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Air North
Overall score based on 45 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Service was good, frequent drinks and snacks, nice little deli platter was unexpected and very delicious!"

Pros: "You constantly got food and drinks served, a big contrast to the other airlines who don't even serve complimentary food on 5 hour trips. We didn't expect to get food on this 2 hour flight so we had breakfast beforehand. We were pleasantly surprised!"

Cons: "The HS was I bit cramped!"

Pros: "Friendly staff. Provided sandwich and cookie during flight."
Cons: "Minor item: Didn't provide hav charger in seats but for short flights not a big issue"

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "From the coffee and cookies while waiting to board to the freshly baked items given while receiving food service, this is great customer service. Not to mention the competitively priced airfare and not having to pay an extra fee for checked bags, this airline can't be beat. I would definitely fly it again and suggest it to anyone if they're looking to fly in northern Canada."

Pros: "Great staff, service, price."
Cons: "Only negative was the flight left 10-15 minutes late. Not sure if it was their fault or air control. Would definitely book with them again though."

Pros: "Excellent airfare, super easy online check-in, friendly crew, comfortable plane, very pleasant flight."
Cons: "Flight frequency. I wish there were more flights between YVR and YLW."

Pros: "The staff and Crew were amazing! Very friendly and helpful, no frills, just excellent service!"

Pros: "Overall not much, other than the staff was nice!"
Cons: "Flight was suppose to be delayed two hours, so got to the airport hour before flight was suppose to leave at 3:45 but delayed till 5:45 so waiting in airport all day. Flight didn’t actually leave until 6:30-6:45. Which made pick up arrangements at destination cost me more money. I usually Kayak often and want to continue using it."

Pros: "I liked it was a small plane. Short flight so no food or entertainment provided, other than the kid that had never flown before, sitting behind me."
Cons: "It was Delayed by 40 mins but I did get on it, so that's a bonus."

Pros: "I appreciate that Kayaks gives an honest and clear overview of all prices. I always use kayak to book my flight. They can't be beat."

Pros: "Fun quirky airline with 19 seat Beechcraft"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "First time flying a turboprop. Personnel were excellent and polite and overall experience was great."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Speed of travel too Calgary was quick and fast"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The crew were super great I hit my head on a over head bun the stuff were vary caring asked how I felt and will take west jet again in future travels"
Cons: "Well noise was due too the plane but I got over it quick light crew were awesome was vary clean still had the new plane small intact keep up the great work west jet"

Pros: "Full refund for cancelled flight"
Cons: "Frustrating but it’s a weather thing"

Pros: "The lady was calm at the gate, explaining that we wouldn’t be leaving and trying to help everyone flipping out. 1. Flight was delayed 2. More delayed, meaning we miss connections in Calgary 3. Canceled"
Cons: "While my flight was to Abbotsford, my final destination was to the US (Seattle). Canceling the flight meant I miss my 4 hour ride home from Abbotsford. When asking if I could change my final destination, only destinations in Canada would be allowed. I spent a fortune getting flights, planning rides, to make it home by the 26th and tend to responsibilities by the 27th. I realize weather delayed the flight, but once in Calgary, it would have been nice for WestJet to even scope the opportunity to get me home. #StrandedinCanada"

Pros: "On time, everyone very courteous"

Pros: "Best airline, period"

Pros: "Friendly Staff"
Cons: "Could not hear the Pilot. Emergency Exit instructions said too fast"

Pros: "Great no hassle way to get to Campbell River from Vancouver."

Pros: "Ontime flight, efficient check-in. Reasonable price for a 15 minute puddle jump."

Pros: "Wasn’t anything to like didn’t get on the flight thxs to yall"

Pros: "Courteous and helpful staff. Check in last was helpful in ensuring I knew certain details for future flights."
Cons: "No earplugs on loud plane"

Pros: "Airlin staff were great."
Cons: "Plane was 30+ minutes late. Announcer at Port Hardy Airport was unintelligible."

Cons: "They took us out to the plane then made us wait for several minutes in the rain before they would let us board the aircraft."

Cons: "Plane was an hour late. My golf bag was left behind. Check in process was too long because the person in front of me had a reservation but was not on the manifest and one of two computers was down."

Pros: "I like it very much over-all. When do you have seat sales?"

Cons: "More than one hour delay Unfriendly check-in"

Pros: "great price, direct flight, free checked bag, snacks on the flight, nice crew... this carrier is better than the competition in every single way except 1"
Cons: "Plane ride was a bit like a wooden rollercoaster, but the ol' boat held together. Thus the one thing I "dislike" is the age of the fleet."

Pros: "Well organized. Helpful & courtesy."

Cons: "I don’t like the charge for checked bag. It encourages people to bring too many and too large bags onto the plane."

Cons: "baggage tag system at CDG Pairs was lame"

Cons: "Overall it was good"

Pros: "Every thing"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Very informed process of why delays were happening."

Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "Airplane was comfortable."
Cons: "4.5 hr delay in Hong Kong airport."

Pros: "Friendly crew and good snack options"
Cons: "Bigger seats"

Pros: "Shakespearean effort by staff"
Cons: "Little snack perhaps?"

Cons: "Seats are so small"

Cons: "Just perfect"

Cons: "Choosing my seats without paying extra."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Everything"

Cons: "No beverage service at all and only pretzels offered when I asked if I could have nuts or cookies."

Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "People were cramped in the plane, hardly any room for bags. People from other seats were packing their bags on top of other peoples stuff"

Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Seat space"

Pros: "Flight crew humour"

Pros: "I enjoyed the WestJet app for movies. Really great for me and my daughter. Also the McDonald’s coffee ✅"

Cons: "airport did t have air conditioning and there is no room in the overhead compartments propeller planes are unreasonable loud"

Pros: "helped me find my bag when another airline lost it."

Pros: "The wifi inflight service"
Cons: "No food, only snacks."

Cons: "the 3 hr security line up"

Cons: "I checked into my flight 24 hours in advance, got my boarding pass and everything. 12 hours before, I double check the boarding time and my flight has been cancelled. I got no notification of this, luckily I happened to check on my own."

Pros: "Was on time and i was upgraded at no charge. The westjet staff is always friendly."

Pros: "Everything was streamlined and easy to understand. We made it on time and the staff were friendly, especially with our young son who is one Ana half."
Cons: "the Airline was pretty cramped but it was a short flight so it wasn’t too bad."

Pros: "Everything,."
Cons: "Too short"

Pros: "I got off in Edmonton changed gates, and was back on the plane for the last leg of my journey home. Staff again were very helpful! Thanks again WestJet! Christine S North Vancouver"

Pros: "Nice"

Pros: "They brought the movie thingy out right away and managed to watch 2 movies made the whole trip thanks west jet"
Cons: "Always the food seems like every sandwich has cheese in it or sausages. Meat both have dairy and I have dairy allergies it makes it hard how about a good old tuna sandwich (not old) u just get a well made sticker and put it on the old menu"

Pros: "Staff at WestJet are the best!"

Pros: "Stewardess let me change seats to a cooler part of the cabin at the back of the plane."
Cons: "The air temperature in the cabin was too hot."

Cons: "To be honest, our stuartess was very abrasive. To everyone."

Cons: "No access to free WiFi."

Cons: "Havent left Prince George yet still sitting on ground"

Pros: "Overall everything"

Pros: "No Comments."
Cons: "The Female Stewardesses either conveniently did not see me sitting in the middle row seats, or perhaps had other alternative means. I felt totally and absolutely ignored, particularly when Meals and Beverages were being served."

Cons: "."

Pros: "Stayed patient with the large, young group aboard. Didn't let that stress bleed over to other passengers"

Pros: "Staff"

Cons: "Got there 2 minutes after check in closed and wouldn't let us fly"

Pros: "It was fast, friendly and over all made me impressed."

Cons: "6 hours delay"

Pros: "Check-in agent in Kelowna was nice as were gate agents. The seats were fine even though we were in the back of the small plane. Flying in and out of Kelowna brought back memories of flights long ago: no jet ways and prop planes. It was nice they had a ramp rather than stairs."
Cons: "Short flight so only water to drink and pretzels or cookies if desired."

Pros: "On time, smooth and amazing views of snow capped mountains."

Pros: "The attendants were very cordial and considerate."
Cons: "My son did not do well with the food on the trip. He became ill. The food did not smell particularly delicious."

Pros: "It was a good experience and I will fly them again!"

Pros: "Each seat has an electric plug with a USB port. The plug itself seems to work with an international electric adapter but the USB port came in handy."

Pros: "Too many delays."

Cons: "Cramped seating"

Pros: "seats were pretty cramped in economy"

Cons: "Seat cushions"

Pros: "Good service and no delays"

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Connection time in Vancouver is horrible and international transfer process is awful Especially with small children"

Pros: "This was years ago, and yet I still remember how comfortable I was. The waiting facilities were nice and the airplane service very client friendly. Air Canada was definitely the best flying experience I have ever had."

Cons: "2,5 hours delayed. Econ seats are tiny with zero legroom."

Cons: "Freezing in the cabin that morning."

Cons: "left 40 minutes late"

Cons: "Flight was late departing"

Cons: "Plane was delayed 30 minutes-1 hour on tarmac prior to takeoff for deicing"

Pros: "I appreciated for free Molson Canadian."

Cons: "The connection"

Cons: "No TV"

Pros: "Everything was great"

Pros: "Nice plane."
Cons: "WAY too hot."

Cons: "Took forever to board"

Pros: "Long wait for ticketing and at customs during transfer"

Cons: "No wifi"

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "Air Canada accommodated me on an earlier flight saving me 3 hrs."

Pros: "The trip from Kelowna to Vancouver was amazing. Quick very pleasant."

Pros: "The experience was par for the course. No frills, no pleasantries, only water and juice on offer, but the A330 was great."

Pros: "Got home safe"
Cons: "Meal -"

Pros: "On time, a huge variety of new movies, the meal was very good."

Pros: "I liked the newer plane as the head rests were more comfortable with the movable sides."

Cons: "Not even one single snack for free"

Pros: "They fed us several times."
Cons: "No wifi. The seats are really uncomfortable. Delays."

Pros: "Airlines keep the cabin too cold. On the domestic of the travel leg blankets were for additional pay which is crazy - I understand about meals, but blankets are required only because the conditions offered by the airline are uncomfortable. One luggage was lost, but that is now almost part of travel."

Pros: "It was great."
Cons: "Like to be able to pick my seat ahead of time without a charge."

Cons: "We had a hard time reserving seats in advance"

Pros: "Different announcements for boarding occurred almost simultaneously, making it hard to understand what was being said."

Pros: "It was better then the trip to Toronto"

Cons: "waiting times"

Pros: "Landing and take off"
Cons: "The fact that we couldn't get seating assignment until last minute"

Pros: "Air Canada front desk people were wonderful and helpful."

Pros: "It was good!"

Cons: "Late!"

Pros: "ummmm"
Cons: "Late departure Schedule changes Chaotic boarding"

Pros: "Everything was really good"

Cons: "Much too cold, kept me from sleeping"

Pros: "There were some pretty recent movies and some older ones that I remember watching when I was younger. Both options were good."
Cons: "Despite there being both new and older movies, there seemed to be a limited number of movies and shows. I feel like there could have been more, but it might be just me."

Pros: "Seats seemed more comfortable then westjet"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Service. Rude workers"

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "I booked a seat to be seated right next to SO. However, upon check-in, they changed the seat without telling me. Fortunately, we were able to exchange seat to be seated together."

Pros: "The menu says aperitif will be served before the meal but you have to ask and the attitude is oh ok but it's really not our role to serve you. Ask for a pizza or hot dog after eight hours of the 15 hour journey and its sorry we don't have any - yeah really!!! Lost one of our ski bags coming back and one bag going to Vancouver - after 5 days missing - not our problem mate call central baggage! I had three bags coming home - I'm gold stays no excess baggage - going there we stopped overnight in Vancouver - BAM $251 excess baggage charge - they are inconsistent and won't respond to emails or phone calls. Fly United and save yourself the misery of poor service."
Cons: "Customer service in flight, baggage services, quality of entertainment, thank god got the larger 380 seats"

Pros: "i got a whole row of seats to myself. so i sat side ways and put my legs up."
Cons: "was completely ignored by drink service. but they bothered to awaken me to get me to take off my headphones for takeoff, which was delayed by 15 minutes because something needed to be re-checked."

Cons: "Delayed, emergency landing, 3 hrs late arrival"

Cons: "Dirty cabin. Bad drinking water."

Pros: "The stewards and stewardess were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I was also very comfortable. The airplane was clean."

Cons: "The flight was late. They did not tell us that there would be a delay until a few minutes before our take off time. When they finally did tell us there was a delay they said it would be 15 minutes. The flight ended up being an hour late. The lack of communication was very frustrating."

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight

  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for C$ 133 or less one-way and C$ 222 or less round-trip.
  • The cheapest flight from Kelowna to Vancouver was found, on average, 73 days before departure.
  • Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be September, October and November. The cheapest month to fly is July.
  • Morning departure is around 27% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
  • Flights from Kelowna to Vancouver land at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). When arriving, if you’re travelling in a large group or carrying a lot of luggage, consider booking services from the Vancouver Skycap Porters, available from 5:00 am to 1:30 am. For a C$ 10 flat fee, for up to three luggage pieces, the porters will assist you with your bags from the baggage claim area to your transportation.
  • If you’re travelling to Whistler from Vancouver International Airport, it’s more comfortable and affordable to take the SkyLynx long-distance bus from outside level 2 of the international arrivals area. A one-way ticket costs C$ 65, and you can pre-book your trip online.
  • The best way to travel from the airport to the city centre depends on how light you are travelling. For passengers not carrying a lot of luggage, the SkyTrain is the most direct option, costing C$ 14. Taxis, on the other hand, have the advantage of door-to-door service and are particularly useful if you’re travelling with children or a lot of baggage. On average, a taxi to the city centre costs C$ 50.
  • Although flights from Kelowna to Vancouver are short, if you need to grab some coffee or a light snack before leaving the airport, there are a few restaurant options located on level 3 in the public area of the domestic terminal.
  • If you’re on your way to a cruise, cruise ship representatives will greet passengers flying through Vancouver International Airport at level 2 of the domestic arrivals area.
*Average of the lowest prices shown in KAYAK’s search results for departures within the next 30 days

FAQs for booking Kelowna to Vancouver flights

Which airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for flights from Kelowna to Vancouver Intl due to COVID-19?

Which airlines apply social distancing measures on flights from Kelowna to Vancouver Intl due to COVID-19?

How long does a flight from Kelowna to Vancouver take?

How many flights are there between Kelowna and Vancouver?

Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from Kelowna to Vancouver?

Which airlines fly most frequently between Kelowna and Vancouver?

What’s the cheapest day of the week to fly from Kelowna to Vancouver?

Where can I rent a car at Vancouver International Airport?

Where do I go to find my courtesy hotel shuttle?

Does Vancouver International Airport have an on-site hotel?

What kind of entertainment options will I find for kids at Vancouver International Airport?

How does KAYAK find such low prices on flights from Kelowna to Vancouver?

How does KAYAK's flight Price Forecast tool help me choose the right time to buy my flight ticket from Kelowna to Vancouver?

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights from Kelowna to Vancouver?

What is KAYAK's "flexible dates" feature and why should I care when looking for a flight from Kelowna to Vancouver?

Good to know

Low season

JulyBest time to beat the crowds (9% less expensive on average)

High season

OctoberMost popular time to fly (15% more expensive on average)

Average price round-trip

C$ 269(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal round-trip

C$ 222or less

Good deal one-way

C$ 133or less
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Kelowna to Vancouver

Airlines flying from Kelowna to Vancouver have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Kelowna to Vancouver

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Kelowna to Vancouver

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Kelowna to Vancouver

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Kelowna to Vancouver

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