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Find cheap flights from Fredericton to San Francisco Bay Area

Find cheap flights from Fredericton to San Francisco Bay Area

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Low season

June Best time to beat the crowds (6% less expensive on average)

High season

February Most popular time to fly (25% more expensive on average)

Average price round-trip

C$ 735 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal round-trip

C$ 433 or less

Good deal one-way

C$ 788 or less

Top tips for finding cheap flights to San Francisco Bay Area

  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to San Francisco Bay Area is August.

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Top airlines flying Fredericton to San Francisco Bay Area

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Air Canada
Overall score based on 24,775 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "On tiime"
Cons: "Has to wait an hour and a half at the gate to park in sanfransico"

Pros: "Comfortable seats with good entertainment system"
Cons: "NA"

Pros: "Everything I'll do the same next trip!!"
Cons: "No complaints!!"

Cons: "We were delayed over an hour in total"

Pros: "Flight crew was nice and helpful."
Cons: "The in-flight viewing service was not functioning. For an entire 6 hours and half, we couldn't watch movies or anything else."

Cons: "Talking, crying 6 yr old next to me."

Pros: "terrific video entertainment, excellent and affordable food choices"

Cons: "cramped no food"

Cons: "We were already running late when during take off, one of the engines malfunctioned and we had to emergency break on the runway and go back to the gate. Because it was unexpected, we had to wait even longer for a gate to become available. We then had to re go through customs and get our bags then wait in line again at the counter to schedule our flight for the next day. Thankfully we were given a hotel room and money for food. Very scary experience overall on the runway, but they tried to handle it as smoothly as possible under the unusual circumstances."

Pros: "787-9 Full Flat business class"

Pros: "Cabin service was pleasant and professional, ambient lighting dimmed for sleeping (it was quite late), restrooms were clean, and seats were comfortable."
Cons: "Delayed departure"

Cons: "Flight was 1h late"

Pros: "Loved the direct flight! Landed ahead of schedule which facilitated my workday."

Cons: "A bit long for baggage loading especially we arrived in almost midnight"

Pros: "pleasant staff / flight attendants."
Cons: "i was unlucky to get young noisy kids behind me and in my row each flight. but that is nothing Air Canada can do anything about."

Pros: "Nice selection of media. 767-300 is comfortable."
Cons: "Late boarding due to plane's turnaround issues. Unusually long delays at baggage claim...may have been lack of coordination on part of the airport."

Pros: "The gate agent was extremely helpful and was able to accommodate me standby on this flight vs a later flight."

Pros: "Crew quite courteous and helpful. Smooth flight and landing. Pleased overall."

Pros: "Great crew and was comfortable"
Cons: "Food was expensive"

Pros: "Once again, attendants were pleasant. Plane was clean"
Cons: "No snacks served, only beverages. We could have at least received one bag of nuts/chips for the flight."

Pros: "The crew was lovely and the boarding was efficient."
Cons: "The seats have no room, most of the planes don't have entertainment systems even on transatlantic flights (or they charge for an iPad), the food is terrible (when compared to other airlines), they didn't turn on the air during boarding which made the cabin very uncomfortable. The bathrooms were also not kept clean which is a problem for flights over 9 hours."

Pros: "The trip from Toronto to San Francisco was better than the San Francisco trip because the return trip was on a Boeing 747 and a much more comfortable than the Airbus."
Cons: "The Airbus red eye going to Toronto was too cramped so it was not very relaxing. The planes are not clean. I'm glad I have wipes to clean the table tray because it was messy."

Pros: "friendly staff, good food in bus. class. great smooth landing at SFO"
Cons: "long wait for luggage at SFO"

Pros: "Clearing customs in Canada"
Cons: "Over priced food"

Pros: "The cabin crew provided drinks throughout the 5.5 hours flight."
Cons: "The safety demo was done manually by a staff at the front row that most people from rows 15 onward probably could not hear."

Pros: "I enjoyed the pleasant crew and the constant water being given."
Cons: "The crew was very pleasant and helpful. However it was unexpected that no food would be provided on a 5 hour flight. If not a small meal then a snack was expected. The crew did provide water consistently which was very nice. My personal entertainment screen was very unresponsive and then the head phone jack wasn't working for sound, I had to hold it at a certain angle to hear bits of sound. Since the head phone jack was located at my thigh it was very uncomfortable and when I shifted I broke my headphones :("

Pros: "It was a short flight so even if it was bad I wouldn't have minded that much but the plane was clean and smelled nice. Flight was very uneventful which is good."
Cons: "I have no complaints."

Pros: "The crew are all very polite and easy going. They displayed a certain candor that is lost in todays customer service. I've always enjoyed flying United and will continue to do so."
Cons: "Several of the passengers had connecting flights. On plane that size, it takes time to get off the plane. It would be nice if the crew would allow those with connecting flights to disembark first. An easy fix in my mind, though I know I don't see the whole picture."

Cons: "air canada moved the flight time up an hour earlier, so I missed the check-in cut-off. I never received an email from kayak or air canada that my itinerary had changed. On top of this, air canada wanted $150 to book me on a later flight (which, after protest, was rescinded). My guess is that air canada is vastly overbooking some flights, and this is a technique to shake some passengers loose and force them onto less-full flights. Shady."

Pros: "Really flight was very good, but seats to family member given separate seperate."

Pros: "On time and great service"
Cons: "liked everything"

Pros: "It was a nice flight-- the seats were comfortable and relatively spacious. The cabin crew was very friendly and accommodating. They offered us water multiple times throughout the trip in addition to the normal drink service, which was much appreciated. Also, the AirCanda gate in Toronto was ridiculously nice-- many of the seats came with a desk, phone and laptop outlets, and an iPad!"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 40 minutes, the boarding process went quite slowly, and our bags were slow to arrive at baggage claim on the other end (which probably was the airport's fault rather than AirCanada's). But these were only minor inconveniences."

Pros: "They give you earbuds if you forgot yours."
Cons: "I have been on several Air Canada flights and only ONE has taken off on time. Who has an international flight and does not serve any food? Not even one peanut or pretzel!! Entertainment system has the absolute worst tv shows. Or you need the app and PURCHASE the privilege to use it. The people boarding move at a snail's pace"

Cons: "This flight reservation used another carrier. It was confusing to know which check in counter to go to. When I finally made it to UA counter there was a problem with duplicate reservation. Annoying. Flight was delayed 4 hours with minimal updates and no food voucher. Did not get my flight off to a good start."

Pros: "We found out that United had canceled the flight while in line about to undergo security screening, leading to mass confusion on the part of the screening agents on even where to send us. The next several hours were anxiety filled as we try to hop onto other flights going to our destination as we were stuck in the US area of the Vacuver airport, as we could neither leave the airport or had a way out. In the end, we had to be rerouted to a different airport and take another connection, which in standard United style was delayed by yet another 4 hours. And upon arrival, all of our bags were lost, not unsurprisingly. The worst part was that for the next 4 days, no one knew where the bags were and we were without our checked bags for 5 days until they finally arrived. As an experienced traveler, this was the worst flight I had ever taken and will never fly United or Air canada ever again."

Cons: "Movie choices are poor. Food was not good, especially breakfast egg."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Flight delayed by three hours without any explanation from the company. They did not even respect the rescheduled time, the flight delayed once more after the first delay - again, without any explanation or excuses from the company."

Pros: "Our incoming international flight was late; the generously held the flight for us and gave us water after we boarded...we were parched from running!"
Cons: "The interior of the A321 was dated and the seatback monitor had low resolution compared to newer products."

Cons: "Poor legroom Flight sat for 1 hour on the runway"

Pros: "Seat was great. Food offerings were good."
Cons: "Charging for two bags."

Pros: "Short flight! Attendants friendly on plane & quick to make you comfortable."
Cons: "Long Line up to check in. Kiosks not working. Attendant was multitasking & hopping from computer to computer. She mistagged my luggage & put another customer's tag on mine. My luggage was not sent straight to NZ as planned but ended up being left in San Fran. The only hope of identifying it was the blue ID travel tag that thankfully I put on there myself, as Air Canada's tags were all wrong & were for a male customer going to Honolulu, HI. Still waiting for my luggage to show up. No clothes, no sandals....all day... Next time I will ensure I do NOT bring any luggage items for checking in! Instead I'll stick to a carryon even if it is a 3 wk trip across the world...."

Pros: "The flight was on time and smooth. Boarding and disembarkation went smoothly. Few interruptions by the flight crew during the flight."
Cons: "Seats are crowded, not enough leg room. Food is for purchase, which is a bummer. The entertainment is inconvenient"

Pros: "Air Canada is probably the worst company I used to fly with Only thing they didn't charge extra is going to washroom, that will change, I'm pretty sure, very soon."
Cons: "The only thing I liked about flying with Air Canada is that we finally got to the destination"

Pros: "crew was good"
Cons: "takes too long to board and disembark the plane because o all the stupid carry ons"

Pros: "A 10:20 AM flight didn't left the gate at 15:30. Destroyed my day."
Cons: "The flight!!!!"

Cons: "Only "snacks for sale" offered for food, although they did provide free beverages. The earbuds also were not free, although they had been free on our prior Air Canada connecting flight. And the entertainment screen blacked out during the latter part of the flight."

Cons: "Extremely cramped and uncomfortable seats, air cabin hot and uncomfortable (no air) while boarding. Snack and beverage service was abismal. Will never fly Air Canada again."

Pros: "The crew went out of their way to make traveling with an infant easier, and the agent at the desk upgraded us to seats with more legroom when we asked to sit together!"
Cons: "The movie selection was a bit limited."

Pros: "The crew were struggling to win us back, after the shock of discovering we were not seated together. Anything they tried was seen against the backdrop of that major disappointment."
Cons: "When a booking is made six weeks prior for two passengers, it is assumed that the seating assignments will be made together. This airline chooses to put all seats up for grabs to those who will pay more, and ignore those who don't access the option of paying out more than the basic fare."

Pros: "Full flight, we got on smoothly and took off on time. The plane was clean and the pilots during abbouncekents were easy to understand and funny."
Cons: "I had to wait over 1.5 hours to use the bathroom because of the food and drink carts. The flight attendant would not let me use first clsss and told me I had to wait. That was way to long to make someone wait."

Pros: "The boarding process went smoothly."
Cons: "The entertainment options were not that broad. Music for instance was only podcast?!"

Pros: "the price of the flight was the best part of the deal"
Cons: "have to pay for movies, and no good selection of snacks on flight."

Pros: "Polaris"

Pros: "Polaris"
Cons: "It is smaller"

Cons: "Seats in economy were cramped! Chair barely leaned back at all. Woke up with a sore neck. Cabin was freezing!"

Pros: "The boarding process was as expected and comfortability."
Cons: "I did not like the fact there was no in flight tv, while I brought my laptop the wifi did not work at all."

Cons: "The food was aweful."

Cons: "Too crowded."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Too many delays, nothing was offered. Nothing was given or comp; Food, water, bags, seat upgrades, not flying untied again"

Pros: "Crew kept passengers informed about changing information"

Pros: "Delays 2 hours"
Cons: "Refund"

Cons: "delay too long"

Pros: "Flight was shorter than expected"
Cons: "Bathrooms were dirty and sound wasn't working for first in flight movie"

Pros: "Excellent attentive care."
Cons: "My first 5 hour long flight did not have a complimentary snack."

Pros: "Not much ~ no movies, no rental video device ~ nothing"

Pros: "The flight was great and crew was awesome!"
Cons: "There was no working wifi, which was a bit of a bummer. But certainly not the end of the world!"

Pros: "Overall, the plane seemed newer and was very comfortable."
Cons: "The boarding process was a little disorganized, but being in group 5, it didn't really affect me too much. The crew on board did their job, but they could check on the passengers a little bit more and possibly pass out water or refills to drinks."

Cons: "My flight was significantly delayed. They kept changing the departure time and we ended up getting in very late."

Pros: "Flight was smooth and on board crew was nice and helpful. Flight attendant noticed I came on with a cane and offered to have a wheelchair ride available in the SF airport. Reminding me that it was a large airport. I declined, but she encouraged me to try it and I agreed. She was concerned and very helpful."
Cons: "The plane was a small plane and we had to disembark on the tarmac. There were two attendants with wheelchairs but they didn't have my name so I walked on. The flight attendant called to me and said to wait. One of the attendants came up with a wheelchair and said he would take me. Unfortunately, a steep ramp had to be used to get into the airport building. He asked another worker to help him and all the way up the ramp I had to listen to comments about "good thing they had eaten their Wheaties" and "they were getting a good workout." I know that I am not a small person, but these ongoing comments were rude and insulting. When we got into the gate the attendant told me that he didn't have my name on his list and had to call for permission to take me through the airport. I waited and he came back and said he couldn't take me, but if I could wait someone else could come for me. I had waited enough already and suffered their rude comments, so I said no thanks and walked slowly through the airport. This experience has left me with a bad feeling for the airline and its personnel. I believe their staff could use sensitivity training at the very least!"

Pros: "Economy Plus works well"
Cons: "United new seats are uncomfortable"

Pros: "In flight entertainment was great!"

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "they have the worst customer service."

Pros: "Friendly in-flight crew. The fight wasn't full to capacity so I had an empty seat next to me"
Cons: "The in flight entertainment was not free."

Cons: "Flight was delayed but this was due to weather conditions."

Pros: "We had an empty seat between us which made the trip much more comfortable. The dinner service was pretty tasty actually. Flight attendants were friendly."
Cons: "Forcing people to use their own electronic devices rather than having in-seat entertainment is obnoxious. Insert typical complaint about tiny spaces on airplanes. The pre-landing snack sandwich was pretty nasty."

Pros: "Got upgraded to Economy Plus ... how nice to have some extra legroom on a long flight! LOTS of movie options for the 6 hour flight."

Pros: "The plane was a newer version so we could watch movies up close and personal, although I'd prefer the option to stop or pause the movie and also to choose to watch whenever I feel like it, like on the Lufthansa planes... those are great! Many choices and full control to pause or start whenever one likes to..."
Cons: "One of the flight attendants wasn't the friendliest, a bit of a "humph" attitude..."

Cons: "Our flights were all cancelled or delayed and they gave us nothing to apologize. We lost 2 whole days of vacation and the cost of our rooms. All of the customer service people were rude. One lady in particular was so rude I had to walk away from the desk. The movie on the plane skipped and was unwatchable. I hate this airline and would pay more to fly another one."

Cons: "The flight had no flight crew, so I had to fly out the following day, missing important client meetings and losing money. I paid extra to fly out on Sunday so I would be able to make my obligations, but didn't arrive until Tuesday night. No refund or voucher was offered, although I asked. It would be nice if they at least paid the difference between the flight I paid for and the cheaper flight I received."

Pros: "They still offer drinks. It was a short flight, so all the bad things didn't have to be endured for as long."
Cons: "Every time I fly United, I realize they shrank the seat size, again. Oh, and the flight attendant spilled my drink on me. Only said, "sorry, buddy" and then got me a couple of napkins... Was friendly other than that, though. O.o"

Cons: "The food was horrible. Even legroom in economy plus was cramped."

Cons: "there was no in-flight entertainment."

Pros: "I love that you can fly direct to Pasco now. For years, one had to fly to Seattle and catch a puddle jumper. You're only in the air for about an hour and a half and Pasco has been slowly upgrading their airport. I love how easy it is to visit my family in the Tri-city area now."

Pros: "The plane was new"
Cons: "Won't let you check in in advance so they can give you a terrible seat for a 12 hour flight. They won't even let you check in from the point of departure if it's with one of their partners. They also will do everything in their power to not give award miles to pattern airline clubs. It doesn't matter if you give them your United number and even register your United number with the flight for United. They will apply it to the Lufthansa Club and pretend it was just in the state and never actually give you the miles no matter how many times you try. This is not from one experience with Lufthansa / Austrian. I've had this experience many times with every flight I take with these terrible Airlines. I would never fly lifthansa unless it's at least $200 cheaper than any of their competitors."

Pros: "getting there"
Cons: "getting there late"

Cons: "I have alloted enough time for my next flight. Your airline crew in PhX did not extend any help in my problem even i asked them very polity in two instances. For me not to miss my flight i left my baggaes in the conveyor and I have to disturbed my friends in sfo to get my bags. I want to be conunmpensated with your poor service. Im expecting your respond"

Pros: "The flight was delayed due to fog in SFO. This apparently is something that happens often, and given that most people flying to SFO are trying to make connections it is very inconvenient."
Cons: "The flight was delayed due to fog in SFO. This apparently is something that happens often, and given that most people flying to SFO are trying to make connections it is very inconvenient."

Pros: "Nice crew."
Cons: "Constant ads on the tv"

Pros: "We arrived, and were on time."
Cons: "The following points would be totally ok for a 50 Minute business flight, but not to a 5.5h flight to Hawaii. - Luggage costs extra $25 per direction. This amounts to additional 10% of the total costs. Does anyone not take checked luggage to Hawaii? - The lunch was a savory snack. Really, because a sandwich is too expensive? - Entertainment needs to be purchased extra. Use your existing Directv subscription? Of course not. - Power socket underneath the seat - good idea. One that actually works? Oh wait."

Pros: "They let us know ahead of time so we could arrive later to the airport, and did not have to wait in the airport."
Cons: "- They were very strict about carry-on luggage size, and insisted even after the flight being 3 hours late. My carry-on fit into their overhead compartment just fine. - No food was offered during the 6 hours flight. - Chairs in coach are uncomfortable for long flights (same as some other airlines I've flown with). Feet or head rest could be nice additions that don't require much additional space per passenger."

Cons: "the airplane is really old! Don't have any amenities."

Pros: "The staff was pleasant and helpful."
Cons: "The flight was late but that was at no fault to the airline."

Pros: "The service when flight was cancelled"
Cons: "The flight being cancelled"

Pros: "The plane was clean, left on time and arrived early. Expecting that there were too many carry on bags, they offered to check some bags at the gate for no additional cost."
Cons: "The snacks were a waste of time. The charge for the entertainment system is based on the published flying time but since those are overstated to improve on time performance, the entertainment charge was excessive."

Pros: "The return flightf we had our be on from S,an Francisco to Atlanta , we had only 20 minutes to make it to the boarding gate. We were tired and didn't have time to use the bathroom nor eat before boarding. This is because my flight was changed. I'm so upset with United."

Cons: "I ordered and paid for food that they forgot to serve me. I had to go to the back to ask for my food. When I did they were rude about it. UA has offered a coupon for 50.00 that I can use if I fly with them again-- which would cost about 1000. No thanks, United. I'll fly with China Air."

Pros: "The flight attendants were nice"
Cons: "Missing my international connection, having to spend 24 hours in San Francisco, not able to reschedule on a different flight. United paid for my hotel and gave me three $7 food vouchers. They only gave me 4oz of soda...I asked for the can and the flight attendant was rude. I wouldn't pay $7.99 for 3 hours of wifi."

Pros: "Plane was not crowded. Less claustrophobic. Bathrooms clean."
Cons: "Sound system. The PA blasting through ear phones is annoying."

Pros: "My flights/trip to Billund were rebooked, because of Lufthansa's strike. So I travelled a different route; Sacramento to Houston, to Toronto, to Copenhagen and from there to Billund."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Fredericton to San Francisco Bay Area

Airlines flying from Fredericton to San Francisco Bay Area have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Fredericton to San Francisco Bay Area

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Fredericton to San Francisco Bay Area

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Fredericton to San Francisco Bay Area

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Fredericton to San Francisco Bay Area

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