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FAQs for Pakistan first class flights

  • What is the most popular airline offering First Class flights to Pakistan?

    Among KAYAK users, Emirates is the most popular airline offering First Class seats on flights to Pakistan.

  • Which airlines offer First Class tickets on flights to Pakistan?

    Traveling to Pakistan and want to offer yourself a First Class experience? Depending on the origin, the following airlines offer seats in First Class: Emirates.

  • How does KAYAK find such good deals on First Class tickets to Pakistan?

    KAYAK is a travel search engine. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can for our users. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights to Pakistan for economy class as well as First Class travelers.

  • What is the best airline for first class flights to Pakistan?

    The highest-rated airline by KAYAK users offering first class flights to Pakistan is Emirates, with an overall rating of 8.1.

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Top 5 airlines flying to Pakistan

Need help choosing which airline to fly first class to Pakistan? KAYAK airline reviews give an overall score for each airline based on loads of factors, including comfort, boarding, in-flight entertainment and more, to make your decision easier. See airline scores according to verified KAYAK customer reviews.
EmiratesOverall score based on 3850 reviews
Airline reviews

Food was good, great communication by Pilot and Co Pilot, Crew very friendly. Slow beginning drink and meal service - over 2hrs into flight which disrupted overnight flight sleep. Entertainment systems was 3 Stars, my wife's was nonfunctional and had to call attendant 3 times to get it reset, mine the headphones and jack we're twitchy and keep going to muted volume.

8.0 ExcellentDerick, Jun. 2024DXB - BKK
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Food was good, great communication by Pilot and Co Pilot, Crew very friendly. Slow beginning drink and meal service - over 2hrs into flight which disrupted overnight flight sleep. Entertainment systems was 3 Stars, my wife's was nonfunctional and had to call attendant 3 times to get it reset, mine the headphones and jack we're twitchy and keep going to muted volume.

I didn't travel from the start I changed my ticket long time ago

All was good. Emirates should restart allowing fast track immigration for business class at Manchester airport. Saves a bit of time

Everything was good but I think food choices could've been better

Flight good but it was 30min late taking off. Also don’t like landing then being loaded on bus and driven around the airport like it’s a sightseeing tour.

Different rules going from Dubai to Ahmedabad vs going from Ahmedabad to Dubai Horrible, only 1 baggage was allowed to carry on and no personal bag, i had to put personal bag inside carry on

Emirates is still my favorite airline. The good, entertainment, crew, and value are excellent. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed taking off and arriving - which caused me to lose my ground transportation plan. While delays happen, more communication about the delays would be helpful.

First Class on A380 was an incredible experience with a group of very attentive crew. The only flaw of this flight was the boarding process at Concourse C of DXB where no one was managing the queue. I was at Zone A but arrived when they were already boarding Zone C & D. There was no separate gate for Zone A & B to go through.

My last few flights with Emirates have always been delayed at least a half an hour. When my layover is only an hour and a half to two hours, 30 minutes makes a big difference. I’m going to check out other airlines.

very nice experience…….we had a comfortable fly with emirates…this is 6 th time flying with emirates….i recommend friends to fly with emirates…….

As gold member there is no priority checkin. Meaning you either have to board with your zone or last with business class pax. As economy pax all the baggage bays are filled by the time you arrive

Flight was fine overall. What you would expect from economy seats. I did appreciate the amenities (eyemask, earplugs, small toothbrush and toothpaste, thin socks).

Food was good, attendants were friendly. Seats were not comfortable. Did not receive any amenities such as eyemask or earplugs that would have helped sleep. Additionally a large group of passengers boarded very late into boarding and were a disruption for almost the whole flight. Flight attendants did their best but the kids were making so much noise, kicking seats, and half the time no adult was sat with them so they weren’t being managed.

Besides the flight cancellation, everything else was prefect. Kudos to Malaysian Airlines.

I had first class service from them. A little late taking off, but no major problem

No towels or tissue and chocolate and mint provided before arrival

For a short flight, Qatar Airways offers very good onboard service.

Qatar airways from Doha to guangzhau was excellent big bird Boeing 777 more room and smoothly flight, I Love it

Just happy I flew Qatar Airways awesome no wonder they are #1 in the world right now! The food was just delicious, very courteous, professional crew.

It was good no problems made it on time for the next flight overseas!

This booking was as a result of stolen identity and hacking my debit account. I reported it to my bank. The thief tried to book two flights, maybe more. Hopefully, Kayak will be able to block fraudulent bookings and charges better in the future.

Very friendly and efficient staff. Would definitely fly Saudia again.

Entertainment on all 4 business class seats were terrible audio and could barley hear. The 11 hour layover in Riyadh was a nightmare and no one told us that nightmare matter what we do or what we were willing to pay there were no places to rest or sleep and nine of the lounges allow you to enter them no matter what unless you are 4 hours or less from flight time. With a 78 yearold mother with me this is ridiculous. The employees of the airline in Riyadh and of the lounge treated us like servants or lower class people. Never again

I wonder why checking carry on bags while the checking process was done by Moroccan security. Is it question of trust or Morocco security system is not qualified enough?

J’ai mon carte de fidélité Sky team gold À Dubaï je me sui présenté avec mon carte je sui rentré dans le louange Maintenant arrivé à Riyadh on m’a refusé que je rentre que parce que c’est la carte de Air France Et pourtant il y’a le partenariat bon brefs Tout ça c’est du racisme parce que je suis un africain

Food could be better. Bread should be warm served with butter. Bread quality is bad and cold served.

Thw pla e was freezing by dar the cildest flight i’ve been on. The seats are comfortable the leg room is spacious and the seat is in leather very confy. Unfortunately old plane so no plugs the entertainment is limited the inflight internet is very expensive 20$ per hour for 50mb on a 17h you will take 2 times to contact your family and work. At this cost it goes very quick very high. The food is very mediocre A breakfast tastless A snack A meal super spicy A lot of improvement are to be made

Entertainment for non Arabic speakers is very limited. Seats were comfortable. Seat map while booking showed 2-2-2 config, but the flight had 1-2-1..

The seats’ reclined like premium economy seats, ie, not much.. but leg space was a lot l, so it did not feel cramped. Crew was very friendly and helpful.

It’s like two different companies managing fligh from DC and totally horrible company between Jeddah and Cairo

I ended up paying $170 Euros for luggage for a 4 hour flight. Ridiculous. On top of the delay.

Great service, great food, and comfortable business class seats... Friendly and professional flight attendants and ground crew, overall 5 star experience!

Good experience with Turkish Airlines. We will be back with Turkish in the future and look forward to upgraded business class on the 777 beginning in 2025 and on the Airbus 350 now.

Very disorganised check-in and boarding. We won't fly with them again

The seat did not recline and we called the stewardess, he forced it to recline, but when we landed, it did not come forward because the seat was broken. The stewardess came, He tried to do it but couldn't do it, the flight commander came and spoke to us in a bad tone, telling us to get out of here, she waited at the head and acted as if there was a child and we couldn't get up, it was very shameful, I don't even know if it's true, but she said if you don't get up, the plane will not land and will keep turning around. Then a passenger pushed the seat from behind and it worked. Then we wanted to talk to the supervisor again, but she did not come next to us. We fly so much and this is the first time we encountered such a style.

Excellent service and comfort from the moment you check in. Flight crew is hyper focused on making passengers comfortable and at ease. It’s like a flying hotel!

Only chicken as a meat dish through out the flight

Loved the check-in experience. Very friendly staff and not crowded. I did wind up with a middle-middle seat, which was quite uncomfortable. Always appreciate the very professional staff on TAL.

Don’t use them on the IST-isb route, horrible service

It was a nightmare. I booked business class ticket from Ediburgh to Beirut via Istanbul to attend a funeral. I had a wonderful experience flying to Istanbul from Edinburgh. Then I could not get a boarding pass issued to Beirut. It seems that although they booked me and I had a reservation number, I had no seat allocated and the flight was full. I was asked to go from one desk to another and made to wait for 2 hours. I missed my flight as I did not have a seat assigned and it was full. The only option was to put me on the next flight, 6 hours later, for a fee of over $400. They said that was the best they can do to 'help me' and to 'take it or leave it'. Well, I was not about to be bullied; I stood my ground. I booked and paid premium for the journey, which was confirmed. The eventually accepted to not charge me extra and i waited a total of over 8 hours in the airport with no compensation. On top of my grief with the risk of missing the funeral service, I had to put up with their indifference and condescending attitude. They spoke about me in Turkish thinking I would not understand (I hold a British passport) in front of me. When they eventually handed my passport and boarding pass back to me, I showed them I was born in Istanbul and that I understood everything and said a condescending 'thank you' back to them in Turkish. You should have seen their faces. I said that consumers have rights and it is a shame that Turkish Airlines does not have good customer service to at least acknowledge and apologize for errors committed by the airline. Blaming the me, the client, for such an error and placing unreasonable ultimatums, rudeness and dismissiveness to be rid of me, particularly when I was vulnerable and visibly grieving was really shocking... The airline taints the city of Istanbul and the people of Türkiye. Such a shame.

They cancelled two flight and got us onto another airline, which was also delayed.

very very tight seats unfriendly crew who do not seem to care about the comfort of their passengers and do not know how to smile poor ground staff support at LHR and PHX

Was lucky to have a employee at the AA checkin counter that had compassion and understood they ordeal that we went through with our original flight being diverted, needing to stay in the aircraft and then flying to the original destination; adding hours to the trip and forcing us to miss our connection and our rebooked connection. She was able to get up on standby on the highest priority on the next flight to the closest airport we need to be at and it all worked out despite being many hours late.

Both flights yesterday, experienced hard landings. Harder than I’ve ever felt before. Im hopeful there was weather involved and not pilot error. Other than the landing, the flight was quite good~

American Airlines continues to price it can provide the least comfortable passenger experience in the air. This legacy carrier rivals the budgets for both terrible seats and inadequate amenities. I am a 5’7” woman who is not wider than a coach seat (even on these narrow bodied aircraft). My 3.5 hour flight was terribly uncomfortable because the leg room is inadequate (my knees hit the seat on front of me even when it was not reclined); the seat barely reclines; and the foam padding is worn thin to the extent one can feel the metal supports of the seat. Add to this the fact that the aisle is super narrow, so that the drink cart literally scrapes the arm rest of the aisle seat. It’s basically torture.

Average - flew with Jet Blue internal and it was far more comfortable and better food and entertainment. Notable difference

The flight was fine. All the delays and poor communication and customer service were the worst! We were supposed to arrive in London at 7:10 am. In stead we arrived at 1:30 pm. And now American Airlines refuses to make things right but only sent a canned apology after I contacted customer relations.

The flight was delayed for over four hours due to “maintenance “. Your ground staff made no efforts to avoid my family missing their connecting flight to London. They did not try to reroute them and didn’t even offer meal vouchers without being asked. My daughter, her husband and four children were in the States for our son’s celebration of life service. They experienced rude and unhelpful staff in Asheville. The lack of communication was disgraceful. They missed their connecting flight and the first rebooking. Then the 2nd rebooked flight was delayed by over two hours. They didn’t leave Charlotte until 1:30 AM. Since returning home my granddaughters sleep has been so disrupted that they are overly tired and cry hysterically at bedtime. I have already contacted you regarding compensation but have yet to receive a response. All I’ve received is a canned wrote response. This is not acceptable!!! When my wife and I traveled to England in December on your partner, British Airlines, we were delayed for 4 and one half hours. We missed our connecting train to Leeds and had to pay double. They not only reimbursed our extra train expense, they also refunded half our airfare. And upon our return to the States we were surprised to find that they had upgraded us for free! Now that’s customer service!!! I look forward to a prompt real human response. Sincerely, Jon Cannon

Let me start by saying our connecting flight was cancelled for a maintenance issue but American airlines blamed it on the weather. When rebooking my flight the lady said it was because of maintenance. Our incoming flight wasn't delayed at that time. So we could fly into bad weather but not fly out of bad weather??? Doesn't seem realistic to me. Then our incoming flight was delayed 3 different times. No meal vouchers for lunch or dinner. Just to be on the hottest plane I have ever been on and they didn't serve water or snacks. Never again! Take this warning do not fly AA ever. There are over 3,000 people at the Miami airport due to 27 cancellations. The flight attendants and pilots should be fired.

Everything was on time; the flight attendants and the gate personnel were very pleasant and helpful.

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