"
Pros: "Crew were really fantastic. Very accommodating on requests."
Cons: "First time i flew early in day to vietnam.. not airlines fault just threw me off"
Pros: "The staff was friendly and polite. There was movies, TV shows, etc to watch. The food was decent for airline food."
Cons: "2 days of delays and unorganized at times"
Pros: "Good flight!"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Can’t think of a thing !"
Cons: "Entertainment sound system is bad, must be bad quality headphone. Toilet is not enough for eco class, crew also hardly try to keep them clean and fresh."
Pros: "The free wifi!"
Cons: "The absurd emergency aisle seat fee. Nobody sat in the aisle the entire flight. I’m a very tall person, not a tiny Asian who can sit comfortably side by side to people with the person in front of me having his chair back the entire way for 14 hours!"
Pros: "The food was amazing two hot meals and a couple of snacks."
Cons: "Economy is not the way to travel on an extended flight, aisle seat is bearable but otherwise a fail in the comfort side."
Pros: "the goodness"
Cons: "the ungoodness"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flew in business. Absolutely no understanding of service. Incompetent and lazy crew that speaks extremely limited English. Food is very basic, drinks are worse than in economy of good airlines such as Emirates."
Pros: "Boarding was great, flights on time. Movie selection okay. Crew okay but not the friendliest."
Cons: "CANNOT USE MOBILE PHONE EVEN IN AIRPLANE MODE TO LISTEN TO MUSIC OR WATCH OFFLINE CONTENT. Silliest, most outdated rules I ever encountered on a flight. Not keeping up with the times, overly bureaucratic."
Cons: "Didn't even get into that"
Pros: "Nothing. Kiwi.com really screwed me"
Cons: "I booked through Kiwi.com and sent a request to cancel my ticket a Couple of times but they Never did. So not only did I not get a refund, they didn't even cancel my tickets. Dont book with Kiwi. I would stick with Kayak under the options to book through"
Pros: "Terrible and unprofessional"
Pros: "Service on the plane was good, food was also good."
Pros: "Definitely one of the best airline travel experiences of my life."
Cons: "The food has room for improvement but was decent."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything! The customer service was terrible and cold. Non refundable tickets should state in huge red writing that they are non refundable!!!"
Cons: "Forced me to go through customs and check in for my connecting flight to the Seattle. They claim to be a skyteam partner but can’t corridinate with any of the partners. Immigration control at Pudong is third world cluster, had 3 hours and barley made my connection."
Cons: "There was no pillow on our seat when we got on and we were told we could not get one. Which was a bummer since the seat cushion was so thin and wildly uncomfortable; I could feel the metal rail beneath it. The wine ran out by the time the cart got to us (which was weird because we saw half a bottle go in to the back.. we were the second to last row). They did offer beer which was 60% foam and warm/flat. We were borded and then told of 30 minute delay after we were told to shut our phone off.. only to realize we were getting emails about the delay sent to us while we were sitting there with phones off. Also No Vegetarian option and wasn't sure how to indicate that on my ticket. No drinks after food service. Also no entertainment for a 7hour flight that doesn't let you use electronics!"
Cons: "Cabin Crews mostly did not know how to speak english."
Pros: "Rooms, the area, I love the people who work there! Super friendly!"
Cons: "It was all good"
Cons: "China Eastern airline is the least friendly and irresponsible airline that I have ever used. The crews completely screwed me up on the sequential travel itineraries until the last minute."
Pros: "Food selection was good"
Cons: "The entertainment was not disposed in a way that was accessible for all passengers"
Pros: "Very timely with international flights. Very friendly crew. Decent food."
Cons: "Nothing was terrible. Keep up the good work."
Pros: "Liked the price!"
Cons: "No particular dislikes. Had no real expectations for a China base airline. No frills, all was Ok. Nothing to build any allegiance with the company"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "You are not allowed to use your phone even in flight mode. Food is disgusting"
Pros: "I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. The flight was clean, on-time and plenty on in-flight entertainment. I had fears that other passengers would be rude or the flight staff unhelpful but I experienced none of that!"
Cons: "The food was amazing, but I found myself enjoying some of it."
Pros: "I was able to change seats after takeoff and have an empty seat next to me."
Cons: "You're not allowed to use headphones about an hour before landing."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Terrible service. No one understands or even cares about customer service. Almost always delayed and good likelihood of being cancelled with no accommodation arrangements. Food is hard to eat and most often starting to rot. Just a bad, bad airline."
Pros: "Entertainment."
Cons: "Food and tight spaces."
Pros: "I liked how cheap the flight was and the flexibility to choose a window seat at check-in."
Cons: "The flight attendant crew was cold and I wish more water was offered throughout the flight. All of the movies were censored including missing scenes."
Pros: "Lot's of entertainment options on in-flight console. Also, the price point was very reasonable."
Cons: "The crew often ignored requests and not enough meals/ snacks were served for such a long flight."
Pros: "The plane left on time, arrived on time, the staff was friendly enough, the food was good - it was nothing extraordinary but it did the job"
Cons: "China Eastern Airlines is not made for tall people. I'm 6'2" and I was very cramped."
Pros: "The food was good given I had specialised meals, in which it was provided with ease. The plane ride was easy and comfy (6'3) enough leg room for my hight unlike most. Not overly strict with luggage, always asking for a better to serve. Transportation to and from the provided hotel was easy crew was helpful, hotel staff arranged everything including pickup time, wakeup call, and breakfast. The Chinese officials were helpfull as well since they had to check my luggage and assist me for I forgot to removed my batteries to my carry on instead ."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Entertainment Food"
Pros: "The crew most of the time was helpful and treated us well; I have no good experiences with this airline, particularly for this same trip different city;"
Cons: "There's no way you know what's going on when the flight is changed or delayed, you just have to wait for hours and hours in the designated airport gate without knowing anything about your flight. They should improve their customer service for sure. Also the website didn't work for mobile/ web check in for my reservation, and customer service by phone call was more painful."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My flight was late, they lost my luggage, and I paid for an upgraded seat which I did not get. And I still haven't received a refund for the upgrade.."
Cons: "The flight left late. The crew was useless. The food was terrible."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Domestic portion of the flight was first canceled then rescheduled then delayed. This issue keeps occurring and should not be recommended on Kayak!"
Pros: "The ride itself was comfortable but nothing special. A lot of food was served even on short flights."
Cons: "There was an issue with television screens coming down and going back up quite a bit, which was odd. The boarding took place out on the tarmac, after a cramped bus ride which was a bit strange."
Pros: "Did not like anything. Everyone was so rude and disrespectful."
Cons: "It was horrible experience. It was terrible and I would never use this airline ever again."
Pros: "I really didn't like the service from the attendants, overall they were very annoying. But like all Chinese people, they keep you with a full stomach the whole time"
Pros: "seats selection was too difficult as the net services were not good"
Cons: "the service from air china pripor departure"
Pros: "The crew was adequate."
Cons: "The airplane was old and dirty."
Pros: "Kind staff"
Cons: "Same meal three times in a row. Plane had to turn around 4 hours into the flight. I would like a refund."
Cons: "Food at AirChina is alway consistently terrible I Asked for the red wine, they only fill 1/3 of a glass, I asked for it again, then it was filled only to 1/2 glass No personal entertainment, no USB charging"
Pros: "Crew was good. Boarding good too."
Cons: "On time performance."
Pros: "It was cheap"
Cons: "The aircraft was super old. The flight was delayed. The transfer at PEK (beijing) airport is horrendous. Never again."
Cons: "Like"
Pros: "Pricing"
Cons: "Planes not being delayed, causing us to miss our layovers."
Cons: "Depart on time, missed my connecting flight"
Pros: "Seat is more comfortable then other economy class"
Cons: "They really need to improve in food, quality and Choices. The cabin crew lacks warmth."
Pros: "It didn't crash"
Cons: "1. The website didn't work so I could not choose my seat upfront, had to seat next to the bathroom, it was hours of torture 2. Absolutely grumpy flight attendants 3. No electronic equipment allowed, even in airplane mode (?? nonsense) 5. I will never, in any case, ever fly Air China again in my life"
Pros: "The plane was about 3/4 full, so it felt like there was extra room. It was a red-eye flight, easy to sleep and quiet."
Cons: "Be prepared for some pushing and shoving by the other passengers."
Pros: "Relatively comfortable. Plenty of access to free drinks/refreshments including hot tea, cookies and red and white wine. Spacious clean bathrooms. Attentive staff. ON TIME departure and arrival!!!"
Cons: "My headphone arm jack didn't work. Food was not very good, but did provide vegetarian alternative."
Pros: "Love the space of airplane"
Cons: "Service was not good, requested special meals weren't available, and the staff was quite rude about it."
Pros: "Roomy and comfortable seats, excellent customer service in the air. Highly recommend business class and will definitely be flying Hainan again"
Cons: "flight was cancelled and rebooked for another day, but Air China was cheap in compensation for hotel, let alone compensation for food!!!"
Pros: "Flight crew was attentive"
Cons: "Delayed boarding, no personal entertainment and very old seats."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Can you believe only two meals for 14hours trip ??"
Cons: "ZERO costumer service."
Pros: "The crew, the boarding, the plane and the food were all fine."
Cons: "The plane just did not take off for 2 hours. I missed my connection flight and have to wait at the airport for additional 24 hours. Very exhausting and unpleasant experience."
Cons: "It smelled like people were or had recently been smoking inside of the aircraft, the seat’s padding had been crushed into nothing and the food was gristly chicken with some sort of gravey."
Cons: "I did not take this flight because Air China and flightnetwork.com did not register my information even after taking my money."
Pros: "I did like that I was asked if I wanted to change to emergency exit seat because I looked uncomfortable."
Cons: "Inconsistency about whether or not we were able to use tablets or laptops."
Cons: "Food was terrible. Drinks are served room temperature without ice. Staff was rude. Tried multiple different televisions that barely worked. They will not let you have your phone on even on airplane mode for music or games, etc. Would not take again."
Cons: "limited movie/TV options"
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "This leg of the trip was ok but, overall, my experience on Air China was deplorable. They overbooked a flight, booked us on a later flight, and charged us $500 for the new booking. Their argument was that they did not realize we already had our boarding passes when they rebooked us. What?! The entertainment is very dated and so it the aircraft. The only redeeming aspect of this flight was the food. It was really good. Oh... and there are no outlets on the plane, which is not typically on flights to Asia. They also lost half of the passengers luggage."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Flight crew was nice. Seats comfortable. Flight left on time."
Cons: "Food and entertainment need improvement."
Pros: "Boarding is smooth, organized"
Cons: "Both flights from SFO to Beijing and from Beijing to SGN all are delayed, both at the gate and taxi out, food is very basic nothing fancy about it, same goes with drink, and in fact I don't expect much from them. I hope they will learn and compete with other asian airlines in the region, like Eva Air, or Singapore airlines."
Pros: "The flight was crazy cheap. The boarding was fast a simple enough, and the food was pretty good for airplane food. Overall I would probably pay this price to fly this airline again, but if I had to pay even 30 or 40 dollars more I would not."
Cons: "The Crew was crazy bad. They had plenty good enough English they just didn't give a rip if we needed something. My son spilled his yogurt on his lap so I asked for paper to get it cleaned up. The lady just huffed and walked away, I thought to get napkins, but nope, she never came back. This was one of several things that were just lazy or rude on the flight. Also, While I get that this is Air China, so most of the entertainment would be Chinese, the last time I flew Korean Air, and China Southern on international flights they had a pretty good international entertainment selection. Not so on Air China! there were about 4 English choices, and nothing else. Again, I would fly this again at this price (600 for round trip from CGO to DEN) but for even 30-40 dollars more, I would find something else."
Cons: "Held my bag for two days, No explanation, apparently just wanted to rummage through it. Stranded in Mongolia with no clean clothes or medication."
Pros: "Horrible"
Cons: "All flight was delayed over 4 leg. Horrible experience and flight got cancel and rerouted to a further airport. No compensation from airline and had to lyft 50 miles home"
Cons: "FA should speak English better"
Cons: "I don't like the wifi in China. It took me an hour to connect to the internet. I don't like the way that the flight from China to Houston was delayed for too long, and they didn't explain or say sorry"
Cons: "The video selections had limited appeal to westerners."
Pros: "It's good to have 2 checked bag allowance"
Cons: "Food was not so good. Some of the flight attendant has attitude."
Cons: "The 12 hour non stop flight from Los Angeles to Beijing was on 747-400 aircraft with no personal entertainment on the seat backs. they had a monitor that played chinese movies which was hard to see and it was a very boring flight. Kids were complaining 2 hours into the flight saying they were bored as nothing to do. Food was mediocre. I can't imagine an international flight with no personal entertainment screens."
Pros: "Beautiful and helpful staffs"
Cons: "Their English level too low"
Pros: "Reasonable food. Old chairs but OK."
Cons: "Crazy rules - can't use phones in airplane mode to read books? So so food. Terrible entertainment."
Pros: "I liked making it out of there alive."
Cons: "Cancelled flight without notice. 24 hour postponement; marginally passable accommodations. No compensation / upgrade / consideration / anything. Horrid staff, passengers, food, plane, etc. 16 hour layover in the frozen prison camp called the Beijing airport. Avoid like the plague. Fly literally anything else."
Pros: "Flight crew was great"
Cons: "Long delays"
Pros: "Seat space/ leg room was good"
Cons: "Food Crew was not able to understand English, even personnel at airport were not able to understand English"
Pros: "The crew was very polite. Always available if you need them."
Cons: "The boarding process is kinda chaotic. And you have to take a bus to the plane and enter the plane from a ground staircase."
Pros: "The only good thing was punctual arrival of flights to all the destinations."
Cons: "Boarding: bad, I couldn't check-in online because of some error which apparently only I faced. I still don't know the reason Customer care: horrible, either there are no reps with Air China or they just don't pick their phones. Tried calling them on various occasions for various things but wasn't answered even once (except for booking the meals). Baggage care: irresponsible, my luggage couldn't be loaded on time despite a good 3 hour layover at Beijing airport. I stood at the baggage belt for a good 45 mins (on the edge of crying) before the person responsible to inform me that my luggage hasn't arrived yet showed up. After that as well, I wasn't given a file reference number through which I could track my luggage. Also, nobody picks the phone at baggage claim office unless you call repeatedly for 50 times. What's with the distance between their phones and reps? Inflight crew: impolite, just one word for them. Food: boiled veggies for Hindu vegetarian meals, I mean I wouldn't place a special request for a meal like this. Seats: uncomfortable, the small monitor hangs so frequently that you give up watching even your favourite movie inside a boring flight."
Cons: "I lost one luggage and is still waiting for Air China finding it."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "It was delayed 10 hours and after that large of a delay, taking this flight no longer fit into my agenda."
Pros: "The boarding call was quick"
Cons: "Crew was rude and service was not too great."
Pros: "Quick flight no complains"
Pros: "The crew was friendly and attentive for the most part. Although they did keep mistaking my ipod for a phone and was told multiple times to shut it off. They were just doing their jobs."
Cons: "The choice of movies could have been better and the food was not the best. No vegetarian options offered."

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C$ 5,057
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
31h 45mYYZ-WUX
C$ 5,727
2 stopsChina Eastern
33h 05mYYZ-WUX
C$ 6,672
2 stopsChina Eastern
32h 25mYYZ-WUX
C$ 6,681
3 stopsChina Eastern
36h 55mYYZ-WUX
C$ 6,870
3 stopsAir China
31h 20mYVR-WUX
C$ 6,890

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Recent domestic flight deals

3 stopsJuneyao Airlines
45h 05mSZX-WUX
3 stopsJuneyao Airlines
40h 20mWUX-SZX
C$ 1,894
2 stopsJuneyao Airlines
33h 15mSZX-WUX
2 stopsJuneyao Airlines
40h 10mWUX-SZX
C$ 2,267

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Flights to Wuxi


Wuxi (WUX)China

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C$ 2,687
C$ 5,390

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C$ 2,687