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AviancaOverall score based on 13902 reviews
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Great flight!

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Great flight!

Cons: "They put mi to buy a reverse ticket from Medellin to Madrid, . I dont see the reason !!!!! I dont use it"
Pros: "All is so good"
Cons: "All at time"
Pros: "On time schedule"
Cons: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Please the bags are broken you should try to take them gently"
Pros: "Comfortable plane! Quick flight"
Cons: "Boarding was a bit messy, very long line to take off, arrived to destination a bit late"
Cons: "Flight was pleasant but avianca has changed many policies and I don’t agree with it."
Pros: "Check in crew"
Cons: "Be on time"
Pros: "The Crew and the clean aircraft."
Cons: "nothing."
Pros: "The team members that helped me with the hiccups before check in were amazing."
Cons: "Was a little cramped but I’m tall so there’s not much you can do about it."
Pros: "Was the seat super!"
Pros: "Almost anything"
Cons: "Offer additional food option to buy, common a 10 hour flight with any snack or Alcoholic beverages common!"
Cons: "If there is a delay don’t schedule new flight at midnight ,"
Pros: "everything with Avianca, mostly the great service"
Cons: "Just fly with Avianca... everything that they control goes right all the time"
Cons: "Avianca revised my itinerary 7 times while I was trying to enjoy my vacation generating severe stress to the point where I could not sleep or eat properly. I spent over 150mins of my once in a lifetime Galápagos vacation dealing w/ Avianca’s useless customer service over the phone trying to resolve"
Cons: "Didn’t like they messed up our sitting and wanted my kids to sit on their own when they are to small For that"
Pros: "Flight delayed"
Cons: "Nothing everything was ok"
Pros: "It took off on time"
Cons: "It was pretty bumpy and no drinks or anything were served"
Cons: "Comfortable seats and leg room."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"
Cons: "They lost my luggage"
Cons: "All was great nothing wrong at all."
Pros: "Crew attention in flight"
Cons: "Food, the crew couldn’t guide me correctly and told me to pick up my baggage in Guayaquil and I had to pick it up in Quito, they lied to me for the second time"
Cons: "Asked to move repeatedly between gates, and an hour late without explanation or apology"
Pros: "On time schedule"
Pros: "The staff friendliness, professionalism, and the overall quality were impressive."
Cons: "Loved the overall experience. I’ve been in many other airlines and the level of professionalism on this flight surpasses the current popular airlines."
Pros: "Christian the flight attendant was amazing!"
Pros: "Very friendly service and they treat you like a guest"
Cons: "More vegetarian or at least healthier meal options"
Cons: "This airline is awful. Their customer service is nonexistent. I will not fly them again."
Pros: "This was simple domestic flight, but the service was good and the flight attendants very conscientious. I would definitely fly Aviance again.Nothng"
Pros: "In seat entertainment. Staff was lovely and helpful. Ease of checking me in when my flight was delayed."
Cons: "Food was not good."
Pros: "i had no problems whatsoever"
Pros: "Excellent service"
Cons: "Food quality"
Pros: "El vuelo fue muy relajado, muy tranquilo, eso habla de buenos pilotos."
Pros: "lots of turbulence!"
Pros: "Checkin was slow and Kate but after that the service, airplane condition, schedule, and baggage handling was excellent"
Cons: "The website is almost unusable. Tried to find how to check seat assignments, info on airports etc and it was really bad. Not up to the level of USA carriers and not up to the level of the service Aviance provided."
Pros: "On time quick"
Pros: "Salimos a tiempo Avión moderno"
Cons: "Falto amabilidad por parte de la tripulación"
Pros: "No hassle and they gave a mini sandwich"
Pros: "SEAT comfort variety of movies"
Pros: "It was really good service and on time"
Pros: "Customer service and flight crew are exceptional."
Cons: "Boarding times are awful. Airline waits until last minute and then the take off is delayed."
Pros: "The seats are very comfortable. The staff was helpful from the ticket counter to disbarkment."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "I like the fact that I learned never to fly Avianca"
Cons: "Flight was delayed and caused us to miss another flight which set in motion a chain of other delays resulting in lost time and money, two things that I don't have to spare. Awful experience, I will fly united for double the price next time."
Cons: "I waited 3 hours to do the check in and after that the fly got delayed twice."
Pros: "Worst airline ever. I live in NYC and had a trip to Peru. Five flights in total. Only ONE of them worked out. Two were delayed by hours (Avianca's fault) and two others I missed because of Avianca's delays. Never flying Avianca again. Ever ever."
Pros: "The comfort of aircraft was very good and the boarding process was smooth."
Cons: "Other customers don't seem to care about other passengers. No common courtesy. I had the gentleman behind me continuously kick my seat even after telling him to stop. Lack of respect is the reason I didn't rate my experience higher."
Cons: "There were people of 7 diferente flights waiting to be in each airplane. That room was cluttered with people and bags and there were not internet and places to take a sit. I had to wait like one and a half hours in that environment until i could got into my flight. Everything happened in El dorado airport gate 52"
Cons: "I had a long long layover in Guayaquil, more than 5 hours. The plane was due to depart at 6, and the ground crew did not arrive until 5 a.m. There were 25 people waiting in line. That said, they were extremely professional and quickly assisted everyone. I like Avianca a lot and would definitely fly this airline again."

I am a senior and I was travelling with 2 other friends and they got their email for check in and I didn’t then when we went to checkin my boarding pass had me as standby so you can imagine that I was in a panic wondering if I was coming home to Ottawa airport with them or not. I finally was able to get help at the counter and she was very helpful, but this worrying takes all the fun out of a great vacation. I certainly will not be flying anywhere again. I know this isn’t only Air Canada’s problem but thanks for letting me rant.😁

the only real issue was baggage claim. we waited 45 minutes for our bags to arrive, but they did arrive, which was good.

The US Customs/immigration step at Montreal creates a mess. Your checked bag must be xrayed and cleared to enter "U.S soil" (which is still in Canada) which makes for huge delays, confusion and mishandling of bags. My carry-on, which I checked at the gate at Air Canada's request, never got cleared. So I arrived in Atlanta where my bag was not at baggage claim. Nor was there an agent to make a claim to, and it was not even 5 p.m. I had to go all the way up to the Air Canada check in desk in the International Terminal to try to find an employee to whom I could report the missing bag. An agent for AC had to be called to respond, there was no one at their check in desk. The person who finally did talk to me made ME send a photo of my baggage ticket and boarding pass to his supposed phone number, which he said he would use to start a claim. This never happened, I got no confirmation that a trace had been started and I had to call AC the next day.


Trip from hell, sorry to say. Halifax - Toronto left late (the new normal…). Toronto - Austin cancelled. Re-booked through Chicago. Flight left more than an hour late. Chicago - Austin left two hours late. Arrived in Austin around 1 am. Ended up traveling - Airport to airport - 15 hours. Food in Chicago left me with upset stomach, so I ended up spending more time in the privy than in my seat. Attendants though supportive. A woman sitting next to me said that her flight from Toronto to Austin was also cancelled last time she flew that route. Makes you think twice about going somewhere. I am 71 so I know how much things have changed. Not entirely the airlines’ fault, but to some degree yes. Maybe sell less tickets, but deliver on the tickets you sell. I failed to avoid going through Toronto this time. I usually go through Montreal. Toronto has a really bad reputation, in many areas, and I was reminded of this the hard way.

Flight was cancelled. Rebooked via Toronto. Total delay was in excess of 12 hours to get to my final destination. Simply unacceptable.

Service and staff were good and friendly. Just wish I had a little more leg room.

On time departures, early arrivals, great crews. Can't ask for any better

We had to run to catch our flight. An announcement should have been made that they would wait for us. When we were departing our flight from Hfx. There was commotion became the flight attendants asked for passengers to wait that weren’t connecting to another flight,a passenger yelled out for everyone to SIT DOWN that weren’t connecting. I feel that the air craft should be exited the same way as is boarded,by zones.Also,if people are connecting then those passengers should be exited first,an announcement to suggest that people wait DOES NOT WORK. So much for social distancing!

Pros: "Staff are very nice"
Cons: "Delay in flight of more than 45 minutes"
Cons: "if the flight is on time. I was delay more than 10 hours"
Cons: "The delay was ridiculous. Seats are the usual tiny ones so for a big guy they suck but over all great trip"
Pros: "Got the seats I wanted, movies were good. Staff was friendly"
Cons: "In Montreal they took my carry on bag stating it was too big, I have traveled with it many many times and it always fits except the tiny planes, this was a 787. When I got on the plane many people had larger bags then mine and it was the last bag on the carousel at the other end."
Pros: "Nothing much"
Cons: "Please train this guys for customer service and fix there attitude."
Pros: "On time, good staff, good dinner men7"
Cons: "Breakfast menu (omlette & chicken sausage) hasn't changed forever... 777 pods definitely more comfortable than 787-9"
Pros: "Entertainment system was good and seats were comfortable"
Cons: "Boarding was confusing because there were few or no announcements of which zone was boarding, and it wasn't clear exactly which desk to proceed to for boarding"
Cons: "Dirty plane, garbage stuffed in seat pocket. Tray table disgusting!"
Pros: "Nice flight"
Pros: "Smooth as you like"
Pros: "The flight was short . Food was pretty good"
Cons: "That we were waiting to take off and the explanation of the technical delay was not too clear and forthcoming"
Pros: "Great service"
Cons: "Not enough time to the flight from Halifax to west plam beach"
Pros: "Exiting the plane and terminating my transaction."
Cons: "Delayed. Missed layover. Lost luggage. Poor communication. Agents had attitudes."
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "Seat was comfortable, leg room adequate. Crew helpful."
Cons: "The young child that screamed for the first two hours of the flight. The man in the seat behind me that coughed loudly constantly for 5.5 hours. No sleep on an overnight flight. Gluten free options not available for me and my wife. We tried to book these before the flight but we're not allowed access for this. Flight entertainment system froze and had to be reset, resulting in blank screens for the first 30 minutes or so."
Pros: "Air Canada couldn’t have been better, I missed a flight they waived their fees and got me on the next direct flight home. Wonderful service !!"
Cons: "Delayed"
Pros: "Boarding process."
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "I travel a lot. I have to say both Air Canada and Kayak did a excellent job to remind me via email and text message to check-in online 24 hrs before my departure, never fail. Kayak also keeps on updating me about my flight on time or not, gate number etc. As a traveler, these features are very important. keep up with the good work!"
Pros: "Airline provided a flight to Toronto, with reasonable amenities and boarding process."
Cons: "Had to load my own suitcase on the luggage belt - I am elderly, with back issues, traveling alone. Attendant was courteous and helped me, but stated that staff "doesn't do it any more" because of safety issues. No help will be given in the future. Plane left two hours late - I missed my connection. Was given a stipend for an overnight stay, but no explanation was given about the delay. Staff couldn't tell me if my checked baggage was on the plane the next morning. I probably won't fly Air Canada again."
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "Good breakfast."
Cons: "Cabin was cool"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 1.5 hours but no one was in much of a rush to get it going"
Cons: "Long line and few staff at immigration. Need twice number of clerks"
Pros: "We arrived safely and on time."
Cons: "I did not get airline miles credit on my United account as requested. I would like to be contacted about this."
Pros: "The smooth take off & landing"
Cons: "Too hot and cramped"
Cons: "Air Canada shares a trait with many other incompetent organizers: everything is fine if nothing goes wrong, but there are no contingency plans in place in case something goes wrong. So, things get more and more delayed. Can't you predict roughly when the plane is going to land (once it is in the air!) and arrange for some gate to be open, so that we don't have to sit on the ground for 45 minutes once it has landed, for example? People who know how to organize are ordinarily capable of doing that. Furthermore, the lack of transparency is really frustrating: we just sit on the tarmac with no indication of how long we're going to be there, and the estimates of the delays are completely wrong when we're given them."
Cons: "Lousy food and no snacks"
Cons: "Our flight originating in Halifax was 1.5 hours delayed and we knew there was no way we would make our connecting flight in Toronto with a 40 min window to pass through customs, US immigration, and reenter security into the US bound F gates. We requested to be rebooked for early the following day to avoid being stranded in Toronto. Acknowledging it was unlikely we could make the connection, the staff told us that because the computer didn't list it as a "missed connection", they could not take any steps to rebook us. Of course, we missed the connection and were stranded for an entire 24 hours in Toronto with two small children."
Pros: "This was my third air canada rouge flight so I knew what to expect. Staff are always super courteous and good food options available."
Cons: "Almost 0 arm/leg room, flight was delayed and they tried bumping me off my flight onto another because they had overbooked."
Pros: "A very typical flight."
Cons: "No complaints."
Cons: "The security check took so long. We made it last minute even thought we were in the airport more than 1.5 hours before the flight (as recommended)!!"
Pros: "flight was fine pleasant flight attendants was late flight so slept a lot now much to add"
Pros: "The t flight was completely uneventful-the best kind."
Cons: "Our flight from Halifax to Los Angeles via Toronto should have left at 3:15 on Sunday so that we could arrive back in Los Angeles by 10:14 pm. Instead the flight was delayed and left 200 people stranded and waiting in line for customer service. Because I did not have cell service in Canada, I was forced to wait 2 hours in line only to have the agent at the counter make me talk to an agent on the phone. Prior to that, we were shocked that one of the only two agents at the counter left the counter to talk to people in line behind us instead of servicing the customers first come first serve. When I asked him to please return to the counter to help the next person in line, he mumbled that that was not what he wished to do. Meanwhile, all flights out of Toronto were fully booked that night. The delayed flight finally left at 1:30 am. Had Air Canada notified its customers about the 10 hour delay, we could have spent that time in Halifax. Both my husband and I were very disappointed in how AC handled the whole situation. Both the counter agents and the phone agent were unhelpful in offering us options."
Pros: "when I landed"
Cons: "First off the the plane was mid takeoff and stopped which terrified the passengers and crew. Then we learned the plane had technical issues which lead to a 50 minute delay, then air canada did nothing as in terms of compensation. My audio jack for the entertainment system was broken, seat 19F on flight 617 by the way... Then I got up to use the washroom and when I came out I had to wait 30 minutes at the back of the plane standing until the servers were done serving drinks and snacks/food. Then the landing was terrifying as the plane was swooping/shaking much more than normal, even the board crew looked a bit worried. Could NOT wait to be done of the flight, one of my worst ever."
Pros: "Very satisfied with the flight."
Pros: "Worst service I've ever had"
Cons: "The flight for Montreal was half empty and than there was a flight to Toronto Hallf empty as well, and the flight Toronto to Montreal was half coincidence our flight Halifax-Montreal on Sunday at 19:15 was cancelled due to technical issues. However it was obvious that AirCanada didn't care about the passenger time or valued it...instead of flying 3 empty flights they cancelled our flight and maximize capacity on the other planes...not happy we didn't get any voucher and we wasted 4 hours of our time and didn't have dinner until 1 am"
Pros: "Staff and plane were fabulous"
Pros: "I was just happy to get home regardless my flight was delayed by over 12 hours."
Cons: "This by far was the worst Air Canada experience in my life. Since then I try to avoid AC at all costs!! The flight was delayed for over 12 hours. One of the flight crew told me AC would put us up in a hotel that night since the delay for us was their fault. No such luck. Horrible!!"
Pros: "Reasonable legroom, fast trip to Vancouver"
Cons: "Poor audio connection inflight"
Cons: "Lost our luggage and was very unremarkable service. No in flight entertainment, little to no carry on space, no flight snacks or meals, had to pay for luggage that ended up being lost. Classic sub par air Canada flight."
Pros: "Overall decent flight."
Cons: "The entertainment system at my seat there and back (different seats) was broken."
Cons: "Cramped cabin. No overhead space. Massively delayed"
Cons: "None."
Cons: "2 hour delay due to lack of crew"
Pros: "The staff was helpful, everything was fine, and it got me where I needed to go."
Cons: "Preferential boarding given to families with children who are older than 10 years. It's not like they need extra time or assistance."
Cons: "Rescheduled to two hours prior with no explanation or apology"
Pros: "I made it home alive."
Cons: "Delay in boarding, temperature in cabin was extremely hot and uncomfortable and nothing the crew could do about it (apparently an ongoing issue with the aircraft) then waited on the tarmac after landing in Toronto for almost 90 mins waiting for ground crew/our gate"
Pros: "It was a good and short flight. The crew were friendly."
Cons: "It was a very small plane, with barely enough overhead storage . Only water given since it was a short flight . It was fine since it was short . It was also delayed over an hour."
Pros: "Direct flight"
Cons: "Small plane. Get hit in the shoulder every time people walk on the isle. No sink in the washroom. Small seats. People were allow to bring in multiple carry on items. Noisy. Expensive. Delay flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Huge delays. Air Canada gates at Logan are a pit."
Pros: "Wtf. They woke me up because I put my headphone on my ear while take off. Wtf"
Cons: "Never."
Cons: "Like always...Delay"
Pros: "I got where I was going and it was cheap. Flight was fine. Attendants where all friendly. Sitting by a well used emergency door was... interesting."
Pros: "Boarding and exiting was quick."
Cons: "Some overhead stage wasn't in use, the washroom door didn't lock, I was told to take out my headphone during takeoff, there was a constant vibration from the propeller."
Cons: "Every Air Canada flight I have been scheduled on has left at least 45 minutes late. One was cancelled and I missed my connection. You lost my luggage on a flight. I can say I will never use Air Canada again unless there are no other options."
Pros: "That my flight went as I had to connect to another flight"
Cons: "Late - I'm always nervous flying out of Castlegar due to situation there"
Pros: "Attendants polite and helpful. Pilot informed us of reason for delay"
Cons: "Boarding was slightly delayed, then just sat for a while until Pilot informed us that there was a slight problem which had been fixed but still caused our flight to be late into Philadelphia and caused us to miss our connecting flight on another airline"
Pros: "Short flights"
Cons: "Small seats very small overhead storage and our carry on had to be checked."
Pros: "flight was on time with friendly staff."
Pros: "Good service"
Pros: "See headline..."
Pros: "Flight attendant was very professional with some added humour that was very much appreciated!!"
Cons: "Every flight I had with Air Canada, there were multiple flights boarding in the same tiny little area at the same time. This was the worst in Toronto. 4 flights, all right next to each other with a common walkway to the actual gate once you've been checked in. it's a miracle no one got in the wrong plane, but I couldn't blame them if it happened. Not to mention that in the terminal, it's that much more difficult to listen for announcements regarding your flight, everyone was all lines up and trying to squeeze around each other, it was just chaos. Space your flights out better!"
Pros: "That it was only 30 minutes"
Cons: "Delayed 3 times very late at night and of course by now, the babies on the plane screamed the whole flight..... Most people were holding their tempers by this point. Lucky for me, I was single and on my own otherwise I'm going to be an angrier. 3 hours late."
Cons: "Flight delay - Nothing on time"
Pros: "My flight attendant was delightful. Happy and fun and extremely efficient. Quick flight."
Cons: "Stormy day walk to the plane; icy tarmac when arrived. Tight quarters. High price--paid $487 I believe, return. Would cost me $60 in gas. Very very very noisy takeoff."
Pros: "on-time. Smiling crew."
Cons: "Tiny seats ... and I only weigh 165 lbs. all but non-existent leg room ... and I'm 6' 3" ... and the interminable lines to get through security"
Pros: "Flight was not packed. Took off a bit late, but amazing views of Mt Hood and the montana wilderness. Probably the best flight I ever too. Flight attendant was funny."
Cons: "No concerns."
Pros: "Crew members were friendly and pleasant. Ticketing, not so much but not terrible either.."
Cons: "being cramped in such small and crowded seats in flying metal tube does make one think about how we treat cattle transfer.."
Pros: "I didn't eat so the food is a non-issue. The crew were attentive and professional. Actually, the earpiece had quite a bit of static when I was watching a movie and I had to keep playing with the headset; but the choices for entertainment were very good and it was easy to find something to watch. There was a beautiful blonde flight attendant, and mature mature woman. She was exceptional!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I found out they switched the time of the flight for 12 hours later than what I bought. I received one email and the time was in military time. I think it's criminal to change the flight with this big of a change. Also no confirmation of if it was received. I planned my trip and was totally thrown for a loop with this dramatic of a change. I'll never fly air Canada again nor will my family."
Pros: "I flew directly from Calgary to Portland."
Cons: "Being charged for my carry-on when it fit the measurements on the website. . Plane from Nanaimo an hour late"
Pros: "Nice crew, quick board, on-time pretty much."
Cons: "No Wifi Small overhead bins"
Pros: "Very nice staff and thanks for the coffee and cookies! Nice touch! Really smooth landing too. The plane was small so I had to leave my luggage on the bridge, but it was right there when I got off, so no worries there."
Pros: "The flight attendant helping us with the carry on suitcase which would not fit within the space directly above our seats."
Cons: "The changing of the departure gate at the last moment.."
Cons: "My seat was 13A, I got to the back of the plane & the rows ended at 12. Apparently there was a 13 at the front of the plane. I think that is a rather odd way of numbering rows. After a long day of flights, worrying about making this flight and therefore making my pick-up in Regina, it was frustrating. All the crews on all three flights were excellent!"
Pros: "Staff and comfort."
Cons: "We waited on the tarmac for 50 minutes with no explanation, except that the airport wasn't allowing us to take off."
Pros: "They were very helpful as my husband is in a wheelchair for travel"
Pros: "Timely boarding and departure. Friendly & helpful crew. Comfortable seating."
Cons: "Nothing of significance."
Pros: "Assistance provided why boarding for my mom"
Cons: "Closure of the computer system within the one hour and 30 mins of time before boarding... This really sucks."
Pros: "It was fine for a 20 min flight."
Pros: "The flights were generally on time and the boarding procedure was quick."
Cons: "Lack of carry-on space on the planes. Very small overhead compartments. The flight was noisy with a propeller plane."
Pros: "You left on time!"
Pros: "The 2 flights were on time, easily loaded and pleasantly received the passengers, I will definitely use your company the next trip."


Pros: "La puntualidad"
Cons: "La comida"
Cons: "There should have been food for purchase."
Pros: "The crew was very nice"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Never got on flight."
Cons: "No delays and compensation for inconvenience. Paid extra for seat upgrade which I never sat in."
Pros: "Crew was amazing. I was traveling with my 11 month old and they were super helpful and very friendly."
Cons: "I was bummed that this plane didn’t have TVs at each seat. You were able to stream all kinds of free movies and shows on the United app but I was holding a baby on my lap and couldn’t use my phone as well."
Pros: "They really help out families with young children."
Cons: "Internet wasn't working."
Cons: "In both flights the in flight entertainment don’t work, you need to pay for a service that is free in other airlines"
Pros: "The flight departed early and arrived early, good flight attendant service"
Cons: "Long wait on the cold jetbridge for our carryon baggage, tight quarters on the plane"
Pros: "Not much, no internet, small seats, cost doubled because I had to know pay hotel for a night."
Cons: "Flight was 4 hrs late arriving, therefore I missed my connection flight to Dallas. I had to spend the night at a cost of $200.00 at Holiday Inn, arrived 24 hrs later. Not United fault, weather related. This is my 3rd United flight that was delayed by hours. Get first flight out in morning, less chance for hours of delay."
Cons: "Flight attendant assignments to our seats were mishandled. We did have any food or drink offer until 90 minutes after boarding. We were told that one of the attendants fell ill but no was assigned to take her responsibilities."
Cons: "Upon checking in a boarding time was given of 0530. A line formed to get in a row 1/2. I would think business class would have a separate boarding rather than line 1. Once in line there was over an hour delay in boarding with no I repeat no information coming from the boarding agents, people were not happy as I heard many complaints. I was lucky and got a electronic notification but no reason. What a way to start a vacation!"
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Smooth flight. Early arrival. Friendly flight attendants."
Pros: "Quite all"
Cons: "My tablet wasn't working ...."
Pros: "Left on time. Arrived earlier than scheduled time. Smooth overall"
Pros: "Entertainment and the crew"
Pros: "That even though my luggage was put on the wrong flight they got it to me soon at home"
Cons: "That my luggage was put on the wrong flight"
Pros: "GOOD"
Cons: "Flight cancelled with no explanation."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "2 suitcases out of 6 came broken, the airline did not accept any claim because they say the type of damage is not covered!!!"
Pros: "Upgraded to first class which was great."
Cons: "Had to change planes. Entertainment did not allow me to play movies. I could view the trailers."
Pros: "One ground agent worked hard to communicate what decision the airline had made regarding the flight delay in response to aircraft malfunction. His words helped establish a priority on which passages need to be rebooked"
Cons: "Flight Attendant communication was less than professional. Speed, pitch, and I found it generally annoying"
Pros: "Very quick flight from ORD to BHM involving hardly any bad weather which got me home early."
Cons: "The online entertainment had poor connectivity and did not work, forcing me to take a nap to kill time."
Cons: "I think, on a five hour international flight that you should not have to pay for your entertainment. Really cheap. And if you have a couple of kids? Since the Go App works for free in the states, why can't they offer that."
Pros: "My experience with Air Canada was all around pleasant. I would definitely fly with them again. Any negative aspect during my travels was due to their partner United Airlines."
Cons: "If flying within the States we used United Airlines; a partner of Air Canada. The flight itinerary changed numerous times before our departure, including two days before we left. The change added an additional layover, and put us at our destination nearly 6 hours later than out original booking. This meant we lost a decent portion of the first day of our honeymoon. However, we were forced to stay an extra day when our return flight was cancelled. After spending 8 hours in the airport we were informed that our Monday flight was cancelled, and the next available flight would not be until Wednesday! United Airlines let us down on the way to our destination and on our trip home. Air Canada was great, but I dread having to use their partner United Airlines."
Cons: "The flight in Houston was canceled, so I'm going to be at home more late at 12am"
Pros: "Flight was on time. Process of going through customs in Halifax instead of Newark was very efficient. I didn't order food or use inflight entertainment."
Pros: "They canceled my flight with a very bad alternate The offer to redeyes flights instead !!!!"
Cons: "The offer me 2 redeyes flights instead and 7 hours wait in SF !!!!"
Cons: "As a frequent flyer, I'm used to slight delays, waiting around, and standard customer service across airlines. It's safe to say that this was one of the worst flying experiences that I've ever had....6 different 30 minute delays and horrible customer service."
Pros: "It was affordable. That was the most redeeming quality"
Cons: "No entertainment available, Very tight on elbow space."
Pros: "The meal that was served was exceptionally good."
Cons: "Is it really that much more expansive to provide complementary movies - personally I never watch the movies but many passengers do - I did not notice anyone who purchased this service."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I fly out of Halifax once a week and the flight has let 4 hours late two weeks in a row with out compensation. I missed my connection flight and was forced to sleep in airport. Never again Delta all the way."
Pros: "Excellent crew"
Cons: "I had to pay an extra 155 for a seat in back of 1st class!!"
Pros: "The flight attendants were nice, couldn't been nicer."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "It's good flight, get on time"
Pros: "Great job"
Pros: "Lost flight other one took longer not happy"
Cons: "Lost flight other took too long"
Pros: "1st flight left on time and was comfortable."
Cons: "2nd flight missed due to multiple flights from gate 130. No seats close to gate. Speakers not loud enough. Garbled speakers. To much background noise. Very confusing. Was able to rebook later flight but very inconvenient and not optimum."
Cons: "My property was stolen I'll never fly with y'all again."
Pros: "Overall, this was an OK flight; nothing to brag about."
Cons: "The flight attendant told me that I did not need to collect my bag in Toronto and that it would automatically be sent onward to Halifax. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS. All United passengers arriving in Canada MUST manually gather their luggage at baggage claim in Toronto and clear customs manually. ONLY Air Canada has this automatic option. Even if the United flight has an Air Canada code share United passengers MUST clear customs manually. How hard is this for flight attendants to understand?"
Pros: "We left five minutes early and arrived a half hour early."
Cons: "Delays in both flights"
Cons: "Crowded seating."
Pros: "United Staff very helpful. When initial flight was cancelled, attempts were made to book on anther flight. Unfortunately unsuccessful"
Pros: "Flight status on time"
Pros: "united customer service quickly booked new flight for second leg as I was not going to make it in time"
Cons: "I did not like waking up super early in the morning only to sit at airport for 3 hours because an escape hatch leaked and got the radios wet. only to have the nearest tech over an hour away. and for him to not be able to do anything but let it dry out. Then the flight attendants did not even do a beverage service."
Pros: "The seats were comfortable."

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37h 45mYHZ-UIO
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
21h 47mUIO-YHZ
C$ 886
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2 stopsMultiple Airlines
31h 27mUIO-YHZ
C$ 1,003
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
30h 53mYHZ-CTG
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
24h 32mCTG-YHZ
C$ 1,046
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30h 53mYHZ-CTG
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21h 17mCTG-YHZ
C$ 1,083
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17h 15mYHZ-LIM
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21h 52mLIM-YHZ
C$ 1,099
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41h 40mYHZ-LIM
1 stopMultiple Airlines
15h 45mLIM-YHZ
C$ 1,162
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2 stopsMultiple Airlines
31h 02mLIM-YHZ
C$ 1,163
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36h 20mYHZ-UIO
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
20h 45mUIO-YHZ
C$ 1,167
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
42h 15mYHZ-UIO
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
37h 55mUIO-YHZ
C$ 1,177
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
37h 05mYHZ-SCL
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
36h 55mSCL-YHZ
C$ 1,188
2 stopsAir Canada
25h 50mYHZ-EZE
2 stopsAir Canada
19h 05mEZE-YHZ
C$ 1,465
2 stopsAir Canada
31h 10mYHZ-EZE
2 stopsAir Canada
24h 15mEZE-YHZ
C$ 1,560
2 stopsAir Canada
31h 10mYHZ-EZE
2 stopsAir Canada
19h 05mEZE-YHZ
C$ 1,577
3 stopsAir Canada
20h 10mYHZ-EZE
2 stopsAir Canada
19h 05mEZE-YHZ
C$ 1,641
1 stopAir Canada
21h 15mYHZ-SCL
2 stopsAir Canada
20h 52mSCL-YHZ
C$ 1,687
2 stopsUnited Airlines
36h 20mYHZ-UIO
2 stopsUnited Airlines
14h 00mUIO-YHZ
C$ 1,698
3 stopsAir Canada
20h 05mYHZ-EZE
2 stopsAir Canada
19h 05mEZE-YHZ
C$ 1,734
2 stopsAvianca
31h 25mYHZ-UIO
2 stopsAvianca
50h 32mUIO-YHZ
C$ 1,910
2 stopsAvianca
22h 46mYHZ-CTG
2 stopsAvianca
40h 38mCTG-YHZ
C$ 2,214
1 stopJazz
25h 50mYHZ-EZE
1 stopJazz
24h 15mEZE-YHZ
C$ 2,564

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2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 05mYHZ-UIO
C$ 396
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
37h 05mYHZ-LIM
C$ 466
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
30h 20mYHZ-LIM
C$ 520
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
42h 31mYHZ-LIM
C$ 558
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
33h 00mYHZ-UIO
C$ 571
1 stopAir Canada
24h 30mYHZ-LIM
C$ 598
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
55h 53mYHZ-LIM
C$ 815
1 stopAir Canada
31h 00mYHZ-LIM
C$ 842
1 stopMultiple Airlines
26h 05mYHZ-CTG
C$ 866
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
48h 00mYHZ-CTG
C$ 953
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
36h 05mYHZ-SCL
C$ 999
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
41h 04mYHZ-SCL
C$ 1,048
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
38h 26mYHZ-SCL
C$ 1,080
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
36h 20mYHZ-SCL
C$ 1,111
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
38h 45mYHZ-SCL
C$ 1,126
2 stopsAir Canada
38h 40mYHZ-SCL
C$ 1,365
2 stopsAir Canada
38h 40mYHZ-SCL
C$ 1,367
1 stopAir Canada
21h 15mYHZ-SCL
C$ 1,868
1 stopJazz
15h 40mYHZ-SCL
C$ 3,372
1 stopJazz
15h 40mYHZ-SCL
C$ 3,409

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