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YQB — Ecuador
23 Feb — 2 Mar1
1 adult
0 bags
Wed 23/2
Wed 2/3

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Flight from Québec City to Guayaquil Jose Joaquin de Olmedo
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  • Book at least 4 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Ecuador is May.

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American AirlinesOverall score based on 47081 reviews
Airline reviews

The antiquated plane had no seatback shelf to place cellphone when wat thing movie. The plane was practically empty -- both ways.

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The antiquated plane had no seatback shelf to place cellphone when wat thing movie. The plane was practically empty -- both ways.

It was stressful and horrible. We got to our final destination several hours passed the estimated arrival time.

friendlier flight attendants.

Cons: "I didn’t wanted to check my carry on. But the man at the gate decided that I had to check the carry on, and took it from my hand without question. When I went boardered the airplane there was a lot of spaces in the overhead bins."
Pros: "Seat very spacious, was given a extra legroom sit"
Cons: "My screen was not working properly. I didn’t ask for help as I had work to do so I didn’t need it."
Pros: "Nothing Not happy with the airline Canceled this reservation less than a week after I booked it Would not refund me"
Cons: "Flight from CLT to MCI was delayed 40 minutes, which made me arrive at Kansas City really late"
Pros: "Nothing because the fly was delayed"
Cons: "The flight has to be on time"
Pros: "Embarrassed to say but there wasn’t one thing I enjoyed about this trip. I felt like I down graded to Spirit or Frontier Airlines. The flight was terribly hot, delayed multiple times coming and going. Given, I paid for priority round trip, I was delayed to Main boarding and seated in 7A."
Cons: "Adjustments to the above statement. In addition to my next travels plans, I’d like to be seated in First class. My next travel dates with AA are 06/27/2019-07/05/2019. Please feel to contact me directly"
Pros: "Overall the plane was in good shape with a nice infotainment screen and charging options."
Cons: "Add support for Bluetooth headsets on entertainment screens. For the love of all that is good in the world make those seats more comfortable! The isles were super narrow and difficult to exit quickly while carrying my carry-on"
Pros: "Arrived safely"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 6 hours weeks before which made the return really inconvenient for my schedule. Then the flight was delayed on the day of the flight until the next day. I did not get to the hotel room until 3:30 AM- 3 hours sleep then back to airport only to have the flight delayed again."
Cons: "Flight attendant was very rude on Flight AA3451 on April 25th"
Pros: "Drink service- Dr Pepper. Clean bathroom."
Cons: "The seat was very hard but I was sitting in economy."
Pros: "The catering was on point."
Pros: "The overall boarding process was great although slightly delayed. The in flight entertainment was great and the plane was clean. The announcements made by the pilot were comforting as we experienced a rough decent."
Cons: "The plane was very warm and the flight attendants were not very nice. We had to sit for an extended period of time and when we finally were allowed to get up, the flight attendants were rude when I had to head toward the restroom."
Pros: "The check-in was pleasant. I was treated politely, the staff was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "People at the gate while boarding were quite rude."
Cons: "Flight delayed, interior of aircraft was deteriorating"
Pros: "Puntual, connexion gates very closed,"
Cons: "I need to paid 100$ or more to have a seat"
Cons: "Full plane with no Main Cabin Extra seats left over = painful flight for someone over 6 feet."
Cons: "It’s an absurd to pay so dearly on airline tickets is not to have a booster snack, and no blanket, that’s very cold!"
Pros: "The flight was delayed"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Perfect from start to finish"
Pros: "Finnair uses the American Airlines flight for this destination. Non-stop flight Raleigh to Heathrow (round trip).. Fantastic, on time and comfortable aircraft."
Cons: "It would have been easier to book our seat assignments if Fdfinnair had directed us to contact American Airlines directly to get seat assignments. Could not pre-select through Finnair. If you did not want the meat meal the vegetarian meals on both flights included mushrooms...not into fungi."
Cons: "Plane was hot, dinner was a sandwich that was still frozen and the attendants weren’t friendly."
Pros: "Service"
Pros: "The entertainment system was nice. The cabin crew was nice."
Cons: "Airlines have gon back to the days of packing as many seats as possible into these planes. I not a big guy but not huge. I’m just over 6 feet. When I sat down it was impossible for me to sit without my knees jammed against the seat in front of me. I ended up switching with my daughter to the seat across the isle which had slightly more leg room. Overall the seating was very uncomfortable."
Pros: "The flight was smooth sailing from the beginning to the end and the meal service was good."
Cons: "A little bit of turbulence during the final descent into the airport made it a bit uncomfortable."
Pros: "Awesome roomy seat right behind business class. Could not have asked for better! And it was a gorgeous new aircraft."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "The Three days it took to get 10 hours away horrible customer service no one was there to help us.30 people were stranded"
Cons: "Boarding was delayed 30 minutes, with no explanation. Upon arrival, another airplane was in our gate, resulting in an additional 30 minute wait, buckled in my seat on the tarmac."
Cons: "The aircraft was hot. Barely any A/C. It felt like 78 degrees. Uncomfortably hot."
Pros: "Everyone was very helpful."
Cons: "food options, departure delay"
Pros: "Movies and food"
Cons: "I went and picked up my luggage in Dallas and an AA rep ensured me my luggage was going to El Paso in my flight ... Not true"
Pros: "Very efficient crew. Pleasant enough"
Cons: "Bumpy flight, obviously not something that could be helped (tho the pilot came on and said he was hoping to find a smoother altitude, greatly appreciate him trying!)"
Pros: "Food and drink"
Cons: "Seats hurt after s while"
Pros: "Flight was on time. Smooth flight."
Cons: "In flight entertainment was below expectations"
Pros: "I liked that we arrived alive. Bad weather had been forecasted for several days before our flight. Yet the pilot did not change direction to avoid the horrendous bumps until about 30 min. Outside of Dallas when he opted to come in from the West. Although the pilot said it was safe many if not most the passengers were very concerned if not terrrified. Even the stewards were not able to work. They were directed to stay in their jump seats."
Cons: "I know you have to make money. But squeezing so many into such a small space is not only uncomfortable, but dangerous. If we would have to evacuate the plane most would not have been able to dot out of their seats."
Pros: "My BA flight from Phoenix to Philidelphia to Dublin was cancelled.BA got me an alternate flight which was very satisfactory"
Cons: "Great app, sometime it still miss a flight, suggust to provide a display sorting options, such as stops, times etc"
Pros: "Check in Miami Stewards Miami Quito portion"
Cons: "Being 3 1/2 hours late from Quito to Miami Being delayed from Denver to Houston and switch to United to coach seats, they did give us coupons though, but after the fact . Luggage arriving late from Denver, customer service didn't have a clue were the luggage was. As we were leaving to come back next day the luggage, we saw it in a carrousel, and pick it up. Republic flight from New Orleans it's not worth it the business class, very poor service ."
Cons: "flight delay"
Pros: "The professionalism of the pilots in handling the extremely rough weather during the flight"
Cons: "The meal of a turkey sandwich on dry bread was forgettable . They are co - shared with Qantas and could learn a lot about providing a decent meal on a long expensive flight"
Pros: "My Unit did not work. The crew tried to fix it but couldn't"
Cons: "I was unable to use my entertainment unit, computer:tv"
Cons: "The flight was delayed my baggage was charged when I use my credit card for the flight and the plan was very small"
Cons: "Please read above."
Pros: "Quick and easy"
Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Boarding, food"
Pros: "La puntualidad"
Cons: "La comida"
Cons: "Little planes need an interior restoration to make them look better."
Cons: "main bag (out of 3; 2 made it) left behind"
Pros: "In flight experience was ok."
Cons: "It was difficult to learn gate information, was provided at the last minute, which is tough in a long airport like Munich. Airline few us into an airport that was the center of a political protest which was known at the time of takeoff. We should have been warned as it required 4 hours to leave the Barcelona airport, walking away from it 3 miles in the rain."
Pros: "Crew was nice and accommodating, wishing more crews were as great and friendly."
Cons: "Non business class passengers were constantly using the business class bathroom, curtains were not drawn."
Cons: "Everything that could go wrong went wrong with this flight"
Cons: "In both flights the in flight entertainment don’t work, you need to pay for a service that is free in other airlines"
Pros: "Smooth boarding process."
Cons: "The WiFi wasn’t working."
Cons: "Not having videos on plane in seat sucked! Mediocre over priced Food"
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "7 hours added to trip due to poor management of missed flight in Brussels"
Cons: "United needs to do a better job of dealing with missed flights. Missed flights happen, but over an hour in various lines because they couldn’t manage relations with Brussels Air, to say nothing of not realizing there was no chance of making the flight"
Cons: "Temp was way too hot. Made for a long flight."
Pros: "Food drinks and movies"
Cons: "The seats were comfortable and the plane clean. Take off and landing smooth ."
Cons: "One hour on tarmac."
Pros: "Service Cleanliness Food Entertainment Boarding"
Cons: "Length of Flight"
Pros: "Pleasant flight w pleasant attendant."
Cons: "Tight tight seating! Yuck."
Cons: "taxi time longer than fly time"
Pros: "Plane was delayed 87 minutes because the plane had maintenance issues that the air and did not organize and plan better. For their error, I missed my client and got fired."
Cons: "The airline not getting me on the Dayton-Newark then Newark-Rochester flight so I could get to my destination on time. The agent at the airport was not helping or listening. Now I miss my client loss a lot of money for the day and I got fired."
Cons: "2 suitcases out of 6 came broken, the airline did not accept any claim because they say the type of damage is not covered!!!"
Cons: "Yiu have ti pay for mivie or tv"
Cons: "I think, on a five hour international flight that you should not have to pay for your entertainment. Really cheap. And if you have a couple of kids? Since the Go App works for free in the states, why can't they offer that."
Pros: "The chicken was great....."
Cons: "We were given an option between fish and beef!!! LOL"
Pros: "Not much. We did arrive alive, which is the best part of it."
Cons: "Late, very late without any explanation. Only one food service in flight."
Pros: "Helpful agent who rebooked. Food vouchers but didn't nearly cover the cost of airport food."
Cons: "Getting to airport early only to find at the last moment the plane was delayed causing us to miss our connecting flight. Had to rebook and spent the entire day in airports arriving at our destination very late at night. Wasted a day of vacation."
Pros: "I ctually no complain but the wifi not free"
Pros: "The flight taking off on time is the only good thing."
Cons: "They forced us to pay for a checked bag at the gate even though the person who checked us in said our bags were okay to board with. They charged more at the gate."
Pros: "Even though our departure was delayed for about half and hour, we got to SF at a reasonable time."
Cons: "Seats too narrow. Not much for the added cost to Economy Plus. The deboarding of passengers from plane was very slow."
Pros: "Missed connection to RDU"
Cons: "Had to pay out of pocket for a hotel to catch next flight to RDU"
Pros: "The flight itself was fine and went by quickly the attendants were helpful"
Cons: "Airplane seats are uncomfortable"
Pros: "Departed early and arrived early. Boarding went quickly. Flight crew was friendly and efficient."
Cons: "Strong winds made for a bouncy final approach at destination."
Pros: "The meal that was served was exceptionally good."
Cons: "Is it really that much more expansive to provide complementary movies - personally I never watch the movies but many passengers do - I did not notice anyone who purchased this service."
Pros: "Didn't have food so couldnt rate that section"
Pros: "Staff was very friendly."
Cons: "I only had 2 nights in chicago and one was completely ruined as we got in so late that the event we were supposed to attend was already finished. We also were sitting for a long time and it was very uncomfortable while waiting to take off. We didn't get any beverages after sitting for a long time and finally did once we were in the air which was 2 hours later."
Pros: "I was able to get to my destination safely"
Cons: "Poor customer service and lack in interest in helping with a situation that I had with connecting flights and very limited time."
Cons: "I missed my flight to San Diego from a connecting flight by a few minutes. Now I have to sit in the airport for over three hours waiting for my next flight.. not to mention it's my bday. Thanks United."
Pros: "No delays, smooth flight!"
Pros: "Having a ride from the east coast to the west coast."
Cons: "Going west to Chicago - no attendant personnel ready to fly out of Chicago. Flight delay. Chicago to SFO - inflight toilet equipment failure resulting in a 3 hr delay. How long does it take to check the toilet while the plane is on the ground?"
Pros: "The leg room and away sz and low cost of the upgrade"
Cons: "The economy seats are horrible and it was rather hot on the flight"
Pros: "The crew was great"
Cons: "Late flight and plane was not parked right at terminal in Chicago so it made for a long wait to get off the plane"
Pros: "Overall, the flight was OK. I would not write home and brag to my friends about it ..."
Cons: "There is good business between Toronto and Halifax; why must you use the smallest aircraft you can find? Use a larger aircraft and fly it fewer times per day."
Pros: "lay flat bed in business class"
Cons: "The seat area wasn't cleaned properly"
Pros: "Some gate agents were very helpful and friendly with making (gratis) layover changes due to weather issues in my original layover city."
Cons: "They don't assign seats ahead of time, in FCA...too much "juggling" people around prior to boarding."
Cons: "Waiting in line for over 3hours to change our flight they have 2 employees for the hall plain it make us very tired. Next time they should be more prepared"
Pros: "Courtesy"
Cons: "The délayer that was due to The weather"
Pros: "Very friendly staff, very accommodating, even to some not so flexible passengers."
Cons: "The plane is so small. There were several men that could not even stand up and one poor guy beside me that was absolutely wedged into his seat."
Pros: "The seat next to me was empty"
Cons: "United put my bags on the next flight to San Jose, so I had to wait an extra 2.5 hours in the airport for the next plane to land in San Jose, Costa Rica while my ride waited for me."
Cons: "It was delayed by 3 hours or more. Was starving and exhausted by the time we arrived. It took 12 or more hours to get there. I will never fly with a connection. Lost a whole day."
Pros: "Arrived early and flight crew was super nice!"
Pros: "Flight was early. Friendly and competent flight crew."
Cons: "DirectTV a pain for on board entertainment."
Pros: "The food ? What's food?"
Cons: "That's only give wather!... Is ridiculous"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Québec City to Ecuador

Airlines flying from Québec City to Ecuador have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Québec City to Ecuador

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Québec City to Ecuador

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Québec City to Ecuador

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Québec City to Ecuador

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Québec City to Ecuador

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